Introduction: Liah has a bestfriend who·s in love with her since they were three years old.

Liah thought she·s crushing on Dylan, but she thought wrong, she·s crushing on someone else.

´Hey Liah, how·s my bestfriend doing, huh?µ Zach asked. ´I·m fine, and guess what, Dylan, my crush is our new classmate.µ Liah said. ´C·mon Liah, you·ve been crushing on him since we·re in 3.µ Zach ´Oh don·t be silly, you know he·s the guy of my dreams,µ Liah said. Liah and Zach were bestfriends since 3. Zach has a secret crush on his own bestfriend, he·s just trying to keep his feelings for her, he didn·t want their friendship to be destroyed.

´Liah look, we both know he·s a total playboy. And many are still on his pending list on Facebook.µ Zach laughed and so is Liah. ´You know Zach, you·re always trying to make me stay away from Dylan.µ Liah half smiled. ´I just want you to be safe. Dylan already had 4 victims, you could be the 5th,µ Zach warned. ´It can never be, those 4 victims were trying hard. They keep on saying they were the ex girlfriends of Dylan.µ Liah laughed without humour. ´Are you sure?µ ´Oh yeah,µ ´We·ll see,µ They both changed their directions because they have different first subject. Liah has biology and Dylan too. Liah sat at her seat as simple as she could, Dylan entered the class with his hair blown by the air, like he·s a model of a hairgel.

He walk through the class like an ignorant, he didn·t know where he·s seated. ´Dylan Corbainez, you·ll be seating beside Liah Doze.µ Mr. Grandy said. ´Thank you, Mr. Grandy. Your useful today, huh.µ Dylan joked. Then the whole class laughed. Mr. Grandy just rolled his eyes. When Dylan sat down, Liah couldn·t stop herself from talking. ´Hi Dylan,µ Liah greeted Dylan shyly. ´I don·t talk to strangers,µ Dylan informed. ´Well we·re seatmates now, we already know each other.µ Liah replied. ´You know, whoever you are, I·m not interested in you. So just shut up.µ Dylan growled. So Liah stopped talking, but she couldn·t stop herself from looking at Dylan. Like Dylan is a very strong magnet. Dylan is a total heartthrob in school, and yes ,what Zach said was true. Dylan·s victims are, former cheerleader, President of Sports Club, his former

Calculus teacher, and biology teacher. First, Aimee Jonathans, former cheerleader, Dylan used her to help him to enter the Football Team. Second, Carla Blaine, the President of Sports Club, Dylan also uses her for football. Third and fourth, is his former Calculus and Biology teacher in 3rd year high school. After the class end, Liah went out of the room happily. Zach saw her wondering around like a lost puppy. ´What·s happening with you?µ Zach asked hesitantly. Liah spin over and over pretending to be like a princess in a fairytale. ´Hey, talk to me, would you?µ Zach yelled grabbing Liah·s arm. Liah quickly retrieved her hand. ´He talked to me, Zach.µ Liah sade humming. ´Who?µ Zach asked raising his one eyebrow. ´Dylan Corbainez, he actually talked to me.µ Liah proudly replied. ´Oh c·mon Liah, wake up! What did he say, huh?µ Zach asked still raising

his one eyebrow. Liah·s face fell down a little bit. ´Am, ¶I don·t talk to strangers· and ¶he·s not interested with me·, well, at least he talked to me.µ Liah mumbled. ´Let·s just don·t talk about it, ok?µ Liah commanded. Zach rolled his eyes as he walked towards the cafeteria. They saw their P.E. teacher stood up in the chair. ´As we all know, our junior and senior prom is on Wednesday. So now, I·m going to announce the princes· and princesses.µ Dianna cheerfully announced. Then the crowd applauded. ´Are you ready? Here it is, Princesses, Liah Doze and Anna Lewitt, princes· Zach Lorden and Dylan Corbainez!µ then the crowd gave them a big round of applause. ´Oh my-,µ Liah can·t continue. ´I cannot-,µ Zach too. ´What the hell!µ they both shouted. Then they run quickly out to the cafeteria as fast as they could. When they think they are far enough, they stopped.

