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Lahore -5- .A project report submitted to the Institute of Business Administration In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor In Business Administration By All group members. The Punjab University.

dynamic supervision and kind behavior throughout the course of this research. We are also thankful to all our seniors. constant encouragement. She has done more than we guessed to keep this report on schedule.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT All appreciation and thanks to Almighty ALLAH the most gracious. friends and affectionate parents who prayed. We find it difficult to find the words for appropriate dimensions. encouraged and supported us and -6- . to express our gratitude to our worthy instructor for her potential interest. which gave us the courage & talent to complete this task successful. and we would like to thank all of them. Special thanks to Mrs. merciful and beneficent. Many people have contributed in completion of this project. useful suggestions. Sajida Nisar – Who taught us the Marketing Course from very beginning to the completion of this report.

-7- .also to all people who helped us in completing this project.

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The whole project is divided into four parts. Price. Place and Promotion The third is a bit technical where some analyses have been conducted to know better about 4P’s. The second part explains the main topic of our project that consists of target marketing and marketing mix which include detailed information of.e. The first part contains the introduction. Place and Promotion with special reference to Maria B. history and some fundamental and basic information such as mission statement. Product. Price.10 - . The fourth and last part of the report is about market segmentation and conclusion . In our project we have explained 4 Ps of Marketing mix i. long term goals and objectives of the Maria B (A women’s fashion designer).PREFACE The importance of marketing mix is obvious as each strategic business unit (SBU) of any organization depends upon it. Product.

affiliated with La Chambre Syndicale de Parissiene( Paris).Corporate History “Maria .B. It is a private limited company. She graduated with honors securing the top position in all four years of studies. Maria was graduated from PSFD (Pakistan School of Fashion Design). Pakistan's first professional fashion house. with a large clientele in the US and Europe. Here she was also named as one of the three upcoming designers in the world.B. After studying the strict Parisienne “Haute Couture” and Prêt-aPorter courses she created MARIA. to cover clean. In 1997 Maria won an international fashion competition held in Belgium called “Les Etoiles de la Mode”. modern.B” was established in 1998 as sole proprietorship.11 - .B. trendy. Maria – "It felt so good being the first Pakistani to actually win something internationally .it was that day that I decided to create the Maria. label". It is the largest manufacturer and retailer of women’s fashion garments in Pakistan. Pakistan’s first professional fashion house. After studying the strict Parissine "Haute Couture" and Prêt-a-Porter courses she created MARIA. stylish and wearable clothes that are tuned to the latest styles. In a short span of four .

Party-Wears. Kot Lakhpat.B. has created a fashion revolution with her exquisite designing and chic image which shows in all her lines from Casuals. . Lahore. Industrial area. 042-5141902. Westerns to Bridals.12 - .years MARIA. Phone no. Company Profile CEO Managing Director Chief Designer Finance Manager Product Manager (Formal) Product manager (Bridal) Accountant Head Office 29-S.

.13 - .

14 - .” . MARIA’S STATEMENT “To stand for the optimum quality.Her exceptional designing abilities were brought to notice when she graduated with honors securing the top position in all four years of studies. most innovative and deluxe trends truly representative of Pakistani culture. Maria also became a designer of international repute as the first Pakistani . Here she was also named as one of the three upcoming designers in the world. During this Time.

.15 - .

textile artists .C O M P A N Y MARIA. with a large South Asian clientele around the world in Pakistan she hire a team or professionally trained fashion designers.B DESIGNS (PVT) LTD is the largest manufacturer and retailer of women's fashion garments in Pakistan.16 - .

2001) U. The professional approach ensures the timely delivery of thousands of garments to 4 outlets in Pakistan and our first international outlet in London—and our franchises/stockiest around the world.B possesses not only a professional design team.S. thus our quality and standards are well maintained under the guidance of trained fashion designers.A -Chicago (2001) France -Paris (Pret-a-Porter. but also Production.17 - . Management Information Systems and General Management teams. 2002) U.S.A Thailand U. And for that purpose our product lines have been displayed in fashion events all over the world: U. MARIA. 2002) -Birmingham (South Asain Fashion Mela.A -Los Angeles (2003) .and production managers to run the company on professional lines. Today MARIA.S.Bangkok (Bangkok International Fashion Fair.K -New York (2002) .B is also working on an export oriented strategy.

18 - . MARIA.B Today MARIA. With a large skilled workforce of over 200 employees and a team of professionally trained designers and an export oriented vision.Today’s Maria .B is all set to become one of the most powerful fashion houses from South Asia.B is the only fashion house with a vertically integrated industrial scale production facility and one of the largest networks of outlets in Pakistan and UK. .

They started out as one single outlet in Lahore which basically focused on customized dresses.B’s case the potential buyers were the people who considered product to be so superior that they will seek it out. .Orientation At the time of launch Maria B was marketing oriented company. Maria b made it sure that she blended quality with trend and innovative originality to give sophisticated customers equally intricate product lines to fulfill their wants for wearing the fine clothing of educated and specialized magnificence. As their demand increased they expanded their business POTENTIAL BUYERS: In Maria .19 - .

20 - . “I’m a staunch patriot – I .SCOPE OF PAKISTANI FABRIC IN INTERNATIONAL MARKET she says with confidence.

"I genuinely believe that today’s women have the confidence to wear any color.21 - . Fashion is Art . B. for her any line in the silhouette can . is and always will be minimalist.want to take Pakistan’s name in the international fashion scene.The underlying theme of Maria.conveys her every mood. wild.” Product Design Philosophy Today’s women do not need to take the hassle of overdone clothes . I want to show people around the world what a great heritage we have. aware and confident of her sexuality. clean. She is beautiful. her every whim to the rest of the world. That really is the core philosophy of my business. no matter how wild and conflicting. We want to go into the international market and prove ourselves as a Pakistani brand name. loving. envelopes her .It is harnessed creativity that elevates the woman. trendy. modern and wearable clothes that are internationally tuned to the latest styles.

be flattering. granted that there is a balance and a sense of minimalism about the form". .22 - .

