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By Wm. Thomas Sherman

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*If we ever experienced a problem anywhere, it came about, in some degree, due to certain wrong assumptions, either co-present with,
or just prior to the given problem’s actually taking place.
* Unless you believe in God, the One, and or the infinite, every assumption is contingent.
* PROCESS (or if you prefer spirit, or activity) PRECEDES IMAGE. Image may, to some extent, (and sometimes almost perfectly)
represent process. But process is always superior to and always more real than image. If process precedes image this might suggest
also that mind precedes matter and energy.
* Everything we believe, or say we know, is based on a factual or value judgment. Both kinds of judgment always entail the other to
some extent, and nothing can be known or exists for us without them.
* No fact or purported fact is true or false without someone to assert and believe it to be such. If an assertion or claim is deemed true
or false then, and we are thorough, we should ask who is it that says so (or has said so), and what criteria are (were) they using? There
is no such thing as “faceless” truth or reality -- at least none we are capable of knowing.
* You can’t escape reason. If you aren’t rational yourself, someone else will be rational for you; nor do their intentions toward you
need to be friendly or benevolent.
* Every point of view and opinion has its truth to it -- even the most abhorrent and unacceptable to us. This said, we are naturally
inclined to assume that some opinions have much greater truth to them than others. Even so, what little truth there is in any point of
view must, at least at some juncture, and certainly with respect to issues of heated controversy, be justly and reasonably respected.
Why? Because we would not be honest (and therefore not truthful) if we didn’t.
*Ultimately, and when all is said and done, thought without heart is nothing.
* Most, if not all, of society’s very worst problems arise from (certain) spirit people and those who listen to them -- whether the
former comes in the shape of “God,” angel, devil or what have you. It is these people who are most the source and cause of real
unhappiness. If then you chance to have contact with such, while having (one assumes) overcome their lures, deceptions, and
pretenses of benevolence and higher knowledge, I recommend that this (i.e., “unhappiness” or “unhappiness itself”) is what you call
them. Blame them for (most) everything wrong; for it is it is they who have been and are the ruin of everyone and everything (that is,
if anyone is or could be said to be so.)

“When you can face me, I’ll consider taking you seriously.”
“Millions for defense; not one cent for tribute!”
“The whole of the city is at the mercy of a gang of criminals, led by a man who calls himself the Kid. And I’m the only one who can
find him for you.”

Note. The “oracles” are given, top to the bottom of the text, in order from the most recent to the very earliest entry (just as originally
presented at; the very first you see below then is the last entered at the website, while the very first entered for the year
is given as the last item in this text.
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My first foray in putting my writings on the Kindle platform - with more soon to come. While for years I have been making all of my
books available for free in .pdf form, and will continue to do so, Kindle format has certain advantages for many readers; plus it gives
me a convenient means of selling my product, inexpensively, while being able to retain complete and independent control over my
work; which is after all one of my main concerns to begin with.
[link to Continental Army Series volumes on Kindle at]

Later Note. Volumes I and II of the CAS are also now available in paperback at:


[ch. 8]
We who carry about our very soul, our very body, exposed in this world to injury from all, and exhibit patience under that injury; shall
we be hurt at the loss of less important things? Far from a servant of Christ be such a defilement as that the patience which has been
prepared for greater temptations should forsake him in frivolous ones. If one attempt to provoke you by manual violence, the monition
of the Lord is at hand: “To him,” He says, “who smites you on the face, turn the other cheek likewise.” [Matthew 5:39] Let
outrageousness be wearied out by your patience. Whatever that blow may be, conjoined with pain and contumely, it shall receive a
heavier one from the Lord. You wound that outrageous one more by enduring: for he will be beaten by Him for whose sake you
endure. If the tongue's bitterness break out in malediction or reproach, look back at the saying, “When they curse you, rejoice.” The
Lord Himself was “cursed” in the eye of the law; and yet is He the only Blessed One. Let us servants, therefore, follow our Lord
closely; and be cursed patiently, that we may be able to be blessed. If I hear with too little equanimity some wanton or wicked word
uttered against me, I must of necessity either myself retaliate the bitterness, or else I shall be racked with mute impatience. When,
then, on being cursed, I smite (with my tongue,) how shall I be found to have followed the doctrine of the Lord, in which it has been
delivered that “a man is defiled, not by the defilements of vessels, but of the things which are sent forth out of his mouth.” Again, it is
said that “impeachment awaits us for every vain and needless word.” It follows that, from whatever the Lord keeps us, the same He
admonishes us to bear patiently from another. I will add (somewhat) touching the pleasure of patience. For every injury, whether
inflicted by tongue or hand, when it has lighted upon patience, will be dismissed with the same fate as, some weapon launched against
and blunted on a rock of most steadfast hardness. For it will wholly fall then and there with bootless and fruitless labour; and
sometimes will recoil and spend its rage on him who sent it out, with retorted impetus. No doubt the reason why any one hurts you is
that you may be pained; because the hurter's enjoyment consists in the pain of the hurt. When, then, you have upset his enjoyment by
not being pained, he must needs he pained by the loss of his enjoyment. Then you not only go unhurt away, which even alone is
enough for you; but gratified, into the bargain, by your adversary's disappointment, and revenged by his pain. This is the utility and
the pleasure of patience.
~ attribut. to Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Of Patience


Now where were we...?

A: Did it ever even once occur to you that he was fooling and taking you in?

B: But Satan is our friend.

A: Satan is nobody's friend.


Although at last Pharaoh was forced to let them go, the Devil still continued after them.


You don't seem to understand. I own this town Masterson, and no one does business here without my say so.

All the outspoken secularists and irreligious of the past two or so centuries, wearing the costume of moderns, are really and always
have been Manicheans. (And, of course, the same is not infrequently the case with many professedly religious as well.)


No leader will make or keep us free who is less intelligent than the enemy.


Now if you use good judgment in place of bad judgment - why, it will make all the difference in the world!


Why he thinks it more likely to find honesty and truth up in the air, rather than down here, one is at a loss to understand; unless it is
because he is just superstitious.


He's wrong, totally wrong. What then does he do? He goes on the attack.


Just as there are different kinds among a nation, race, or peoples, there are different types among criminal spirit people, and you
should avoid thinking them all alike.

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Now THAT'S more like it! In full, and perfect for Christmas too! (For those short of time you can catch the show-stopper number at
16:25 )


["P.S.P. Presents "Jack & The Beanstalk"" - Prince Street Players/CBS 1965 version of Jim Eiler's "Jack and the Beanstalk"]


Later Note. Here, for download, are three of the better songs from the show transferred to .mp3:


Here is an instance, that I came across of late, of what I believe is a hoax silent film put together by criminal spirit people; indeed the
players may themselves be some such. Now if my theory on this is correct, such films are made using a method related to how "dream
productions" (spoken of by me elsewhere) are done. Quite what is involved I can little tell or explain to you beyond what I have
myself experienced on the receiving end; other than to say or posit that ostensibly some sort of spirit person "technology" is used.
With regard to this particular film, there may well have been an original Edison short titled "Teddy Bears," but if so this YT version is
not it, and is rather, as stated, a hoax. Part of my reasons for thinking this is 1) based on what I know personally about dream
productions, and 2) the excessive and overt spitefulness, dementia, unnaturalness, and spleen the film evinces. If this interpretation of
mine is correct, it will help those attempting to understand professional criminal spirit some of what the latter are capable of; which
admittedly is or can be quite astounding. As to be expected, some will dismiss my claim out of hand, but for those who already have
some idea of what these people are like or who at least are open minded enough to consider the question, they will, I think, find
watching this instructive.
["The 'Teddy' Bears (1907) - Edwin S. Porter | Wallace McCutcheon | Thomas Edison"]

[ch. 6]
Accordingly it is patience which is both subsequent and antecedent to faith. In short, Abraham believed God, and was accredited by
Him with righteousness; but it was patience which proved his faith, when he was bidden to immolate his son, with a view to (I would
not say the temptation, but) the typical attestation of his faith. But God knew whom He had accredited with righteousness. So heavy a
precept, the perfect execution whereof was not even pleasing to the Lord, he patiently both heard, and (if God had willed) would have
fulfilled. Deservedly then was he “blessed,” because he was “faithful;” deservedly “faithful,” because “patient.” So faith, illumined by
patience, when it was becoming propagated among the nations through “Abraham's seed, which is Christ,” [Galatians 3:16] and was
superinducing grace over the law, made patience her pre-eminent coadjutrix for amplifying and fulfilling the law, because that alone
had been lacking unto the doctrine of righteousness. For men were of old wont to require “eye for eye, and tooth for tooth” and to
repay with usury “evil with evil;” for, as yet, patience was not on earth, because faith was not either. Of course, meantime, impatience
used to enjoy the opportunities which the law gave. That was easy, while the Lord and Master of patience was absent. But after He has
supervened, and has united the grace of faith with patience, now it is no longer lawful to assail even with word, nor to say “fool” even,
without “danger of the judgment.” Anger has been prohibited, our spirits retained, the petulance of the hand checked, the poison of the
tongue extracted. The law has found more than it has lost, while Christ says, “Love your personal enemies, and bless your cursers, and
pray for your persecutors, that you may be sons of your heavenly Father.” [Matthew 5:44-45] Do you see whom patience gains for us
as a Father? In this principal precept the universal discipline of patience is succinctly comprised, since evil-doing is not conceded even
when it is deserved.
~ attribut. to Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Of Patience

[ch. 2]
To us no human affectation of canine equanimity, modelled by insensibility, furnishes the warrant for exercising patience; but the
divine arrangement of a living and celestial discipline, holding up before us God Himself in the very first place as an example of
patience; who scatters equally over just and unjust the bloom of this light; who suffers the good offices of the seasons, the services of
the elements, the tributes of entire nature, to accrue at once to worthy and unworthy; bearing with the most ungrateful nations, adoring
as they do the toys of the arts and the works of their own hands, persecuting His Name together with His family; bearing with luxury,
avarice, iniquity, malignity, waxing insolent daily: so that by His own patience He disparages Himself; for the cause why many
believe not in the Lord is that they are so long without knowing that He is angry with the world.
~ attribut. to Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Of Patience

from Thomas Nast, Harper's Weekly, Christmas Supplement, 31 Dec. 1870

See also:



...and PEACE
through Honest, Just and Rational Truth & Discourse

"I think that person is interesting. He reminds me of Dumbledore."

~ Someone's YouTube posted comment.

The false or mistaken assumption typically present in all these kinds of economic or domestic or geo-political analyses we encounter
online in varies mediums and venues is that people want and desire honest, rational truth. As I have said on this score elsewhere, Yes,
I for one agree people should want, seek and desire honest, rational truth. Yet if you stop and think about it, whether they rich, middle
income or poor, do they in actual fact do so?

Yet how can we hope to tackle and address the huge challenges, dilemmas, risks, and dangers we face if it should be the case that the
majority prefer living in a rhetoric spinning, straw-man and patsy lynching, and semi-rational fantasy world? If real truth, and that has
direct and palpable relevance scares or makes people uncomfortable, what point is there in getting at the bottom of, for example, the
JFK assassination, 9/11, etc., etc, etc, you name it. No, unless people desire honest, duly rational truth and justly impartial attitudes, so
much of our well-meaning would be reformers are often just so many showmen and false prophets.

It has been related that the two most important things are to Love God and Neighbor with all your heart and soul. And yet who loves
his neighbor better, one who is more holy in reputation but whose honesty we are not sure of, OR one who is more fundamentally
honest and a rationally cogent adult we can count on when the enemy actually attacks?

Let's face it there is no getting around the importance of religion in all this. We get our moral characters or lack thereof, presently and
historically, whether directly or indirectly, from religion. And of course culture and religion very much have an effect on our sense of
truth and integrity. What outside religion and traditional culture proven with the ages can confer what is sacred? And if nothing is
sacred, then anything goes -- and as you could expect with people (even if only a very few) directly mixing with criminal spirit people,
it does.

Given that so many of those in power, again directly or indirectly, secure their social puissance and glamorous aura, that is run on
what amount to other-worldly steroids, through ties with the criminal spirit people; such must pay back for what they receive. What
then their friends then would like is the complete contamination, dismantling, scandalizing and cessation of traditional religion and
other tried and true cultural heritages -- and replace them with the Lord of the Rings, The Da Vinci Code, The Punisher, Killer Elite,
Wicked on Broadway, or the Wisdom of Yoda (you name some.) Of course, people are at the same time encourage to admire what is
bad or uncleanly in all types of customs, manners, and behaviors. And why stop there? Let's call ugly beautiful; slyly disturb and
offend children and innocent minded people (and there are such) at every opportunity, and put, breed, and raise up the commonality of
"at large" in a physically and psychologically surgically mauled, mutilated, disfigured state.

Oh yes, and I forget. They are SO funny. True, they want to be funny, but not knowing how to do or be so, they pretend it; while
necessarily hiring people who will pretend to laugh.

Now he wants to merge his obviously failed business with our business which is thriving or promising to do so. We refuse. He then
can use violence sponsored by criminal spirit people to gain say us. And who are we going to call? Bill Murray and Harold Ramis?

What, did you want to add something about how the news and internet are run midst all this? Please do.

For now and in sum -- by such system, method and means, we will all be reduced to thoughtless zombies devoid of choice, ending up
on the great plantation/darwinian dictatorship both in the here and now and, perhaps later, somewhere out in the great beyond.


"It is the spirit that quickeneth: the flesh profiteth nothing." - John 6:64.

A: To my way of thinking I would only want to deal seriously regarding my life or my work with an honest, rational person whom I
could trust whole-heartedly and unconditionally. That to me is the kingdom of heaven, and nothing less. What's more, those that are
completely rotten do not scruple to reject or sell out what is truly good. And the same ones who think little of honesty, virtue or an
after life are the first ones to make themselves ineligible for real or meaningful happiness. And here now you expect me to have truck
with people like that! Why they are in with and have association and ties with torturers, murderers and kidnappers!
B: Yes, but without them you cannot be a member of the party, and if not a member of the party you cannot publish, produce art or
music of any kind, or, for that matter, promote the reformation of humanity or otherwise morally improve society without penalty of
being marginalized; and so you will have to do whatever you do under a cloud or, for that matter, suffer much worse for not

A: No credible thinker or artist is ever a member of a society or association that forces themselves on others or forbids others to do
business that are not members. Aside from instances where the person was so dumb and lacking in basic intelligence that they can't
really or much be held blameable or responsible for their actions, there is no excuse for what these people are doing.

B: Ah, but there you are wrong. Indeed, such are the only kind of people who are permitted to make money and be considered

A; Then I will just have to take my chances.

B: Well don't say you weren't warned!


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With the onset of winter and the growing need to spend long stretches at the fireside to avert the cold, Christmas season has
traditionally been a most apt time of year for a ghost story. Well, here's one, and naval related no less, some may find of interest (and
which I just of today, as it happens, updated from previous drafts.) "A PROPOSED SOLUTION TO THE SOMERS MUTINY
TRAGEDY," and for which in .pdf see:


Also, I did updates of my Continental Army Series, vols. I-II, and "...Odds and Ends," available at and which see:
CONTINENTAL ARMY SERIES (and much else related.)


We learned recently that real cadavers were used in the original "Poltergeist" film from 1982, only to shortly after remember that the
Seattle Art Museum had a special dead bodies exhibit a number of years ago. Well, out of curiosity I went to find some record of this
SAM exhibit on the internet and could not come up with anything; seeming to suggest that either it did not take place or else all record
and trace of it having occurred have been removed. Then I went into my old "Oracles" files, and sure enough from 2006 I came across
this post I made in that year:
"The Seattle Art Museum at present has a macabre and, not surprisingly, very controversial exhibition going on in which dead bodies
are displayed. What I am at a loss to understand, however, is its purpose to bluntly and defiantly criticize his regime? Or is it instead
just another one of his own ideas to improve culture?"

So and therefore...for the record, and just so you know.

Meantime, on Face Book I came across this story on a friend's timeline there about a relative of his, a scientist, being part of a program
that is receiving a grant for scientific research amounting to $462 million dollars; to find out things like how ear hairs contribute to our
ability to hear. Yet here am I for over 17 years bringing up the case for empirically demonstrating the existence of spirit people, and I
can't even get someone to investigate or even talk to me about the subject and what evidence I have! Such then is and what passes for
supposed science in our time.


[ch. 1]
... So is patience set over the things of God, that one can obey no precept, fulfil no work well-pleasing to the Lord, if estranged from it.
The good of it, even they who live outside it, honour with the name of highest virtue. Philosophers indeed, who are accounted animals
of some considerable wisdom, assign it so high a place, that, while they are mutually at discord with the various fancies of their sects
and rivalries of their sentiments, yet, having a community of regard for patience alone, to this one of their pursuits they have joined in
granting peace: for it they conspire; for it they league; it, in their affectation of virtue, they unanimously pursue; concerning patience
they exhibit all their ostentation of wisdom. Grand testimony this is to it, in that it incites even the vain schools of the world unto
praise and glory! Or is it rather an injury, in that a thing divine is bandied among worldly sciences? But let them look to that, who
shall presently be ashamed of their wisdom, destroyed and disgraced together with the world (it lives in).
~ attribut. to Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Of Patience



["Feliz Navidad- Jose Feliciano lyrics [HQ]"]


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For such who may have read some of my occasional posts pertaining to (ahem) haunted neo-Hollywood, check out this. The business
about the use of real cadavers while filming I looked up elsewhere on the net, and evidently is on legal record as being true. VIEWER

Later Note. And who can forget the city of Seattle's being honored with a formal dead bodies/corpses exhibit at the SEATTLE ART
MUSEUM just a few years back? (hats off to the ghoulish magician on that shrewd move also.)


"Once upon a midnight dreary," -- or -- I woke up and couldn't sleep further (hence this...)

If you assume the truth, in this world, is or necessarily must be what most people think, you are far from the truth.


There are Censors in this day and age, yet their job is not to correct public morals but rather to see that people at large are not TOO
intelligent (and therefore not threaten or compete with those in power lacking intelligence.)

As I have come to see it, the three most important things in life are 1. Do the right thing as best you can, and what that all implies, 2.
Look after and care for the needy, helpless, and innocent; particularly children and animals, and 3. Get away from them (but without
doing or treating them unjustly.)

Without these three, everything else you want, have or do will ultimately come to naught.


You ought not to assumingly fault someone without taking into consideration the possibility that they were or are indeed "bewitched."


Blessed are those who through gentle humor prevent or preserve others from being SO (and I mean "SO") dumb.


It feels like being held prisoner by a backwards, lost, primitive tribe which Time had forgot.


Whether science minded people or Christians, those who are not honest and rational are the superstitious pagans. For the one it is and
merely the show of science, for the other the show of Christianity, and neither is or is of the truth.


A professional and veteran criminal spirit person is ultimately shrewder, more knowing and wise than even the most brilliant scientist
who stubbornly denies the possibility of the former's existence.


"Terram miseriæ et tenebrarum, ubi umbra mortis et nullus ordo, sed sempiternus horror inhabitat."

How was this even possible? In its day, a sign of things to come. Nightmarish, horrifying. Some things are better left unsaid. "Alice in
Wonderland" (1985).


