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See how famous people used Aloe Vera

ALOE VERA - this natural beautifier, silent healer and miracle plant has been
around the world for many years. Modern celebrities from the world of fashion
and glamour are not the only users of Aloe Vera for its capability to improve
the looks of skin. Aloe Vera was equally popular among ancient kings and
queens, not only for its skin improving ability, but also for various other
reasons. So lets look at some of the most famous people from around the world
that popularized the use of Aloe Vera in one way or the other.

Jesus Christ

The Bible mentions the use of Aloe Vera on the wounds of Jesus Christ, after
he was crucified and removed from the cross. It is also mentioned that the body
of Jesus was wrapped in Aloe Vera and Myrrh to provide some relief to him
after the brutal act of crucifying him.

Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi from India is another well-known personality in the modern
times, known to use Aloe Vera to maintain a good level of body strength during
his long fasts. Gandhi, the greatest freedom fighter of Indian independence
revolution, used the power of non-violence against the British rule and thus,
went on indefinite fasts a number of times. According to him, Aloe Vera was
one of the things that built his stamina to bear the weakness caused due to

Alexander the Great

The great ruler of history, Alexander the Great, was known to carry Aloe Vera
to the battlefields, where it was used as a medicinal treatment for the wounded
soldiers. It was around 333 BC that Alexander was encouraged by Aristotle, his
mentor, to conquer the island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean. It is believed that
the main reason for doing so was to capture the island that produced large
quantity of Aloe Vera.

Celsius in Greece

It was around 25 AD that the famous Greek pharmacologist Celsius mentioned

the use of Aloe Vera in his work. Though, he talked only about the use of Aloe
Vera as purgative, still it further contributed towards the growing popularity of
this natural plant.


It was during the same time period that Dioscordes, the expert in Roman
pharmacology gave detailed information about Aloe Vera and its variety of
uses. According to him, Aloe Vera in the juice form acts as a perfect solution
for stomach cleansing, healing bruises, improving oral health and treatment of
boils. It was the information recorded by him regarding Aloe Vera that helped
the plant to gain the status of a magical treatment provider for various health


Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt around 68 BC, remains to be an ideal of beauty

till date. According to the historic records, Aloe Vera was one of the natural
items found in the beauty kit of this queen, who was able to attract the greatest
of the rulers of that time. Inspired from this, most popular cosmetic products
for skin care in today’s time contain Aloe Vera as one of their ingredients.


Just like Cleopatra, Nefertiti was another Egyptian queen who utilized Aloe
Vera with an aim to enhance the beauty of her skin. Wife of an Egyptian
Pharaoh, she was considered as the most beautiful woman of her era and thus,
the beauty products used by her have always been the topic of debate.
However, it is firmly believed that Aloe Vera was one of those products used
by the queen to make her look beautiful.

Christopher Columbus

Columbus travelled around the world and has a number of expeditions to his
credit. It was on these journeys through seas and oceans that persuaded this
great traveller to carry Aloe Vera with him. His main aim to carry this magical
remedy from nature on his journeys was to treat his sailors during long
expeditions. Aloe Vera was used as a treatment provider for various types of
skin problems.

Marco Polo

One of the greatest travellers of the history, Marco Polo is also known to be
familiar with Aloe Vera for its skin improving and healing properties. It was on
his travel to the Orient that Marco Polo got familiar with many applications of
Aloe Vera and described it in the form of his writings.

King Solomon

The king of Israel around 970 BC, King Solomon, is another figure from the
history, known to have a great knowledge of the natural plant. Not only had he
learned about the healing abilities of Aloe, he actually cultivated the plant to
extract benefits out of it. It is also mentioned in the records that Aloe Vera was
sued in the king’s wedding. Also, in the Song of Solomon, one can find the
mention of myrrh and aloes.


Around 200 BC, Galen was famous as a physician in the court of a Roman
Emperor. Known for writing more than 100 books about herbs and natural
remedies, Galen is known to prescribe Aloe Vera for different reasons. Mainly,
he used Aloe Vera as a healing agent for variety of skin problems.


The great France emperor Napoleon is among the famous people from the
modern history, who utilized Aloe Vera for its power to heal the wounds at
warfronts. A number of Napoleonic wars were fought and in most of them,
Aloe Vera was used as a healing agent for the wounded soldiers of Napoleon

As you can see, Aloe Vera shares space with some of the eminent
personalities of different eras. The information above is enough to inspire
anyone to include Aloe Vera in their routine, either as a beauty enhancer,
or as a treatment provider for variety of health issues.

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