.23 - .

.24 - .

25 - .PRODUCT .

aware and confident of her sexuality. As she says with confidence. confident woman chooses what she wears. “I’m a staunch patriot – I want to take Pakistan’s name in the international fashion scene. wild. loving. the swirling ecstasy of the "dervish" as he spins to experience euphoria. blazing colors of the flowers during the monsoons. She is beautiful. her every whim to the rest of the world. the gentle sound of raindrops over uncut grass.The modern. Inspiration is a muse that visits at diverse instances .The concrete villages exploding with lights. The outfits she has selected – from a cotton sleeveless salwar kameez to black net culottes to a chiffon sari – embody her look for the modern Pakistani woman in the late 90s.It is harnessed creativity that elevates the woman. envelopes her .conveys her every mood.26 - . Modern chic is all about personalization . She learnt that there was tremendous scope for Pakistani fabrics in the international market and was determined to make her mark globally. I want to show people around the world what a great heritage we . Fashion is Art .whims of fancy that carry you to an elevated state of being and creativity.PRODUCT DESIGN PHILOSOPHY F ashion today is not dictated to women .

It is easy to spell. sign. It provides a stamp of originality for her products . pronounce and .27 - .. It includes products overall durability. intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or a group of sellers and to differentiate from the competitors.” PRODUCT QUALITY The quality standard is further categorized into two positioning tools. or a combination of them. precision and other valued attributes. That really is the core philosophy of my business. reliability. The products of MARIA B. Beside quality level. Maria b has distinctive brand name. i.e. term. We want to go into the international market and prove ourselves as a Pakistani brand name. symbol. have sufficiently enough ability to perform their respective functions. Dimensions of quality level Consistency. BRANDING The Brand is a name. it consistently delivers the desired level of quality to consumers and always strives for higher level of quality and consistency. design.have.

BRANDING POLICY Maria B’s branding policy is of MARKETING ENTIRE OUTPUT UNDER HER OWN BRAND.28 - . Brand of Maria b has a strong impact in the minds of its customers . symbol or design or a combination of these intended to identify the goods and services to differentiate it from his competitors. BRAND MARK It is a part of brand that appears in terms of symbols. term .remember. A name . It’s adaptable to the whole family of Maria B’s garments. Maria B’s brand mark where ever seen depicts uniqueness which comes with Maria B’s attributes. Even tough Maria B is not very large company but it is well financed and well managed enough to be able to use this branding policy. Consumers view brand name as an important part of the product and branding add value to the product. It helps Maria B maintain her image of exclusiveness because her clothes are sold only at her outlets.

. considering various parameters such as the product line and product name etc.29 - . LABELING Products are labeled. Hand Bags   . Labeling. Garment. a part of packaging consists of printed information appearing or with the package. BRAND EQUITY The customers of Maria b are brand loyal and are aware of the product features. BRAND LABEL Brand name of fabric is written over there in on all types of fabric. PRODUCTS  Fabric. This customer loyalty has created the brand equity for its products which is an intangible asset of the company.

silk. Shoes FABRIC Zari. shafon. shafon. cotton muttka raw silk.30 - . jamawar bridal wear GARMENTS  Pink collection Glamorous styles Traditional styles Dress to impress Kurtis and tunics Saris      Pink Collection .

An amazing dress for evening and daytime wear Top: Baby pink crepe silk halter neck shirt has floral embroidery made with resham thread. armhole. 100% pure imported fabric. Hidden side zip closu Dupatta: Chiffon dupatta has resham thread embroidery on two corners with thread chindeller on all the corners. Bottom: Misty rose crepe silk plain shalwar. Dupatta/Veil: Misty rose chiffon dupatta has floral embroidery and bead work on edges. Neckline has resham and zardosi wo The shirt has box-pleat on chest. Embroidery and bead work made with bead. swarovski crystal and cutglass work. 100% hand embellished. and hem. . Sweetheart neckline.Misty Rose Bisque Top: Misty rose chiffon kameez has amazing floral embroidery and cut work on neckline. sequins.31 - Pink Praecox . Hidden back zip closure. resham. Fully line Hidden back zipper. Fully lined. Bottom: Plain crepe silk croppedtrousers. Fully lined.

32 - . Fully lined. 100% pure imported . 100% hand embellished. Overcoat: Pink pure banarsi jamawar over coat has embellishments with cut work on back neck. swarovski crystals. Cut work with heavy embellishments on hemline. beads. Embellishments made with pearls. kora. Fully lined. Fully lined. Geometric embroidery all over. Pink Robiana Top: Pink crepe silk top has embellishments on neckline. Amazing cut work with embroidery on edges and Bead spray all over. front seam and hemline. Lehenga/Skirt: Pink pure banarsi jamawar mermaid cut skirt with train trailing on the floor. Dupatta/Veil: Pink banarsi dupatta has been heavily embellished from one side of the dress. 100% hand embellished. Hidden back zip closure.Embellishments made resham thread and zardosi work. Small beaded ornaments giving amazing high fashion look to the dress. hemline and sleeves with small motifs all over. cutglass and cut-work. Side hidden zip closure. Cap sleeves has beaded cut-work. naqshi. sequins.

Side hidden zip closure. beads and cut-glass. Hidden zip closure at side seam. Backside of the dress has been emblazed with beads spray and embroidery on back neck. . Fully lined with boning. Deep Pink Robiana Top: Deep pink pure charmeuse silk corset has been heavily embellished from front and sleeves. Embellishments made with sequins. V-neckline.Glamorous Styles Carotine Biflora Top: Orange and baby pink chiffon two shaded top has silk under top. Ribbon tied sleeves in baby pink. Boat neckline. Hidden zip closure at back. Bottom: Baby pink katan silk straight trousers has slits. Pink piping work on edges. Delicate embellishments on neckline.33 - .