[ch. 5]
I leave out of account now the motive of glory. All these same cruel and painful conflicts, a mere vanity you find among men— in
fact, a sort of mental disease— as trampled under foot. How many ease-lovers does the conceit of arms give to the sword? They
actually go down to meet the very wild beasts in vain ambition; and they fancy themselves more winsome from the bites and scars of
the contest. Some have sold themselves to fires, to run a certain distance in a burning tunic. Others, with most enduring shoulders,
have walked about under the hunters' whips. The Lord has given these things a place in the world, O blessed, not without some reason:
for what reason, but now to animate us, and on that day to confound us if we have feared to suffer for the truth, that we might be
saved, what others out of vanity have eagerly sought for to their ruin?

[ch. 6] ...One may even suffer in the cause of a man what he hesitates to suffer in the cause of God...
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), To the Martyrs


“What is now proved was once only imagined.” ~ William Blake

Another example of an ACTUAL movie - something that despite the billions squandered, and with perhaps a few scarce and odd
exceptions, hasn't been seen or produced since about the 90s or 80s. Now this is an actual script, actual acting, actual directing. What
looks, what voices! Watch it when you get the chance (if you haven't yet), and you will be amazed at what has been proven to be
possible, and yet despite all the zillions spent for some strange reason can't be done anymore.
["The Black Book (1949) Reign of Terror"]


Another great and indelible memory. What a wonder and glorious awakening first seeing this as a child ON THE WIDE SCREEN of
the Lynbrook theater on Long Island in (probably) 1968; introducing me to the lavish and exuberant world of the movie musical, circa
1960s I didn't quite understand all what was happening, but oh that FEELING! (The video quality here could be much better, but oh


["My Friend The Doctor" - opening song sequence from the film "Doctor Dolittle" (1967)}


[ch. 4]
From the saying of our Lord we know that the flesh is weak, the spirit willing. [Matthew 26:41] Let us not, withal, take delusive
comfort from the Lord's acknowledgment of the weakness of the flesh. For precisely on this account He first declared the spirit
willing, that He might show which of the two ought to be subject to the other— that the flesh might yield obedience to the spirit— the
weaker to the stronger; the former thus from the latter getting strength. Let the spirit hold convene with the flesh about the common
salvation, thinking no longer of the troubles of the prison, but of the wrestle and conflict for which they are the preparation. The flesh,
perhaps, will dread the merciless sword, and the lofty cross, and the rage of the wild beasts, and that punishment of the flames, of all
most terrible, and all the skill of the executioner in torture. But, on the other side, let the spirit set clearly before both itself and the
flesh, how these things, though exceeding painful, have yet been calmly endured by many—and, have even been eagerly desired for
the sake of fame and glory; and this not only in the case of men, but of women too, that you, O holy women, may be worthy of your

[Here Tertullian, by numerous examples, shows how even in pagan lore and history noble souls underwent agonies, even tortuous
deaths, in order to avoid dishonor.]

For it will be always counted more honourable and glorious that the soul rather than the body has given itself to stripes. But if so high
a value is put on the earthly glory, won by mental and bodily vigour, that men, for the praise of their fellows, I may say, despise the
sword, the fire, the cross, the wild beasts, the torture; these surely are but trifling sufferings to obtain a celestial glory and a divine
reward. If the bit of glass is so precious, what must the true pearl be worth? Are we not called on, then, most joyfully to lay out as
much for the true as others do for the false?
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), To the Martyrs


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(Hope you all enjoyed your eating. But now on to present business.) Looking for that special Black Friday gift for that that gruesome,
senselessly violent, tomb raiding, pervert-necromancer in your life? Here are some "complete Series" DVD gift ideas you might

* Sabrina The Teenage Witch

* Californication
* The L Word
* Dexter
* Friday the 13th
* Charmed
* The Punisher
* Touched by an Angel

Ever notice, incidentally, how terms Black Friday, blog, viral (a word hitherto negative in connotation) or crazes like tattoos, chipotle
and Gluten free came into ubiquitous coin without anyone saying or explaining why? Not, so it seems, so unlike how Google,
YouTube, and Face Book ended up owning the internet over night.


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I heard this on the radio driving yesterday. Too corny for me when it came out, but it brings back memories of when although
individualism perhaps ran TOO riot, it at least wasn't illegal to be happy, beautiful and free (and you could live without being owned
and your life contained by some billionaire witchcraft person or other weirdo who forces themselves on people.)
["99 red ballons - Nena" - official video English version]


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Take that all those crummy businesses in league with Satan advertising Black Friday!
["March of the Wooden Soldiers 20) (End)" - Finale to "March of the Wooden Soldiers" (1934)]


[Posted on the Face Book "Lee's Legion" page]

As promised earlier, the full transcription of "The History of Goody Two-Shoes" (1766) is now finished, and you can download the
same as a .pdf at: ~or~

Makes a Great Gift! ;)

Also I did a proof-reading update of "Lee's Legion Remembered." If you have downloaded this article before, please replace your now
old with this new version:


Assorted Notes from the Note Pad drawer.

There are many, many worlds in this universe -- many more than most know or think of -- and that often require dramatically different
ways of living in them. Christ as the ultimate example was capable of living in a myriad of worlds.


The different MODES for best dealing with Criminal Spirit People are:

1. Bearing and suffering the cross.

2. As a rational philosopher/scientist.
3. As a solder.


An inordinately sex minded person has difficulty mixing with big-hearted people, mostly in consequence of shame or embarrassment.
And an excess super-fluidity of sex-mindedness in a society in the end causes people at large to become less natural; since such
tendencies are not really natural.

History is rarely remembered much or clearly even by those who lived it, and later historians can do little but imagine the same. But
when competent poets or artists portray it as it ought to have been, it is possible for them to do us the service of seeing history as God
might see it.


Attention Goomer collaborators, accomplices, accessories! Be advised that your ties or association with hard-core Goomers and who
make regular truck with professional criminal spirit people will or may be used and held against you in future; including by persons
you now consider friends. If you have even the least bit of sense left, get out now, renounce your ties, and repent while you still can.


At 41:00, here you have one example (symbolically for our purposes) of persons forcing themselves on someone (without the latter's
consent of course.)


["Thriller S2 Ep22 The Incredible Doktor Markesan"]


We have spoken previously about the strengths of criminal spirit people, it is only appropriate that we review, albeit briefly at the
moment, what we know to be some of their weaknesses.

First off, physically a spirit person such as a ghost can easily got rid of by throwing a physical object at it. However some are not
without some physical power of their own and are capable of striking you (say in the head) and or can pin you down if you are lying
down asleep or half conscious, and you will definitely feel it. Otherwise a person that is not asleep or half conscious can easily chase
them away or in some instances cause them to vanish by simply throwing something at them.

Although Mysterion and such as his lieutenants do indeed possess amazing powers and cunning, some of which abilities and
advantages we have enumerated earlier, it is extremely important to remember that there are at least as many, if not more things, they
are incapable of. Should you ever then be intimidated by them, just stop and consider things they can't do - like sing a song, love
another or be genuinely happy, for example, and challenge them with it.

Just as Dracula can't stand the light, it is necessary for them to avoid being seen and honest, rational truth generally. As well, they are
really all cowards and bullies; formidable when the odds are 10 to 1 in their favor, but you get to something like a level playing field
and they about as effective as green militia.

They typically suffer terribly from envy, covetousness and self-pity; though such things naturally will vary from individual to
individual. They are total hypocrites and have the habit of blaming others for something they themselves are as or more guilty of than
anyone else. In fact, it is very old tactic of theirs to shamelessly accuse and bring to trial their enemies for things which they
themselves are to blame more than anyone else. One advantage of this is that it will distract some from recognizing their own

Their national and international power necessarily relies and is founded on masses of dumb, rascally, cowardly, and childish people.
Indeed, such are the bedrock of their empire.

Great strengths they have might or will dissipate, at least temporarily, with the passing of time; and when that happens it is well for
you to capitalize on it.

[ch. 2]
Other things, hindrances equally of the soul, may have accompanied you as far as the prison gate, to which also your relatives may
have attended you. There and thenceforth you were severed from the world; how much more from the ordinary course of worldly life
and all its affairs! Nor let this separation from the world alarm you; for if we reflect that the world is more really the prison, we shall
see that you have gone out of a prison rather than into one. The world has the greater darkness, blinding men's hearts. The world
imposes the more grievous fetters, binding men's very souls. The world breathes out the worst impurities— human lusts. The world
contains the larger number of criminals, even the whole human race...

Unpleasant exhalations are there, but you are an odour of sweetness. The judge is daily looked for, but you shall judge the judges
themselves. Sadness may be there for him who sighs for the world's enjoyments. The Christian outside the prison has renounced the
world, but in the prison he has renounced a prison too. It is of no consequence where you are in the world— you who are not of it.
And if you have lost some of life's sweets, it is the way of business to suffer present loss, that after gains may be the larger...
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), To the Martyrs

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

If we never hear any more about the mafia, the mob, and organized crime in the news, ostensibly and perhaps it is because they have
risen in the social order of things and moved on to bigger and better things.

Inexplicable divine providence, or rather and merely the tyranny of criminal spirit people and their henchmen subjecting the illiterate
masses to behavioral conditioning?

As far as I am concerned, anyone who puts on airs and persistently forces themselves on others personally or physically is little better
than a disease. As someone who has been subject to 24/7 torture and violence for over 25 years, I know first hand what this is like.
(Don't believe me? Just see if you can find me a lawyer.)

Your thoughts, M. Poirot, on who the mysterious threat and killer is...?


From 1967 (uh, you had to be there.)


["The Osmond Brothers - Flower Music"]


Another curious facet of pagan and Old Testament deity in their relation towards regular people is that they would punish someone
most severely, even with death, for doing something the latter either could not help or did not know was wrong. For instance, Actaeon
in chancing upon Diana bathing, or Uzzah touching the ark to keep it from falling (2 Samuel 6:7.) This same mentality persists to day
with criminal spirit people, and would seem to be the result of there simply being little in the way to hold them in check from such
arrogance. And yet were it possible for humanity as whole to stand up to them, how then would they act? But, as per the tower of
Babel, someone might say, such is not possible; so that by being divided, and prohibited from honest rational discussion, we are
conquered and subjugated to an extent that arguably stems really not from necessity, but rather our own irrationality and childishness.
To what do we serve after all? Equitable justice, morality and honest truth, or brute force? But then in treating animals and fellow
humans unjustly and dishonestly, only works to make us more vulnerable, subservient and answerable to criminal spirit people


Historically gods are wrathfully violent for several possible reasons. The two most prominent of these seem to be A. trespassing on a
god's rights or sanctity or B. Jealousy. This is true in both paganism and pre-Christian monotheism. Now while the first of these seems
fairly understandable, how is that jealousy takes on divine importance? This emotional trait it seems is of no little significance because
it provides us with a very important clue about the psychology of spirit people. Indeed, when you think about it, it seems to reflect an
inadequacy that brings them down to the level of mere human. Should we then or are we rightly or "divinely" punished by that which
is merely human? True, occasionally such as a Greek hero might take exception to a deity's taking (what the hero sees as) unfair or
unjust advantage. Otherwise and traditionally however we don't think to ask the question; since it is assumed "gods" are by their rank
simply entitled to have their way. And yet...?


In a Word

If you asked me what is the number one problem in the world today I would say it was mind control and the effect it has on everything
that goes on, whether individually or society wide. Yet who addresses this topic seriously? Certainly not anywhere nearly as many as
there should be.

One party is the Sadducees, the other the Pharisees, with a third party behind them hidden, manipulating and playing off of both of the
former. All claim to know better, yet it is honest truth that is routinely crucified and by them all, or at least those among them who are
not honest and duly rational.
The fact of the matter is that when push comes to shove if honest reason does not prevail, criminal spirit people will, and when they
prevail you have torture, violence, murder. Why? Because torture, violence, murder are seen as viable alternatives to honest, rational

19 And this is judgment, that the light came into the world, but people preferred darkness to light, because their works were evil.
20 For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come toward the light, so that his works might not be exposed.
21 But whoever lives the truth comes to the light, so that his works may be clearly seen as done in God.


[ch. 1]
...But you have come within its walls for the very purpose of trampling the wicked one under foot in his chosen abode. You had
already in pitched battle outside utterly overcome him; let him have no reason, then, to say to himself, “They are now in my domain;
with vile hatreds I shall tempt them, with defections or dissensions among themselves.” Let him fly from your presence, and skulk
away into his own abysses, shrunken and torpid, as though he were an outcharmed or smoked-out snake. Give him not the success in
his own kingdom of setting you at variance with each other, but let him find you armed and fortified with concord; for peace among
you is battle with him. Some, not able to find this peace in the Church, have been used to seek it from the imprisoned martyrs. And so
you ought to have it dwelling with you, and to cherish it, and to guard it, that you may be able perhaps to bestow it upon others.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), To the Martyrs


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In preparation for the upcoming holidays, I am working on a special .pdf transcription of the 1766 edition of Goody Two-Shoes.
Although not wholly conclusive, scholarly consensus attributes authorship of this 18th century children's best seller, popular in
America as well as Britain, to Oliver Goldsmith.

FOR THOSE WHO JUST CAN'T WAIT, here's a little teaser in the way of an excerpt.



["Handel: Where'er you walk - Anthony Rolfe Johnson"]


[Posted on Face Book]

I yesterday wrote an email letter to the Library of Congress website complaining about their policy of disabling viewer comments
from all their YouTube videos; most especially lectures where the public (including of course voters) is prevented from responding to
speakers the government in effect is sponsoring. In sum, the answer I got was that what I was proposing, for reasons they gave, was
unacceptable to the LOC. Since he makes reference to my taking my concerns to social media, I thought I would do the same here on
FB. Here then is then is the response I received from , (and not personally signed by anyone, though the sender in the
email address is given as one John Sayers or .)

What then are we to conclude from this? That trolls have successfully managed to further undermine free speech and rational
discussion in this country?


Thanks for your email about comments on videos on our YouTube channel.

The Library's mission with its YouTube channel is to increase discovery and accessibility of its videos, rather than ask the YouTube
community for information or commentary on the content. Furthermore, unlike other social media, the overwhelming majority of
comments on YouTube videos consist of spam, abusive or vulgar commentary or irrelevant postings that violate our comment and
posting policy:
We determined that the staff resources needed to moderate this volume of problematic comments on an ever-increasing library of
videos would result in fewer actual videos being made available. Therefore—much like most other government agencies with
YouTube channels—we made the decision to turn off comments on all Library YouTube videos when we launched the channel in

We encourage the public to engage with us via our other media where comments are welcome, including Facebook and our Library of
Congress blogs. For a list of all the Library's social media, visit .

Office of Communications
Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave SE
Washington DC 20540-1601


[My original letter had read:]

As a United States citizen I would like to express my strong dissatisfaction at comments being disabled on the LOC YouTube videos.
What could be the possible reason for this? If given comments by YT users are or contain profanity or hate speech or overt spam,
YouTube provides channel owners the means of deleting such. Meantime, the government while sponsoring, for example, LOC
lecture speakers to appear on YouTube ought to give the public an opportunity to respond to what they are hearing. For instance,
sometimes historian lectures provided a picture of history that well could stand correction and qualification or other constructive
criticism. Comments by YouTube users make such corrections or qualifications to a speaker's assertions possible, and this as well only
helps the public to be better informed and educated.
Please therefore change your YouTube policy and allow viewers comments on YouTube videos; your current approach is hardly
worthy of a nation that prides itself on free speech and freedom of expression in the exchange of ideas.
Thanks for your attention to this.


With Jan Savage!


["SKY SAXON (THE SEEDS) - TRY TO UNDERSTAND HER (live at White Trash 09.01.2009)"]


See also :

["The Seeds Can't seem to make you mine LIVE" - b/w "American Bandstand", from 1966?]



["Annette Funicello - All My Lovin" - Beatles cover from LP "Something Borrowed Something Blue"]


An Imitation of Lucian

A: Do you mean to tell me someone his grown age, and he doesn't KNOW how to mind his own business?

B: Yes, certainly it is strange I grant you. But you must understand, he hails from Hooligan land, and in that country children, from a
very young age, are regularly taught to be trouble makers, causing trouble all the time. That's just how those people are.
A; Why?

B: Well, for one they don't like the idea of people, or animals for that matter, having it too good. The reason for this I take it is that
they don't feel our having it so is entirely fair to them.

A: In short then you are saying, no they won't stop torturing people and animals. The servant is worthy of his hire, indeed. One would
have thought someone of his self-proclaimed importance could have done better for himself than rise no higher in the cosmic order of
things than a disease or a horrible accident.

B: Your problem is you grossly underestimate and fail to take into consideration the both primordial and monolithic power


Here and briefly is some review for those who might find the following helpful; though most of which we have touched on here before
at some point.

Some Reasons Why and What makes Professional Criminal Spirit People so Very Powerful

* 1. The can successfully masquerade as deity, and by unthinking people will be assumed to be such.
* 2. They have extraordinary means of frightening people. To give you two good examples, among the ancient Egyptians and Aztecs
they would convey the idea that if such and such practice they proposed was not followed, the sun would not rise. This understood, the
ancient Egyptians and Aztecs were (insofar as we know) sure to do what they were told.
* 3. In additions to being masters of psychology and mind control generally, (particularly when used against the less philosophically
and rationally minded), they have what we might describe as dazzling spirit people "technology," including the ability to manipulate
dreams, in which in turn they possess the seeming ability to control thousands of interacting elements and components (of, say, a
dream) at once or simultaneously. This phenomena or experience could be likened to someone presenting a movie at the same time it
is being filmed.
* 4. Money, bribery through regular person intermediaries.
* 5. Create and use peer pressure in a social setting and among a person's fellows in order to persuade them, including, for example, in
cultural ideology, political, religious, business, and or academic circles.
* 6. Prevent rational and intelligent discussion about themselves and their existence.
* 7. Have and employ such as pretty girl spirit persons and or ghosts to be used as needed for effect, persuasion.
* 8. "If God doesn't prevent us, then it must be ok for us to do this."
* 9. Are capable of impersonating their enemies; thus making the latter look bad.
* 10. If need be they, and or through their henchmen, are capable of the most brutal and malicious violence and torture imaginable.

[ch. 29]
...Christ has willed that it [i.e., prayer] be operative for no evil: He had conferred on it all its virtue in the cause of good. And so it
knows nothing save how to recall the souls of the departed from the very path of death, to transform the weak, to restore the sick, to
purge the possessed, to open prison-bars, to loose the bonds of the innocent. Likewise it washes away faults, repels temptations,
extinguishes persecutions, consoles the faint-spirited, cheers the high-spirited, escorts travellers, appeases waves, makes robbers stand
aghast, nourishes the poor, governs the rich, upraises the fallen, arrests the falling, confirms the standing. Prayer is the wall of faith:
her arms and missiles against the foe who keeps watch over us on all sides. And, so never walk we unarmed. By day, be we mindful of
Station; by night, of vigil. Under the arms of prayer guard we the standard of our General; await we in prayer the angel's trump. The
angels, likewise, all pray; every creature prays; cattle and wild beasts pray and bend their knees; and when they issue from their layers
and lairs, they look up heavenward with no idle mouth, making their breath vibrate after their own manner. Nay, the birds too, rising
out of the nest, upraise themselves heavenward, and, instead of hands, expand the cross of their wings, and say somewhat to seem like
prayer. What more then, touching the office of prayer? Even the Lord Himself prayed; to whom be honour and virtue unto the ages of
the ages!
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), On Prayer
Just completed, my translation of Silvae by Publius Papinius Statius (45-96 A.D.)

