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G r i d Auto m ati o n Pro d uc t s

MicroSCADA Pro
Substation automation
2 M i c r o S C A D A P r o S u b s tat i o n a u to m at i o n a p p l i c at i o n s

Automate, control and optimize your operations.
MicroSCADA Pro

Personnel safety
MicroSCADA Pro is an investment for today and MicroSCADA Pro increases personal safety in many
tomorrow. Start, for instance, with monitoring or ways and levels. The breakers and disconnectors
gateway functionality and integrate control, are operated from a separate control room in the
redundancy, reporting or other additional substation, which minimizes the risk for personnel
functionalities in response to your needs later on. injuries. It further prohibits operation of objects,
With MicroSCADA Pro your investment is secured for instance, in maintenance situations, thus ensuring
with every step you take. personnel safety. Notification of the on-going
maintenance work can be attached to the process
Complete functionality views and a control dialog to inform operators
MicroSCADA Pro is designed for complete accordingly. MicroSCADA Pro also permits the
functionality for realtime monitoring and control definition of authorization levels for different user
of primary and secondary equipment in transmission categories to prevent unauthorized actions.
and distribution substations. It allows you to easily
and safely interact with protection and control IEDs Intuitive and consistent icons with selectable and
(intelligent electronic device), as well as with the pre-defined color schemes enhance the visual
process via the operator’s workplace. This way, it comfort for the operator. This makes it easy to master
effectively promotes taking the right actions and the overall harmony of the 172.15 various information
achieving the maximized availability of your displays in your interface, and get familiar with the
power system. system quickly.

Secure operations and high availability Apparatus safety

Right and reliable information is the basis for correct MicroSCADA Pro prevents simultaneous operation
and safe operations. MicroSCADA Pro maximizes of primary equipment. It reserves the device and
information availability by supporting redundant verifies whether the selected object can be operated
system servers and communication at any substation before executing thecommand. Additionally,
in every situation. stationwide interlocking schemes, which are
complementary to the bay level interlocking, prevent

dangerous operations that might otherwise damage A large number of cyber security features that protect
primary equipment. Only authorized users can override systems from abuse or vandalism are built into the
interlocking and other locked operations. MicroSCADAPro portfolio. Features include, for
Common safety procedures require that any
mechanical or electrical equipment can be locked out • User authentication
and tagged out before being worked on. Responsible • Flexible user authorization
for meeting safety requirements, rules and regulations, • Session expiration
MicroSCADA Pro includes a lock-out tag-out function. • Communication encryption
The lock-out/tag-out function ensures that control • Event logging
of objects in the application or other operations are • Reporting
properly secured prior to and during, for example,
maintenance or servicing work. An application object MicrosSCADA Pro-based systems can also be be
in tagout state can easily be identified on the HMI equipped with industry-standard malware and
by the intuitive tag-out display symbol. intrusion protection solutions, like virus protection
and application whitelisting. Cyber security is
MicroSCADA Pro’s dynamic busbar coloring function considered during the whole lifecycle of products
provides the operator with a quick access to starting from the requirements and development
information about the powered, un-powered and phases and throughout the operation phase. New
earthed parts of the busbar. Also alarming objects cyber security features are designed to meet and
are visualized. The busbar coloring combined with exceed requirements from standards such as IEC
object control simulation of MicroSCADA Pro ensure 62351, IEEE 1686 and NERC-CIP.
the safe and correct operation of your primary
4 M i c r o S C A D A P r o S u b s tat i o n a u to m at i o n a p p l i c at i o n s

Productivity, efficiency and
control for your assets.
MicroSCADA Pro
automation solution.

1. Always correct actions

The MicroSCADA Pro substation automation system An automatic control of objects based on user-
efficiently utilizes and refines data from the process, defined sequences helps avoid human mistakes. For
enabling you to access important information. instance, a line can be connected or disconnected
Advanced categorization and priorization of data from the busbar using an automatic sequence. These
ensures that your operators receive the right amount sequences can be used also for load shedding and
of relevant information in all situations. For instance, automatic busbar transfer, which reduces outage
different colors for the various types of entries in the time significantly.
event and alarm lists draw the operator’s attention,
enabling right and timely corrective actions. This 4. Optimized maintenance
reduces outage time, power losses, and helps avoid You can define automatic alarms to optimize the
possible penalties due to undelivered energy. The timing ofmaintenance through, for instance,
event list also permits verifying that actions taken monitoring of numberof breaker operations, total
have been successfully performed. circuit breaker wear or motorstart-ups. This helps you
save costs, as well as allows for anefficient utilization
2. Disturbance analysis of the primary equipment – while reducing negative
Easy access to event list and disturbance information environmental effects.
allows you to analyze different types of faults.
Advanced event logging and analysis, including 5. Power monitoring
filtering, will help you find exactly the information MicroSCADA Pro helps optimize your power quality
you need, for instance, to optimize the selectivity through, for instance, monitoring and presenting
scheme of your protection equipment. With accurate of harmonic distortions, voltage drops and peaks
time synchronization and time-tagging of events in measured by the protection and control IEDs. As a
protection and control IEDs, MicroSCADA Pro creates result, your power system fulfills the requirements
a strong basis for accurate disturbance analysis. You set for power quality.
can utilize trends for analyzing the process behavior
and taking corrective measures in primary equipment. All the important process information can be stored
with MicroSCADA Pro and the data will be refined
3. Manual and automatic control into meaningful information. This gives a clear view
With MicroSCADA Pro you can control different types of the situation in the primary process and allows
of objects, such as breakers, disconnectors and tap for optimized utilization of the power and primary
changers. You can also easily create additional equipment.
control functions, for example to create shortcuts
for activating or de-activating functions, such as
6 M i c r o S C A D A P r o S u b s tat i o n a u to m at i o n a p p l i c at i o n s

