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Cleco Corporation
2030 Donahue Ferry Road Cleco Corporation is a company established in 1934. The company provides energy
Pineville, Louisiana 71360 services throughout Louisiana through Cleco Power LLC, its electric utility business and
United States Cleco Midstream Resources LLC, an energy business.

P: +1 318-484-7400 SECTORS INDUSTRIES

F: +1 318-484-7465 Energy & Utilities Utilities

Employees Revenue DUNS

Total: 1,207 IT: 30 $1.208B 006948178

Decision Makers: FYE: IT Budget:

Intelligence IT: 14 Other: 15 12 / 31 $44.8772M (Est.)

Senior Decision Makers


Jeff Chief Marketing and Development Pineville,

+1 318-484-7400
Baudier Officer LA

Keith Senior Vice President, Commercial Pineville, +1 318-484-7400 ext 7627
Crump Operations LA

William Senior Vice President, Utility Pineville, +1 318-484-7754
Fontenot Operations LA

Mark Chief Information Officer and General Pineville, +1 318-484-7402
Northrup Manager, Information Technology LA

Darren Pineville,
President, Cleco Power LLC +1 318-484-7400
Olagues LA

All Decision Makers (29)

Conversation Starters
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Inside Scoops Most Recent


Topic: Security, Network.

Company: Cleco Corporation, Pineville, LA
Pain Opportunity: Experiencing pain related to capturing and analyzing network behavior for incident
Point detection. The organization has not yet elevated this issue to a top spending priority.

Topic: Applications.
Company: Cleco Corporation, Pineville, LA
Pain Opportunity: Experiencing pain related to applications having input and output bottlenecks and excessive
Point latency. The organization has not yet elevated this issue to a top spending priority.

Topic: Telecommunications.
Company: Cleco Corporation, Pineville, LA
Spending Opportunity: Telecom/VoIP is a spending priority, the organization is in the planning phase of replacing a
Trend 10 year old private branch exchange system with VoIP.

Topic: Collaboration.
Company: Cleco Corporation, Pineville, LA
Spending Opportunity: Collaboration tools are a spending priority, the organization is evaluating vendors. This
Trend initiative will involve migrating collaboration tools across the enterprise.

Topic: Mobility.
Company: Cleco Corporation, Pineville, LA
Project Opportunity: Tablet deployments are a spending priority, the organization has selected vendors and is
Scoop currently deploying Microsoft Surface to cut cost of having a tablet and computer as one.

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IT Technologies


Data Analytics/ Business Intelligence SAP Crystal Reports

Databases (11)

Data Modeling/Mining Hyperion Essbase, Oracle Data Warehousing, SAS

Relational Databases Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle Database, PL/SQL,

Web Analytics Google Analytics (GA)

Data Infrastructure Cloud Systems Citrix NetScaler


Email Hosting International Business Machines (mail server), SMTP Server (inhouse)

End User Hardware

IaaS Amazon (cloud), Amazon EC2, Amazon Web Services

Infrastructure IBM Tivoli, Microsoft System Center, Microsoft System Center Configuration
Management Manager

Mainframes/Server IBM Mainframe, IBM System z Mainframe


Peripheral Hardware Fujitsu

Server and Operating Apache Server, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft OS, Sun
Systems Solaris, UNIX, UNIX Servers, UNIX shell scripts

Server Virtualization virtual infrastructure, VMware, VMware ESX Server, VMware vSphere

Enterprise/ ERP (6) Enterprise Systems Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Financials Hyperion


Supply Chain

Vendor Management PeopleSoft Purchasing

Industry Software (0) Professional Services


Information Mgmt (6) Collaboration IBM Lotus Domino, IBM Lotus Notes

Content Management Liferay, Sarka-SPIP, Thomson Reuters Phoenix

Enterprise Learning
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User Experience Microsoft SharePoint Server

Information Security Application Security ProofPoint (mail server)


Governance, Risk and ProofPoint


Identity and Access OneLogin, Oracle Identity Management


Mobile Security Cisco AnyConnect

Network Security Check Point Firewalls, Cisco Firewalls, McAfee Firewalls

Secure Gateway DigiCert SSL

Network/ Telecom Call Center

Systems (14)

Communications CA SPECTRUM, NMS


Mobile Devices BlackBerry, iPad

Network Infrastructure Cisco Systems, DNS, EMC Hardware, Novell, Novell NetWare

Network Monitoring Cisco onePK

Public Utility Networks Oracle NMS, Oracle Utilities

Telephony/ VOIP Alcatel-Lucent

Video Conferencing WebEx

Productivity/ BPM
Operations (15)

