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evzsr20t7 194 - Official Website Ea i iaj4a US! Customs and Border Protection ) eae Most Recent I-94 ‘Admission (94) Record Number : 86554272930 ‘Most Recent Date of Entry: 2016 January 27 Class of Admission : F1 ‘Admit Until Date : D/S Details provided on the I-94 Information form: Last/Sumame EMMADI First (Given) Name: VAMSHI KRISHNA. Birth Date : 1989 January 29 Passport Number: J2195294 Country oftssuance: India Got Travel History ‘5 eiiecive apr 26,2013, OAS began automating the admosion process, An lon lanfuly admitted or paroled ito Wre US, ano tanger required tobe in possession ofa preprinted Form 88. Arecord of admission printed from the COP website consis 3 lawl record of admission. See 8 CFR § 1.4). >> Hfan employer, loca, stats or federal agency requests admission information, present your admission (+94) number along with ny addtional required documents requested by that employer or agency. >> Note: For security reasons, we recommend that you close your browser after you have finished retraving your L24 number Accessibility| Privacy Policy