User-friendliness as standard.
Easy to handle and expand.
— With thousands of systems delivered, MicroSCADA
01 Substation
automation system with Pro has made user-friendliness a standard for
Historian architecture. substation automation.

— From overview to detailed information Flexible adaptations

02 Substation
automation system. Versatile measurement reports enable the MicroSCADA Pro based substation automation
Integrated substation effective monitoring of primary equipment load. systems can be easily customized for your
control and gateway.
In addition to that, an alarm list presents the specific needs. You can, for instance, harmonize
cause, time, object and status information for the look and feel of your interfaces in accordance
alarms. With efficient setting and filtering tools, with your company guidelines. MicroSCADA Pro
you can customize the alarm and event lists and also serves you with tools for translating your
reports in order to make them meet your application and the system can be operated in
specified needs. The hierarchical summary alarms several languages simultaneously. Furthermore,
give a good overview of the situation in the you can efficiently execute modifications, add
process, reducing the information flow to the communication and automatic functions – while
essential in all situations. the system is in operation.

MicroSCADA Pro features several application Extensive supervision

views that you can easily access from the drop MicroSCADA Pro performs self-supervision to
down menus for single line diagrams, process provide instant information about disturbances
displays, system supervision, lists, reports and in system components. It also enables overall
engineering tools. You can also access object system supervision to detect failures in the
specific details by mouse-clicking any object secondary equipment, such as servers, switches
icon, after which a dialog will appear with or IEDs, which reduces the need for scheduled
information and control possibilities. Functions, maintenance.
such as zooming, panning and de-cluttering
enable smooth adjusting of the amount of
information needed in different situations.

Control center

MicroSCADA Pro workstations

MicroSCADA Pro
system server and Remote
workstation with communication
integrated gateway IEC 101/IEC 104/
DNP 3.0
MicroSCADA Pro MicroSCADA Pro
system server Historian server

Interbay bus

— —
01 02

— MicroSCADA Pro is a future-proof investment. Its

03 Substation
automation system. modular design allows you to acquire the
Separate substation functionality you need.
control and gateway.

— Easy upgrading
04 Substation
automation system. MicroSCADA Pro features complete backwards AutoCAD drawings, documentation and Excel sheets.
Combined IEC 61850 compatibility with earlier versions of MicroSCADA. These applications can be attached to objects and
and LON based
system with redundant Therefore any existing MicroSCADA system can be opened and edited directly via MicroSCADA Pro
system servers, two easily upgraded to the latest version of MicroSCADA displays, for instance via the single line diagram.
workstations and
separate gateway. Pro. This is possible due to the clear separation of Additionally, MicroSCADA Pro supports remote
MicroSCADA Pro software from your system specific access and mobile technologies to ensure easy
application data. When an upgrade is done, all the control of your substations anywhere and anytime.
system specific data and the application can be fully
re-used without re-engineering. This means that MicroSCADA Pro is available pre-installed and tested
your existing application will run as it is in the new at the ABB factory on solid state industry-grade PC.
product version. The re-use of the data minimizes This MicroSCADA Pro SYS600C does not contain any
the need for tests, which significantly shortens the moving or otherwise vulnerable parts. It features
engineering and commissioning time. high scalability and modern architecture, and is
easy to adapt and expand. You can enjoy its ease
Reap the benefits from new technologies of use as a communication gateway, as a control
MicroSCADA Pro runs on standard and industry grade system HMI, or as a communication server in both
PCs.This allows you to benefit from the latest PC industrial and electrical utility applications. Robust
technology and related equipment. It also supports and compact, it is also an ideal solution for harsh
the latest Windows® operating systems to allow and demanding environments in different types
easy integration of 3rd party applications, such as of industries.