To download the same in .pdf, see:


As steroids are to (some) athletes, so criminal spirit people are to those seeking great wealth and power. Both methods ultimately
destroy and or enslave those using them. Yet while steroids are outlawed, criminal spirit people are not. Indeed, it is forbidden to
discuss them; and any collateral problems such end up causing society (in the process of aiding their adherents) are inevitably blamed
on someone else; which as guilty as the someone else might be, they at worst are only half the culprit.
That good and charitable deeds and or Gretchen will redeem one in the end are, of course, self-serving modern myths.


I. (mistaken) Wisdom of the ages from Time immemorial: "If we GET them (and I mean really GET them), it will help us!"

II. Oh, don't let these recent offerings to Moloch get you down - too much. After all, we can also shell out hundreds of millions of
dollars for viciousness celebrating and brazenly amoral films like Halloween and Venom and think nothing of it.


[Posted on Face Book]

I never cared to watch "Mannix," not even once, in its long history of airing because it struck me as so unbelievable and absurdly
corny – not so unlike a kind of hip "Dragnet." And yet now when it is available on YouTube or DVD, I like and ironically it has
become a sort of "must see" with me for exactly those reasons. Go figure.


["Mannix intro"]


[ch. 9]
...Never is Christ without water: if, that is, He is Himself baptized in water; [Matthew 3:13-17] inaugurates in water the first
rudimentary displays of His power, when invited to the nuptials; [John 2:1-11] invites the thirsty, when He makes a discourse, to His
own sempiternal water; [John 7:37-38] approves, when teaching concerning love, among works of charity, the cup of water offered to
a poor (child); [Matthew 10:42] recruits His strength at a well; [John 4:6] walks over the water; [Matthew 14:25] willingly crosses the
sea; [Mark 4:36] ministers water to His disciples. [John 13:1-12] Onward even to the passion does the witness of baptism last: while
He is being surrendered to the cross, water intervenes; witness Pilate's hands: when He is wounded, forth from His side bursts water;
witness the soldier's lance!
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), On Baptism


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Sign up now to enter the "Tophet to the Top" Sweepstakes, and you may be eligible for one or more of the following grand prize
drawings, including, but not limited to:

1. One giant over-sized, airplane

2. Your own personal submarine
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4. One major motion picture studio
5. An internationally syndicated news organization
6. A warehouse of prostitution disguised as a manufacturer, and marketer of women's lingerie, women's wear, and beauty products
7. A multi-billion dollar charity organization (with 95% of the proceeds going to THE organization.)
8. A professional sports team of your choice
9. A skyscraper in a major metropolitan city
10. A multiplex research institute for studying the brain

And much, much more!


"I like to torture!"


["The Raven (1935) Trailer" - homemade trailer of 1935 Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff film]

[ch. 56]
There arises the question, whether this takes place immediately after the soul's departure from the body; whether some souls are
detained for special reasons in the meantime here on earth; and whether it is permitted them of their own accord, or by the intervention
of authority, to be removed from Hades at some subsequent time? Even such opinions as these are not by any means lacking persons
to advance them with confidence. It was believed that the unburied dead were not admitted into the infernal regions before they had
received a proper sepulture; as in the case of Homer's Patroclus, who earnestly asks for a burial of Achilles in a dream, on the ground
that he could not enter Hades through any other portal, since the souls of the sepulchred dead kept thrusting him away. We know that
Homer exhibited more than a poetic licence here; he had in view the rights of the dead. Proportioned, indeed, to his care for the just
honours of the tomb, was his censure of that delay of burial which was injurious to souls...

...Hence those souls must be accounted as passing an exile in Hades, which people are apt to regard as carried off by violence,
especially by cruel tortures, such as those of the cross, and the axe, and the sword, and the lion; but we do not account those to be
violent deaths which justice awards, that avenger of violence. So then, you will say, it is all the wicked souls that are banished in
Hades. (Not quite so fast, is my answer.) I must compel you to determine (what you mean by Hades), which of its two regions, the
region of the good or of the bad. If you mean the bad, (all I can say is, that) even now the souls of the wicked deserve to be consigned
to those abodes; if you mean the good why should you judge to be unworthy of such a resting-place the souls of infants and of virgins,
and those which, by reason of their condition in life were pure and innocent?
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Treatise on the Soul


After viewing this documentary on the Jeffery R. MacDonald murder case (see just below) some thoughts came to mind which I
thought I would share in the way of a few brief remarks.

Here we have a murder case that seems to boil down to either of two suspects being guilty: a) MacDonald, or b) the drug crazies.

In both instances a motive for the crimes seems preposterous. Who could or would do such a thing for any reason? On the face of it it
is absurd. However, there seems to me one motive that could trigger it, and that would be extreme fear. If this supposition is true, then
it might be that the drug crazies were induced into the crimes by an extreme fear. That MacDonald would commit the murders out of
some fear, by comparison, seems highly implausible.

Following this line of hypothesis -- and I am only presenting this line of thought as such -- I am reminded that professional criminal
spirit people are the ultimate experts at fear, indeed it is arguably fear, more than anything else that keeps them operating and working
together on a long term basis - not ideology or reward-payment, though these latter may be incidental yet present ingredients added to
what we might characterize as a recipe or formula; but with the main ingredient being fear. This explanation makes sense to me,
because dealing with criminal spirit people and their hench-people (i.e., regular flesh and blood persons) for many years now, I have a
hard time imagining themselves doing the unspeakably horrible, cruel and rotten things they do for either mere ideology or payment.
The conclusion I am inclined to draw from all this, is that the worst and most violent premeditated crimes are invariably the result of
people being induced to act by extreme fear. And, once more, who are the most potent bearers and most expert manipulators of
extreme fear? Professional criminal spirit people.

MacDonald's various strange behaviors following the crimes might in turn have been a case of his being manipulated emotionally and
psychology by someone like the ghoulish magician; who from first hand experience I know is very good and expert at those kinds of
things, and, presumably, crime scene evidence tampering as well.

Such at any rate were my thoughts; which again I thought I would share in passing here.

["False Witness - Jeffrey MacDonald Documentary"]

Later Note. While out of control rage certainly could of course be a catalyst for a very violent crime, it seems less likely a cause in the
MacDonald case; given the nature of the assaults and the character of the (immediate) victims; or as a prompter in the case of long
term and ongoing violent crimes.


The chord progression and melodic lines of this hymn are absolutely brilliant, and while this might not be the best rendition done, it is
still a very good one. Just try singing this surrounded by devils some time.

["Johnny Cash - How Great Thou Art" - tv appearnce AUg. 1969]


If it is possible to run cars on sea water, rather than gasoline, well what the heck, why not?


["Elon Musk is Wrong, Hydrogen Cars are the Future, Not Tesla Electric Cars"]


[ch. 55]
By ourselves the lower regions (of Hades) are not supposed to be a bare cavity, nor some subterranean sewer of the world, but a vast
deep space in the interior of the earth, and a concealed recess in its very bowels; inasmuch as we read that Christ in His death spent
three days in the heart of the earth, [Matthew 12:40] that is, in the secret inner recess which is hidden in the earth, and enclosed by the
earth, and superimposed on the abysmal depths which lie still lower down. Now although Christ is God, yet, being also man, “He died
according to the Scriptures,” [1 Corinthians 15:3] and “according to the same Scriptures was buried.” With the same law of His being
He fully complied, by remaining in Hades in the form and condition of a dead man; nor did He ascend into the heights of heaven
before descending into the lower parts of the earth, that He might there make the patriarchs and prophets partakers of Himself. [1 Peter
3:19] (This being the case), you must suppose Hades to be a subterranean region, and keep at arm's length those who are too proud to
believe that the souls of the faithful deserve a place in the lower regions. These persons, who are “servants above their Lord, and
disciples above their Master,” [Matthew 10:24] would no doubt spurn to receive the comfort of the resurrection, if they must expect it
in Abraham's bosom. But it was for this purpose, say they, that Christ descended into hell, that we might not ourselves have to descend
there. Well, then, what difference is there between heathens and Christians, if the same prison awaits them all when dead? How,
indeed, shall the soul mount up to heaven, where Christ is already sitting at the Father's right hand, when as yet the archangel's
trumpet has not been heard by the command of God, — when as yet those whom the coming of the Lord is to find on the earth, have
not been caught up into the air to meet Him at His coming, [1 Thessalonians 4:17] in company with the dead in Christ, who shall be
the first to arise? [1 Thessalonians 4:16] To no one is heaven opened; the earth is still safe for him, I would not say it is shut against
him. When the world, indeed, shall pass away, then the kingdom of heaven shall be opened. Shall we then have to sleep high up in
ether, with the boy-loving worthies of Plato; or in the air with Arius; or around the moon with the Endymions of the Stoics? No, but in
Paradise, you tell me, whither already the patriarchs and prophets have removed from Hades in the retinue of the Lord's resurrection.
How is it, then, that the region of Paradise, which as revealed to John in the Spirit lay under the altar, [Revelation 6:9] displays no
other souls as in it besides the souls of the martyrs? How is it that the most heroic martyr Perpetua on the day of her passion saw only
her fellow martyrs there, in the revelation which she received of Paradise, if it were not that the sword which guarded the entrance
permitted none to go in thereat, except those who had died in Christ and not in Adam? A new death for God, even the extraordinary
one for Christ, is admitted into the reception-room of mortality, specially altered and adapted to receive the new-comer. Observe, then,
the difference between a heathen and a Christian in their death: if you have to lay down your life for God, as the Comforter counsels,
it is not in gentle fevers and on soft beds, but in the sharp pains of martyrdom: you must take up the cross and bear it after your
Master, as He has Himself instructed you. [Matthew 16:24] The sole key to unlock Paradise is your own life's blood. You have a
treatise by us, (on Paradise), in which we have established the position that every soul is detained in safe keeping in Hades until the
day of the Lord.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Treatise on the Soul



["Room 222 1x19 Goodbye, Mr Hip" - with Bernie Kopell guest star]



What it seems to me we must ask ourselves at the end of the day is can one who lives in impenetrable secrecy and routinely lies and
cheats, or who knowingly allies with such arrant liars and cheaters, hand out awards and honors for worthwhile accomplishments and

He has a criminal record over a mile long, included in which are some of the most heinous, lurid, and evil crimes imaginable. Yet he
acts like it doesn't matter -- though and admittedly true it is that the government and police can't or won't touch him.
You will probably have noticed, their minds are from day to day suffused with and inundated in Stygian darkness: scorning all real
honesty, truthfulness and right reason. At the same time, they are, in a manner of speaking and after a fashion, zealously united in a
cause. Yet quite what that cause is supposed to be, well, they never clearly say.

One of my favorite things then to ask then is - what is all this (i.e., this incessant violence and other trouble making) for? What do you
possibly hope to gain or bring about by it?

"For one, it pays well. Besides I have nothing else to do really, so I might as well degrade and humiliate the human race, the United
States in particular."

But if, at least for the sake of argument, you weren't doing such, what would you be doing with yourselves?

(As yet I get no answer to this question, but which even so I think a very good one.)

Now some perhaps feel he simply is in a bad way and we should pity him. On the other hand, maybe he and his followers should just
behave, or learn to behave, themselves instead. (What do you think?)


[ch. 51] ...Death, if it once falls short of totality in operation, is not death. If any fraction of the soul remain, it makes a living state.
Death will no more mix with life, than will night with day.

[ch. 52] ...Consequently, although death has various issues, inasmuch as its causes are manifold, we cannot say that the easiest death is
so gentle as not to happen by violence (to our nature). The very law which produces death, simple though it be, is yet violence. How
can it be otherwise, when so close a companionship of soul and body, so inseparable a growth together from their very conception of
two sister substances, is sundered and divided? For although a man may breathe his last for joy, like the Spartan Chilon, while
embracing his son who had just conquered in the Olympic games; or for glory, like the Athenian Clidemus, while receiving a crown of
gold for the excellence of his historical writings; or in a dream, like Plato; or in a fit of laughter, like Publius Crassus,— yet death is
much too violent, coming as it does upon us by strange and alien means, expelling the soul by a method all its own, calling on us to
die at a moment when one might live a jocund life in joy and honour, in peace and pleasure...
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Treatise on the Soul


Now they won't actually say they are God, but nevertheless will cunningly drop hints suggesting as much, and which dumb, ignorant,
albeit well meaning, people will naturally be fooled and taken in by. Which is significant, since for a country to end up going to hell,
all it ever took was one or a few persons going to sleep on the job.

"...when real merit is wanting, it avails nothing to have been encouraged by the great, commended by the eminent, and favoured by the
public in general."
~ Alexander Pope, "Preface to the Works of" (1717)


"Woe to you when men shall bless you: for according to these things did their fathers to the false prophets."
~ Luke 6:26

Or to perhaps put it all another way, time will tell.


[ch. 47]
We declare, then, that dreams are inflicted on us mainly by demons, although they sometimes turn out true and favourable to us.
When, however, with the deliberate aim after evil, of which we have just spoken, they assume a flattering and captivating style, they
show themselves proportionately vain, and deceitful, and obscure, and wanton, and impure. And no wonder that the images partake of
the character of the realities. But from God— who has promised, indeed, “to pour out the grace of the Holy Spirit upon all flesh, and
has ordained that His servants and His handmaids should see visions as well as utter prophecies” [Joel 3:1] — must all those visions
be regarded as emanating, which may be compared to the actual grace of God, as being honest, holy, prophetic, inspired, instructive,
inviting to virtue, the bountiful nature of which causes them to overflow even to the profane, since God, with grand impartiality,
“sends His showers and sunshine on the just and on the unjust.” [Matthew 5:45] It was, indeed by an inspiration from God that
Nebuchadnezzar dreamt his dreams; and almost the greater part of mankind get their knowledge of God from dreams. Thus it is that,
as the mercy of God super-abounds to the heathen, so the temptation of the evil one encounters the saints, from whom he never
withdraws his malignant efforts to steal over them as best he may in their very sleep, if unable to assault them when they are awake.
The third class of dreams will consist of those which the soul itself apparently creates for itself from an intense application to special
circumstances. Now, inasmuch as the soul cannot dream of its own accord (for even Epicharmus is of this opinion), how can it
become to itself the cause of any vision? Then must this class of dreams be abandoned to the action of nature, reserving for the soul,
even when in the ecstatic condition, the power of enduring whatever incidents befall it? Those, moreover, which evidently proceed
neither from God, nor from diabolical inspiration, nor from the soul, being beyond the reach as well of ordinary expectation, usual
interpretation, or the possibility of being intelligibly related, will have to be ascribed in a separate category to what is purely and
simply the ecstatic state and its peculiar conditions.

[ch. 48]
...But, generally speaking, dreams will be under control of a man's will, if they be capable of direction at all; for we must not examine
what opinion on the one hand, and superstition on the other, have to prescribe for the treatment of dreams, in the matter of
distinguishing and modifying different sorts of food..
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Treatise on the Soul


In this life, a thing is not merely what it is, but as much or more so how it is interpreted. And it is not at all unusual for someone or
something to be mistaken (understandably or no) for what it is not. Happens all the time.

They will save and look after us, they said, but, so it is understood, without answering (much) to real honesty or consistent logic. And
after all, who needs honesty and logic when you have a magic ghost to take their place? This is one of the big problems with using the
authority of ghosts as a standard of judgment.

Besides who needs honest truth, they say, if most everyone is got to agree with us? And yet how are everyone got to agree? In
practice, through crowd manipulation, fear, bribery, deception, and various forms of mental and moral imposture and degradation - not
fair, impartial, just and rational discourse.

Yes, they condemn and complain about what is wrong or supposedly wrong. But do they really love as much as they condemn and
they complain? Seems to me rather that they are as often as not hypocrites merely working for someone far worse than the ones they

The cross means:

a) love sacrificing itself for another.


b) this is the best thing (or person) in the world: because this is what the most rank evil person does to those he most envies, and who
by this uttermost form of cruelty testifies to the high value of his victim. Else why would he go to such lengths?

We never would want to put someone down because they feel bad about being disliked or rejected. That they feel badly for that reason
is nothing they should be scorned for or themselves ashamed about (necessarily.) So that is not the problem. The problem rather and
however is if they are (literally) violent about it. That's when we start having a serious problem.

You no doubt wonder, indeed are stupefied, at his sway, power, privilege, and having things his way so much. But understand,
Mysterion would not have such but that he is, after all and in effect, elected to that position of incomprehensible power. He could be
removed by the same process except that people are generally so dumb, cowardly, and irrational, that they allow him to go on
bullying, cheating and deceiving, and but for his bullying, cheating and tricking people he would otherwise never be elected. His
power thus is necessarily founded to a very large degree on such people.

In sum and if you knew the truth, he is really not of himself so great an individual, or so winning a personality, as you perhaps have
been led to believe.

But then there are those who would say he is justified or even appointed by God, for that matter. Yet if so, why would someone so
justified need to hide so much?

Interestingly the late-great (in 2007) ties the proliferation of graffiti with gangsta-hip hop, and treats them as if they were merely
spontaneous byproducts of social unrest. But this is only part of the story; for the two are deliberately funded and sponsored by certain
parties with enough money to fund such chaos-engendering and destabilizing phenomena on a widespread basis -- and, that is, and
among other projects of theirs with that subsidized intent.

["SKY SUNLIGHT SAXON of The Seeds interview for Fuzzfest in Portland, OR"]


[ch. 46]
...As for all other oracles, at which no one ever dreams, what else must we declare concerning them, than that they are the diabolical
contrivance of those spirits who even at that time dwelt in the eminent persons themselves, or aimed at reviving the memory of them
as the mere stage of their evil purposes, going so far as to counterfeit a divine power under their shape and form, and, with equal
persistence in evil, deceiving men by their very boons of remedies, warnings, and forecasts— the only effect of which was to injure
their victims the more they helped them; while the means whereby they rendered the help withdrew them from all search after the true
God, by insinuating into their minds ideas of the false one? And of course so pernicious an influence as this is not shut up nor limited
within the boundaries of shrines and temples: it roams abroad, it flies through the air, and all the while is free and unchecked. So that
nobody can doubt that our very homes lie open to these diabolical spirits, who beset their human prey with their fantasies not only in
their chapels but also in their chambers.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Treatise on the Soul

Yes, summon Ty Cobb to play in the World Series, only please don't have him sing in the Metropolitan Opera. That is, of course, each
person or thing should be in their proper place. At least if they have a proper place, and if they don't yet have one, teach or let them
learn how to be a good spectator or audience first.


Nothing so blatantly ruins or detracts from the heart and spirit (and in turn arts and music in their various forms), than an obsessive
preoccupation with money and worldly success. Yet many would have you believe that if there is not big money in or going into
whatever it is, it cannot possibly be any good. This mentality along with the shutting down of free and fair competition by organized
crime, I humbly submit, is one of the reason why culture, at large and generally, has gone, lavishly no less, to the junk in recent
decades and people notwithstanding continue kidding themselves otherwise. In fact much of this same problem and attitude stems
from persons who indeed hate heart and spirit (and all good art and music), and this in the service of that munificent benefactor, you
guessed it, lord Mysterion. As someone once said, you cannot serve God and Mammon. And if this is too much, the least one could do
is show some modesty and restraint in their avarice, tempered by a healthy respect for sportsman like honesty and fair play.