Small beaded motifs on the rest fabric. Embroidery made in floral patterns. naqshi. and crystal Traditional Styles . Side hidden zip Pyrites Mermaid Top: Copper jamawar with green jamawar appliqué and rustic dull red embroidery on shirt all over including straps and neckline. Fully lined. thread. Scoop U neckline. Heavily embellished gote (embroidery area above kneecap) and fully embellished cream jamawar. cut-pipes. Gharara/Bottom: Green banarsi jamawar thigh part having light rustic red work. Fully sequined dupatta background. beads.34 - . kora. Pure banarsi jamawar inside layer has heavy embellished hemline and train. Pure charmeuse silk top layer has heavy embellishments and cutwork at edges and beaded spray all over. Embellishments made with sequins. stones. Embellishments made on appliqué in dull red gold color. The hemline and train has been fencified with more heavy embellishments and cut-work. Dupatta/Veil: Light green chiffon dupatta has appliqué and cut-work on edges.Mermaid Skirt: Deep pink pure banarsi jamawar double layered mermaid cut skirt has train. Fully lined. Flared cream area with embellished 4 inches hemline (bottom).

sequins and cut-glass. A traditional high fashion bridal trousseau. Bottom: Pale turquoise jamawar traditional cut (Oraib and baggy) gharara has heavily embellished area above the knee (Gote). naqshi. beads. Dupatta/Veil: Pale turquoise chiffon dupatta has heavy embellished border along with motifs and sequins spray all over. . Embellishments made with kora.35 - . crystals. Heavy embellished hemline along with small motifs spray all over. Half embellished sleeves. Dupatta finished with lining on the edges. Slightly heavy embroidery on neckline and cuffs. zardosi. Fabric has been gathered to give more baggy look from the bottom part of the gharara.Pale Turquoise Gharara Top: Light pink raw silk shirt has embroidery and bead work all over.

back hem. . Embroidery details on neckline. dupatta and bottom of the lehenga. 100% pure imported fabric. hemline. Embroidery details on neckline. naqshi. Pure chiffon dupatta has delicate embroidery made on borders and backgrounds.36 - . and bead work with pearls and sequins.Purple Lehenga Purple velvet and katan silk blouse. The back velvet hem has embroidery motif similar to front hem. hem. side hem. An amazing high fashion outfit for reception. Katan silk applique used on top. 100% hand embellished. chest. banarsi jamawar lehenga. Banarsi jamawar lehenga is embellished with single silver thread work. and bottom of the lehenga. Embroidery work includes delicate zarodsi work such as kora.

sequins. beads.Dress to Impress Red Cherishma Top: Deep red chiffon shirt has been embellished with amazing floral and bead work.37 - . Side zip closure. Fully lined. Back hidden zip closure. 100% hand embellished. Stand beaded full collar with keyhole. . 100% pure imported fabric. An amazing high fashion outfit. Embellishments made with resham. swarovski crystals. Fully lined. Dupatta/Veil: Pure chiffon dupatta has crepe silk edges and sequins spray all over. Bottom: Crepe silk ankle length straight trousers has slits. zardosi and cut-glass work.

Magenta Stapfii Top: Magenta pure chiffon top has high V-neckline.Green Stria Green chiffon trouser suit has lining inside. Dupatta/Veil: Turquoise and magenta tie n dye dupatta has golden screen print. Hidden side zip closure. 4 inches cap sleeves. Big embellished motif at chest. Fully lined. Plain raw silk trouser. Resham thread stamps all over. Bottom: Turquoise pure chiffon flared pants has slits.38 - . . Scoop V-neck. Fully lined. stitched on the chiffon shirt. Purse: Turquoise heavily embellished purse filled with beads. Hidden back zip closure. Crinkle chiffon stripes in different shades of green.

Square wide neckline. Embellishments made on all over the shirt. and zardosi work. Chiffon dupatta has cream and pink color lines. Crepe silk trousers has embroidery and bead work on slits. High neck with Vcut front. thread. stones and zardosi work. Fully lined kameez and pants.Tea Pink Moldeado Tea pink crepe silk hand embroidered trouser suit has lining inside. Delicate embellishments on neckline and rest of the shirt stripes. Plain fit straight trouser has slits. Embellishments made with sequins. pearls. crystals. Applique straps. multi colored pearls. Embellished wide straps. Purple Bayadere Purple crepe silk hand embroidered trouser suit. beads. An amazing party wear for high formal parties. beads.39 - . Embellishment work includes sequins. Crushed silk two shaded dupatta. crystal diamantes. . Cap sleeves.

40 - . Colorful embroidery details on all over the shirt. The shirt has applique work of orange chiffon. . An amazing must have.Kurtis/Tunics Blue Tunic Blue and orange chiffon hand embroidered tunic has lining inside.

41 - ..

42 - ..

Price also communicates value positioning of a company’s brand/product to the market. Price is the easiest marketing It is the amount of money charged for a product or service.mix tool to adjust as product features.43 - . . More broadly price is the sum of all the values that consumers exchange for the benefits of having or using the product or service. P PRICE rice is one element of the marketing mix that generates revenue while the other elements produce cost. Channels and even promotion take more time.

TODAY’S NEW PRICING ENVIRONMENT Throughout most of history. prices were set by negotiation between the buyers and the sellers. Fixed price policy is a relatively new concept which charges one price from every type of consumer. . However many marketers use Dynamic price policies that charge different prices depending upon the individual customer and situation.44 - . Today most of the prices are set this way.

.45 - . This puts Maria B in the category of profit oriented companies. Bridal. Fashion Magazines (Me and My Wedding. FACTORS INFLUENCING BASE PRICE  Maria B sets a price which is above market expectations.MARIA B’s PRICING AIMS AND OBJECTIVES  As we mentioned earlier that basic aim of Maria B is to flourish her brand as a class and originality pennant. overhead and variable expenses as well as frill costs which go with the glam and show the Maria B brand.  Maria B prices a product to achieve a specified percentage return on investment. Pakistan Ftv).  In other marketing mix elements the most influential factor is that of the promotion for Maria B. Gymkhana). For this purpose Maria B has to set her prices such that her yields are high enough to cover the outlays necessary to maintain her image of elitism. She employees the services of top TV Fashion channels (style dunya. This is in accordance with her pricing policies and image. Libbas) and fashion shows (PC. These returns should be high enough to recover the designing costs.

