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Anti-Gravity Dansk

Using the same simple claim of our theory, it should be easier to understand the
cause of anti-gravity. When approaching the Earth from outer space, the
space becomes increasinglycontracted.

When the Moon is positioned above the USA then the space between that area of
the Earthand the Moon becomes even further contracted
This happens because there is more mass above USA that has to share the
space that is available. Therefore more space is needed, so more space will have
to be 'pulled in' towardsthe USA region.
More space can only be 'fetched' if there is a greater contraction of the space
that already exists between the Moon and the USA area. There is nothing
other than the Moon in a position to ‘fetch’ such space. Therefore the Moon
pulls in towards the USA area the extra space that is needed, from the solar
system, in order to accommodate both the Earth and the Moon.
When matter pulls in space, conversely space pulls in matter. This also means
that the moon pulls itself in the opposite direction of the Earth, (antigravity).
However, the moon is held in its position (orbit) by the space which exists at its
precise location, where the space due to the Earth’s and the moon's force of
attraction is more strongly contracted.
Contracted space can be compared to vacuum. Both the Moon and the Earth
'consumes' space. That's why the Moon is stronger tied to the contracted space
between it self and the Earth, - than to the attachment to outer space (the
antigravity, mentioned above).

What we see is a contribution by the moon to the common gravitational field of

the Earth Moon system. The collective strength of the earth-moon gravitational
force increases due to the moons force of repulsion.
One can say that all matter on the Earth, or within the Earth’s gravitational field,
is responsible for ‘acquiring’ the space which is needed for its ‘own existence’.
But this also gives rise to a repulsive force, which paradoxically increases the
strength of the moon's, and Earth's common field of gravitation.
Every stone on the surface of the Earth repels the Earth with exactly the same
force with which the stone itself contracts/pulls on space.
One may therefore ask, why does the Earth not explode? To answer this
question, one should go back to the two previous chapters which explain that
space increasingly contracts in a direction toward the centre of a gravitational
field. The forces of contraction are united through a common centre of gravity.
The forces of repulsion, however, do not share such a common property.
Since a stone (or the moon) pulls space inwards, such objects will be attracted
in the direction that the contraction of space increases, and hence be attracted
to Earth.
It’s apparent, absurd, and a confusing paradox that all objects on the Earth
contribute to a common field of gravity with a force, which in reality, drives their
own repulsion. Because this is not what we normally experience. But remember
dark energy shows that anti gravity is a reality, this theory could show us the
right track.
If we imagine the Earth as ball cut into 10 cake-like pieces, each piece would
contribute 10 % of the Earths gravity. Each of the pieces has to pull 10 % of the
Earth’s total amount of contracted space together. Collectively the full (100%)
field of gravity is achieved. Each of the pieces do work, since each of them
'acquire' and contract space.
Space will resist contraction, so we can also say; space pulls the Earth inwards
100%. That is; space pulls in each of the 10 pieces of Earth with 10% of the
total gravitational field strength. Each piece therefore has anti gravity, or a
repulsive force, of 10 % of the Earth’s force of gravity. Remember, gravity is
nothing more than the extent to which space is being contracted.
Now one should imagine that each of the pieces just simply disappears or
explodes into outer space. But the 10 pieces collectively form a common field of
gravity of 100% proportional with the total mass, due to the fact that each of
the pieces pull space, not only from the outer periphery, but also from the centre
of the mass.
The force of anti-gravity does not have a common ability to unite with other
forces of anti-gravity. Therefore, the force of repulsion, in this example is 10
times weaker than the force of gravity. Even if we imagine that half of the mass
of the Earth would resist the force of gravity, the force of repulsion would only
be half that to the Earths force of gravity.
Space is elastic; it has to be under the influence of a force in order to expand, as
well as, contract.
The moon contracts the space surrounding it; this creates a link between the
moon and the space under the influence of its gravitational force. In other
words; the moon is woven into the elastic space where it is situated.
One would therefore assume that the moon, due to its attachment to the elastic
space, might fall more slowly toward the Earth than a much lighter object which
does not have the same attachment. This is not what happens. All objects, light
and heavy, always fall with the same speed.
The explanation of this could maybe lie hidden in Newton’s gravitation formula.
Newton’s formula shows that there must be considerably more force to pull the
moon down to the Earth than the force needed to pull an apple to the Earth.
Newton’s formula of gravitation seems to indirectly support the notion that a
body is linked to the space under its curvature influence. And further, that when
matter is situated inside a gravitational field, a force of repulsion must exist
which is proportional to the matters mass. This fact and the connection between
space and matter supports observation that greater objects require stronger
forces to pull them to Earth.
Imagine an apple (0.1 kg) circling in the orbit plane of the Moon. The force of
gravity between the Earth and the Moon is much greater than the force between
the Earth and such an apple.

Attachment to Space < > Attraction of Gravity

Any object is attached to space with a well defined attachment strength.

This strength must be proportional to the mass of the object.
Gravity Gravity Gravity
attraction attraction attraction
proportional : 1 proportional : 2 proportional : 5

This can be compared to the force it takes to move 5 bikes forward.

This force will be 5 times greater than the force necessary to move 1 bike
But because of the resistance is similarly 5 times greater, all the bikes move
with the 'same' speed.
Or attachment to space, can be compared to parachutes slowing down the speed.

The only question remaining is; how it is possible to measure, and precisely
understand the attachment of matter and space?

A new formula can be used to calculate

the repulsion of objectsplaced inside a (greater) field of
For example, to calculate the force of repulsion of the moon
in the gravitational field of the Earth.

AF = Repulsion from space (Anti Gravity)

NFG = Newton's Formula of Gravity
M1 = The mass of the primary object / body (for instance the Earth)
The mass of the secondary object / body (for instance the
M2 =
Space always resists the movement of matter into a greater field of gravity.
This expression really underlies the nature of gravity.

Example of a calculation of the Force of Repulsion.

the moon's attachment to space can be calculated as:

Newton's 7,35x1022kg
AF = Gravity x = Repulsion / Newton
Formula 6x1024kg + 7,35x1022kg

That results:

6,67x10- 6x1024kg x 7,35x1022kg 7,35x1022kg 2,42

AF = 11 x x =
3,848M x 3,848M (6x1024kg + 7,35x1022kg) x 1018 N

Now we have a formula to compare the force of gravity to the force of repulsion:

These sample calculations show that the force of repulsion affects only the
moon's placement, when the moon is inside a gravitational field, and increases in
proportion to how deep the moon is placed within such a gravitational field..
This formula emphasizes:

We have always understood gravity as matter that attracts matter. Try to

understand the phenomenon as contracted space. Any object is nothing
1.] but contracted space, which is still connected to space in a way we call
gravity. Between two objects contracted space hence will increase. This is
how gravity works.

Space does not only resist the movement but rather the placement of an
object inside another greater gravitation field. Resistance occurs
2.] naturally because the unification of gravity between two objects increases
the total amount of gravity, and therefore also requires an increasing
total pull of space.

The formula has now shown us in an easily understandable way that the
more an object approaches a centre of gravitation, the more it pulls the
elastic space behind, and therefore the more it contributes to a common
field of gravity.

It is of course also incredibly interesting that the gravitational field

emerges onlydue to the repulsive force of the 'individual parts’. This can
maybe also bring us closer to an understanding of the cause of
the 'strong nuclear force'.

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