Math Pre-Test Questions

Select the correct answers to the following: 1. How many milligrams (mg) are equivalent to 0.055 grams? a. 5.5 b. 55 c. 550 d. 0.55 2. Which of these would be the smallest dose? a. 0.5 gm b. 0.05 mg c. 50 mg d. 5 gm

3. A patient is to be givenI nderal 15 mg/d PO, in divided doses q8h. The tablets for Inderal come in a 10 mg strength. How many tablets should be given at each dose?

a. 2 tablets b. 4 tablets c. 1/2 tablet d. 1.5 tablets
4. An order is written forL anoxin 0.125 mg/d PO. In checking the bottle, theL anoxin is

supplied in 0.25 mg tablets. How many tablets should the patient be given? a. 2 tablets b. 1/2 tablet c. 1 tablet d. 6 tablets
5. Normal saline is ordered for a patient. 1200 mL is to be infused over 10 hours. The drip factor on the IV line is 15 gtt//mL. What should the drip rate for this infusion be? a. 60 gtt/min b. 40 gtt/min c. 30 gtt/min

d. 20 gtt/min

6. An order is written for dopamine 4 mcg/kg/min. The patients weighs 50 kg. The dopamine is available as 400 mg mixed in 500 mL IV solution. How many mLs per hour should the infusion pump be set at?
a. 150 mL b. 15 mL c. 1.5 mL d. 200 mL

7. A patient is prescribed amoxicillin 250 mg IV q6h. The ampicillin is available as 1 gram in 500 mL. How many mL should be administered each dose? a. 250 mL b. 125 mL c. 500 mL d. 50 mL 8. Digoxin 0.125 mg is ordered for a patient who is having trouble swallowing. The bottle of digoxin elixir reads: 0.5 mg/2 mL. How much would you give ?

a. 5 Ml b. 0.5 mL

c. 1.5 mL

d. 1 mL

9. A patient is to receive a daily dose of 240 mg of a medication. The dose is supposed to be divided evenly so that the drug is given q6h. How many mg of drug should be given at each dose? a. 30 mg b. 40 mg c. 50 mg d. 60 mg

12. A child is to receive 120 mg of acetaminophen. The bottle states the solution contains 160 mg/5mL. The parent is using a measuring teaspoon to dispense the dose. How many teaspoons should the parent be instructed to give? a. 3 teaspoons b. 3/4 teaspoon c. 1.5 teaspoons d. 30 teaspoons

How many millilitres will you administer? 2. How many millilitres will you administer? IV FLUIDS 1.A client is ordered 200 milligrams of Augmentin 600 intravenously. 4 mL 14. A client is ordered 35 milligrams of Codeine phosphate by subcutaneous injection. Using a delivers 10 drops/ml how many drops per minute will need to be given? giving set which TABLET COMPUTATION 1. The drop factor is 15. How many mL should be given? a.45 g c. The available drug comes in 250 mg capsules. 3. One and a half litres of Normal Saline is required to be given over 4 hours. Calculate the drip rate for 100 mls of IV Fluids to be given over a half hour via a giving set which delivers 10 drops/ml. 2 mL b. How many grams are equivalent to 45 milligrams? a. 2 capsules b. A patient is to receive 250. Calculate the number of drops per minute.5 g b. How many tablets will you give? . to be given in 4 equally divided doses.0045 g 1. 2. How many capsules should be given in each dose? a. 50 milligrams in 1 millilitre of liquid for SC Injection is available. One litre of Normal Saline is charted over 9 hours. 4 capsules c.045 g d. 4. A client is ordered 50 milligrams of Amoxicillin trihydrate orally. How many millilitres will you administer? 3.000 units/10 mL. 10. 600 milligrams in 6 millilitres of liquid for IV Injection is available.13. The available vial contains penicillin 500. 1 capsules d. 125 milligrams in 5 millilitres of Syrup is available. An order is written for 1 g/d of cinoxacin. 3 mL d. 0. 0. A client is ordered 50 milligrams of Amitriptyline.000 units penicillin IM. 25 milligram tablets are available. 3 capsules 15. 2. 5 mL c. 0.

Convert 93074 milligrams to grams. the doctor ordered 325mg of acetaminophen every 4 hours to be administered to the patient.196 micrograms to milligrams the computer used the following formula: 97. 5. The physician ordered Cefalexin 500mg every 6 hours for one week. compute for the flow rate of your IV fluid.001 = 64. 75 milligram tablets are available. 6. The label reads Cefalexin 500mg/capsule. Convert 97. A client is ordered 37. How many tablets will you give? CONVERSION 1. 0.001 = 93.074 grams The decimal place has been moved 3 places to the left. 15.5 milligrams of Digoxin. The drug label reads: Amoxycillin 100mg/ml suspension. Using the drop factor of 15gtts/cc.5 milligrams of Dothiepin. The availability of acetaminophen is 250mg/5ml. 4. divided into 3 doses. How much should you give per administration? 3. How many capsules will be administered within seven days? . The pediatrician prescribed Amoxycillin 30mg/kg/body weight within 24 hours. A one month old baby weighs 11 pounds.196 micrograms X 0. How much acetaminophen will you give to the patient? 2. QUESTIONS 1. A client is ordered 0. The obstetrician ordered: Infuse 1000cc of D5LR every 8 hours.25 mg tablets are available. How many tablets will you give? 4. 5. To convert 64343 millilitres to litres the computer used the following formula: 64343 millilitres X 0. To convert 97.097196 milligrams.5 micrograms of Benztropine Mesylate. Convert 64343 millilitres to litres.196 micrograms to milligrams. 250 microgram tablets are available. To convert 93074 milligrams to grams the computer used the following formula: 93074 milligrams X 0. A client is ordered 62. How many tablets will you give? 3.343 litres The decimal place has been moved 3 places to the left.2.The decimal place has been moved 3 places to the left.001 = 0.

ANSWERS: 1.5mL of Amoxicillin per administration. >>> 1000mL/480 min * 15 gtts/mL = 2.25 gtts/minute.083mL/min * 15 gtts/mL Answer = The flow rate should be 31. Convert hours to minutes.2lbs/kg = 5kg 30mg*5kg = 150mg (desired dose within 24 hours) 150mg/100mg * 1 mL = 1. it's 4 * 7 = 28 Answer = 28 capsules of Cefalexin in 7 days. you just regulate it to 31 drops per minute. 2. There are 7 days in a week. .5 mL of Acetaminophen every 4 hours. cos its says 3 divided doses) 1. There are 24 hours in a day. 1 kg is 2.3 * 5mL Answer = 6.5 mL/3 = 0. The patient needs 4 capsules of Cefalexin a day. 325mg/250mg * 5mL = 1.245 gtts/minute. Though in actual practice. If you round it off it's 31. You need to convert the baby's weight to kg first. 11 lbs/ 2. 4. 8 hours* 60 minutes/hour = 480 minutes. you need divide this value into 3. So 24hours/6 hours = 4. So. 1cc is equal to 1mL Formula = Volume to be infused /given time (in minutes) * drop factor. 3.5mL (within 24 hours.5mL Answer = 0.2 lbs.

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