46 - . consumer perceptions of the product’s value set the ceiling. The Maria B pricing is in relation to market alone. Thus provides her with a major competitiveedge consequently putting Maria B in comfortable position to set her prices well ve market PRICING STRATEGY After going through the afore stated price determination process. Maria B’s products are distinctive she has acquired a very prestigious position in the fashion world. Maria B takes the final step of designing the pricing strategy A number of factors are to be considered before setting up a price for a product. the company must determine the competitor’s prices and other external and internal factors while setting up a price. Between the two extremes. Product costs set a floor to the price. .

Black Cherishma Price: 2224.95 Based on these considerations, a company adopts an approach to determine a price for its product.

COST BASED PRICING: As the name indicates cost based strategy involves pricing according to the cost incurred on the product. COMPETITION BASED PRICING: It depends upon the competition in the market. A number of competitors for a particular product means, a low price should be charged, however monopoly allows setting up a price of choice.

- 47 -

Black Montana Price: $269.95

NON PRICE COMPETITION: Maria B. engages in non price competition by maintaining relatively stable prices and she improves her market position by emphasizing on aspect of the marketing programs. Because Maria B uses non price competition she attempts to shift her demand curves to the right by means of product differentiation and promotional activities. .

- 48 -

Maria B achieves product differentiation through innovative design, high quality and exclusive positioning. And some of Maria B’s promotional activities include advertisement in fashion magazines and setting up sales outlets at expensive posh market areas.

VALUE-BASED PRICING: Value-based pricing uses buyer’s perceived value of the product and not the seller’s cost as a key to setting up a price. In this a marketer has to keep this marketing mix tool along with all others before the marketing program is set. Maria.B follows cost based pricing approach because she has no competitor.

- 49 -

For this purpose Maria makes all the extra efforts of maintaining strict quality check at each and every level of the production process. .B is primarily Product-Quality Leadership. most common ones are:  Survival  Maximum Current Profit  Maximum Market Share  Maximum Market Skimming  Product-Quality Leadership Pricing objective of Maria.There can be different pricing objectives of a firm.50 - .

ESTIMATING COST . Demand curve of Maria.B slopes downward because her target customers are usually elites. Usually price and demand are inversely proportional so that when price increases demand drops and vice versa.DETERMINATION OF DEMAND Each price leads to a different level of demand for a firm’s product and therefore has a different impact on the marketing objective of the firm.51 - .

Cream Madera Price: $1099. A firm sets a price that covers its costs of production. costs of production and the offers or packages introduced by its competitors from time to time . PRICES AND OFFERS A firm must analyze its competitors and be aware of the different pricing policies. ANALYZING COMPETITOR’S COSTS.95 . selling and distributing the product including a fair return for the efforts and risk involved.Demand sets the ceiling on the price a company can charge for its products and cost sets the floor.52 - .

Maria. for which competitor’s actions become a second thought. Pricing Methods A pricing method is selected that includes the following considerations:    Customer Demand Schedule Cost Function Competitor’s Price . A good blend of suitable costs and prices compatible with the quality of the brand renders uniqueness to Maria.B is exclusive in her products and designs.53 - .

54 - . Value Pricing Method Companies win loyal customers by charging a low price for high quality. firm adds a standard mark-up to its price for the product. Group Pricing Method .Seven pricing methods are defined out of which a firm can adopt any depending on its own situation. Target Return Method In this method the firm decides a price that would yield a target rate of return on investment. Auction Type Pricing Method This type of method is growing more popular with the growth of Internet. Perceived Value Pricing Method Companies base their prices on customer perceived value. Going Rate Pricing Method The firm bases its prices largely on competitors. Mark-up Pricing Method In this method.

At the same time the companies are not averse to establishing pricing penalties under certain circumstances.Internet is facilitating the method whereby consumers and business buyers can join group to buy at lower prices. Company Pricing Policies The final price of a product must be consistent with the pricing policies of the company.55 - . . Selecting The Final Price Influence of Other Marketing Mix Elements The final price must take into account the brand’s quality and promotion and placement efforts.

These include:      Dealers Distributors Competitors Suppliers Government .56 - .Pink Ornamento Price: $1599.9 IMPACT OF PRICE ON OTHER PARTIES Management must also consider the impact of final price on other parties.

B considers the following factors in setting up her final price of the product:    Psychological Pricing Influence of other marketing mix elements Company pricing policies PRICE DISCOUNTS AND ALLOWANCES Companies adjust their list price and give discount and allowances for early payments. .Maria. and off-season buying. volume purchases.57 - .

SEASONAL DISCOUNT A price reduction is given to those who buy merchandise/services out of season. storing or record keeping. . QUANTITY DISCOUNT Price is reduced for the customer who purchases in large volumes.58 - .Companies usually allow following types of discounts: CASH DISCOUNT Price reduction is offered to a customer who immediately pays the payment. FUNCTIONAL DISCOUNT It is also called a trade discount and is offered by a manufacturer to trade channel member if they perform certain functions like selling.

B Maria does not allow any type of discounts or allowances because she follows a fixed price policy.B believes it to be a mistake to plunge a strong distinctive brand into price discounting just to respond to low price fever.59 - . As Elites are target market of Maria. Therefore Maria. customer service. quality and added convenience.POLICY ADAPTED BY MARIA. brand name. .B where people have high incomes and product involvement that are willing to pay more for exclusive designs.