["What Do You Want of Me" - Joan Diener from the original Broadway soundtrack of "Man of La Mancha"]


Every and any thing or event has its own "finger-print," so to speak;" just as all persons literally do; so that there is nothing on some
level that is not inimitably unique. (Or so it could be reasonably maintained.) This is perhaps all the more true of people and animals,
and even plants as well, because they all - if given the chance - are capable of manifesting some form of joy and wonder, albeit

Homer's, Vergil's, et al., is the idealized version of what happened, and for that reason, and since he did so well with the subject, can
be allowed a few flaws in the small details and unobtrusive historical inaccuracies (but not too many.)

Remember - true poetry (at its heart) is music; so it always helps to improve in that department.

["How To Sing Any Song - Voice Lessons - Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy"]


With Jackie Paper, Pete, and Beanie that, by my count, would make at least three of them.

["Peter Paul & Mary - Puff The Magic Dragon (with Lyrics)" - with pictures by ♫♪♥○MiraCulAko○♥♪♫]

Even though I still can't get him to stop following me around, he hides and refuses to openly identify himself or meet me in the open.
To speak truly, I have no doubt he must be one of the most vicious, duplicitous, and rightly hated persons there ever was. Yet despite
this, he and others think him superior and that he knows better.

"By hounding, torturing, vandalizing, hacking, and doing things to people I will gain the advantage," says he, "and it will help ME,
and not YOU -- muuhh!!!! [i.e., so there!]"

"Enough!," I cried.

"I do things MY way, not YOUR way!"

All of which reminds us that an intelligent person trusts someone who is honest, compassionate and courageous. A fool, on the other
hand, trusts someone who SEEMS wise and is powerful. So that at the very least and despite his penchant for anonymity, it can be
said of him that he has followers of his own; indeed some whom are considered quite respectable.


As raised, they were far from being properly educated, loved or cared for. So, not so very surprisingly, when they worked the
minimum wage job at the fast food restaurant, they provided less than desirable service and less than delectable repast. In consequence
of which they now are roundly cursed and despised on Yelp.


[ch. 43]
Let us therefore first discuss the question of sleep, and afterwards in what way the soul encounters death. Now sleep is certainly not a
supernatural thing, as some philosophers will have it be, when they suppose it to be the result of causes which appear to be above
nature. The Stoics affirm sleep to be “a temporary suspension of the activity of the senses;” the Epicureans define it as an intermission
of the animal spirit; Anaxagoras and Xenophanes as a weariness of the same; Empedocles and Parmenides as a cooling down thereof;
Strato as a separation of the (soul's) connatural spirit; Democritus as the soul's indigence; Aristotle as the interruption of the heat
around the heart. As for myself, I can safely say that I have never slept in such a way as to discover even a single one of these
conditions. Indeed, we cannot possibly believe that sleep is a weariness; it is rather the opposite, for it undoubtedly removes
weariness, and a person is refreshed by sleep instead of being fatigued. Besides, sleep is not always the result of fatigue; and even
when it is, the fatigue continues no longer.

... For the soul, as being always in motion, and always active, never succumbs to rest—a condition which is alien to immortality: for
nothing immortal admits any end to its operation; but sleep is an end of operation. It is indeed on the body, which is subject to
mortality, and on the body alone, that sleep graciously bestows a cessation from work...

...If you only regard it as the image of death, you initiate faith, you nourish hope, you learn both how to die and how to live, you learn
watchfulness, even while you sleep.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Treatise on the Soul

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Having seen them many many times and based on my own experiences, that's about exactly what they look like; only they normally
are not very active in their physical movements (indeed ordinarily tend to be stiff in their motions); nor visually so colorful (as some
of those depicted here are, not to mention garishly costumed.)

["Paul McCartney - Dance Tonight ft. Natalie Portman" - official music video from 2007]


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More from our ongoing. Now as you can see with this method you can easily break rules and get away with it, momentarily change
other people's behavior, or modify the appearance of things to suit your needs. However, it is completely wrong to ascribe any such
doing to a "witch;" in that sense there is no such thing; rather, it is a criminal spirit person, of a professional kind, that supplies the
"magic," or more correctly preternatural technology. (Just for the record.)

["Bewitched - Trailer" - for the 2005 film with Nicole Kidman]


Makes a Great Figure-head

In my considered opinion, it was the intention of Mysterion to make Spielberg + Star Wars into something very like neo-Hollywood's
version of Kim Il Jong/Kim Jong-un; however in the case of neo-Hollywood, with rather indifferent success. Remember also that the
Spielbergs and Jongs are actually or at bottom good people of a sort (not so unlike the typical monarchs of Spain in the imperial
heyday of that country), and yet (let's put it this way) not the most informed or brightest of intelligences.


[ch. 30]
What most frequently meets our view (and occasions complaint), is our teeming population: our numbers are burdensome to the
world, which can hardly supply us from its natural elements; our wants grow more and more keen, and our complaints more bitter in
all mouths, while Nature fails in affording us her usual sustenance. In very deed, pestilence, and famine, and wars, and earthquakes
have to be regarded as a remedy for nations, as the means of pruning the luxuriance of the human race; and yet, when the hatchet has
once felled large masses of men, the world has hitherto never once been alarmed at the sight of a restitution of its dead coming back to
life after their millennial exile.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Treatise on the Soul


It's not right for him to hate or roundly blame someone under the spell of mind control, behavioral conditioning, mesmerism, or
hypnotism. (Or is it?) Moreover, though he assumes himself above being taken in, if you ask how it is possible he cannot be fooled as
well, he is completely silent and can give little or no plausible explanation for this.


The wandering demon has no home. Would you mind then if he moved in with you? He has it in his power, after all, to make you
quite rich.


[ch. 22]
Hermogenes has already heard from us what are the other natural faculties of the soul, as well as their vindication and proof; whence it
may be seen that the soul is rather the offspring of God than of matter.

...I am sorry from my heart that Plato has been the caterer to all these heretics. For in the Phaedo he imagines that souls wander from
this world to that, and thence back again hither; while in the Timaeus he supposes that the children of God, to whom had been
assigned the production of mortal creatures, having taken for the soul the germ of immortality, congealed around it a mortal body—
thereby indicating that this world is the figure of some other. Now, to procure belief in all this— that the soul had formerly lived with
God in the heavens above, sharing His ideas with Him, and afterwards came down to live with us on earth, and while here recollects
the eternal patterns of things which it had learned before— he elaborated his new formula…which means that “learning is
reminiscence;” implying that the souls which come to us from thence forget the things among which they formerly lived, but that they
afterwards recall them, instructed by the objects they see around them. Forasmuch, therefore, as the doctrines which the heretics
borrow from Plato are cunningly defended by this kind of argument, I shall sufficiently refute the heretics if I overthrow the argument
of Plato.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Treatise on the Soul


Those chickens must be made to suffer.

Besides, why should mine elect rely on store bought eggs, when they can have fresh ones?

(signed by my Order)



[Posted in a Face Book group]

Looking for a GREAT horror film that (perhaps) you haven't seen? Then I would highly recommend "Castle of Terror" (1964,
originally titled: "Castle of Blood"); for me the best Italian horror film I ever watched (and that I saw for the first time this past
weekend.) It stars Barbara Steele, and while certain edited and small changes could have made this into an actual masterpiece, still it is
an otherwise outstanding and noteworthy film, particularly thanks to a brilliant script and plot worthy of Le Fanu.


["Castle of Terror (Danza Macabra) 1964 Classic Italian Haunted House Horror"]


[ch. 20]
...In like manner, the soul may well be uniform in its seminal origin, although multiform by the process of nativity. And here local
influences, too, must be taken into account...

...However great, too, at present is the variety of men's maunders, it was not so in Adam, the founder of their race. But all these
discordances ought to have existed in him as the fountainhead, and thence to have descended to us in an unimpaired variety, if the
variety had been due to nature.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Treatise on the Soul


[ch. 19]
...It is because of these views that we have in a former passage stated as a preliminary fact, that the mind is nothing else than an
apparatus or instrument of the soul, and that the spirit is no other faculty, separate from the soul, but is the soul itself exercised in
respiration; although that influence which either God on the one hand, or the devil on the other, has breathed upon it, must be regarded
in the light of an additional element...

...For is it not true, that to employ the senses is to use the intellect? And to employ the intellect amounts to a use of the senses? What
indeed can sensation be, but the understanding of that which is the object of the sensation?...

...For how can the intellect be superior to the senses, when it is these which educate it for the discovery of various truths? It is a fact,
that these truths are learned by means of palpable forms; in other words, invisible things are discovered by the help of visible ones,
even as the apostle tells us in his epistle: “For the invisible things of Him are clearly seen from the creation of the world, being
understood by the things that are made;” [Romans 1:20] and as Plato too might inform our heretics: “The things which appear are the
image of the things which are concealed from view,” whence it must needs follow that this world is by all means an image of some
other: so that the intellect evidently uses the senses for its own guidance, and authority, and mainstay; and without the senses truth
could not be attained. How, then, can a thing be superior to that which is instrumental to its existence, which is also indispensable to it,
and to whose help it owes everything which it acquires? Two conclusions therefore follow from what we have said: (1) That the
intellect is not to be preferred above the senses, on the (supposed) ground that the agent through which a thing exists is inferior to the
thing itself; and (2) that the intellect must not be separated from the senses, since the instrument by which a thing's existence is
sustained is associated with the thing itself.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Treatise on the Soul

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Once again Life imitates Art. Then it was "Jack Ass: the Movie," now it's Rich Russell... Brings back fond memories of the time
someone ran a semi into the Pioneer Square pergola.

But there's always time here in the Emerald City for music. Here's Andrea Martin and Catherine O'Hara singing the big Broadway hit.

["Defying Gravity - Wicked (With Lyrics!)" - from the original soundtrack album]

Some Latest and Sundry Jottings (before I forget)

Those who dismiss God invariably underestimate the power of the Devil and professional criminal spirit people; unless perhaps, that
is, they already work for them. Never believe someone who claims to be free (even if they are supposedly as popular as the Beatles)
but who are paying tribute and taking protection with some great secret hoodlum.


Does he ruthlessly inflict pain on others in order to somehow alleviate his own? If so, it might go a long way to explain his ageless
need for cruelty and interminable sadism.


If others did one one-thousandth of what these people did they would get themselves killed -- and quickly. But because these are
witchcraft persons sponsored by a ghost it is made to seem that their own wrong-doing is somehow sacred and inviolable to flesh and
blood people; thus it is forbidden to violate the sacred order of things.


So and so is indeed a good person, yet should the devil pressure them to be dishonest and corrupt, they will give in.


If I had hundreds of millions of dollars, I know what I would spend it on - comic book super hero movies for ADULTS.


From the beginning America represented hope, and so the enemies of America are invariably the enemies of hope. And that the evil
one so relentlessly attacks and scoffs at America, shows and demonstrates and acts as proof, it seems to me, that America works. But
in what does TRUE America consist? Not in paying for protection, cowardice, hypocrisy, and phony baloney certainly.


In such a perilous state as we find ourselves in, what, short of God, can heal or protect us? Can we say a certain man keeps and kept
his word, and then that God does not keep His?


One faith, yet there continue to be innumerable of personal heresies and leave taking of fundamental truth, even among the seemingly
most orthodox.

There is no natural religion, yet true religion has the good taste to be in harmony with nature; note, for instance, Christ's use of natural
metaphors and similes in the parables. And who, meanwhile, are more unnatural and opposed to Nature than criminal spirit people?


The child and innocence hold the keys to joy. Reject innocence, say for example in the interest of supposed "sophistication," and you
reject joy.


Now I know this is all being done for a very good reason, only could you possibly tell me what that reason is?


Don't question life, death and existence unless you are qualified and licensed as a practicing professional philosopher, and who
understands the fundamental principles of epistemic criteria; since if not such, you seriously risk doing yourself an incalculable degree
of hurt.


Where in society does one find the sanctuary for honest rational morals? The law? The church? (Not necessarily, of course.)


I tell him DO NOT believe the false teaching of Mysterion and Ophian; for the fact of the matter is that as great and prodigious as are
the powers of Mysterion, there are nevertheless as many and more things he cannot do and is incapable of. (Or have you never read
Puss 'n Boots?)


By the powers of Chandu I conjure you...(etc. etc. you fill in the rest.)


Like it or not, the only cure for death is God, and who is the Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit (of Love and honest Truth.) That Christ
is the only incarnation helps make things easier in the sense that unless someone incarnate is Christ, he cannot possibly be God, and
therefore you are better armed to reject and refute him (or her) if that is necessary.


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[ch. 18]
...For Plato maintains that there are certain invisible substances, incorporeal, celestial, divine, and eternal, which they call ideas, that is
to say, (archetypal) forms, which are the patterns and causes of those objects of nature which are manifest to us, and lie under our
corporeal senses: the former, (according to Plato,) are the actual verities, and the latter the images and likenesses of them...
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Treatise on the Soul


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Hearing Chaplin interviewed in 1954 is not so unlike listening to someone from another planet (i.e., things are so different now from
how they were back then.)
["Chaplin Interview BBC 1954"]

(For the film "Limelight" itself, for those who haven't seen it:)

["Limelight - 1952 - Ft. Charlie Chaplin"]

[Posted on Face Book, 8 Aug. 2018]

From the days (at least compared to the present) when happiness was legal and protected by the law.


["Elvis Presley - Little Darlin' (1977)" - live]

[ch. 17]
...The Epicureans, again, show still greater consistency, in maintaining that all the senses are equally true in their testimony, and
always so — only in a different way. It is not our organs of sensation that are at fault, but our opinion. The senses only experience
sensation, they do not exercise opinion; it is the soul that opines. They separated opinion from the senses, and sensation from the soul.
Well, but whence comes opinion, if not from the senses? Indeed, unless the eye had descried a round shape in that tower, it could have
had no idea that it possessed roundness. Again, whence arises sensation if not from the soul? For if the soul had no body, it would
have no sensation...

...Hence we are bound most certainly to claim for the senses truth, and fidelity, and integrity, seeing that they never render any other
account of their impressions than is enjoined on them by the specific causes or conditions which in all cases produce that discrepancy
which appears between the report of the senses and the reality of the objects...
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Treatise on the Soul


His dumb followers continue in utter awe of him, and will have, in effect, said to me things like "Sherman, you think you are so smart,
but you don't know how great and glorious our leader is." Meanwhile, countless times the thing that evidently most impresses them
about this beloved megalomaniac (whom for the moment let's call "Mysterion") is his magical and amazing powers. I then respond by
saying "You are much deluded. For as great as Mysterion is and you believe him to be, I will wager that NOT A SINGLE PERSON
actually desires and wants him -- at least such as are not bribed, brainwashed, blackmailed or in sheer terror of their lives into doing
so. So that were he to vanish and disappear I cannot possibly imagine anyone for a moment would miss or wish him still here."


[ch. 15]
...We are taught by God concerning both these questions— viz. that there is a ruling power in the soul, and that it is enshrined in one
particular recess of the body. For, when one reads of God as being “the searcher and witness of the heart;” [Wisdom 1:6] when His
prophet is reproved by His discovering to him the secrets of the heart; [Proverbs 24:12] when God Himself anticipates in His people
the thoughts of their heart, “Why do you think evil in your hearts?” [Matthew 9:4] when David prays “Create in me a clean heart, O
God,” and Paul declares, “With the heart man believes unto righteousness,” [Romans 10:10] and John says, “By his own heart is each
man condemned;” [1 John 3:20] when, lastly, “he who looks on a woman so as to lust after her, has already committed adultery with
her in his heart,” [Matthew 5:28] — then both points are cleared fully up, that there is a directing faculty of the soul, with which the
purpose of God may agree; in other words, a supreme principle of intelligence and vitality (for where there is intelligence, there must
be vitality), and that it resides in that most precious part of our body to which God especially looks: so that you must not suppose, with
Heraclitus, that this sovereign faculty of which we are treating is moved by some external force; nor with Moschion, that it floats
about through the whole body; nor with Plato, that it is enclosed in the head; nor with Xenophanes, that it culminates in the crown of
the head; nor that it reposes in the brain, according to the opinion of Hippocrates; nor around the basis of the brain, as Herophilus
thought; nor in the membranes thereof, as Strato and Erasistratus said; nor in the space between the eyebrows, as Strato the physician
held; nor within the enclosure of the breast, according to Epicurus: but rather, as the Egyptians have always taught, especially such of
them as were accounted the expounders of sacred truths; in accordance, too, with that verse of Orpheus or Empedocles:

“Man has his (supreme) sensation in the blood around his heart.”...

~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Treatise on the Soul

I think few or no one can better "tell it like it is" than a typical movie or tv character played by Telly Savalas. This is perhaps seen
most true in a Bonanza episode from 1965 "To Own the World;" where Savalas’ villainous character tries to prove that he can buy and
acquire ANYTHING (if he wants) -- the country, the government, the new media, universities, the arts and culture -- even the
Ponderosa! Will he succeed? Find out (that is, if and when you get the chance sometime) in what has to be one best Bonanza scripts of
all time.
["Bonanza S6 E29 To Own The World"]


[ch. 14]
Being thus single, simple, and entire in itself, it is as incapable of being composed and put together from external constituents, as it is
of being divided in and of itself, inasmuch as it is indissoluble. For if it had been possible to construct it and to destroy it, it would no
longer be immortal. Since, however, it is not mortal, it is also incapable of dissolution and division. Now, to be divided means to be
dissolved, and to be dissolved means to die. Yet (philosophers) have divided the soul into parts: Plato, for instance, into two; Zeno into
three; Panætius, into five or six; Soranus, into seven; Chrysippus, into as many as eight; and Apollophanes, into as many as nine;
while certain of the Stoics have found as many as twelve parts in the soul. Posidonius makes even two more than these: he starts with
two leading faculties of the soul—the directing faculty, ...; and the rational faculty, ...—and ultimately subdivided these into seventeen
parts. Thus variously is the soul dissected by the different schools. Such divisions, however, ought not to be regarded so much as parts
of the soul, as powers, or faculties, or operations thereof, even as Aristotle himself has regarded some of them as being. For they are
not portions or organic parts of the soul's substance, but functions of the soul— such as those of motion, of action, of thought, and
whatsoever others they divide in this manner; such, likewise, as the five senses themselves, so well known to all— seeing, hearing,
tasting, touching, smelling. Now, although they have allotted to the whole of these respectively certain parts of the body as their
special domiciles, it does not from that circumstance follow that a like distribution will be suitable to the sections of the soul; for even
the body itself would not admit of such a partition as they would have the soul undergo. But of the whole number of the limbs one
body is made up, so that the arrangement is rather a concretion than a division. Look at that very wonderful piece of organic
mechanism by Archimedes,— I mean his hydraulic organ, with its many limbs, parts, bands, passages for the notes, outlets for their
sounds, combinations for their harmony, and the array of its pipes; but yet the whole of these details constitute only one instrument...
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Treatise on the Soul

[ch. 6]
...If your own writings are distrusted, neither God nor Nature lie. And if you would have faith in God and Nature, have faith in the
soul; thus you will believe yourself... The soul is not a boon from heaven to Latins and Greeks alone. Man is the one name belonging
to every nation upon earth: there is one soul and many tongues, one spirit and various sounds; every country has its own speech, but
the subjects of speech are common to all. God is everywhere, and the goodness of God is everywhere; demons are everywhere, and
the cursing of them is everywhere; the invocation of divine judgment is everywhere, death is everywhere, and the sense of death is
everywhere, and all the world over is found the witness of the soul. There is not a soul of man that does not, from the light that is in
itself, proclaim the very things we are not permitted to speak above our breath. Most justly, then, every soul is a culprit as well as a
witness: in the measure that it testifies for truth, the guilt of error lies on it; and on the day of judgment it will stand before the courts
of God, without a word to say. You proclaimed God, O soul, but you did not seek to know Him: evil spirits were detested by you, and
yet they were the objects of your adoration; the punishments of hell were foreseen by you, but no care was taken to avoid them; you
had a savour of Christianity, and withal were the persecutor of Christians.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), The Soul's Testimony


Someone first posted this on Face Book a few months back, and I thought I would finally get around to including it here and that has
to be seen to be believed.


