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Professional Regulation Commission 1.4 Performs Leopolds- maneuver.

Framework of Midwifery Licensure 1.5 Obtains vital signs and fetal heart
Examination rate.
Board of Midwifery 1.6 Performs breast examination.
1.7 Performs simple laboratory
Service Provider 1.7.1 hemoglobin
1.1Provides adequate care to mothers 1.7.2 urine sugar
during the childbearing period: 1.7.3 urine albumin
antepartum,intrapartum, 2. Detects deviations from normal.
postpartum stages. 3. Provides appropriate interventions
1.2 Attends to normal deliveries based on accepted standards.
ensuring safety and comfort for both 4. Gives appropriate health teachings
mother and baby. to pregnant mothers with emphasis on:
1.3 Provides adequate care to a 4.1 hygiene in pregnancy.
normal child during the pre-natal, 4.2 prevention of complications/ risk
intra-natal, neonatal and infant stages. factors.
1.4 Provides family planning services. 4.3 nutrition
1.5 Provides primary health care to 4.4 exercise
individuals antifamilies in the 4.5 management of common
community. discomforts associated with pregnancy.
1.6 Gives health teachings to mothers 4.6 preparation for delivery.
on: nutrition, hygiene, health 5. Conducts home visits to normal
promotive practices, disease prenatal cases following proper
prevention, infant care and feeding. protocol.
1.7 Gives appropriate first aid 6. Performs the bag technique
measures to clients as needed. correctly.
1.8 Implements, health programs of 7. Evaluates effectiveness of
the Department of Health following interventions provided.
proper protocol. 8. Makes appropriate and timely
1.9 Makes timely and appropriate referrals.
2.1 Manages a barangay health INTRAPARTUM
station. 9. Assesses the progress of labor
2.2 Cooperates with other health, accurately.
professionals in the provision of health 10. Interprets correctly the signs and
services to clients. symptoms of labor.
2.3 Supervises barangay health 11. Assists the mother during the
workers in the implementation of the normal delivery of the baby.
maternal-child health programs of the 11.1 prevents complications.
Department of Health. 11.2 prevents laceration.
2.4 Performs professional 12. Provides appropriate care to the
responsibilities based on acceptable mother in labor.
standards. 12.1 comfort measures
2.5 Supervises the mother in providing 12.2 safety measures
care to herself and her infant care. 12.3 diet
2.6 Participates in activities directed 12.4 elimination
towards 13. Performs relevant procedures
2.6.1 Improvement of the self based on proper protocol
2.6.2 Improvement of the profession. 13.1 catheterization
13.2 enema
MIDWIFE DERIVED FROM 13.4 internal examination
PROFESSIONAL FUNCTIONS AND ROLES 13.5 repair of minor laceration
ANTEPARTUM 13.6 sterilization
1. Assesses accurately maternal 13.7 hand washing
condition during pregnancy. 13.8 hand scrubbing
1.1 Performs general physical 13.9 gloving
examination. 3.10 draping
1.2 Determines EDC and AOG. 13.11 positioning
1.3 Obtains pertinent history. 13.12 disinfection
14. Makes correct judgment/decision 31.2 Eye prophylaxis
on the case to be handled by the 31.3 Bathing
midwife based on standards. 31.4 Identification
15. Carries out accurately doctors- 31.5 Suctioning
orders related to management of the 31.6 Injection of vitamin K
mothers- condition including the 32. Conducts home visit following
administration of oxytocin after proper protocol.
expulsion of placenta. 33. Supervises mother in providing
16. Gives intravenous fluids during care to the infant
obstetrical emergencies following 34. Provides health teaching to
proper protocol. mothers on:
17. Repairs perineal laceration 34.1 nutrition
following proper protocol. 34.2 daily care
34.3 prevention of illness
POSTPARTUM 34.4 immunization
18. Assesses accurately condition of 34.5 monitoring of growth and
the mother immediately after delivery. development
18.1 obtains vital signs. 34.6 childrearing practices
18.2 monitors signs and symptoms of 35. Accomplishes accurately and files
complications. on time the birth certificate.
19. Interprets signs and symptoms 36. Evaluates effectiveness of
accurately. interventions provided
20. Makes timely and appropriate
21. Provides appropriate care to OF THE TEAM
mothers after delivery. 37. Manages a barangay health
22. Supervises mothers performs self station.
care activities. 38. Performs first aid services as
23. Gives health teachings on: necessary following proper protocol.
23.1 breast feeding 39. Makes correct judgment/ decision
23.2 hygiene on cases to be handled by the midwife.
23.3 postpartum check-up 40. Utilizes appropriate community
23.4 nutrition resources in rendering primary health
23.5 exercises services to the
23.6 prevention of complications community.
23.7 human sexuality 41. Works harmoniously with other
24. Provides motivation to couples to health professionals in providing health
utilize family planning services. services to the clients.
25. Performs relevant procedures 42. Supervises barangay health workers
following proper protocol i.e. periheat, in the implementation of health
pericare, bag technique. programs of the
26. Conducts home visit to normal Department of Health.
postpartum following proper protocol. 43. Cooperates with other health
27. Evaluates effectiveness of professionals in implementating health
interventions. programs of the
Department of Health.
NEONATE AND INFANT 43. Cooperates with other health
28. Assesses accurately the condition professionals in implementing health
of the neonate immediately after birth. programs of the
28.1 Takes the APGAR score and vital Department of Health.
signs (TPR).
28.2 Obtains anthropometric
measurements i.e. BW, BL, head and Section 19. Registration of Nurse-Midwife.-
Certification of registration may be issued to registered
chest circumference. nurses who pass the examination for midwives:
28.3 Checks reflexes. Provided, That the nurse, before being allowed to take
examination show evidence to the Board of having
29. Detects deviations from normal. actually handled twenty (20) delivery cases as certified
30. Makes necessary and timely to by
referrals. the director or chief of a duly registered or recognized
hospital, or by the proper municipal, city, or provincial
31. Performs relevant procedures health officer.
following proper protocol.
Section 20. Fees of Examination and Registration.-
31.1 Cord care-immediate and daily Applicants for examination for the practice of
midwifery shall pay an examination fee as prescribed by
the Professional Regulation Commission.

Section 21. Inhibition Against Practice of Midwifery.- No

person shall practice or offer to practice
midwifery in the Philippines, as defined in this Act,
without holding a valid certificate of registration & a
professional license as midwife.

Section 23. Practice of Midwifery Defined.- The practice

of midwifery consist in performing or rendering,
or offering to perform or render, for a fee, salary, or
other reward or compensation, services requiring an
understanding of the principles and application of
procedures and techniques in the supervision and care of
women during pregnancy, labor and puerperium
management of normal deliveries, including the
of internal examination during labor except when patient
is with antenatal bleeding; health education of the
patient, family and community; primary health care
services in the community, including nutrition and family
planning, in carrying out the written order of physicians
with regard to antenatal, intra-natal and post-natal care
of the normal pregnant mother, in giving immunization,
including oral and parenteral dispensing of oxytoxic drug
after delivery of placenta, suturing perineal lacerations to
control bleeding, to give intravenous fluid during
obstetrical emergencies provided they have been trained
for that purpose; and may inject Vitamin K to the
newborn: Provided, however, That this provisions shall
not apply to students in midwifery schools who perform
midwifery services under the supervision of their
instructors, nor to emergency cases.

There are no other statutes listed that cover

Midwifery...Nor any directives on the PRC website that
change any of the requirements as outlined in the
Midwifery Act.

Hope this clarifies things for nurses wishing to take the

midwifery exam!