Maria B’s market skimming prices curtail demand to a level that do not outstrip her firms production capacity which is not much.MARKET ENTRY STRATEGY The life stage of Maria b cannot b specified as Maria b is in field of fashion. Maria B intends primarily to recover designing costs as quickly as possible. Market skimming prices are very useful for Maria b because her product has distinctive features desired by her consumers. She uses haughty prices to connote high quality. Fads and fashion change continuously and business entities dealing with these cannot be staged in any age of product life cycle. . The demand for her product is fairly inelastic because she has loyal brand followers and she has a pre determined market expectancy set on her experience in the market. This is one of her primary concerns because creativity is her competitive edge. Maria B uses market skimming strategy because her product prices are higher in relation to the market she is targeting.60 - .

. Other discounts like rebates for Maria Bs regulars are also offered. Geographically speaking Maria b pays for only a very small part of transportation costs of her products equivalent to loading cost there ore she uses the concept of Point of production. This way she launches new designs into the market for every season.DISCOUNTS Maria B offers seasonal discounts at the beginning of every season and the bridal seasons for her clients.61 - .

62 - ..

63 - .CHANNEL FUNCTION AND FLOWS T he channel is normally consisting of corporate owned outlets bound for performing the basic functions:  Development and dissemination of persuasive communication to stimulate purchasing  Reach agreement on price  Place production requisitions. with the organization  They quire the funds to finance inventories at different levels in the marketing channels . based on the orders.

DEALERSHIP NETWORK . Maria b has its own outlets in Lahore.64 - . customers place their orders to the company for any particular product. Islamabad and UK. Customer can easily purchase from these outlets. This is the simplest form of communication between the organization and the customers because there is no need of arbitrator in this type of channel. Customers can receive any type of information about the garment sector from these outlets.DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL USED BY MARIA The distribution channel used by Maria b includes direct marketing channels as well as marketing immediater in the process of making the goals accessible to the final customers. Maria B has two outlets only in city Lahore. Maria b has also adapted this concept of personal selling in her business to stimulate the sales by opening the first personal selling outlet in Lahore. The interior of the outlets is also designed by Maria b herself. The procedure of distribution is described as under: DIRECT PERSONAL SELLING In this process.

Agreement is according to 32nd clause of recommended retail price and the official validity of the agreement is for three years. The products can be transferred directly from the whole sellers or there may be the interference of retailers in the main market. COMPANY DEALER RELATIONSHIP Maria b decides about the dealers in annual meetings and normally there is an agreement between the dealer and the company. In this network there may or may not be interaction of retailers and the customers.Almost all types of good organizations need strong dealership network in order to transfer their goods to end customers. MODIFYING CHANNEL ARRANGEMENTS .65 - .

66 - . She has recently opened an outlet of garments in UK. Maria b is developing evolutionary restrains on ensuing stages. They are planning to open more outlets and branches in not only different areas of Pakistan but also outside the country.  Order  Requisition . ORDER PROCESSING Manufacturing concerns work based on orders placed by customers.Maria b has plans for further advancement in the channel strategies.

OUTLETS LAHORE Shop 1 7. then the request is passed to the production unit. First of all. After execution. order is placed through a particular channel. then is the execution of that order. the procedure of dispatching starts. Execution  Dispatching  Delivery There is a complete process of implementation of order.Z Phase 3 Defence Lahore Ph# 0425729799 Shop 2 6-A/L Gulberg III Lahore Ph# 0425751800 KARACHI Shop 1 B-8 Park Towers Clifton Karachi Ph# 0215833975 Shop 2 11 Mezzanine Flour Zamzama Boulevard Phase Extension DHA Ph# 0215834904 ISLAMABAD .67 - .

King Arcade F7/2 Ph# 052650363 (Above Old Hot Spot) .68 - .

Promotion. . includes all the ways available to make a product and/or service known to and purchased by customers and clients.PROMOTION DEFINITION G enerally. The word promotion is also used specifically to refer to a particular activity that is intended to promote the business. product or service. promotion is communicating with the public in an attempt to influence them towards buying your products and/or services.69 - . How does promotion differ from advertising? Promotion is the broader. Advertising is just one specific action you could take to promote your product or service. as a general term. all inclusive term.

As far as promotion is concerned marketers treat it as the most important “P” among all the “P’s” of marketing mix. B PROMOTION Products need not only attractive development and availability but more important is the development of a communication program. .MARIA.70 - . As without proper promotion of the product awareness can’t be created regarding offerings.

PROMOTION MIX  Advertisement  Sales promotion  Personal selling  Public relations Your marketing plan will be executed by using the tactical elements of the Marketing Communications.71 - . The elements of the marketing communications mix . or Promotions Mix.

PUBLIC RELATIONS Building good relationships with the company’s various publics by obtaining favorable publicity.72 - . and events. PERSONAL SELLING Personal presentation by the firm’s sales force for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationships. or services by an identified sponsor. ADVERTISING Any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas.The Marketing Communications Mix is the specific mix of advertising. public relations. building up a good "corporate image". and handling or heading off unfavorable rumors. sales promotion. goods. personal selling. stories. DIRECT MARKETING . SALES PROMOTION Short-term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service. and direct marketing a company uses to pursue its advertising and marketing objectives.

FACTORS EFFECTING THE PROMOTION MIX OF MARIA. .Direct communications with carefully targeted individual consumers to obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationships.B falls into the aware consumer category of Maria B’s products. B The potential consumer of Maria .73 - . are loyal from years and are mostly aware of its quality products.

Push and Pull Strategies will be used at this crucial stage. B’s products are mostly at their growth stage. radio. PROMOTION THROUGH THE PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE As products move through the four stages of the product lifecycle. GROWTH .PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE STAGE Maria. the organization’s objective will be to inform the target audience of its entry. Already existing brands have been matured and grown over the past so years. This factor also has to be kept in mind when designing the promotion. Television. INTRODUCTION When a product is new. magazine.74 - . coupons etc may be used to push the product through the introduction stage of the lifecycle. different promotional strategies should be employed at these stages to ensure the healthy success and life of the product .

the organization takes persuasive tactics to encourage the consumers to purchase their product over its rivals.75 - . . the organization at this stage of the lifecycle works on the strategy of further increasing brand awareness to encourage loyalty.As the product becomes accepted by the target market. Any differential advantage will be clearly communicated to the target audience to inform of the benefits over its competitors. MATURITY At this stage with increased competition. DECLINE As the product reaches the decline stage the organization will use the strategy of reminding people of the product to slow the inevitable.