["Mr Rogers & the Wicked Witch of the West, Margaret Hamilton (1975)"]

[Note. It is a common misconception that a witch is or is supposed to be a person possessing magical powers. More correctly, what is
known or thought of as a "witch" is simply someone being used and employed by a criminal spirit person, and which latter is actually
the one furnishing such seeming powers and abilities. The powers and abilities themselves, generally speaking or for convenience
sake, we might liken to spirit person based technology, and which has its focus on deception and mind control.]


[ch. 5]
...I don't think they can appear frivolous or feeble to any one, if he reflect on the majesty of nature, from which the soul derives its
authority. If you acknowledge the authority of the mistress, you will own it also in the disciple. Well, nature is the mistress here, and
her disciple is the soul. But everything the one has taught or the other learned, has come from God— the Teacher of the teacher...
...Which latter indeed waited for their own instruction from the former, and though we grant that light has come from you, still it has
flowed from the first fountainhead originally; and we claim as entirely ours, all you may have taken from us and handed down. Since
it is thus, it matters little whether the soul's knowledge was put into it by God or by His book. Why, then, O man, will you maintain a
view so groundless, as that those testimonies of the soul have gone forth from the mere human speculations of your literature, and got
hardening of common use?
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), The Soul's Testimony

[ch. 3]
But when we say that there are demons — as though, in the simple fact that we alone expel them from the men's bodies, we did not
also prove their existence — some disciple of Chrysippus begins to curl the lip. Yet your curses sufficiently attest that there are such
beings, and that they are objects of your strong dislike. As what comes to you as a fit expression of your strong hatred of him, you call
the man a daemon who annoys you with his filthiness, or malice, or insolence, or any other vice which we ascribe to evil spirits. In
expressing vexation, contempt, or abhorrence, you have Satan constantly upon your lips; the very same we hold to be the angel of evil,
the source of error, the corrupter of the whole world, by whom in the beginning man was entrapped into breaking the commandment
of God. And (the man) being given over to death on account of his sin, the entire human race, tainted in their descent from him, were
made a channel for transmitting his condemnation. You see, then, your destroyer; and though he is fully known only to Christians, or
to whatever sect confesses the Lord, yet, even you have some acquaintance with him while yet you abhor him!
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), The Soul's Testimony


PRINCIPLE 1ST. That the Poetic Genius is the true Man, and that the body or outward form of Man is derived from the Poetic
Genius. Likewise that the forms of all things are derived from their Genius, which by the Ancients was call’d an Angel & Spirit &

PRINCIPLE 2ND. As all men are alike in outward form, So (and with the same infinite variety) all are alike in the Poetic Genius.

PRINCIPLE 3RD. No man can think write or speak from his heart, but he must intend truth. Thus all sects of Philosophy are from
the Poetic Genius, adapted to the weaknesses of every individual.
PRINCIPLE 5. The Religions of all Nations are derived from each Nation’s different reception of the Poetic Genius, which is every
where call’d the Spirit of Prophecy.

PRINCIPLE 6. The Jewish & Christian Testaments are An original derivation from the Poetic Genius. This is necessary from the
confined nature of bodily sensation.

PRINCIPLE 7TH. As all men are alike (tho’ infinitely various), So all Religions & as all similars have one source. The true Man is
the source, he being the Poetic Genius.

~ William Blake, from "All Religions Are One," 1788.


Now compare the above with two quotes directly conveyed to me from the ghoulish magician himself (once upon an afternoon a few
years back.)

"The truth is not allowed." (imperative.)

"The world is running out of poetry." (Meaning, I take it, similar to fossil fuel.)

[(In fairness of equal time doctrine), a more or less REASONABLY accurate facsimile of the same; though with the look in his eyes
more matter of fact, sometimes commanding, with occasionally a slight tinge of latent, gloomy, black despair..]

[ch. 2]
...For why should God, the founder of the universe, the Governor of the whole world, the Fashioner of humanity, the Sower of
universal nations be believed to have given a law through Moses to one people, and not be said to have assigned it to all nations? For
unless He had given it to all by no means would He have habitually permitted even proselytes out of the nations to have access to it.
But— as is congruous with the goodness of God, and with His equity, as the Fashioner of mankind— He gave to all nations the
selfsame law, which at definite and stated times He enjoined should be observed, when He willed, and through whom He willed, and
as He willed...

...For whence was Noah “found righteous,” if in his case the righteousness of a natural law had not preceded? Whence was Abraham
accounted “a friend of God,” if not on the ground of equity and righteousness, (in the observance) of a natural law? Whence was
Melchizedek named “priest of the most high God,” if, before the priesthood of the Levitical law, there were not levites who were wont
to offer sacrifices to God? For thus, after the above-mentioned patriarchs, was the Law given to Moses, at that (well-known) time after
their exode from Egypt, after the interval and spaces of four hundred years. In fact, it was after Abraham's “four hundred and thirty
years” that the Law was given. Whence we understand that God's law was anterior even to Moses, and was not first (given) in Horeb,
nor in Sinai and in the desert, but was more ancient; (existing) first in paradise, subsequently reformed for the patriarchs, and so again
for the Jews, at definite periods: so that we are not to give heed to Moses' Law as to the primitive law, but as to a subsequent, which at
a definite period God has set forth to the Gentiles too and, after repeatedly promising so to do through the prophets, has reformed for
the better; and has premonished that it should come to pass that, just as “the law was given through Moses” [John 1:17] at a definite
time, so it should be believed to have been temporarily observed and kept. And let us not annul this power which God has, which
reforms the law's precepts answerably to the circumstances of the times, with a view to man's salvation....
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), An Answer to the Jews


Dream Works (?)

"Won't you come home,
Tom Rossley,
Won't you come home?"...

The same people, and who brought "The Punisher" to the big and little screen as a way of promoting and cashing in on the frequent
rash of school/.resort/etc. shootings, we are now told are looking askance at Johnny Depp as a threat to public morals while banning
Woody Allen's new film for similar reason. Perhaps the greater pity of it all is is that we never really get to know who "they" are.
For more, see: "Rolling Stone just published a new profile of Johnny Depp. It’s damning."

[Later Note.] It just occurred to me -- we have this thing called the Central Intelligence Agency, and they are the ones in charge of
gathering the most important secret information, right? Well, perhaps they could serve the good of the republic and the people by
determining and disclosing to us who, by right of corporate monopoly (and who knows what else), are in large measure in charge of
the nation's cultural heart and soul. Moreover, once finding this out, perhaps then Trump could send air strikes, delta force and or navy
seals to give them the Ben Ladin treatment. What do you think?


Folly and ruin beyond belief.



"Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed"

I gave up watching television sometime in the early 1990s; so that when I first heard about 9/11, it was related to me by someone who
happened to stop by and visit. This was about a little over a year after I had my own home turned into a literal haunted house for about
two months (though my "ordeal" continued and was continuing otherwise.) My first reaction then to 9/11 was that as likely as not it
was a hoax. The story was so absolutely crazy that it was understandable and easy to interpret it as such. Even to this day, I cannot say
I am hundred percent sure 9/11 isn't all a hoax; though if it was necessary for me to assume a call on the question, as a practical matter
I taken it as a given that it did actually take place.

I mention this because for the last few months I have spend a good deal of time listening to many of the reports, exposes, and
documentaries on YouTube and the internet on the subject of 9/11. Some of these are quite brilliant, and if 9/11 did occur, I am
astounded there has not been a formal government investigation to delve closely into the controversy and sundry mysteries related to.
The list of persons and groups arguing that there is a cover up is most impressive, including professional pilots, government and
military people, architects, scientists including physicists, credible and impartial activists, and more.

And yet there is a fundamental problem with all those who argue for conspiracy, and I use this word as legitimate, relevant and
applicable since if 9/11 was not merely the work of supposed Muslim terrorists it necessarily was a conspiracy involving someone,
and there is no reason we cannot invoke the term "conspiracy" without thinking we a are speaking in either a derogatory or sensational
way (as Mark Lane and others have argued on this point.) This said, if it was governmental and corporate conspiracy that brought
about 9/11, how is it possible that this conspiratorial group could plan things out decades in advance, and have organizational roots
going back at least as far back as the JFK assassination? Once those who orchestrated these conspiracies designed to found a new
world order or global communism run by bankers (as some have alleged), who is going to continue and resume this nefarious plan and
ambition, the children of the conspirators? Even if you posit a family like the Rothschilds or Zionists, as some have done, what could
possibly keep such a group together for so long, and without a clear, obvious and ostensible leader and head? Are we to understand
these alleged conspirators, with multi-national connections, can be run and governed as a friendly and cooperating group without any
in-fighting rivalries, and this over the span of decades or centuries?

I frankly don't know the answer myself to these questions. But inasmuch as I do know about criminal spirit people in extensive and
lengthy first-hand dealing with them, my guess would be that only criminal spirit people would have the smarts, sophistication, motive
and staying power to pull off such a thing, and that often times many who are blamed, say like Rumsfeld, Cheney, Mossad, Larry
Silverstein, Dov Zhakeim, etc., etc. in 9/11 are themselves as likely as not largely unwitting patsys or Oswalds of a kind, but who are
there to take the blame, so that the real perpetrators remain unseen. This is not to say that such alleged culprits are wholly without
fault, only it is possible for people such as this to be merely pawns manipulated by much more powerful players. And who could be so
powerful and simultaneously last so many decades or even centuries?

Sometimes in some YouTube efforts to get at the real powers that be, reference is made to Satan, masons, or the illuminati, but I don't
things these are very helpful because they tend to sensationalize criminal spirit people. The guise of Satan or illuminati, these are
costumes criminals spirit people and or their henchmen can put on to terrify and confuse people and, for practical purposes, are not
really the people or things themselves, and thus are not only misleading, but as often as not intentionally so.

The way we can scientifically know criminal spirit people is by their effects, and looking into accounts and descriptions from duly
rational and honest persons who’ve had dealings with them.

For starters, let's consider in what ways criminal spirit people, specifically sophisticated criminal spirit people, are powerful, and
here's an off-hand list.

* They are master magicians and illusionists.

* They can impersonate God and divinity.
* They are consummate masters of psychology, and are learned in the finest and most minute details of both human behavior AND
* They have knowledge, experience and expertise going back centuries.
* It is absolutely forbidden to talk intelligently about them, even in brazen instances of their making appearances, such as (discussed
recently here) Borley Rectory. (Interesting in this regard, you can talk space aliens seriously, but never or hardly ever ghosts.)
* They can and will take ANY side of ANY argument or position, and even possibly take over leadership of the same.
* They can scare, frighten and intimidate like no others.
* They can carry out crimes, including torture and murder, and if need be surreptitiously; that renders them great persuaders of the
uncooperative, and are the ultimate and most highly skilled practitioners of the same methods.
* To some they are seen, not at all as criminals, but as friends and buddies to help "us" get through life, and who in addition are the
experts and authority on most any and everything of consequence. BUT..."mum's the word."

It is completely amazing how people see corruption in the take over of the government and the news mass-media, but say nothing
about how the various entertainment businesses are used assiduously to debase true art and corrupt people at large. Even JFK and 9/11
"truthers" talk about Hollywood directors and movies as if they represented true respectability and ordinary folk. We needed Oliver
Stone to rescue the JFK movement, or "Wag the Dog" to show how 9/11 was possible. Yet who has been more prurient, salacious,
viciously violent, foul mouthed, anti-free and fair competition than the entertainment industries? For a time Spielberg was treated as
Pope of the movies, and Star War the cultural orthodoxy and state religion; masses will spend billions on Da Vinci Code and Harry
Potter -- and all this is supposed to represent what the public really wants, and without even a whisper of protest. Honestly how stupid
can people be? If anyone is suspicious of criminal ties it is the mass entertainment media. But again, not a peep. And yet the crooked
government, the news media, the Rothschilds we know are all out to get us.

This is worth mentioning because no one else has done more to portray witchcraft, sorcery and criminal spirit people in an imposing
and sympathetic light than the mass entertainment industries of the last some 40 years. So if you want to find possible bastions and
hide-outs for criminal spirit people in our midst, at the very least I submit that here is one good place to find them, and not just the
government, news media. Is "Hollywood" (or more properly neo-Hollywood) the "entertainment arm of the Pentagon?" Or is it
perhaps and at last the other way around?
Now if you doubt what I claim, try to discuss the topic of spirit people scientifically. Try to find anyone else that does, and whether
they are honest, truly rational, objective and legitimate. And one way you can test and find out is by trying to contact and have a
conversation on the subject with me. I have tried now for over 18 years to do this, and have yet to get a single person that could or
would so. So here at least, is one place to start, if you don't believe me. That I should be personally ignored does not bother me so
much. I have the consolation of knowing that I did try to tell people. Yet when you consider the far greater implications of what I am
asserting, it is nothing short of incomprehensibly idiotic, if not criminal, that this topic be brushed aside as inconsequential or

William Thomas Sherman

1604 NW 70th St.
Seattle, Washington 98117

[Later Note.] By the way and just incidentally, anybody have what is now the current BODY COUNT total, as in mysterious deaths,
overdoses, suicides, etc., for "Hollywood," circa 1990-2018?


[ch. 7]
...Two hundred and fifty years, then, have not yet passed since our life began. During the interval there have been so many criminals;
so many crosses have obtained immortality; so many infants have been slain; so many loaves steeped in blood; so many extinctions of
candles; so many dissolute marriages. And up to the present time it is mere report which fights against the Christians. No doubt it has
a strong support in the wickedness of the human mind, and utters its falsehoods with more success among cruel and savage men. For
the more inclined you are to maliciousness, the more ready are you to believe evil; in short, men more easily believe the evil that is
false, than the good which is true...
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Ad Nationes, Book 1.

Is it truly God's will, or is it rather someone else's will, but which God permits?

"But Sherman, if they have such powers at that, how can you say no to them?!"

I am not saying those powers are not amazing, or not necessarily amazing. But what you overlook is that even as powerful as those
people are in some ways, they are are completely useless, bankrupt, and impotent in other respects.

You see, after all it is all a trick and a way of fooling people. That way it won't seem as if they really did anything wrong. As in:


"Why certainly with wealth and powers of this kind I will be able to cut quite a figure. Indeed, how can others not see me as someone
interesting and important?"


Physicality is external and transitory. But the soul, which is the foundation, bedrock, and inside core of life, is eternal. And if it is the
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (the Spirit of Love and honest Truth) that preside over the eternal, They, at last, are the one's to answer to
and no one else.


["MR T on Rowdy Roddy Piper Passing & Ronda Rousey - EsNews Boxing"]

Our List of Suspects thus far:
* King Saul
* Wicked Queen (from 'Snow White')
* Iago
* Inspector Javert

[ch. 4]
...Although the name of Christian was not at that time in the world, yet truth was always suffering condemnation. Now you will not
deny that he was a wise man, to whom your own Pythian (god) had borne witness. Socrates, he said, was the wisest of men. Truth
overbore Apollo, and made him pronounce even against himself since he acknowledged that he was no god, when he affirmed that
that was the wisest man who was denying the gods...
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Ad Nationes, Book 1.

Insofar as you and or someone else does or may go to persistent lengths to persuade others of some fact and or argument, and such as,
for instance, is found routinely to be the case on the internet, it is important to remember that not everyone is concerned with the truth
or being truthful. Rather there are those who see all disagreements as to fact or argument as being simply a difference of opinion;
which contest of opinion is settled by brute force or by vote count. Such persons have no conception of true or false beyond these
criteria when it comes to great questions of dispute; and whether wittingly or unwittingly they in effect see reality itself as a constant
state of war, and thus are and will ever be quarreling; despite giving the impression that they are somehow fair and reasonable. If then
you find yourself dealing with this kind, spare yourself the hopeless frustration of attempting to reform the incorrigible. Only the Holy
Spirit can lead such to a proper appreciation of truth and what is truthful, and if this doesn't happen there is simply nothing you can do
with them. (And Christ said as much as this, didn't he?)

One of the most common infirmities of mind one encounters in serious disagreement as to fact or argument is the presupposition that
the answer to the given question must be A or B. It never occurs to such people that there may be a C, or D, etc. alternative
explanation. To give you one example of this, in re-perusing the Borley Rectory story as I did recently, I as matter of course came
across arguments that Harry Price and or Marianne Foyster fabricated "ghostly" phenomena or reports of the same. Well, it is assumed
that if they faked these things, then there was no ghostly phenomena, and yet one possible further explanation is that they were
coerced (as in blackmailed or threatened) into such "faking" by a criminal spirit person (or someone else); with the strange result that
a) the event or report was true, but then they lied and said it wasn't, or b) they faked the event or report because they were pressured
into doing so (say by a criminal spirit person) who desired to have covered up, obscured, or distorted what had actually taken place.
(In my dealing with the ghoulish magician, he made it very plain that he didn't want me talking about what I saw and experienced as
far as spirit people, and as I have related elsewhere, told me, in no uncertain terms, that if I did he in effect would give me the
business. In light of this, it seems very possible to me that Harry Price was talked to in a similar way, and was permitted his career as a
psychic researcher only on the condition that at least part of his efforts should be done and seen as blatantly fraudulent or should be
else misleading.)

Similarly, you find the same in other cases of purported guilt when it comes to other great mysteries, you name them. It is supposed
the person susceptible of blame was simply either bad or good, and yet a person can easily do wrong with good intention and for them
what is a clear mind and conscience; because they were simply foolish and irrational, or because they were misled by someone else as
to the nature of what they were doing, or they were threatened or blackmailed in some dire or even deadly way - or other possibilities
or complication to account for their alleged bad behavior.


Browsing the YouTube as is often my wont, I found this mini-documentary by one Rebecca Brazil on Borley Rectory; that for a non-
professional production is well done.


After watching which, I thought I would add some comments in response here.