MicroSCADA Pro workstations Control center

Control center

MicroSCADA Pro
Station bus LAN TCP/IP
system server and
IEC 101/IEC 104/
DNP 3.0
MicroSCADA Pro MicroSCADA Pro
MicroSCADA Pro redundant system servers communication gateway

Interbay bus IEC 61850

Interbay bus

— —
03 04
8 M i c r o S C A D A P r o S u b s tat i o n a u to m at i o n a p p l i c at i o n s

Seamless integration.
Designed to communicate and connect.

MicroSCADA Pro supports redundant communication

MicroSCADA Pro ensures the on the station bus according to the IEC 62439
optimized control and reliable standard. The redundancy improves fault tolerance
and communication system reliability. It also features
operation of your switchyard a unique capability of zero seconds’ recovery time
through seamless integration and in case of communication failure. This means that
there will be no interruption in communication if
connectivity between different one link fails as the other link instantaneously takes
devices and systems. It supports an over the communication. As a result, there is no data
lost when communication failures are detected.
extensive range of standard and
de-facto standard communication Open to integration with tools and systems
The MicroSCADA Pro substation automation system
protocols and interfaces. allows you to directly access parameter setting and
efficiently handle disturbance information. In
IEC 61850-compliant
addition, in hierarchical systems where
MicroSCADA Pro is compliant with the IEC 61850
MicroSCADA Pro is used both at the substation level
standard for substation automation including
and for network control, it provides a mirroring
Edition 2. The compliance is also verified by a 3rd
function. This function enables easy signal mapping,
party accredited test center. The compliance means
without the need for conventional gateway
that it can operate together with other IEC 61850-
functionality. Furthermore, MicroSCADA Pro’s
compliant IEDs, tools and systems, which simplifies
standard and de-facto standard interfaces enable
system engineering. With IEC 61850 support,
smooth connection to your other systems and tools.
MicroSCADA Pro creates seamless communication
It also features OPC as well as OPC UA server and
and connectivity opportunities for its users.
client interfaces to enable easy integration with
market and application specific systems and devices.

World-class knowledge.
Helping you improve your power system performance.

More than 20 years’ experience in global substation remote connection to the system. Your MicroSCADA
automation in transmission and distribution Pro substation automation system can be analyzed
applications allows ABB to serve you with world in detail, and the required programming and
class knowledge. With our comprehensive selection software updates can be made immediately and
of services we can help you improve your power remotely anytime during the life cycle of your
system performance under diverse operational and substation automation system.
disturbance situations. As a result, you can reap the
full benefits from your investment. Training
Our versatile standard course offering and fully
Local and remote support customized training programs enable your engineers
More than 1,000 experienced MicroSCADA Pro and operators to fully utilize the MicroSCADA Pro
engineers in more than 50 countries are prepared to substation automation system. Our training courses
serve and support you in your local language with include extensive hands-on sessions and well
local know-how. documented exercises. As a result, your personnel
will be well prepared both for handling the system
Additionally, ABB provides fast and efficient in daily operation, as well as for managing any type
troubleshooting service, for instance, through of disturbance situation.

MicroSCADA Pro
Technology summary.

Power system monitoring Cyber security

Process displays with network coloring, zooming, panning and To answer to requirements from IEC 62351, IEEE 1686,
de-cluttering NERC-CIP and more

Event, alarm and blocking lists User authentication, authorization and session expiration
Trends based on roles

Historian for high-performance data logging, refinement, Central and local event logging and reporting
analysis and reporting
Communication encryption such as DNP 3.0 Secure
Power-quality monitoring authentication, VPN

Language support including several simultaneous Malware and intrusion protection

operator-specific languages
Product hardening, patch management and incident-handling
Uploading and analysis of disturbance record files processes

System platform and architecture Central account management

System supervision Communication and interfaces
High performance and availability Solution libraries for efficient integration with protection
and control IEDs
Process data mirroring for hierarchical systems
Redundant hot standby system capability Master protocols: IEC 61850 Ed1 and Ed2, IEC 60870-5-101/
Solutions from compact to distributed system design 103/104, DNP 3.0 TCP/serial, Modbus TCP/RTU, LON, SPA,
RP 570/1, ANSI X3.28, I35/P214, ADLP 180, IEC 61107, etc.
Remote workstations – also web-based
Dedicated IEC 61850-3-compliant solid state computer or Slave protocols: IEC 60870-5-101/104, DNP 3.0 TCP/serial,
standard PC hardware with Microsoft Windows® operating Modbus TCP/RTU, RP 570/1, ADLP180, F4F, etc.
Ethernet redundancy according to IEC 62439/PRP
Open interfaces: OPC, OPC UA, ODBC, application
programming interfaces for application and
communication extensions

Data concentration and signal grouping and control IEDs

GPS time synchronization

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