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Homework 3 ME/AE 5305 Due Sept 13, 2017

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The transfer function for y is shown below.
6𝑠 3 + 11𝑠 2 + 13𝑠 + 6
𝑌(𝑠) = [ 4 ] 𝑈(𝑠)
2𝑠 + 6𝑠 3 + 6.5𝑠 2 + 6𝑠 + 2
(a) What is the DC gain of this transfer function?
(b) What are the eigenvalues?
(c) Assume that the input u(t) is a unit step. Draw an estimate of the plot of y(t).
(d) Express Y(s) in partial fraction format using the MATLAB m-file ‘pfract’.
(e) Use inverse Laplace transform to get an equation for y(t).
(f) Use the MATLAB command ‘[Y,t]=impulse(G)’ to generate data values for Y(t) vs. t where
G is a pretend transfer function.
(g) Using the values of t generated in (f), calculate values for y(t) using the equation from (e).
Then plot Y(t) and y(t) on the same graph for comparison. The graph should include labels,
a title, and a legend. How do these plots compare with your estimate drawn in (c)?