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Draft Terms of Reference –

Assessment, Identification and Distribution of kerosene and gas stove to
charcoal users for cooking in poor community in Hargeisa, Somaliland
PN: 2015.2085.7

This ToR is aimed to lease a non-profit humaniterial local organization based in Somaliland for
assessment of using different types of cooking stove in disadvantaged communities in
Hargeisa,distribution of kerozene and gass stove to most dissadvantaged households who use
charcoal,and then conducting evaluating assessment after distribution of the cooking stoves.

CONSULTANCY FOR Distribution of kerozene and gass stove to charcoal users for
cooking in poor community,Hargeisa,Somaliland
PROJECT GIZ- Sustainible Land Management (SLM) Project

PROJECT AREA Maroodi-Jeeh,Somaliland

1 Background

Mainstreaming Sustainable Land Management (SLM) project in Somaliland is a 3.5 year (September
2015- February 2019) project designed to support the Government of Somaliland filling a critical gap
supporting programs that are fully aligned to the National Development Plan and other relevant
guiding Documents.

The project aims is to support the development of alternative sources of energy by reducing pressure
on the biomass resources (vegetation cover) of Somaliland and through substitution of modern energy
saving stoves, (kerosene and Gass stove) the project will distribute kerozene and gass stoves for XX
households who live in Hargeisa IDP areas. Women and children are the primary beneficiaries.

The Report should: . including household questionnaire. the stoves will assist environmental conservation Objective of the assaignment The NGO will support to carry out an assessment to identify those in most needs for cooking stove. including schedule. 2 Deliverable The following deliverables are to be submitted to GIZ-SLM: A. Arrange and prepare logistics and transportation during the distribution of the cooking stove. Tools and techniques (quantitative and qualitative) for assessment. III. II. II. scope and sampling strategy (to be developed. The length of the Report should not exceed 25 pages in total (excluding the annexes).and after the distribution NGO will conduct an evalaution to see how kerozene and gass stove meet the needs of the distribute kerozene and gass stove to identified beneficairs. Evaluation After the distribution of the cooking stoves. Distribution of kerozene and gas stove to charcoal users I. discussed and approved in the inception phase) for the assessment. Draft a report of the distribution of the stoves including signed list of the beneficiaries. Assessment I. A.As a result. and list of beneficiaries. there will be an evaluation assignment to be done by successful NGO. they will be relieved of the burden of charcoal purchasing and be able to cook in smoke free kitchens. A work plan with methodology part. Draft a report in English for assessment of targeted population a) Table of content b) Executive Summary c) Introduction d) Objectives of KAP and cohort study e) Methodology f) Findings g) Recommendations h) Conclusions i) Annexes B. A work plan with methodology section. which will positively impact health of cooks and their children. III. and photos. Moreover.

reports.  Experience in working with NGOs.  Proficiency in Somali and English  Familiarity with Somaliland context is a plus 5 Reporting The Local NGO will report to GIZ Somaliland and to the Program Manager of GIZ-SLM project 6 Logistic Support GIZ will be responsible for all logistic supports like transportation.  Extensive experience in designing and providing recommendations for monitoring system of development projects. 4 Qualification  Solid experience in assessment and evaluation methodologies. case studies and other relevant. NGO’s profile . Along with the technical proposal.  Contain an executive summary (mandatory)  Be analytical in nature (both quantitative and qualitative)  Be structured around issues and related findings/lessons learnt  Include conclusions  Include recommendations 3 Scope of work The scope of the consultancy will cover three activities namely assessment of needs of kerosene and gas cooking stove.  Demonstrated analytical.  Good interpersonal skills.stationary) 7 Documents to be submitted by the consultant Need to submit one financial and one technical proposal separately. The consultant also identifies/documents lessons learned and makes recommendations that stakeholders might use to improve the quality implementation of other related projects & programs and scale up the modalities & best practices in other projects of partner that are almost following the same approach.. The consultant will review the basic document. The consultant will design methodology. distribution of XX stove who use charcoal and later on conducting evaluation assessment. (…. including the ability to conduct discussions with diversified people. tools and techniques to measure outcomes progress internally on a regular basis. communication and report writing skills.

Relevant experience of the NGO b. This should include daily NGO fees. Breakdown of cost estimates for services to be rendered III. Understanding of the assignment / objectives of the study c. Team composition  Financial Proposal – (In US Dollars) I. A plan for analysis and sense making of the data f. Proposed timeline for completing the study e. including sampling and approaches to be used d. Proposal for the methodology. and enumerator fees 8 How to apply? Please send all the requested documents to XXXXXX with the reference of your email. Financial Proposal – Maximum one page II. Cover letter – maximum one page II. Technical Proposal: I. Technical proposal – Maximum 6-8 pages a. Deadline for submission: XXXXX .