TARGET AUDIENCE Target audience for Maria.76 - . . Common man has not been aware to access its brands. It has become a status symbol. Generally it is targeting the corporate and executive class of the society. B has buyers above years and belonging to the upper class and elite class of society.

All the promotion mix is basically targeted at this potential consumer.77 - .POTENTIAL BUYER/CONSUMER Potential buyer is that buyer that is not the company’s unmeet buyer that can become the loyal customer with the proper creation of awareness of the company’s product. .

.78 - .STRATEGIES REGARDING PROMOTION MIX Advertisement Strategies Advertisement is that which is paid from of no personal presentation of good has based on specific objectives according to the nature and life cycle stage of a product buyer’s readiness stage. its target audience etc. Maria. B doesn’t bombard its customers with heavy advertisement campaigns because the customers already have brand awareness.

79 - . Brushers)  Supporting a cause (Wedding Campaign)  Seminars  T.V. Libas. Lajja. Herald).TOOLS/WAYS OF ADVERTISEMENT  Print/Paper media (Magazines (Friday times. Advertisement • • • Pak India Snooker services Cricket (Pak and west Indies)  Hoardings/Billboards .

.80 - . Her goods need demonstration and she does that through fashion displays and fashion shows. keeping the nature of the audience in mind.SALES PROMOTION To stimulate their sales they adopt the sale promotion strategy and use the following ways to promote their sales.  Diaries  Calendars  Key chains/rings  Internet cards APPROPRIATE TECHNIQUES FOR SALES PROMOTION • • Maria b puts up eye catching point of sales displays.

MARIA.81 - . Recently they have organized three shows. one in Lahore and second one is in Karachi and third one is in America. She does this through hiring the services of a promotional services agency known as “RED ANT”. DIRECTING THE EFFORT She directs her sales promotion efforts towards specialized agencies. B SPECIFIC FASHION SHOW They organize fashion shows to market their designation garment. MARIA B’S SALES STRATEGIES Maria B supplements advertising and facilitates personal selling Maria B also tries to stimulate demand for her product. EXPORT PROMOTIONAL TOOLS .

82 - . It has established MTM (Make to Measurement) department for those who needs perfection and style by incorporating their choices.They often conduct combine fashion shows in various countries with the leading designer wear including:  Amir Adnan  Sobia Nazir  Umer Sayeed PERSONAL SELLING Maria. B caters to the specific needs of it’s customers. LOGO AND SLOGAN Her logo is just MARIA. B and her slogan is “Be the women” .

POSITIONING A position is the way a firm’s product. It is very important to have strong position in the market. brand or organization is viewed relative to the competition by current and potential consumers. POSITIONING OF PRODUCT  Quality  Durability  Innovation .83 - .

. Other than that they also advertise their products on other sites. Customer satisfaction ONLINE SERVICES Maria. Their website can be visited. They have fully realized the importance of online advertising in 21st century and have gained immensely from doing that is the form of new clients.84 - . B has it’s own website on the World Wide Web.

.85 - .

and the more they will they keep on buying from you. Or all of these people could be your customers in one way or another. knowledge. where people use inputs of time. the more value you create. and to “add value” to them by turning them into something of worth to other people. the more people will be prepared to pay a good price for your product or service. just as long as they (directly or indirectly) pay your wages. And remember that your customers aren’t necessarily outside your organization: they can be your bosses. as well as your best route to profit maximization. In business. if you add a lot of value to your team. your co-workers. wood pulp) and converting it into something that people are prepared to pay money for (e. But this idea is just as important in service industries. you V alue Chain Analysis or Value Stream Mapping is a useful tool for working out how you can create the . this is really important: In most cases.g.VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS greatest possible value for your customers.86 - . On a personal level. we’re paid to take raw inputs. This is easy to see in manufacturing.the customer. equipment and systems to create services of real value to the person being served . Now. where the manufacturer “adds value” by taking a raw material of little use to the end-user (for example. or the people who depend on you for what you do. paper).

. and then helps you think through how you can maximize this value: whether through superb products. or jobs well done.87 - .will excel in what you do. your team or your company can create value? This is where the “Value Chain Analysis” tool is useful. great services. Value Chain Analysis helps you identify the ways in which you create value for your customers. Maria B creates value chain for the customers through fantastic products and lasting services and enhances this value by the help of excellent work done. You should then expect to be rewarded in line with your contribution. So how do you find out where you.

office technology. environmental analysis should be continuous and feed all aspects of planning.g. In fact. wages and finance.PEST ANALYSIS PEST analysis is very important that an organization considers its environment before beginning the marketing process. The organization's marketing environment is made up from:  The internal environment e.88 - . etc. . staff (or internal customers).

our external customers. POLITICAL FACTORS Political Stability As we see the political conditions in the Pakistan. Political (and legal) forces. etc. agents and distributors.g. These are known as PEST factors. and Technological forces.g. it is a democratic state and its government is stable during the last three years and in future it seems to remain stable and assemblies will complete their time Risk of Military Interference Seven years before (October 1999) military took the change of country and there was Marcella in the country. The micro-environment e.89 - . suppliers. our competitors. . Sociocultural forces. Economic forces.  The macro-environment e.

Product Labeling Requirements Government of Pakistan has passed a law about trade marks licensing labeling and packing requirements. So it’s very easy for new firm to enter in the market. Wage Legislation In the recent five years some modifications are made in wage low. ECONOMIC FACTORS Mixed economic system is prevailing in Pakistan neither full control is in hand of government nor 100% private sector is given hold of the economy. GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE IN THE MARKET . government of Pakistan has adopted privatization policy. government of PAK has modified its taxation policy. In the recent few years. One is that the minimum salary of the worker at the lowest level must not be less than Rs.Taxation And Tax Rates To boost the business sector in Pakistan.2500.90 - . It is blend of capitals and socialized economy where the percentage of private sector is higher than government sector.