I have had my own extended encounter with "ghosts," or criminal spirit people as I prefer to call those I found myself dealing with,
and wrote about them in my New Treatise on Hell, my "Narrative," and over the years in posts at the website. Curiously, despite my
having this website since 2003 and having written all these things regarding spirit people, including sending out mailers attaching
them on many occasions to individuals, I have never once in all this while had a single letter or inquiry from anyone about them.
While it is not necessary for me to assume or jump to conclusions why this should be so, nevertheless at the very least the utter non-
response does seem no little strange. But even allowing that there was somehow nothing suspicious or impossible about my not
receiving any response regarding my own reported first hand dealings, and seeing and experiencing spirit people on dozens of
occasions, I feel there is no doubt in my mind that I can prove the truth of what I claim if only I could get some honest, impartial,
objective, duly rational individuals to even try to examine and test what I assert. Since (among other arguments that might be
adduced), if I am otherwise lying and or crazy, it ought to be possible to demonstrate that I am, and if not lying and or crazy then it
necessarily follows there is truth to my story. Many times since 2003 I have submitted challenges here and elsewhere for someone
who is a serious and scientific minded thinker to look into and talk to me about this subject, yet, as stated, not even a single email or
anything. Well, it has been long since I have last tried to get some to disprove me, and as result have as long since given up trying.
This said, I take this present occasion, upon seeing doubts raised about spirit people in the above video, to relate once again that there
are such things and I am convinced I can prove such (given the rationale stated.) In sum then, for anyone who thinks themself an
honest, credible and rational person, who is either curious or else adamantly refuses to believe such things exist, I say once more, as I
did years ago, contact me and give me a chance to prove it; and see if I can't do the same. If you can show me as lying and or crazy,
then I will be disproved. If not, then does it not follow that what I claim is in fact true? What can be more simple and straightforward
than this?


[ch. 13]
...In the world everything is nominal, and nothing real... ...We have recounted, as I think, all the various causes of the wearing of the
crown, and there is not one which has any place with us: all are foreign to us, unholy, unlawful, having been abjured already once for
all in the solemn declaration of the sacrament. For they were of the pomp of the devil and his angels, offices of the world, honours,
festivals, popularity huntings, false vows, exhibitions of human servility, empty praises, base glories, and in them all idolatry, even in
respect of the origin of the crowns alone, with which they are all wreathed. Claudius will tell us in his preface, indeed, that in the
poems of Homer the heaven also is crowned with constellations, and that no doubt by God, no doubt for man; therefore man himself,
too, should be crowned by God. But the world crowns brothels, and baths, and bakehouses, and prisons, and schools, and the very
amphitheatres, and the chambers where the clothes are stripped from dead gladiators, and the very biers of the dead. How sacred and
holy, how venerable and pure is this article of dress, determine not from the heaven of poetry alone, but from the traffickings of the
whole world. But indeed a Christian will not even dishonour his own gate with laurel crowns, if so be he knows how many gods the
devil has attached to doors; Janus so-called from gate, Limentinus from threshold, Forcus and Carna from leaves and hinges; among
the Greeks, too, the Thyræan Apollo, and the evil spirits, the Antelii...
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), The Chaplet


[ch. 2]
I affirm that not one of the Faithful has ever a crown upon his head, except at a time of trial. That is the case with all, from
catechumens to confessors and martyrs, or (as the case may be) deniers...
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), The Chaplet

If those without a heart scorn or reject you, what should you care? For remember, what is most valued in the long term is not what
merely is desired but what is truly loved. And while many claim to love, relatively few last in this and actually do so.


If you cannot at last trust them 98-100% of the time, call them anything but brother or friend.


"Hell is man entirely without wisdom or philosophy, and so separated from the contemplation of God."
~ from "The Philosophy of Dante" by Roger Theodore Lafferty, p. 24.


You like ghoulish weirdoism. But I hate it.


Psychotronic weaponry (and all this time I was calling them brain torture radios) -- the legal alternative to homicide.

A: But pirates frighten me.

B: Why there's no need to fear pirates -- if they are your friend. Now he is a bad pirate. But that one is a good pirate. What you need to
do is be friends with the good pirate.

A: Oh, now I see!


Honesty, rationality, fair dealing, trustworthiness, selfless courage, selfless charity - where will you find these? Never as such or per se
in an institution, social movement, or a religion, but only in genuinely good and sincere hearts, attuned in Christ to the Spirit of Faith,
Love and Truth. For where else is the root and well-spring of these things?


You can hardly imagine how wonderful, sweet, and beautiful life would be without recidivist, violent criminals. Oh the very thought
of it makes my soul leap to sheer rapture and ecstasy.

My thoughts regarding the latest, umpteenth school shooting?

I think those are mistaken who are quick to blame the NRA, but turn a blind eye to Harry Potter, et al., and rabid neo-pagan culture in
all its myriad and various forms. Criminal spirit people are indeed among us, indeed always have been, but their effect, influence and
the brazen unprecedented open dealing has been dramatically on the rise in roughly the last 30 years. For which reason, permit me to
explain a few things on this subject.

We typically think of devils as wanting to advocate, encourage, and incite what is bad, or in worser case scenarios what is evil. But
this is a great distortion. The formal position of criminal spirit people is actually rather Manichean in nature, or as they themselves
would express it, they do things both ways. That is, they avail themselves of doing bad or good as it suits them. Now in practice, as a
thinking person could expect, this idea and approach of having and doing things both ways does not really work. What happens
instead is that you get more bad happening and practitioners of this dual moral relativism becomes more and more incapable of doing
much or any worthwhile good (the more so of course as they adhere to such a doctrine.) And yet this is a persuasive teaching to use on
dumb, childish and semi-rational people. Do it both ways, and what better method to adopt for the purposes of having everything?

While I laud and admire much a lot of the political activism on the internet that helps to inform and bring about positive change, it
usually has the defect of overlooking the importance of arts, culture, and education; foolishly thinking that law and government will
solve all our ills. Secondly, it is almost always seeing bad behavior as intentional. This also is very mistaken, indeed more often than
not people act badly, including criminally, not because they intend or wish bad, but rather because they intend and wish good, and
perhaps are specifically fooled or tricked into believing this; that is that doing bad, as they see it, can be a way of achieving positive
good. Again, it is a Manichean like notion that originates with these criminal spirit people.

So while people are aghast at the school shooting, they think frequent use of foul language (or knee jerk lewdness) amusing, and yet
the two are ultimately related as far as who is encouraging this. Remember it is one of the aims of hard core serious criminal spirit to
get people guilty, preferably very guilty. Because the more guilty people at large are and the more they see guilt as a usual and
acceptable thing, the more hard core criminal spirit people can reason they themselves then are not so bad as they are or have been
accused of; since they are that much less uncommon and rare.

The soul of a people is like any commodity, something that can be bought. And the drastic down turn in recent decades of the quality
of culture, in the arts, music, entertainment, education, you name it, is something criminal spirit can and have purchased with money
and social privileges. Degrade the culture and arts of your people, and I will pay you big money for your doing so. And this can be
done both by deliberately trashing what is good in the culture, but also by sponsoring, subsidizing and or glorifying what is worthless,
phony, and mediocre. You further accomplish this by effectively outlawing fair competition, and side-lining, if not assassinating, those
with actual talent and merit who will not accede to such a system.

Not surprisingly, persons who think little or nothing of arts and culture, slight if not overtly decry the importance of the heart and
spirit, and think absolutely nothing of selling it. Money matters, not proper art and culture and education. Art, culture, and education,
as such view the question, are merely extraneous concerns, ways to kill time or to awe and impress people. Money and coerced or
bribed public opinion are the real thing. As a result, we as a society are made to learn to go without sincerely felt sentiment, real
laughter, good music, meaningful drama; and hence the accompanying pervasiveness of violence and noise and sensationalism; with
good being measured by status; with status in turn is measured primarily by money, propaganda, and club affiliation, not talent, merit,
or moral character.

But then you pretty much already knew all this I am telling you, didn't you?

[ch. 1]
...Thereafter adverse judgments began to be passed upon his conduct— whether on the part of Christians I do not know, for those of
the heathen are not different— as if he were headstrong and rash, and too eager to die, because, in being taken to task about a mere
matter of dress, he brought trouble on the bearers of the Name, — he, forsooth, alone brave among so many soldier-brethren, he alone
a Christian. It is plain that as they have rejected the prophecies of the Holy Spirit, they are also purposing the refusal of martyrdom. So
they murmur that a peace so good and long is endangered for them. Nor do I doubt that some are already turning their back on the
Scriptures, are making ready their luggage, are equipped for flight from city to city; for that is all of the gospel they care to remember.
I know, too, their pastors are lions in peace, deer in the fight...
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), The Chaplet


[ch. 2]
We are worshippers of one God, of whose existence and character Nature teaches all men; at whose lightnings and thunders you
tremble, whose benefits minister to your happiness. You think that others, too, are gods, whom we know to be devils. However, it is a
fundamental human right, a privilege of nature, that every man should worship according to his own convictions: one man's religion
neither harms nor helps another man. It is assuredly no part of religion to compel religion— to which free-will and not force should
lead us— the sacrificial victims even being required of a willing mind. You will render no real service to your gods by compelling us
to sacrifice. For they can have no desire of offerings from the unwilling, unless they are animated by a spirit of contention, which is a
thing altogether undivine...

...For God, Creator of the universe, has no need of odours or of blood. These things are the food of devils. But we not only reject those
wicked spirits: we overcome them; we daily hold them up to contempt; we exorcise them from their victims, as multitudes can
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), To Scapula


"On Earth as it is in Heaven."

Where is the devil? In point of fact, he is on or with the Right, the Left, Conservative, Progressive, Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Muslim,
Atheist, just about any you can name with social clout; indeed, sooner or later, most any group he has had a chance and opportunity to
infiltrate. All it takes is a handful of that given group dumb enough to listen to him for him to do his work effectively. And in all these
groups or collectives there are invariably persons who love money, power, and worldly prestige, honor and privilege as much or more
than anything else, and who then are among those most susceptible to being tapped into. Now does this surprise you? Why should it?

Meantime, would you then know the demarcation of true versus false, real versus fake? It essentially is the difference between honest,
objective, rationality versus dissembling, secretive irrationality. And who would deny this?


How is it possible that someone can be bad when they are otherwise good and sincerely mean well? When they are fooled and taken in
by a truly bad person more clever than themselves.


They are on the highway to Hell, and they might as well have a good time while they are doing so. Is this perhaps what they are


What, do you mean to suggest that these people were frightened, mind controlled or hypnotized into going along with all this?


The world is so overloaded with hard core criminals and lying, you can't help up think we could not after all be happy. Yet we could
be, at least reasonably and by the grace of God so I think, if we could rid ourselves of the criminals and the lying.

Take a tip, I tell them. Don't believe a false teaching. It will only make things worse for you.


He said it was in the character of a mental patient to force himself on people. I said that was not true. Not all mental patients force
themselves on others, and that there was no reason he could still be a mental patient and keep to himself.


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I never followed the 9/11 story all that closely, but this documentary presents an interesting and credible case of how scientifically it
was possible for the Twin Towers (and surrounding objects, like cars) to be made to disintegrate without a fire. Judge for yourself.


["Where Did the Towers Go? Implications of the Forensic Study & Cover Up - Mobile/tablet version"]


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America's Got Talent! - circa 1929


["Jan 26, 1929 - Children's Vaudeville/Talent Show in Long Beach, California (real sound)"]


[ch. 1]
...It is plain that as they have rejected the prophecies of the Holy Spirit, they are also purposing the refusal of martyrdom. So they
murmur that a peace so good and long is endangered for them. Nor do I doubt that some are already turning their back on the
Scriptures, are making ready their luggage, are equipped for flight from city to city; for that is all of the gospel they care to remember.
I know, too, their pastors are lions in peace, deer in the fight...
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), The Chaplet


Upon checking, I discovered a few of the links at my "Ben Turpin Central" were not coded correctly when I changed the domain name
at my "Mabel Normand Home Page" a couple years ago. Consequently, I have since fixed this, and all links now are working
For the site itself, see:


An evil wizard in Sarmatia -- located on the north side of the Black Sea; a people derived from the Scythians -- challenges the might
of the Roman Empire in "Rome Against Rome" (1964), and which teams the talents of American International with Galatea films
from Italy; thus combining supernatural horror with the sword and sandal genre. Roger Corman fans will note here the same use of
color filtered sequences like those featured in the dream portions of some of the Vincent Price-Edgar Allan Poe films. Come the end
of the movie, you are left asking yourself, "what is this I just got through watching?" Not to be missed!

This film was originally on YouTube (I made a DVD copy of it from there), but has since been taken down. However, it still can be
seen at Daily motion at:


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During the 1920s the highest paid performer in vaudeville and later credited as the first stand up comic, I learned of Frank Fay (1891-
1961) from watching the film "Meet the Mayor" (1932), in which, as reportedly in real life, he often comes across as egotistical and
annoying (though a good or at least interesting, would be Chaplinesque film otherwise.) Later on, though George Burns is said to have
been friends with him, he was denounced with bitter hatred after World War II as being anti-semitic, and yet for all my trying to find
what extant proof there was of his actually being so (quoted statements for example) I could find absolutely nothing except innuendo
and rumor. Whatever the true story, he was an original and unusual character, sort of strange cross between Will Rogers, Bing Crosby,
and Red Skelton, or else other equally odd combination. C'est la vie!


[""Fleur D'Amour" (1930) Frank Fay" - sung in a film]


[ch. 21]
The heathen, who have not a full revelation of the truth, for they are not taught of God, hold a thing evil and good as it suits self-will
and passion, making that which is good in one place evil in another, and that which is evil in one place in another good. So it strangely
happens, that the same man who can scarcely in public lift up his tunic, even when necessity of nature presses him, takes it off in the
circus, as if bent on exposing himself before everybody; the father who carefully protects and guards his virgin daughter's ears from
every polluting word, takes her to the theatre himself, exposing her to all its vile words and attitudes; he, again, who in the streets lays
hands on or covers with reproaches the brawling pugilist, in the arena gives all encouragement to combats of a much more serious
kind; and he who looks with horror on the corpse of one who has died under the common law of nature, in the ampitheatre gazes down
with most patient eyes on bodies all mangled and torn and smeared with their own blood; nay, the very man who comes to the show,
because he thinks murderers ought to suffer for their crime, drives the unwilling gladiator to the murderous deed with rods and
scourges; and one who demands the lion for every manslayer of deeper dye, will have the staff for the savage swordsman, and rewards
him with the cap of liberty. Yes and he must have the poor victim back again, that he may get a sight of his face— with zest inspecting
near at hand the man whom he wished torn in pieces at safe distance from him: so much the more cruel he if that was not his wish.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), The Shows


Probably the greater majority of people think Satan or the Devil exists, and yet this rather signal and relevant conclusion is completely
ignored in the conventional telling of the news; presumably because, among a number of reasons one might mention, to do so would
and understandably complicate the discussion.

Last night I was listening on YouTube to an intelligent and well considered assessment of the 1994 O.J. Simpson implicated murders,
and the speaker made the point that the two killings were not merely heat of the moment stabbings, or merely summary executions,
bur rather crimes of the most incomprehensible viciousness and utterly insane brutality.

The point I would make, and argue for, is that extreme and persistent humiliation and degradation of another originates with the
demonic or hard core criminal spirit people. I am not disposed at this particular moment to attempt to explore or explain why I think
this so, but it is something based on my own experience of dealing with such people that I have come to take as a given.

The Bill Cosby scandals and his recent court convictions are interestingly reminiscent of the O.J. Simpson cases; both involve famous,
wealthy and handsome black men going out with white women, and who in the minds of some get their just desserts, insofar as they
are roundly condemned, and which I take to be a kind of ulterior motive of animosity that is only circumstantially related to whether
they are actually guilty of the crimes they are accused of. This kind of antipathy in short has much of the demonic about it.

At the same time, and this is as much reason as I write any of this just now, it is of vital importance to remember that even if we
assume Simpson and Cosby are in fact guilty of the very serious crimes they are accused of, it is in my opinion highly possible that
they were (and probably still are) manipulated by witchcraft and criminals spirit people out to get them. After all, if someone really
hated Simpson and or Cosby to the utmost degree, wouldn't it be their wish to have them carry out such crimes and then be widely
exposed and condemned for the same? What dire revenge could be more desired by persons who themselves fully represent what is
most inhuman and ruthless? As noted before, professional criminal spirit people are experts at manipulating behaviors, mind control,
and setting people up and getting them into trouble - that is an essential part of their vocation. Last, we might observe, there are and
never have been represented in depictions of Satan and great powers of evil, any black persons in their upper hierarchy, only white
people. Moreover, abject racism and summary hatred of blacks is most pronounced among criminal spirit and there has its most
powerful and influential source.

If the murders then of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman, as mentioned, are a product of a mind that goes beyond mere murder, is
it not at all possible the fall and demise of Simpson and Cosby are themselves orchestrated and premeditated murders of a kind, even
if we grant Simpson and Cosby indeed perpetrated the acts they are alleged to have committed?

What claims of greatness, of supposed great accomplishment! And yet was it not obviously possible we could, all along, have done
without them, and that quite easily? And yet if that is not proof enough for you as to the falsity of their claims and pretensions, what
about their imprisoning and torturing their enemies -- whom they could not begin to best in honest debate or successfully compete
with, at least in a manner that did not require shameless cheating and bullying. Yet, oh what encomiums, what praises for them,
coming from both themselves and others of supposed accomplishments and achievements; while their rivals continue to be incessantly
suppressed, grossly misrepresented, and relentlessly harried, if not in all instances actually bound and gagged.


Is the church too worldly? Certainly some have thought so, and from the earliest centuries; such as the founders of Christian
monasticism. That is why they became the Desert Fathers.


Every wiseman, philosopher, poet, or saint, no matter how great, no matter their degree of confidence, ultimately must count on God
to second him. The long, drawn out nature of time makes this unavoidable.


If an individual sells their own soul to the devil, well that is their business I suppose. But when a group or people, even if it is a
majority, sells society's or a nation’s soul, no that is not at all the same thing.


Dante's Inferno is frightening for the simple reason that it is an utter marvel that a sober sane person could imagine such things and
write them down with such poise and elegance.


Who loves and seeks the rational, impartial, fair and honest truth? As you know, far from everyone. Yet if they reject such truth, what
then do they seek and venerate instead? Rhetoric, illusion.

