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Tenth Assignment

RA 1161 as amended by RA 8282; RA 8291

SSS (RA 1161) GSIS (RA 8291)
First day of employment – Date of original
employee appointment/election including
Date of coverage First day of operation - employer periods of service at different
times under one/more
No more obligation to pay If not yet claimed for benefit –
contributions from that may be included in computation
employment of service in case of
Effect of Separation - Still entitled to benefits with reinstatement
all contributions paid already
- May choose to pay
contributions after
Choose between 37.5% of revalued AMC + 2.5%
- Php300 + 20% average of revalued AMC for each year
monthly salary credit + 2% of service in excess of 15 years
average monthly salary - Basic monthly pension must
credit for each credited year not exceed 90% of AMC
of service in excess of 10
Monthly Pension - 40% of average monthly 1,300 – for others
salary credit 2,400 – 20 years
- 1k monthly pension (not less
than 60 months)

1,200 – 10 years service
2,400 – 20 years service
Death, permanent disability, Survivorship benefits
retirement - Basic survivorship pension
- 10% monthly pension or – 50% basic monthly
Php250 pension
Dependent’s Pension
- To each dependent child, - Dependent children’s
conceived or born before pension – not exceeding
date of contingency but not basic monthly pension
exceeding 5
N/A 100% AMC for each year of
service he paid contribution but
not less than 12k payable upon
reaching 60 or upon separation
- 3 years of service but not
greater than 15 years
Separation Benefit
18x basic monthly pension
payable at time of resignation +
old age pension benefit
- At least 15 years in service,
below 60 at time of
Unemployment/Involuntary N/A Monthly cash payment of 50%
Separation Benefit AMC

- Permanent employee
- Involuntarily separated from
service à abolition of his
office or position due to
- 1 year contribution prior to
Monthly pension (or option to Lump sum payment – basic
receive 18 pensions in lump monthly pension payable
sum) monthly for life upon expiration
- At least 60 and is separated of 5-year guaranteed period or
from employment/not self- cash payment of 18 months of
employed anymore basic monthly pension +
Retirement Benefit - At least 120 monthly monthly pension for life with no
contributions prior to 5 year guarantee
semester of retirement - 15 years of service
- At least 60
Not qualified – lump sum to total - Not receiving pension from
contributions paid by him and on permanent total disability
his behalf
Monthly pension to primary Primary beneficiaries entitled to:
beneficiaries Survivorship pension and Cash
- At least 36 monthly payment equal to 100% AMC
contributions prior to for every year of service
semester of death - In service at time of death,
if separated, 3 years
Death Benefit Not paid 36 – lump sum service, 36 contributions
equivalent (monthly pension x within 5 years/180 total
number of contributions paid or
12x monthly pension) If not qualified for the first 2, but
3 years service – 100% AMC
for each year of service he paid
contributions; not less than 12k
At least 36 monthly contributions Total disability – monthly
prior to semester of disability – income benefit for life equal to
monthly pension basic monthly pension from
date of disability
Not 36 – lump sum equivalent - In service or separated (36
(same with death benefit) contributions within 5-year
period preceding
Permanent partial disability – disability/180 total
before 36 contributions, lump contributions)
sum - In service + 180
contribution – cash
Permanent Disability
After 36 – monthly pension no payment equal to 18x basic
longer than period designated pension

Does not satisfy condition but

rendered 3 years of service –
100% AMC for each year of
paid contributions

Partial Disability – cash

payment according to schedule
prescribed by GSIS

N/A 75% current daily compensation
for each day/fraction thereof not
exceeding 120 days in 1
calendar year
Temporary Total Disability
- Exhausted sick leave
- 3 years service, 6/12
monthly contribution
preceding disability
12k Not less than 12k, increased to
Funeral Benefit
18k after 5 years
90% average daily salary credit
paid by employer
- 3 month contribution in the
12 months preceding
semester of injury
Sickness Benefit - Confined for more than 3
days in hospital

Employer shall be reimbursed by

SSS upon proper notice and
proof + claim
100% average daily salary credit N/A
to be paid by employer
- 3 month contribution in the
12 month preceding
semester of childbirth or
Maternity Leave Benefit
- 60/78 days

Employer to be reimbursed upon

notice and proper claim
- First 4
miscarriages/deliveries only
N/A - Except for AFP/PNP
- For judiciary, only life
Compulsory Life Insurance
insurance is applicable
- Automatically takes effect

RA 7699 – limited portability scheme in Social Security Insurance Systems by

totalizing workers’ creditable services or contribution in each of the systems
- Portability – transfer of funds for account and benefit of worker transferring from
one system to another (GSIS or SSS)
- Covered worker transferring from one sector to another – creditable services
or contributions shall be totalized for purposes of old-age, disability,
survivorship, and other benefits in case covered member does not qualify for
such benefits in either or both systems without totalization (overlapping periods
– credited only once for totalization)
- Contributions paid by such member personally, and those paid by employers
in both systems à considered in processing of benefits which he can claim
from either or both systems (amount paid by one system shall be in proportion
to number of contributions actually remitted to that system)