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Project Title: _____________________________________________________

AP Psych Fair Project
DUE DATE: June 2, 2009
Scoring Rubric

Category Poor = 3 Fair = 8 Adequate=10 Excellent =15

1. Content / Project content is not Project content is Project content is Project content is
Expertise/ accurate. It contains accurate but contains accurate with accurate, complete
understanding of multiple errors and some errors and minimal errors and and error free.
/or major omissions. multiple or major
material omissions. Presenter Presenter shows an
Presenter shows little omissions. Presenter
understanding of shows some
shows an adequate understanding beyond
subject material with understanding of the understanding of the grade level or
numerous errors. material with few material. expectation.
Category Poor = 3 Fair = 8 Adequate=10 Excellent =15

2. Creativity, Project shows little Project shows an Project shows an Project shows an
Originality and creativity and/or inadequate level of appropriate level of advanced level of
Professionalism originality. Project creativity and/or creativity and/or creativity and/or
shows little care for originality. Project is originality. Project originality that makes
appearance. neat but has a “last looks well-planned the project unique.
minute” appearance. and thought out Project exemplifies
Category Poor = 3 Fair = 8 Adequate = 10 Excellent = 15

3. Educational Project can not be The project is very The project can be Project can be used as
Utility used to teach a limited in teaching a used to teach a a valuable teaching
lesson. lesson. lesson on the tool for other
learning, however students.
some parts are

Category Poor = 3 Fair = 8 Adequate =10 Excellent = 15

4. Presentation & Presentation fails Presentation barely Presentation meets Presentation exceeds
Requirements/ to meet meets expectations. expectations and expectation and
Directions expectations. Some directions/ shows some novel shows a unique
Project is late (one requirements are not approach to the approach to the
letter grade/day followed. project. All project. All
deduction), and directions/ directions/
directions are not requirements are requirements are
followed. successfully adhered successfully adhered
to. to.

Total Points = ____/60