[ch. 17]
Are we not, in like manner, enjoined to put away from us all immodesty? On this ground, again, we are excluded from the theatre,
which is immodesty's own peculiar abode, where nothing is in repute but what elsewhere is disreputable. So the best path to the
highest favour of its god is the vileness which the Atellan gesticulates, which the buffoon in woman's clothes exhibits, destroying all
natural modesty, so that they blush more readily at home than at the play, which finally is done from his childhood on the person of
the pantomime, that he may become an actor. The very harlots, too, victims of the public lust, are brought upon the stage, their misery
increased as being there in the presence of their own sex, from whom alone they are wont to hide themselves: they are paraded
publicly before every age and every rank— their abode, their gains, their praises, are set forth, and that even in the hearing of those
who should not hear such things. I say nothing about other matters, which it were good to hide away in their own darkness and their
own gloomy caves, lest they should stain the light of day. Let the Senate, let all ranks, blush for very shame! Why, even these
miserable women, who by their own gestures destroy their modesty, dreading the light of day, and the people's gaze, know something
of shame at least once a year. But if we ought to abominate all that is immodest, on what ground is it right to hear what we must not
speak? For all licentiousness of speech, nay, every idle word, is condemned by God. Why, in the same way, is it right to look on what
it is disgraceful to do? How is it that the things which defile a man in going out of his mouth, are not regarded as doing so when they
go in at his eyes and ears— when eyes and ears are the immediate attendants on the spirit— and that can never be pure whose
servants-in-waiting are impure? You have the theatre forbidden, then, in the forbidding of immodesty. If, again, we despise the
teaching of secular literature as being foolishness in God's eyes, our duty is plain enough in regard to those spectacles, which from this
source derive the tragic or comic play. If tragedies and comedies are the bloody and wanton, the impious and licentious inventors of
crimes and lusts, it is not good even that there should be any calling to remembrance the atrocious or the vile. What you reject in deed,
you are not to bid welcome to in word.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), The Shows
[ch. 12]
It remains for us to examine the “spectacle” most noted of all, and in highest favour. It is called a dutiful service (munus), from its
being an office, for it bears the name of “ officium” as well as “ munus.” The ancients thought that in this solemnity they rendered
offices to the dead; at a later period, with a cruelty more refined, they somewhat modified its character. For formerly, in the belief that
the souls of the departed were appeased by human blood, they were in the habit of buying captives or slaves of wicked disposition,
and immolating them in their funeral obsequies. Afterwards they thought good to throw the veil of pleasure over their iniquity. Those,
therefore, whom they had provided for the combat, and then trained in arms as best they could, only that they might learn to die, they,
on the funeral day, killed at the places of sepulture. They alleviated death by murders. Such is the origin of the “Munus.” But by
degrees their refinement came up to their cruelty; for these human wild beasts could not find pleasure exquisite enough, save in the
spectacle of men torn to pieces by wild beasts. Offerings to propitiate the dead then were regarded as belonging to the class of funeral
sacrifices; and these are idolatry: for idolatry, in fact, is a sort of homage to the departed; the one as well as the other is a service to
dead men. Moreover, demons have abode in the images of the dead. To refer also to the matter of names, though this sort of exhibition
has passed from honours of the dead to honours of the living, I mean, to quæstorships and magistracies— to priestly offices of
different kinds; yet, since idolatry still cleaves to the dignity's name, whatever is done in its name partakes of its impurity. The same
remark will apply to the procession of the “Munus,” as we look at that in the pomp which is connected with these honours themselves;
for the purple robes, the fasces, the fillets, the crowns, the proclamations too, and edicts, the sacred feasts of the day before, are not
without the pomp of the devil, without invitation of demons. What need, then, of dwelling on the place of horrors, which is too much
even for the tongue of the perjurer? For the amphitheatre is consecrated to names more numerous and more dire than is the Capitol
itself, temple of all demons as it is. There are as many unclean spirits there as it holds men. To conclude with a single remark about
the arts which have a place in it, we know that its two sorts of amusement have for their patrons Mars and Diana.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), The Shows

For such who might be interested, and this came as news to me...not mere clips, not a documentary, but the original complete on-air tv

[1969 World Series, Game 5: Orioles @ Mets]

[1970 World Series, Game 5: Reds @ Orioles]

And, as you might expect, there are other years and seasons available on YT also. (But these are two I especially remember.)



["Leo Gorcey" - scene from "Let's Get Tough" (1942); in which Police chief Robert Armstrong's lectures the East Side Kids on the
Bill of Rights.]


Some random in passing...(this 11 April 2018)

This is what I can't figure. What I don't understand is here are all these abandoned and forsaken children and animals who need a
proper home, can't get one, with some of these having to be put down for that reason; while simultaneously we dedicate great wealth,
time and resources to cater to and babysit this maniac who feels sorry for himself and is in constant need of mass media attention --
and gets it. Meantime he is incapable of selfless love; can't actually be loved (on the terms he requires and demands); so he will do
what he considers to be the next best thing, be someone great. And if he can't be deemed someone great, then he will just have to kill
everybody, or at least as many as possible, in revenge.


It should indeed come as no great surprise that the accomplices of murderers, arrant cheaters, and shameless bullies look down on and
marginalize those who are not of their ilk, even if the latter are honest, rational, and just persons, and in effect have it understood that
they don't qualify as proper citizens.


A: Granted these powers are indeed tremendous and amazing in their way. But after all they they are only really intended to effect the
unreflecting weak minds of dumb people.

B: True. But given all the money we've spent, you can possibly expect us to give up using them, now do you?

A: I suppose not. But have you no conscience manipulating people with mind control and illusions. Have you no conscience?
B: But our cause is just.

A: Yet what about brain torture radios, you call that just?

B: I like brain torture radios.

A: Yes, and why?

B: Oh, I don’t know. I just do. Besides, what good is it to permit it to be known that the general populace, if given the chance, would
actually surpass us in intelligence and understanding? Better and more safe, it seems to me, to keep up appearances.


Epistemology 101
(1) The front, (2) you (3) the back of you.
1. The front: your view or what you are viewing.
2. Your judgment of or conclusion concerning that view.
3. The basis and criteria of your judgment, but which for the vast majority of people goes unseen and unaccounted for.


Baseball in grandpa's day.


["Apr. 14, 1931 - Scenes at a Yankees vs Red Sox Game, NYC (real sound)"]


[ch. 9]
Now as to the kind of performances peculiar to the circus exhibitions. In former days equestrianism was practised in a simple way on
horseback, and certainly its ordinary use had nothing sinful in it; but when it was dragged into the games, it passed from the service of
God into the employment of demons. Accordingly this kind of circus performances is regarded as sacred to Castor and Pollux, to
whom, Stesichorus tells us, horses were given by Mercury. And Neptune, too, is an equestrian deity, by the Greeks called Hippius. In
regard to the team, they have consecrated the chariot and four to the sun; the chariot and pair to the moon. But, as the poet has it,
“Erichthonius first dared to yoke four horses to the chariot, and to ride upon its wheels with victorious swiftness.” Erichthonius, the
son of Vulcan and Minerva, fruit of unworthy passion upon earth, is a demon-monster, nay, the devil himself, and no mere snake. But
if Trochilus the Argive is maker of the first chariot, he dedicated that work of his to Juno. If Romulus first exhibited the four-horse
chariot at Rome, he too, I think, has a place given him among idols, at least if he and Quirinus are the same. But as chariots had such
inventors, the charioteers were naturally dressed, too, in the colours of idolatry; for at first these were only two, namely white and
red—the former sacred to the winter with its glistening snows, the latter sacred to the summer with its ruddy sun: but afterwards, in
the progress of luxury as well as of superstition, red was dedicated by some to Mars, and white by others to the Zephyrs, while green
was given to Mother Earth, or spring, and azure to the sky and sea, or autumn. But as idolatry of every kind is condemned by God,
that form of it surely shares the condemnation which is offered to the elements of nature.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), The Shows

Note. While it would be understandably be construed as idolatry to deify nature, it is worth remarking that criminal spirit people are
anything but natural. True, they (some of them anyway) have the power to manipulate nature, say for instances in controlling plants,
animals, and even possibly the weather in extraordinary ways that will awe and stupefy the childish and credulous. But these sorts of
things are really the result of what amounts to a sophisticated use of ages old technique and, for lack of a better word, technology. In
character, criminal spirit people are extremely unnatural and unsympathetic to nature (at least so it will seem to those who actually
have natural dispositions) and will treat anyone and anything like dirt as it suits their typically selfish, avaricious, and covetous


And you can just imagine that certain someone* back then saying: "He's got to go."


["Sen. Robert F. Kennedy Interview- Civil Unrest, Vietnam (Merv Griffin Show 1967)"]
* Oafmore.

[ch. 3]
Fortified by this knowledge against heathen views, let us rather turn to the unworthy reasonings of our own people; for the faith of
some, either too simple or too scrupulous, demands direct authority from Scripture for giving up the shows, and holds out that the
matter is a doubtful one, because such abstinence is not clearly and in words imposed upon God's servants. Well, we never find it
expressed with the same precision, “You shall not enter circus or theatre, you shall not look on combat or show;” as it is plainly laid
down, “You shall not kill; you shall not worship an idol; you shall not commit adultery or fraud.” [Exodus 20:14] But we find that that
first word of David bears on this very sort of thing: “Blessed,” he says, “is the man who has not gone into the assembly of the impious,
nor stood in the way of sinners, nor sat in the seat of scorners.” Though he seems to have predicted beforehand of that just man, that
he took no part in the meetings and deliberations of the Jews, taking counsel about the slaying of our Lord, yet divine Scripture has
ever far-reaching applications: after the immediate sense has been exhausted, in all directions it fortifies the practice of the religious
life, so that here also you have an utterance which is not far from a plain interdicting of the shows. If he called those few Jews an
assembly of the wicked, how much more will he so designate so vast a gathering of heathens! Are the heathens less impious, less
sinners, less enemies of Christ, than the Jews were then? And see, too, how other things agree. For at the shows they also stand in the
way. For they call the spaces between the seats going round the amphitheatre, and the passages which separate the people running
down, ways. The place in the curve where the matrons sit is called a chair. Therefore, on the contrary, it holds, unblessed is he who
has entered any council of wicked men, and has stood in any way of sinners, and has sat in any chair of scorners. We may understand
a thing as spoken generally, even when it requires a certain special interpretation to be given to it. For some things spoken with a
special reference contain in them general truth. When God admonishes the Israelites of their duty, or sharply reproves them, He has
surely a reference to all men; when He threatens destruction to Egypt and Ethiopia, He surely pre-condemns every sinning nation,
whatever. If, reasoning from species to genus, every nation that sins against them is an Egypt and Ethiopia; so also, reasoning from
genus to species, with reference to the origin of shows, every show is an assembly of the wicked.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), The Shows

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One of my top (say) 20 sound (as opposed to silent) films of all time, the 1971 adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's "Kidnapped"
with Michael Caine is, I submit, a "must see" for anyone interested in an movie set in the 18th century that is DONE RIGHT, that is to
say authentically and believably. Most historical films rarely make you, as the viewer, really feel as if you "are there," but every now
and then one has appeared that does so, and this is definitely of that kind. The film is, for the larger part, extremely well done in other
respects, including acting, directing, music, cinematography, and script; of which latter it might even be said that it improves on
Stevenson (at least in the tragic-heroic ending.)

Oddly enough, nevertheless, "Kidnapped" (1971), which I first saw on the wide screen at a movie theater in the mid 70's, is (and
strangely) NOT available on DVD in the U.S. (PAL format only.) You can, even so, catch it on video (where last night I
saw and enjoyed it again) at:


It being Good Friday today, and coming up as we are on Easter, I thought I would share some thoughts on what I have come to believe
are the best and most proper ways to approach Christianity and fellow Christians. So often it is heard in the church how it is the
secular world that is at fault for the rejection of the faith. And yet historically and in our own personal experience Christians
themselves can, in given instances, be unintentional dissuaders and promoters of unbelief. For example, let's say, the would be
Christian advocate is persistently and unduly childish and irrational, or else, in another case, secretive and dissembling without good
reason. Now an intelligent person can make the distinction of saying that the fault lies simply with the individual or individuals and
not with the faith itself. And that of course is how one should react. With this in mind, there are it seems three types of response one
can avail oneself of in dealing with other Christians; as follows:

1. Accept Gladly
You like what they say and do, so you have no problem accepting and willingly working with and or accommodating them. This
would include what might be matters of core doctrine, which though you may yourself be somewhat unsure about, are willing to give
the church otherwise full benefit of the doubt and as a matter of faith.

2. Endure Patiently
In this case you don't quite agree with the person(s) (say, on a given point), but you see they are genuinely sincere and mean well. So
you go along even if you don't quite agree.

3. Reject Politely
In instances where the person (s) is, say, utterly arrogant, inconsiderate, and incorrigible, perhaps flagrantly hypocritical, and or less
than sincere on a very important point, one has the right (it seems to me) to politely stay away from them. If they are intelligent and
mannerly enough to engage in cordial debate, you could try that and try to resolve a difference or misunderstanding this way. But if
not, you are justified in politely avoiding and else simply praying for them.

By these criteria and means, one can participate and mix with a Christian or Christian community without feeling they always have to
agree with you or you have to always agree with them; and thus all the better keep the peace; as, by definition, it is necessary for us as
Christians to do.


[ch. 37]
... Yet you choose to call us enemies of the human race, rather than of human error. Nay, who would deliver you from those secret
foes, ever busy both destroying your souls and ruining your health? Who would save you, I mean, from the attacks of those spirits of
evil, which without reward or hire we exorcise? This alone would be revenge enough for us, that you were henceforth left free to the
possession of unclean spirits. But instead of taking into account what is due to us for the important protection we afford you, and
though we are not merely no trouble to you, but in fact necessary to your well-being, you prefer to hold us enemies, as indeed we are,
yet not of man, but rather of his error.

[ch. 38]
...We renounce all your spectacles, as strongly as we renounce the matters originating them, which we know were conceived of
superstition, when we give up the very things which are the basis of their representations. Among us nothing is ever said, or seen, or
heard, which has anything in common with the madness of the circus, the immodesty of the theatre, the atrocities of the arena, the
useless exercises of the wrestling-ground. Why do you take offense at us because we differ from you in regard to your pleasures? If
we will not partake of your enjoyments, the loss is ours, if there be loss in the case, not yours. We reject what pleases you. You, on the
other hand, have no taste for what is our delight. The Epicureans were allowed by you to decide for themselves one true source of
pleasure— I mean equanimity; the Christian, on his part, has many such enjoyments— what harm in that?
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Apology


"Mirror, mirror on the wall..."

There are foolish people, but quite naturally no one is surprised by this. Forgiving is easy, but it is the continuing to put up with
someone that is actually the hard part.

He thinks the purpose of the movies is primarily so that a person can be liked, rich and famous, and really has no conception of them
beyond this other than as a way to fill up empty time. Criminal spirit subsequently came and informed him that the way to success in
star and filmdom is through us. O.K. he said, and that essentially is how he turned out to be one of the top ten greatest and most lauded
directors and producers in all Hollywood history; little realizing that ghostly riches are wealth founded in illusion.

And so what has happened since? Well, pretty much they spend most of their days and hours bothering people. It is necessary to "get"
people; particularly such who do not cooperate and go along with what they are doing.

"But if we leave people alone (and let them just live their own lives), they will ignore and forget us completely."

Well, there then you have it.

Divide and Conquer

The most fundamental of serious threats criminal spiritual people pose is that they will pretend to be authority, and when you consider
their expertise at mind control, illusion creation/magic (ala such as of David Copperfield and Blackstone Jr. sort -- but done by spirit
people), unknown (to us) spirit world technologies, (what we might call) the spirit people scare factor, and how impressionable and
given to unreason many are and would be to all of these powers, it is no wonder how phenomenal the hold criminal spirit persons have
over regular (flesh and blood) people is and can be.

It is necessary to understand also that so much of bad behavior including hostility and viciousness has its origins directly or indirectly
in the machinations of criminal spirit people, that in a sense is their business. Such devises are fully calculated and intended to bring
about the shocking, aggravating, angering, and or tragic results; while in the process cause confusion and have blame transposed and
shifted with egregious injustice on different persons and levels among those who might involved. It is one of the most lamentable and
completely absurd failures of would-be modern psychology to be unaware of or ignore this fact; finding causes and explanations for
behaviors that are deliberately incited and orchestrated by veteran criminal spirit person; whose purpose in short and as much as
anything else is to corrupt people, and by this means weaken them; thus making it easier for such to at last enslave and take over the
lives of individuals, families, associations, communities.
Spiritual, intellectual, rational, thoughts are shared, traded, transmitted, communicated through writing, and in a detailed way not
possible with other mediums. It comes then as no surprise to learn that they, and their followers, disparage and or generally don't like
people reading and writing in any serious and or properly thoughtful way; preferring instead the hooting, howling and sophistry of oral

People in secular history are, except in our romantic imaginations, generally strangers or at best tentative friends, while the Bible -- or
other bona fide religious tradition -- makes it seem as we ourselves are part of what went on in history beyond mere race and recent
culture. And for Christians, through Christ we are part of this both godly and natural family. Godly because it is moral and insists on
due justice (and mercy.) Natural because it survives physically in sacred or most beloved scripture, but that, even so, is only a
shadowbox or private theater of the divine. And granted, let's say it is not a scientific vision but only a wishful one. But what more
could be wished but that with life we could be (at least for efficiency and pragmatic purposes if nothing else) brothers and sisters,
fathers, mothers, sons and daughter? Secular brotherhood by comparison reaches it nadir in arts and in warfare but ultimately these
will not hold when we are not actual brothers and sisters. And even if we lose a lot of the Bible's details, it is still and as more
important to imbibe and retain its spirit of devotion and continuity. The words of the Bible itself are just words or better than words
for only so long -- until those words are brought together in the deeds of Christ -- which deed transcends all scripture and scientific
history (or if it does not then no history can be trusted for much.) But a Christ who is and of the truth, and no other, and which
apodeictically implies honesty, forthrightness, and sincerity.

Of course, this higher understanding in turn has a major bearing on to how you treat someone royally, and that is what you are
supposed to do if you love (as opposed to use) someone. And on such a basis all manner of nobles and aristocracies (including such as
are possible to conceive of for and in the plant, animal, geological, and celestial realms) can be created -- yet only such as are
consistent with the love, sincerity and trustworthiness of a Christlike person; that is to say a person of deeds that are, above all
humane, truthful and courageous. And similarly, with other religions, when they have a viable vision that is aesthetic, upright,
graceful, and heart supported (and which heart is persevering in these things) then I can adopt and be beholden to and respectful of
that vision as well.


[ch. 23]
Moreover, if sorcerers call forth ghosts, and even make what seem the souls of the dead to appear; if they put boys to death, in order to
get a response from the oracle; if, with their juggling illusions, they make a pretence of doing various miracles; if they put dreams into
people's minds by the power of the angels and demons whose aid they have invited, by whose influence, too, goats and tables are
made to divine,— how much more likely is this power of evil to be zealous in doing with all its might, of its own inclination, and for
its own objects, what it does to serve the ends of others! Or if both angels and demons do just what your gods do, where in that case is
the pre-eminence of deity, which we must surely think to be above all in might? Will it not then be more reasonable to hold that these
spirits make themselves gods, giving as they do the very proofs which raise your gods to godhead, than that the gods are the equals of
angels and demons?...

...If, on the one hand, they are really gods, why do they pretend to be demons? Is it from fear of us? In that case your divinity is put in
subjection to Christians; and you surely can never ascribe deity to that which is under authority of man, nay (if it adds anything to the
disgrace) of its very enemies. If, on the other hand, they are demons or angels, why, inconsistently with this, do they presume to set
themselves forth as acting the part of gods? For as beings who put themselves out as gods would never willingly call themselves
demons, if they were gods indeed, that they might not thereby in fact abdicate their dignity; so those whom you know to be no more
than demons, would not dare to act as gods, if those whose names they take and use were really divine. For they would not dare to
treat with disrespect the higher majesty of beings, whose displeasure they would feel was to be dreaded. So this divinity of yours is no
divinity; for if it were, it would not be pretended to by demons, and it would not be denied by gods...
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Apology


…and surely we could do better than this.

