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Fire Warden Duties and Responsibilities

1. Participate in fire drills.

2. On hearing the fire alarm, Fire Wardens should check that the area of the premises allocated to them (floor or section of the
floor) has been fully evacuated by all staff.
3. Make sure toilets, rest rooms, storage areas, common rooms and meeting rooms are checked (by looking and calling out).
4. Fire Wardens should instruct/guide occupants to the fire assembly point using the nearest safe fire exit route.
5. Attention should be paid to visitors who may be unfamiliar with the premises or anyone who appears reluctant to leave.
6. Be familiar with personnel who may require assistance to evacuate and any plans in place to ensure their safety.
7. Make sure everyone leaves the premises and nobody re-enters the building.
8. When trying to extinguish a fire, never position yourself so that the fire is between you and the exit door. If the fire should
get out of control it could cut off your escape route. THIS IS A VOLUNTARY ACT ON YOUR PART. If it cannot be easily
extinguished with the use of a portable fire extinguisher, leave the area and confine the fire by closing the door.
9. On arrival at the fire assembly point, staff should report to the Fire Warden for their floor/section. If the Fire Warden has a
list of staff / visitors who were present in their area prior to the evacuation, they should carry out a roll call to establish if
everyone listed has safely left the premises. In practice, a list may not be available and the system will rely upon the Fire
Warden liaising with colleagues. This will establish who was in the premises and who cannot be accounted for.
10. No-one must be allowed to re-enter the premises until the HSE or Emergency Team, have given the ‚all clear‛.
11. Check for fire hazards such as the accumulation of garbage, paper and other combustible items and improperly stored or
combustible liquids.
12. Don’t enter areas containing smoke.
13. Don’t enter areas where an established fire is clearly visible.
14. If a closed door is encountered, feel it lightly with the back of your hand before opening it: if it is hot, don’t open it.
15. Don’t ever place yourself at risk.
16. Ensure that evacuation routes are unobstructed.
17. Be familiar with your emergency access routes.
18. Check that the exit lights are illuminated and not damaged if so report to HSE.
19. Ensure that a fire extinguisher are present and that are not obstructed.
20. Report hazardous conditions to HSE so that they can be addressed
21. Always make sure that you are wearing your PPE.
22. Maintaining an orderly, calm, and controlled evacuation
23. Closing all doors as you leave the building
24. Ensuring that the entrance to the building is not congested by directing persons away from the entrance.
25. Fire Wardens should also take an active role in fire safety and act as a contact within their area for fire safety matters. They
should encourage staff to report such items as blocked fire exits, defective fire doors, poor housekeeping, and should
contribute to the fire safety checks carried out by the HSE.

I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the Fire Warden duties and responsibilities listed above
following a detailed job related training session and that I will follow these rules.
Date : 27 DECEMBER 2017
Signature : MOHAMMED NAWAZ nawaz.ahmed@ar Digitally signed by
Date: 2017.12.27 10:39:41 +03'00'