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Wear Limit Gauge and

Fifth Wheel Test Unit

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Fifth wheel couplings and king pins are both subject to a certain amount of
wear, depending on their operating conditions. This can be discovered when
backlash towards the direction of motion is noticeable. Too much backlash
can lead to surging and can cause a threat to safety on the roads and
damage to the fifth wheel coupling, the mounting plates, and the chassis.

The locking mechanism of JOST fifth wheel Wear limits

couplings is factory-adjusted so that in con-
junction with a new king pin there is horizontal
New Ø 73 mm
play of approx. 0.3 mm in the direction of

min. Ø 71 mm

max. 84

travel. The horizontal play can reach up to
New Ø 50,8
2 mm through wear and tear on the lockjaw min. Ø 49 mm
or the wearing ring. All JOST fifth wheel
couplings allow for continuous adjustment to 17,5 - 20,5 mm
compensate for wear in the coupling locking
mechanism. Only when the scope for
adjust-ment has been exhausted is it 17,5 - 19,0 mm
necessary to replace the wearing parts.

Wear on king pins should not be compensated


by readjusting the fifth wheel coupling. Once the New Ø 114 mm

min. Ø 112 mm



king pin has reached its wear limit, it must be

New Ø 89 mm

replaced. Once the king pin has been replaced, min. Ø 86 mm

the locking mechanism on the fifth wheel

coupling must also be readjusted.
37,0 - 35,5 mm

Depending on operating conditions, the

mounting plate, the king pin and the fastening 38,0 - 36,0 mm
elements should be examined for wear and
tear, damages, cracks and functional failures at
least every six months or after 50,000 km, and
repaired if necessary. JOST wear limit gauges The advantages of regular inspection
and the fifth wheel test unit are impor-tant aids and adjustment for you
for this. • Increased road safety by avoiding
impermissible horizontal play
• Longer life span of fifth wheel coupling,
mounting plate and vehicle frame. More
comfortable driving experience
Wear limit gauges
With the JOST wear limit gauge it is possible
to determine, in a decoupled and closed state,
whether the locking mechanism of the fifth
wheel coupling or the king pin has
reached or exceeded the maximum wear limit.

Your advantage
• A wear gauge for everything – for the fifth
wheel coupling locking mechanism as well
as for the king pin
• Simplifies the wear and tear examination
and saves time
• Light and easy to handle

Item: J 1027 for 2“

Item: J 1044 for 3.5“

1 min.86
. (89)
for JOST fifth wheel couplings 90 (max. Spiel 2 mm)
and king pins 90 (86/112 mm)
Wear limit gauges J 1027
Direction of travel
of travel

Wear limit gauges J 1044

for JOST fifth wheel couplings 50 (max. Spiel 2 mm) min.112
and king pins 50 (49/71 mm) (114)

Direction of travel
Direction of travel
new = 114,0 mm
min = 112,0 mm
c new = 73,0 mm d new = 89 mm
min = 71,0 mm min = 86 mm
d new = 50,8 mm
min = 49,0 mm
Direction of travel

Direction of travel

ø 114

ø 89
ø 73

ø 50,8 2 Wearing ring (worn)

Locking bar Gauge flange
Lock jaw (worn) (Locking mechanism shown
at the limit of wear)

Wearing ring (worn)

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