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\VMMECH101: Natural Frequency of a Submerged Ring Overview Reference: Schroeder, EA, Marcus, MS, "Finite Element Solution of Fluid Structure Interaction Problems! Solverts) ‘ANSYS Mechanical lAnalysis Type(s): Modal Analysis Element Type(s): Solid Test Case A steel ring is submerged in compressible fluid (water). Determine the lowest natural frequency for x- y plane bending modes of the fluid-structure system, Figure 207: Problem Schem: .) og, 3000} Pa x I [Material Properties (Geometric Properties Steel: a=10in 30 in E = 30x 10° PSI 25 in v=03 P= 0.0089 slugs per cubic inch (per reference) Water: C = 57480 in/sec (speed of sound in water) P= 0.001156 slugs per cubic inch (per reference) ETT TOBE A TERT POT TF OTT ISTO TIT {Of ANSYS ine ands aban and ate 8 \VMMECH101 Analysis Assumptions and Modeling Notes The acoustic media (water) is assumed to extend to a radius of 30 inches. An acoustic pressure of zero on the outer surface of the acoustic media is modeled with a negligible value of 1 x 10° PSI Results Comparison [Result [Target|Mechanicallerror (ee) Frequency, Hz (higher 1020 |10327 (1.245 Jorden) Frequency, Hz lower 10.20 |10404 [20 Jorden) Figure 208: Total Deformation of First Mode Frequerey its Sweeping Phase 0" in wane saee 1027 Mae asieee area aes asses ours tees ana OM om 320060) —2; 00 ETT TOBE A TERT POT TF OTT ISTO TIT 380 ‘SCANSYS ne ands scans and aa