Therefore it is very easy to produce low cost products with the blend of latest technology and the labor force.1 millions and mainly composed of young . Demographics & Age Distribution According to the survey in 1998 the population of the country was 141.91 - . LABOUR COST The labor cost in the country is low as compared to the developed countries. INFRASTRUCTURE QUALITY In Pakistan the infrastructure facilities are not up to the mark. SOCIAL FACTORS The following factors can be considers with special reference to Pakistan. The mobilizations of the consumer goods from one place to other some times become difficult. Now a days there are much opportunities to enhance the business with the assistance of the Government.In Pakistan there is less control of the government over the markets. The demand and supply forces are the factors which regulate the prices in the markets. So we just only have to make proper planning in this regard. The Govternment only controls the prices in critical situations EFFICIENCY OF FINANCIAL MARKETS Financial market in Pakistan is progressing and developing day by day. Especially perishable goods lose its quality before reaching to the destination.

92 - .teenagers and children. Health & Life Style Although health facilities are provided by the Government but these are not up to the mark. Most of the population lives in the rural areas and is attached with labor. Income Distribution In Pakistan the labor is cheaper than other developed countries. Education Level In Pakistan the education level of the people is also unsatisfactory. Mostly people are not health conscious due to unawareness of the health standards. Approximately 52% population is educated which mostly consists of male. Technological Development . purpose different long term and short plans are made by the Government.

The Government has taken the following steps in this regard. economical. social and technological factors to cope up with the market.In Pakistan the Government is trying to push this sector because it is the backbone of any productive activity. It is the first stage of planning and helps marketers .93 - . SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT analysis is a tool for auditing an organization and its environment.  Mobile phone and telecommunication sector has developed so much that mobile phone technology has spread over the country very soon  IT sector has developed on priority base and different policies have been adopted  Privatization policies are made for effective management by the Government Impact On Marketing Offering Maria B is considering all the political. She follows all the rules and regulations existing in Pakistan regarding the dress designing and textile industry.

FACTORS ARE ANALYZED WITH REFERENCE TO MARIA B . SWOT stands for strengths. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors. opportunities.to focus on key issues. weaknesses.94 - . and threats. Opportunities and threats are external factors. .

 She is getting tax relaxations as she is sole proprietor .  generating greater revenues due to price skimming.STRENGTHS Strengths are considered as internal factors.  she has increased her product line by providing hand bags and shoes.  MARIA. is a internationally recognized.  The image of Maria B is well established in front of the customers because of quality  It leads to high income group  The designs and variety are according to modern era Innovative designs and dresses make her different from other competitors  Innovative designs and dresses make her different from other competitors co-partnership with Spanish school of fashion.B.95 - .  she has created brand loyalty by providing high quality .  never compromises on quality.  she deals with a customers directly so affiliation increases so she can thoroughly understand the requirements of customers  She is a member of Pakistan fashion council so she can get political advantages. Following strengths are analyzed while analyzing Maria B.

WEAKNESSES It is also an internal factor.  The designed garments are provided to the society. they can not produce more than a capacity because fashion & trend can change any time  The brand awareness is high but not up to the mark in its target market.  Less span of control i a major cause of low management.96 - .  Focuses only to women dress designing  Improper mode of advertisement  She is undertaking less promotional techniques to promote her brand  She has started just one segment. THREATS Threats are the external factors which influence directly.  She is working in the global environment which is always uncertain  Inflation can influence the cost structure & price level  The competitors are also a threat in the business  Chinese products can influence the business .

OPPORTUNITIES  The customers are in the target market because they have now become quality conscious  The customers are brand loyal so no need for heavy advertisement expenses MARKET SEGMENTATION .97 - .

especially if there are bridal dresses. Macro factors Micro factors Macro factors       Demographic Economic Geographical Physical & technology Political & legal Social & culture Demographic Factors In the beginning she realized that most of the upper class and upper middle class lived in big cities and they are willing to spend a lot of money for good quality and exclusively designed dresses.98 - .Marketing Strategy 1. Age: We are focusing on these age brackets • • Young adults (between 19-22 yrs) Bachelor (between 22-26) .

independent OR financially secure.Gender: • Female 4-Education: • • Skilled Highly educated or belong to sophisticated elite class.2-Households: • • • • • newly married female Early married female without children Early married female with tiny children Grown up but independent female All females either married or not.99 - . Economic Factors At the time she launched her business the economic conditions in Pakistan were relatively stable so the people were more fashion conscious and willing to spend on branded clothes. 3. Upper Income Class • • • Upper Upper Class Upper Middle Class Upper Lower Class . 1-Income: 1.

The people are innovators and having purchasing power and refined/urbanized tastes.B.100 - . Faisalabad and Karachi is better as compare to other cities. Customers of these areas are highly involved with Maria . Karachi and Islamabad is high as compare to some other cities. 4-Stock of wealth: Stock of wealth of these markets is high and they have the opportunity to spend more. Islamabad. Physical & Technological Factors . 5-Impots & Exports: Imports and exports of any country can have a major effect on marketing strategy of boutique industry. Especially now that she’s is extending her name across the boundaries. People have a good stock of wealth and it can influence the purchasing power of people.B as well. Under the general truth this is true for Maria . innovators and Loyal brand followers. 3-Consumption Behavior: The per capita income of Lahore. But the people are consumption oriented and they spend more on shopping.2-Income Distribution: Income distribution of Lahore.

