Social Reporting IGF2010 - Vilnius, Lithuania

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The Internet Governance Forum isnʼt just taking place inside this conference centre: itʼs also taking place across the world and across the Internet through remote participation and through informal social media networks. During the 2009 IGF in Sharm El Sheikh over 5000 Twitter messages were sent, 100s of blog posts were written, and many video clips were recorded and published online. This year, many people will be using social media to follow and report on IGF. The main objective of our efforts is to widen participation from ACP countries. Here are three ways weʼre exploring the use of social media at IGF 2010. We invite you to join in and help us explore how social media adds to the IGF experience.

Using tools like TweetDeck ( on a mobile phone, and our social media aggregator at weʼre tracking social media conversations about IGF sessions and issues. You can use Twitter search to see what other people in your session might be saying, or to find out how a key issue is being discussed outside the conference centre.

2) Sharing: Twitter, blogging and video clips
Many social reporters at IGF10 will be using Twitter to share short updates on sessions or to engage in discussions about topics of interest. You can sign up to Twitter in minutes at use it from your laptop or mobile phone. The website provides space for anyone to blog longer reflections on Internet governance issues. Social reporters can also record short video clips and interviews to communicate to a wider audience about key IGF topics.

Tagging the content you share helps viewers to make sense of what it is about. Most social media tools have a tagging option, or you can use hash-tags which simply involve including #tagname in your message. For example, if you are sending a tweet about Workshop 69 you would include ʻ#igf10 #ws69ʼ in your message to share that your message is about the IGF, and about Workshop 69. Anyone searching Twitter could then search for ʻ#igf10 #ws69ʼ to find more messages about that specific workshop. Suggested tags for each workshop can be found at http://

CC-BY Written by @timdavies for Diplo Foundation

3) Connecting & discussing

Weʼre exploring how social media can be part of the IGF conversation. Are you able to join the conversation by replying to Twitter messages, posting comments on social media content, or reading what others have said and bringing their ideas into the face-to-face discussions in Vilnius?


Suggested tag patterns: Workshops: #ws + Workshop Number (e.g. #ws120); Regional Networks: #rn + session number (E.g. #rn1); Dynamic Coalitions: #dc + session number. Plenary: see website.

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This document has been produced in the framework of the Capacity Building Programme in ICT Policy and Internet Governance for ACP countries with the financial assistance of the European Union. The content of this document are the sole responsibility of DiploFoundation and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.

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