These people not only interfere and sabotage our relationships, business transactions, and correspondence, but it is SO ridiculous that
they eat literally into our physical beings as well, and this in a multifarious variety of ways; some spiritual, some biological, some
cultural, some technological. The thought that occurs often to me, time and again, then is am I the only one who sees all this as (as
much as anything else) an inexcusable and unconscionable waste of time? All this for the beloved ghoul; so that he can be the center
of attention: he gets attention, he wants attention, ad nauseum, etc. etc.. The master of megalomania. I told him I do not relate to this,
but it is simply impossible to get these people to understand that minding one's own business makes sense; in this they way are
[ch. 22]
And we affirm indeed the existence of certain spiritual essences; nor is their name unfamiliar. The philosophers acknowledge there are
demons; Socrates himself waiting on a demon's will. Why not? Since it is said an evil spirit attached itself specially to him even from
his childhood— turning his mind no doubt from what was good. The poets are all acquainted with demons too; even the ignorant
common people make frequent use of them in cursing. In fact, they call upon Satan, the demon-chief, in their execrations, as though
from some instinctive soul-knowledge of him. Plato also admits the existence of angels. The dealers in magic, no less, come forward
as witnesses to the existence of both kinds of spirits. We are instructed, moreover, by our sacred books how from certain angels, who
fell of their own free-will, there sprang a more wicked demon-brood, condemned of God along with the authors of their race, and that
chief we have referred to. It will for the present be enough, however, that some account is given of their work. Their great business is
the ruin of mankind. So, from the very first, spiritual wickedness sought our destruction. They inflict, accordingly, upon our bodies
diseases and other grievous calamities, while by violent assaults they hurry the soul into sudden and extraordinary excesses. Their
marvellous subtleness and tenuity give them access to both parts of our nature. As spiritual, they can do no harm; for, invisible and
intangible, we are not cognizant of their action save by its effects, as when some inexplicable, unseen poison in the breeze blights the
apples and the grain while in the flower, or kills them in the bud, or destroys them when they have reached maturity; as though by the
tainted atmosphere in some unknown way spreading abroad its pestilential exhalations. So, too, by an influence equally obscure,
demons and angels breathe into the soul, and rouse up its corruptions with furious passions and vile excesses; or with cruel lusts
accompanied by various errors, of which the worst is that by which these deities are commended to the favour of deceived and
deluded human beings, that they may get their proper food of flesh-fumes and blood when that is offered up to idol-images. What is
daintier food to the spirit of evil, than turning men's minds away from the true God by the illusions of a false divination? And here I
explain how these illusions are managed. Every spirit is possessed of wings. This is a common property of both angels and demons.
So they are everywhere in a single moment; the whole world is as one place to them; all that is done over the whole extent of it, it is as
easy for them to know as to report. Their swiftness of motion is taken for divinity, because their nature is unknown. Thus they would
have themselves thought sometimes the authors of the things which they announce; and sometimes, no doubt, the bad things are their
doing, never the good. The purposes of God, too, they took up of old from the lips of the prophets, even as they spoke them; and they
gather them still from their works, when they hear them read aloud. Thus getting, too, from this source some intimations of the future,
they set themselves up as rivals of the true God, while they steal His divinations. But the skill with which their responses are shaped to
meet events, your Croesi and Pyrrhi know too well. On the other hand, it was in that way we have explained, the Pythian was able to
declare that they were cooking a tortoise with the flesh of a lamb; in a moment he had been to Lydia. From dwelling in the air, and
their nearness to the stars, and their commerce with the clouds, they have means of knowing the preparatory processes going on in
these upper regions, and thus can give promise of the rains which they already feel. Very kind too, no doubt, they are in regard to the
healing of diseases. For, first of all, they make you ill; then, to get a miracle out of it, they command the application of remedies either
altogether new, or contrary to those in use, and straightway withdrawing hurtful influence, they are supposed to have wrought a cure.
What need, then, to speak of their other artifices, or yet further of the deceptive power which they have as spirits: of these Castor
apparitions, of water carried by a sieve, and a ship drawn along by a girdle, and a beard reddened by a touch, all done with the one
object of showing that men should believe in the deity of stones, and not seek after the only true God?
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Apology

Not long ago, I discovered Medieval Ghost Stories (2006) by Andrew Joynes; which is a both useful and entertaining book; whether
from a historical or literary standpoint. Some may find it of interest to learn that many of the plots and characters of the Hammer
horror films have their origins in Celtic, Scandinavian and related medieval lore.

Now are some of these stories possibly based on true occurrences? It is hard to say, it may be so, but the given tale as related distorts
the original facts -- or perhaps doesn't. Yet if they are all simply imagined -- what imaginations they had! (5 stars.)


[ch. 21]
Count Christ a man, if you please; by Him and in Him God would be known and be adored. If the Jews object, we answer that Moses,
who was but a man, taught them their religion; against the Greeks we urge that Orpheus at Pieria, Musaeus at Athens, Melampus at
Argos, Trophonius in Bœotia, imposed religious rites; turning to yourselves, who exercise sway over the nations, it was the man Numa
Pompilius who laid on the Romans a heavy load of costly superstitions. Surely Christ, then, had a right to reveal Deity, which was in
fact His own essential possession, not with the object of bringing boors and savages by the dread of multitudinous gods, whose favour
must be won into some civilization, as was the case with Numa; but as one who aimed to enlighten men already civilized, and under
illusions from their very culture, that they might come to the knowledge of the truth. Search, then, and see if that divinity of Christ be
true. If it be of such a nature that the acceptance of it transforms a man, and makes him truly good, there is implied in that the duty of
renouncing what is opposed to it as false; especially and on every ground that which, hiding itself under the names and images of
dead, the labours to convince men of its divinity by certain signs, and miracles, and oracles.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Apology

[ch. 21]
For two comings of Christ having been revealed to us: a first, which has been fulfilled in the lowliness of a human lot; a second, which
impends over the world, now near its close, in all the majesty of Deity unveiled; and, by misunderstanding the first, they have
concluded that the second— which, as matter of more manifest prediction, they set their hopes on— is the only one. It was the merited
punishment of their sin not to understand the Lord's first advent: for if they had, they would have believed; and if they had believed,
they would have obtained salvation. They themselves read how it is written of them that they are deprived of wisdom and
understanding— of the use of eyes and ears. [Isaiah 6:10] As, then, under the force of their pre-judgment, they had convinced
themselves from His lowly guise that Christ was no more than man, it followed from that, as a necessary consequence, that they
should hold Him a magician from the powers which He displayed—expelling devils from men by a word, restoring vision to the blind,
cleansing the leprous, reinvigorating the paralytic, summoning the dead to life again, making the very elements of nature obey Him,
stilling the storms and walking on the sea; proving that He was the Logos of God, that primordial first-begotten Word, accompanied
by power and reason, and based on Spirit,— that He who was now doing all things by His word, and He who had done that of old,
were one and the same.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Apology
[ch. 21]
Even when the ray is shot from the sun, it is still part of the parent mass; the sun will still be in the ray, because it is a ray of the sun—
there is no division of substance, but merely an extension. Thus Christ is Spirit of Spirit, and God of God, as light of light is kindled.
The material matrix remains entire and unimpaired, though you derive from it any number of shoots possessed of its qualities; so, too,
that which has come forth out of God is at once God and the Son of God, and the two are one. In this way also, as He is Spirit of Spirit
and God of God, He is made a second in manner of existence— in position, not in nature; and He did not withdraw from the original
source, but went forth. This ray of God, then, as it was always foretold in ancient times, descending into a certain virgin, and made
flesh in her womb, is in His birth God and man united. The flesh formed by the Spirit is nourished, grows up to manhood, speaks,
teaches, works, and is the Christ. Receive meanwhile this fable, if you choose to call it so— it is like some of your own— while we go
on to show how Christ's claims are proved, and who the parties are with you by whom such fables have been set a going to overthrow
the truth, which they resemble. The Jews, too, were well aware that Christ was coming, as those to whom the prophets spoke. Nay,
even now His advent is expected by them; nor is there any other contention between them and us, than that they believe the advent has
not yet occurred.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Apology
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"I'm gonna climb up, gonna climb up

climb up the beanstalk

I never have seen, never have seen

seen such a mean stalk

I'm gonna climb up, gonna climb up

and find out what lives there
find out what gives there

and then (dum, de, dum, de...etc.)"

See, I remember the lyrics after almost 50 years of first and once seeing it on CBS way back when, and haven't even seen it again
since! Now if someone on YT or Vimeo would finally post the whole song.


Jack and the Bean Stalk from David Lile on Vimeo.

["Jack and the Bean Stalk" -- scene from the 1965 production of Jim Eiler, Jeanne Bargy, and Prince Street Players, on Vimeo (I had
apparently seen a re-broadcast, circa 68 or 69.)]

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What could be more genuinely timeless than the opening strains and main theme to the 2nd movement of Arcangelo Corelli's Concerto
Grosso Op. 6, no. 1? To me it is indisputable proof that life is forever.


["Arcangelo Corelli - Concerto Grosso Op.6 No.1 - II. Largo-Allegro"]

[ch. 21]
...and so the nature of His birth will be understood. We have already asserted that God made the world, and all which it contains, by
His Word, and Reason, and Power. It is abundantly plain that your philosophers, too, regard the Logos— that is, the Word and
Reason— as the Creator of the universe. For Zeno lays it down that he is the creator, having made all things according to a
determinate plan; that his name is Fate, and God, and the soul of Jupiter, and the necessity of all things. Cleanthes ascribes all this to
spirit, which he maintains pervades the universe. And we, in like manner, hold that the Word, and Reason, and Power, by which we
have said God made all, have spirit as their proper and essential substratum, in which the Word has in being to give forth utterances,
and reason abides to dispose and arrange, and power is over all to execute. We have been taught that He proceeds forth from God, and
in that procession He is generated; so that He is the Son of God, and is called God from unity of substance with God. For God, too, is
a Spirit.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Apology
A vampire is a kind of parasite that survives by feeding off the blood, not of the flesh and blood dead, but of the flesh and blood
living. While anyone else would deem this a most disgusting condition, they excuse their behavior by asserting that a "god" (or former
human person whom owing to his amazing genius and spirit world technology they take to be divine), whom they revere, not only
sanctions but indeed ordains them to this hideous and vicious mode of subsisting. Plus there is money, a great deal of money, in it.

["The Reformation of St. Jules (1949) | BFI National Archive"]

Talk about rarities, this short film is one, and those who know who Algernon Blackwood is will appreciate its value. For those who
don't know who Algernon Blackwood is, imagine a film surfacing on YouTube in which you could watch Edgar Allan Poe tell a story
and speak on camera. Well, this video in a way is sort of like that.

For a second one of these, see:
["Lock Your Door (1949) | BFI National Archive"]


["Help! - Jerry Lewis junto a su hijo Gary Lewis." - singing "Help!" on "Hullaballoo"]

[ch. 14]
...Nor indeed do either tragic or comic writers shrink from setting forth the gods as the origin of all family calamities and sins. I do not
dwell on the philosophers, contenting myself with a reference to Socrates, who, in contempt of the gods, was in the habit of swearing
by an oak, and a goat, and a dog. In fact, for this very thing Socrates was condemned to death, that he overthrew the worship of the
gods. Plainly, at one time as well as another, that is, always truth is disliked...
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Apology

"Soon after the year 1500, Lilly, the famous grammarian, who had learned Greek at Rhodes, and had afterwards acquired a polished
Latinity at Rome under Johannes Sulpicius and Pomponius Sabinus, became the first teacher of Greek at any public school in England.
This was a Saint Paul's school in London, then newly established by Dean Colet, and celebrated by Erasmus; and of which Lilly, as
one of the most exact and accomplished scholars of his age, was appointed the first master. And that ancient prejudices were now
gradually wearing off, and a national taste for critical studies and the graces of composition began to be diffused, appears from this
circumstance alone; that from the year 1503 to the Reformation, there were more grammar schools, most of which at present are
perhaps of little and importance, founded and endowed in England, than had been for three hundred years before. The practice of
educating our youth in the monasteries growing into disuse, near twenty new grammar schools were established within this period:
and among these, [cardinal] Wolsey's school at Ipswich, which soon fell a sacrifice to the resentment or the avarice of Henry the
Eighth, deserves particular notice, as it rivalled those of Winchester and Eton...So attached was Wolsey to the new modes of
instruction, that he did not think it inconsistent with his high office and rank, to publish a general address to the schoolmasters of
England, in which he orders them to institute their youth in the most elegant literature. It is to be wished that all his edicts had been
employed to so liberal and useful a purpose. There is an anecdote on record, which strongly marks Wolsey's character in this point of
view, Notwithstanding his habits of pomp, he once condescended to be a spectator of a Latin tragedy of Dido, from Virgil, acted by
the scholars of St. Paul's school, and written by John Rightwise, the master, an eminent grammarian. But Wolsey might have pleaded
the authority of [pope] Leo X., who more than once had been present at one of these classical spectacles."
~ Thomas Warton, The History of English Poetry , vol. IV, sec. XXXVI.


"...I wasted time, and now doth time waste me."

A: What are YOU doing HERE?

C: He said he didn't want to go to school.

A: Oh I see he's been listening to the magician again.


If I were to venture a guess, Cortana talking to the computer probably derives from (someone like) the magician speaking regularly in
somebody's head: that extra thinking companion if you will for the brainless and irrational.


There is anti-virus and anti-malware for the computer, but not society.


[Ch. 12]
...You put Christians on crosses and stakes: what image is not formed from the clay in the first instance, set on cross and stake? The
body of your god is first consecrated on the gibbet. You tear the sides of Christians with your claws; but in the case of your own gods,
axes, and planes, and rasps are put to work more vigorously on every member of the body. We lay our heads upon the block; before
the lead, and the glue, and the nails are put in requisition, your deities are headless. We are cast to the wild beasts, while you attach
them to Bacchus, and Cybele, and Cælestis. We are burned in the flames; so, too, are they in their original lump. We are condemned to
the mines; from these your gods originate. We are banished to islands; in islands it is a common thing for your gods to have their birth
or die. If it is in this way a deity is made, it will follow that as many as are punished are deified, and tortures will have to be declared
divinities. But plain it is these objects of your worship have no sense of the injuries and disgraces of their consecrating, as they are
equally unconscious of the honours paid to them. O impious words! O blasphemous reproaches! Gnash your teeth upon us— foam
with maddened rage against us— you are the persons, no doubt, who censured a certain Seneca speaking of your superstition at much
greater length and far more sharply! In a word, if we refuse our homage to statues and frigid images, the very counterpart of their dead
originals, with which hawks, and mice, and spiders are so well acquainted, does it not merit praise instead of penalty, that we have
rejected what we have come to see is error? We cannot surely be made out to injure those who we are certain are nonentities. What
does not exist, is in its nonexistence secure from suffering.
~ Tertullian (c.155–c.240 AD), Apology


[ch. 11]
And since, as you dare not deny that these deities of yours once were men, you have taken it on you to assert that they were made gods
after their decease, let us consider what necessity there was for this. In the first place, you must concede the existence of one higher
God — a certain wholesale dealer in divinity, who has made gods of men. For they could neither have assumed a divinity which was
not theirs, nor could any but one himself possessing it have conferred it on them. If there was no one to make gods, it is vain to dream
of gods being made when thus you have no god-maker. Most certainly, if they could have deified themselves, with a higher state at
their command, they never would have been men. If, then, there be one who is able to make gods, I turn back to an examination of any
reason there may be for making gods at all; and I find no other reason than this, that the great God has need of their ministrations and
aids in performing the offices of Deity...
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), Apology
A: We said we would suffer you, didn't we?

B: But that isn't enough. I want you to like me too.

A: [Pause, looking at each other] That's impossible.

B: All right then be prepared to have all of your lives completely ruined and torn apart by scandal. I have it in my power to do this.

A: [Again looking at each other] We know.

You think that person is God or at least a god, but let me ask you this. How many people do know (particularly thinking people) that
actually like him?
I know it is hard to believe, but sometimes everybody (or what we think of as "everybody") is wrong.


Proven to be nothing better than a crackpot and a fanatic.


If it didn't work out for Jesus, it damn sure isn't going to work out for you.


Imagine if Jesus actually were dead.


Heaven can help us all the better the more we are like them. And after all, if a man can become more of a devil, why can't he become
more of an angel? But what is Heaven. Well, try this definition: Heaven is what Hell is not (i.e., not lying, cheating, bullying,
pretending, etc.)


When society invests in devils (and they do, the way some athletes spend money on steroids), it makes it harder for those who would
be virtuous to stay in business.


[On 2 Cor. v. 16. “And if we have known Christ after the flesh.”]

And so far, he says, no one any longer lives after the flesh. For that is not life, but death. For Christ also, that He might show this,
ceased to live after the flesh. How? Not by putting off the body! Far be it! For with it as His own He shall come, the Judge of all. But
by divesting Himself of physical affections, such as hunger, and thirst, and sleep, and weariness. For now He has a body incapable of
suffering and of injury.

As “after the flesh” in our case is being in the midst of sins, and being out of them is to be “not after the flesh;” so also after the flesh,
in the case of Christ, was His subjection to natural affections, and not to be subject to them was not to be “after the flesh.” “But,” he
says, “as He was released, so also are we.” Let there be no longer, he says, subjection to the influences of the flesh.
~ Clement of Alexandria (c.150–c.215), Fragments


Universally, the Christian is friendly to solitude, and quiet, and tranquility, and peace.
~ Clement of Alexandria (c.150–c.215), Fragments

The ghoul commands his followers to encourage degradation, torture, violence. What he frowns upon is right reason, honesty,
happiness, etc.


They may prevent you from being happy, but if you truly have it in you to be so, hold on to it with all your life, and if you are a moral
person of faith you can and should do so; for nothing is more valuable.


Time and again you will find that they who reject the sacredness of the written word are ones least to be trusted, especially in times of
trial. For when words are not sacred, lying is always easier.

A: I could not be rational and honest (on that subject) your honor.

B: Why not?

A: Because the god would not permit me.


Too often one of the problems in a democracy is that people tend to defer to those with power and riches, even if those possessing
such are criminal: in other words raw material power and wealth first; justice and freedom second.


Life exists in the world, true, but it only lives in the spirit.


They will cure the world of terrorism, global warming, or what have you, but who is there who is specifically teaching the world to be
rational (as opposed to merely rhetorical)?


What is needed to cure the world of the greatest of all evils (whatever such may be) is a professional baby sitter.


"Now see, you are a happy cat," I said. He replied "I am, sometimes."

In puzzling, as it happens of late, over the mysterious death of silent film actress Olive Thomas, and knowing what I do about criminal
spirit and witchcraft people, I am very strongly inclined to conclude that Thomas' accidental ingestion of poison was deliberately
caused by witchcraft people punishing Jack Pickford for not joining or being more friendly and receptive to them. According then to
this theory, the death was an accident yes, but a planned and contrived one; intended to hurt not Thomas, but the husband.
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"We are members of a democratic faction that has been forced into the desert by Zontar..."

If good and drunk, this 1947 sci-fi epic is arguably one of the greatest serials ever made, and I bet not even Fred has seen this one, and
I saved every episode to DVD. With world peace at stake, two, not one, bald scientists, moon men dressed as romans and medieval
footmen, twilight performances by tried veterans Charles King and Wheeler Oakman (and don't miss ingénue, uncredited Noel Neill
as "Lula"!), a seductive moon queen, and a super hero without costume, super powers, or a dual identity -- "Brick Bradford" is IT for
tuning in on 1947-1948; that's right; right after WWII but before the Fifties, the time that Time forgot! Don't miss it!


["Brick Bradford Serial - Chapter 01"]


I added a new section on Henry Livingston. Jr. to my "Forgotten Poems and Poets" article, and which as noted previously is also
included in my Continental Army Series...Odds and Ends; either of which can be found at:




[or 502.html]