The rate of change in Lahore. The people are aware of the style. Faisalbad. People want change in dresses that influence their personality. fashion and fad so they want creative ideas and designs in the dresses.When Maria b was started she was incorporated all the required technology and skills to produce good quality clothes. Karachi & Islamabad is high as compare to the other cities. 2-Opportunities for Innovation: In the targeted areas there are more opportunities for innovation and modernization. People are variety seekers and innovators. The ignorance of this factor makes huge loss. 1-Rate of Change: The technology is increased day by day.B is a very well connected person with qualifications and nets in all the fashion fronts around the world and she along with her designers are very much in touch with fashion developments and are trend setters themselves Political & Legal Factors The nature of her business was sole proprietorship which means that she was the only one liable for profitability of the business. Hence the changes of the legal and political .101 - . 3-Research & Development: Maria .

2-Social Class: . customs and norms with respect to culture. it will also reject the old laws and introduce their own rules and agendas. The social. Social & Cultural Factors She was focusing on high society culture at the initial stages. Especially the initial investment into the business was made by Maria B herself. religious. legal. 1-Political Stability: The political stability has affect on the business as well as the consumption behavior.102 - . clause.environment had minimal effects on her business. 2-Legal Frame Work: Legal framework means that the government makes some laws that is implemented on the economy. set of traditions. Such policies disturbed the marketing strategies. 1-Social Standard: The society has its own mood. When the government changes. corporate and consumer laws are introduce for the betterment and psychological satisfaction of the consumer as well as the producer.

The society is divided into many classes that have an affect on the business. Psychology affect when the customer is not satisfied. . When the need of customer is according to the perception level then it will give positive response. 4-Religion: Religion is main factor that can affect the strategies of business. The boutique provides the dresses according to the culture of the country. With passing time Maria B as a brand grew exponentially using extremely valued customer feedback and intake/hiring of highly qualified new talent from prestigious institutes making it sure that Maria b was always one step ahead in creativity and comprehending the customer needs. The classification could be based on the need of the customer. However we are targeting only the upper classes of the society which normally more self fulfilled or closer to that stage depending on the age group as well. 3-Psychographic: The psychographics’ is the combination of demographic and psychological factors. Research & Development Maria B before launching her business she observed the trends of the market and customer demand relying on personal observation as well as her inner social circle.103 - .

She also instilled her customers with thirst for fresh and up to the minute by releasing mind boggling patents of Maria .B. As mentioned earlier Maria .B and her concerned staff move very actively in the fashion quarters of the world. In short words Observation, limited Experimentation (fashion shows not outlets) and face to face or telephonic interviews with actively engaged clientage are the methods used by Maria B.

The whole market is divided into different groups. The market is divided on certain basis such as: Need Income Family Cycle External Factors

   

Geographic Segmentation:
Maria B chose to open her outlets in urban areas in Pakistan beginning with Lahore.

Demographic Segmentation:
She was targeting elite people who lived in posh neighborhoods belonging to upper, middle classes. Bridal dresses in Pakistan are mostly for women between 18 and 25 so for Maria’s specialty dresses that were the age class she was targeting. Formal dresses were bought mostly high society women from any age group. She’s basically targeting females who re educated.

- 104 -

Psychographic Segmentation:
Her clothes are targeted towards those women who are quality conscious. Mostly her customers are highly or at least more socialized women. The products of Maria B are generally suitable for a range of various kinds of people with diverse psychological backgrounds as long as they can afford to pay for the quality.

Behavioral Segmentation:
Her customers are those who want highly fashionable clothes with innovative designs and good quality. Her products can be classified as specialty goods because her consumer has a strong brand preference.

Target Market
Maria. B targeted financially affluent people.

Target Marketing:
The high shares in market. Good when company’s resources are limited. This is known as concentrated market.

Gestation Strategies:
She makes the following types of dresses: • Exclusive Bridals Which would include those bridal dresses which were custom made on

- 105 -

demand. And also those were designed by her top designers. • • Semi bridal Formal wear These formal dresses were made keeping Pakistani high society in focus.

Product Development Process
Idea Generation: For routine casual clothes the designs and ideas can be generated by the owner or the various designers which include: 1) 2) 3) 4) Order takers Motive designers Pattern designers Proto designers.

For customized orders the information is collected from the customer and is jotted down in the following categories. a) b) c) d) Fabric type Color Kaam Cut - 106 -

After these shows order placements are received which help determine customer demanded the business feasibility of certain designs. Prototype development: All feasible designs or accepted designs are developed into prototypes which are then displayed on fashion shows.e) Fitting Keeping the customers parameters in mind MariaB and her designers create the dresses in a way which they consider best. Market Tests: Maria B ideas not formally engage into market testing. Commercialization: .107 - . Screening of Ideas: The routine production of casual wear 90 ideas is screened out from all the ideas to be put into production for summer and winter seasons each. Business Analysis: Most of their analysis is done through customer feedback which is achieved through showcasing their designed prototypes through fashion shows. They do however keep an open ear of what the customers say or what the customers express about their preferences. Bridal dresses 8 to 10 designs and orders a month are selected which is the company policy usually followed.

The company since its inceptions in 1954 has been fulfilling an elegant dressing of Pakistan. The concept of Maria B is emerging in Pakistan. design styles and are inline with international fashion trends. Maria B can capture high market share by .Those designs which are selected to be produced on large scale are then produced and displayed in Maria . If we look over all performance of Maria B.108 - . A term of best fashion designer is hard working to meet the requirement of new era. it is up to the mark. No specific commercialization is done for custom made clothes.B various outlets. The dresses are attrite in color shades. conclusion M aria B is the symbol of best dress designing in Pakistan for women fashions. The last part of our project consists of analysis to have more comprehensive grasp of its strengths and weaknesses and also explain why Maria B is using this particular marketing mix. What they require is to grow persistently by meeting all quality and fashion requirements.

109 - .improving its marketing strategy and by following an aggressive advertisement campaign. .

Maria B’s high efforts are consistently made to manage the highest level of quality and designing. This shows that the image of Maria B has aintained its position and gained customer trust and satisfaction. .110 - .

.111 - .

.112 - .

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