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July 1-9

Viana do Castelo, Portugal

E contemporary
  MOTION dance as a tool
   to train entrepreneurship skills

8-days training course {
contemporary dance
action-based coaching
video coaching
Explore the opportunities to use contemporary dance
as an innovative learner-centered approach in activities involving youth.

The main theme is personal entrepreneurship.  We use methods and techniques from
contemporary dance, improvisation, individual coaching, performance, video to explore and reflect
on participants’ relation to entrepreneurship, creative individual and small-team work.

This is a  training, developed on request of people who did so called "synergy dance training"/
"basic dance training" with us before and wanted to continue dance and self-discovery.
Among each other we call it "the advanced dance training".  

The training is for people who did at least one dance training with us before, committed to develop
themselves further in dance, entrepreneurship and working with people. 
If you haven' t done a training with us before but still want to join, please contact us directly,
see the email address below.

brief program What we offer is a learning process
which starts at the moment you receive your confirmation email.

You receive your confirmation email with your first assignment: 
Make a video (max 1-2 minutes) of yourself dancing. Choose things you are best at.
In this video we would like to see your full potential and creativity.
You'll get feedback to this video and we ask you to remake the video implementing it.

Your personal inspiration archive: Start collecting images, pictures, texts, poems, songs, films,
objects, ideas, whatever gives you inspiration or drives your curiosity. Put them in a
notebook/archive and bring it with you to the training.
The training:
10+ hours/day of intense physical movement,  self-discovery and self-directed creation
revisiting the material of the 1st dance training
dance, improvisation and partnerwork techniques
optional dance and movement workshops by participants
workshops on entrepreneurship
creating your own materials: phrases, solo, duet or trio and videos 
personalized coaching sessions 
media appearance more.

what can you learn here?
We learn about mindful and self-directed learning and creating:

go beyond basic mastery of skills and/or curriculum to explore and expand our
own learning,  opportunities and take initiative to improve skill levels
demonstrate commitment to learning
explore and reframe concepts of space, time, temporariness, movement, new,
change, precision, enjoyment and productivity, reflect critically on past
experiences in order to inform future progress
prepare an inform ourselves, start from zero, innovate, improvise, transform,
modify, recognise possibilities, take risks
understand, negotiate, and balance diverse views and beliefs to reach workable
solutions, particularly in multi-cultural, multigenerational, socially mixed
leverage social and cultural differences to create new ideas, increase both
innovation and quality of work
set and meet goals, prioritize, plan, and manage work to achieve the intended
result, even in the face of obstacles and competing pressures
adapt to varied roles, job responsibilities, schedules, contexts and multitasking
work effectively in an environment of ambiguity and fastly changing priorities
incorporate feedback effectively, deal positively with praise, setbacks, and
work alone, collaborate with a partner, cooperate in a network, relate to our
immediate and wider environment, find or create our market, develop our
product, make it unique, authentic and spicy
conduct and present ourselves in a respectable, professional manner

Alex Tsiamoglou (Greece), Marjory Helstone (the Netherlands), Norbi Hochstein (Hungary)

Alex is a choreographer/dancer/filmmaker. He has worked with choreographers and dance companies
as Sinequanon, Default, 50 Collective, David Zambrano and Lia Tsolaki. He has given workshops on
contemporary dance and improvisation classes in Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Spain, Netherlands and
Greece. He founded his own company Rough|Cut under which he  produces choreographic work and
short dance films.

Norbi has 7 years of experience on the youth field. He is part of an international network of trainers.
Graduated as a business information specialist, having a license to use NLP techniques and certified to
use systemic coaching. His special fields are personal development, interpersonal communication and
body language. 

Marjory is a dance teacher at The Fontys Dance Academy in the Netherlands. She has worked with the
first jazz dance companies in the Netherlands, Djazzex and Vibration Black Dance Theatre. She studied
at Codarts University Rotterdam and has been a teacher for many years.  She has been involved in many
 dance projects in Europe, Africa and South America. Marjory Helstone has had a major impact on the
development of the Afro Jazz dance and gives international dance workshops.

A team of volunteers will assist the trainers, they are people who did one of the previous dance trainings
and want to improve their skills further by supporting the participants.

the organizer
Spot - Interface Criativo is a NGO, based in Viana do Castelo, whose mission is the cultural
development of the territories in which it operates. By creating artistic-oriented initiatives, aims to
enhance the various forms of cultural and creative expression among young artists, giving priority
to projects originating in the region. Spot was born in 2013 from the will of a group of young local
artists, to create innovative initiatives in their areas of interest and intervention.

Creating compelling events in the city in artistic areas that can have a positive impact on the
community in which they operate and it is one of the most effective ways to make the youth
engaged. The different strands of work and the various ways of interpreting reality and sensibilities,
in a logic of integrated cooperation, enable the project to become a true creative interface.

The main idea behind the project comes from the need to explore the main tool of expression, the
human body; to bring together experts in contemporary dance, media and coaching and to provide
a create a new learning experience for youth workers in Europe which brings them to quality
development in their own operation and E+ projects. 

Arrival July 1 (afternoon) Surf Club
Working days July 1-8 Viana do Castelo
Departure  July 9 (morning) Portugal

cost and reimbursement
What is covered Partner Limit on No. of
countries travel costs in € participants
meals Bulgaria 360€ 3
travel costs Croatia 360€ 3
up to the limit
Czech Republic 360€ 2
Estonia 540€ 3
Greece 360€ 2
What you cover
Hungary 360€ 3
your travel costs
above the limit Italy 275€ 3
participants' Lithuania 360€ 2
contribution: 70€
Romania 360€ 2
Spain 275€ 3
Portugal 0€ 3

application and confirmation
Apply only if you ready to participate fully in the
preparation and the whole length of the program. 
To apply, fill out the application form
Deadline: May 10, 2017 APPLY
Results: May 11, 2017 HERE
Everyone who applied will receive an answer after selection.
If you are not selected but a place opens up,
we will let you know.
Do not buy tickets before official confirmation from us.
Details on booking the tickets comes
with the confirmation email.

Marietta Balázs

The project is organized by Spot and it supported by Erasmus+
and the Portuguese National Agency.

design by: Marietta Balázs