´I·m shocked, like really shocked.µ Liah said her voice loud. ´What day is it today?µ Zach asked trying to catch his breath. ´Tuesday,µ Liah replied. ´Which means, tomorrow is-,µ Zach realized. ´Wednesday,µ they both said together. ´Liah, I wanna ask you something.µ ´What is it?µ ´Would you like to be my date to the prom?µ ´But, but, I, I, want to ask Dylan to the prom,µ ´It·s ok, I understand. Bye Liah!µ Zach said then he turned his back. Zach couldn·t say anything more, he was absolutely speechless because of Liah·s answer. Zach walked away, he couldn·t take the pain anymore. Liah answering yes to him to the prom was his dream. Zach went home hopeless and sad. ´Should I kill myself now? The pain can·t get out of my heart and body, like

it·s going to stay here forever. I can·t see myself forcing her to love me.µ Zach told his self. He can·t get out of his room because of the embarrassment he felt. He thinks he can·t move every single bone in his body. Like he·s going to be paralyzed by his own heart. Liah went home very angry with herself. It was her bestfriend, she·s hurting. ´µI hate myself, grrr! How could I ever hurt my own bestfriend? Yeah, I·m quite falling for him, but once I started I could never stop.µ Liah told herself. She stayed up all night thinking of how she would say sorry to Zach. It was already 2:50 a.m. when she was able to sleep. In the morning, Zach woke up just to eat breakfast then he quickly went back to his bed. Liah·s mom brought her a white dress with black prints. Then Zach·s dad bought him a tuxedo. It was 8:30 p.m. when Zach·s mom tried to enter his room. ´Zach, aren·t you going?µ Zach·s mom asked.

´Mom, she said no.µ Zach said. ´You can ask her again,µ his mom suggested. Then Zach realized that his mom could be right, so he quickly took a shower. Liah arrived in the school. She·s waiting for Zach and Dylan. Then after she waited for like 15 minutes, Zach arrived. They met each other gaze, so Zach quickly walked going to Liah. ´I came because I want to ask you again,µ Zach explained. ´You know it·s very hard to under-,µ Liah was interrupted by the appearance of Dylan. Liah quickly walked going to Dylan. ´Hey Dylan, would you like to be my date?µ Liah asked shyly. ´I told you before I·m not interested in you.µ Dylan growled and walked away. Zach quickly run going to Liah. ´What·s with you?µ Zach asked angrily. ´Nothing,µ Liah lied.

´I am the only one who can understand you here. Why can·t you listen to me?µ Zach yelled. ´Zach, it·s just,µ Liah can·t answer easily. ´I am here waiting for you, but there you are still looking for him. I have asked you to this prom, but there you are still asking for him. I loved you for who you are, and there you are trying to become someone else for someone. What do you want me to do Liah? I·ve done everything and sacrificed everything for you. Liah, you should face the truth. I am the one who is trying to make you appreciate me. But why can·t you?µ Zach lectured his voice cracked. ´No, hey listen!µ Liah can·t continue because Zach quickly entered the party room. Liah followed Zach inside but when she·s searching for him, Dianne called both their names as the King and Queen, and they were invited to come up on stage. Zach didn·t still came out, Liah was forced by the crowd to come up on the stage. She had no choice but to come up.

´While waiting for Zach, why don·t you give some word first,µ Dianne suggested. ´Am, Zach, wherever you are, I just want you o know that I·m sorry. I didn·t mean to hurt your feelings. I·m sorry too because I can·t tell you what I really feel for you. I appreciate everything your doing for and to me, I just wish you·re listening. I want you to know that I love you, I don·t want anyone, I just want you. I can·t tell you what I feel for you because I·m afraid you·ll be mad at me. But then now I asked myself, perfect people (who is?), ready for love (who is?), afraid of loving someone (who is not?).µ Liah cried. But Liah didn·t know that while she was talking Zach went to her back and stayed there. So the crowd applauded when Liah·s speech ended. ´I·m sorry I didn·t listen to you before the announcement. I love you,µ Zach said then he hugged Liah from her back.

The End

Author: This is the second short story I wrote. You noticed, ¶the short second·. That·s why I made my story short because, my idol is Stephenie Meyer. She wrote a book called, ´The Short Second Life of Bree Tannerµ. I haven·t read that one yet, but it·s not as short as mine. Now I can truly say I·m an author, because I have already wrote 2 books. In a way I·m happy, I got 130 reads on the first book I made. I don·t know if the scribd readers would bite my story again. I wish they would. I·m going to write

another story, still undecided of what category it would be.

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