Email/Messaging Microsoft Exchange, SendGrid

Engineering Software Autodesk AutoCAD, MapInfo

IT Service
Management (ITSM)

Office Automation Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Macromedia Dreamweaver,
GSuite (Formerly Google Apps), IBM Lotus SmartSuite, Microsoft Office,
Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Visual Studio, SharePoint Quest Web Parts

Project Management Microsoft Project, PeopleSoft

Transaction Software
and eCommerce

Programming/ Application Adobe Macromedia Flash, COBOL, Eclipse, Google AJAX Libraries API,
DevTools (31) Development Java, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, YUI Doc


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Testing and

Web Development .NET, Adobe ActionScript, ASP.NET, Cascading Style Sheets, CSS, HTML,

Web Tools/Resources Apple Mobile Web Clips Icon, Cache Control, Canonical Content Tag, Dublin
Core, Google Drive, Google Font API, IFrame, Meta Description, Meta
Keywords, Meta Robot, Viewport Meta, Web Services, X-Frame-Options


Pineville, 2030 Donahue Ferry United P: +1 318-484-7400

HQ Pineville Louisiana 71360
LA Road States F: +1 318-484-7465
1 (866) 592-7122 –
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Org Chart

Mark Northrup
3+ Chief Information Officer and General Manager, Information Technology
E: P: +1 318-484-7402 Direct

Robert Mathews
2 Manager, Telecommunications and Networking Servicing
E: P: +1 318-346-5625 Direct

Russell Reynolds
Senior Network Analyst
E: P: +1 318-484-7575 Direct

Darryl Asken
1 Lead Analyst, Application Systems
E: P: +1 318-484-7667 Direct

Brandi Fuqua
1 Analyst and Programmer, Systems and Applications
E: P: +1 318-484-7400

Keith Bonin
Senior Application System Programmer and Analyst
E: P: +1 318-484-7658 Direct

Pierre Cooper
Network Analyst
E: P: +1 318-484-7400

Robert Ducote
Senior Applications System Analyst and Programmer
E: P: +1 318-484-7179 Direct

Keith Duplantis
Application Services Specialist
P: +1 318-484-7182 Direct

Tracy Fuglaar
Application Analyst and Programmer Lead
E: P: +1 318-484-7395 Direct

Gary Mayeaux
Systems Application Analyst and Programmer Lead
E: P: +1 318-484-7123 Direct
1 (866) 592-7122 –
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Patricia Sarpy
Senior Applications Systems Analyst and Programmer
E: P: +1 318-484-7607 Direct

Dustin Sumrall
Project Manager, IT
E: P: +1 318-484-7138 Direct

Daniel Williams
Application System Analyst and Programmer
E: P: +1 318-484-7417 Direct

Jeffrey Ryan
1 Manager, Employee Relations and Employment
P: +1 318-484-7166 Direct

Traci O'Brien
Human Resources Specialist
P: +1 318-484-7176 Direct

Ray Wiley
Senior Training Specialist
E: P: +1 318-484-7173 Direct

Gladys Frank
Lead Accounts Payable Analyst
E: P: +1 318-484-7114 Direct

Keith Crump
3+ Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations
E: P: +1 318-484-7400 ext 7627 Direct

William Fontenot
3+ Senior Vice President, Utility Operations
E: P: +1 318-484-7754 Direct

Steven Turner
1 Manager, Portfolio
P: +1 318-484-7400

Jamal Jones
Senior Transmission Planning Engineer
P: +1 318-484-7118 Direct

Jessica Rachal
Senior Call Center Specialist
E: P: +1 318-484-7128 Direct

Marsha Robertson
Senior Buying Specialist
P: +1 318-484-7187 Direct
1 (866) 592-7122 –
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David Thevenote
Account Representative
E: P: +1 318-484-7127 Direct

Lauren SoileauLeBoeuf
Corporate Paralegal and Legal Services Administrator
P: +1 318-484-7113 Direct

Jeff Baudier
3+ Chief Marketing and Development Officer
P: +1 318-484-7400

Anthony Bunting
3+ Chief Administrative Officer
E: P: +1 318-484-7385 Direct

Darren Olagues
3+ President, Cleco Power LLC
E: P: +1 318-484-7400