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JA 108 - Akihisa Hirata

Shinkenchiku-Sha Co. Ltd. 2017 ISBN 9784786902932 Acqn 28176
Pb 23x30cm 160pp 195ills 120col £35

AV Monographs 201 - Francis Kere - Practical Aesthetics

Avisa 2017 ISBN 9788469778975 Acqn 28190
Pb 24x30cm 118pp 210ills 160col £39.95

Issue 201 of AV Monographs is devoted to Francis Kere, the Burkina Faso architect who moved
to Germany and has become an emblem of social and sustainable construction. From his office in
Berlin, Kere returns time and again to his native Gando to help transform his community,
creatively reinterpreting the limited resources and working with the local population. The
magazine covers his career with a selection of twenty works and projects - from the School in
Gando, for which he received the Aga Khan Award in 2001, to the Volksbuhne Satellite Theater in
Berlin - and five installations - from the Sensing Spaces Pavilion in 2013 at the Royal Academy of
Arts in London to the Serpentine Gallery in the same city, built in the summer of 2017.

Oase 99 - The Architecture Museum Effect

nai010 publishers 2017 ISBN 9789462083738 Acqn 27799
Pb 17x24cm 128pp col ills £22.50

Today the architecture museum is one of the most significant instruments in architecture's
disciplinary apparatus. By collecting archives, producing exhibitions, funding publications,
organising discussions, and commissioning work, these museums continue to further discourse
and practice in the field. Unlike many other museums, architecture museums do not merely
shape the context for the appreciation of their subject, but aspire to be instrumental in its
progress. In order to reflect on the often unacknowledged agency of these museums, this issue
considers the changing context through contributions by Omer Kanipak, Triin Ojari, Pedro
Gadanho, Bernard Colenbrander, and more.

Lost In The Wood(s)

Aalto University 2017 ISBN 9789526074443 Acqn 27997
Hb 21x28cm 160pp 60ills 50col £38.95

In this book, top science, business and design professionals give a good glimpse of the emerging
New Biomateriality movement in Finland. How can Finnish natural resources, renewable
biomaterials – such as cellulose – replace oil-based resources and how can we create new
models for society through design and collaboration? Inspiring cases and stories from
researchers working with biomaterials suggest how a more sustainable future could be achieved.

Ando Architect And Architecture. Ando Biography - Architectural Theory, Works, Era And
Kajima Institute Publishing Co 2017 ISBN 9784306046566 Acqn 28074
Hb 27x26cm 482pp col ills £195

Tadao Ando's career is presented in its entirety in this handsome volume. The eminent architect
established his independent practice in Osaka when he was just 28 years old. Since then, he has
realised almost 300 projects, besides dozens of competition or unbuilt/ongoing designs. His
realised projects include more than 30 museums in Japan alone, besides many others
internationally, and almost 100 houses. Part one focuses on the development and execution of
Ando's personal conception of architecture and signature style, with exemplary projects alongside
detailed essays by the architect. Part two presents a comprehensive list of completed projects
from 1969 to 2017.

Conceptual Idea 1,2 (set)

Damdi 2017 ISBN 9788968010699 Acqn 28077
Pb 26x19cm 768pp col ills £66.95

Compiled by Seoul-based DAMDI, this two-volume set presents 253 projects by 82 international
architect teams. The first covers housing, education, and commercial buildings, while the second
gathers projects in the categories of urban, cultural, and public design, along with installations.
The publication illustrates how architects use the diagram, an essential design tool, to support
and explain their projects. The collection represents a wide spectrum of typologies and
approaches, featuring design concepts by names such as UNStudio, BudCud, Sadar + Vuga,
OFIS Architects, Henning Larsen, J. Mayer H., Casanova + Hernandez, BIG, Atelier Kempe Thill,
and many more.

Nordic Architects - Global Impacts

Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing 2017 ISBN 9789187543265 Acqn 26480
Hb 21x26cm 528pp col ills £52.50

The theme of the third edition of the Nordic Architects series, Global Impacts, can be interpreted
broadly. Referring to the challenges faced by architects the world over to create buildings and
cities that are sustainable and inclusive, it is a theme that has particular resonance in the world's
northernmost regions, where many look to find benchmarks of innovation and problem-solving.
Edited by David Sokol, each of the Nordic region's foremost architectural practices is presented
through beautiful original imagery of their most iconic works, as well as insightful conversations
with each architectural office.

Villages And Towns 5 - Italy 2

A.D.A.Edita Tokyo Co. Ltd. 2017 ISBN 9784871404587 Acqn 28161
Pb 23x31cm 136pp 78ills 8col £35

Edited and photographed by Yukio Futagawa, this volume is part of a series of ten, now
republished after 40 years. It investigates how geography, culture, and architecture intertwine by
exploring the hilltop towns of Murgia, a region located in the southern tip of the Italian Peninsula.
Each of the three profiled towns has panoramic views over the surrounding land and villages, and
pride themselves as natural fortresses. By journeying to these ancient places and photographing
their rich built heritage in great detail, Futagawa hoped to learn what is missing in the modern
world, answers to the confrontation between nature, climate, and humans that took these people
a long time to solve.

El Croquis 192 - 6a Architects (2009-2017)

El Croquis 2017 ISBN 9788494775406 Acqn 28185
Pb 25x34cm 270pp col ills £60

Established in 2001 and based in London, the office of 6a architects is headed by its founding
directors, Stephanie Macdonald and Tom Emerson. This monographic issue takes a look at their
work from 2009 until the present. Besides presenting nineteen exemplary projects, it reproduces
two extensive conversations with the architects, through which readers can get a better sense of
their history, education, relationship, perspectives, design concepts and methods, and much
more. Featured works include the Raven Row Contemporary Art and Exhibition Centre, V&A
Fashion Galleries, HafenCity Residential Buildings, Hotel Therme Vals, South London Gallery,
and more.

Play The City - Games Informing the Urban Development

Jap Sam 2017 ISBN 9789490322878 Acqn 28223
Pb 17x23cm 392pp ills £26

A new book by Play the City. From Cape Town to Amsterdam to Istanbul, the book sheds light
into the particular applications and outcomes of City Gaming in diverse planning and city making
regimes worldwide. Following Ekim Tan’s PhD work on city gaming, this book has been designed
to make her research more accessible to all. The book features a chapter dedicated to unraveling
the city-gaming method as developed by the Play the City teams, with case studies from
Shenzhen, Cape Town, Amsterdam, Almere and Istanbul. In addition to Play the City’s work, the
book includes reviews of select influential city-games from around the world, and is enriched with
personal interviews from gaming experts such as Eric Gordon, Pablo Suarez and Mohini Dutta.

403architecture [dajiba] – Feedback

Lixil 2017 ISBN 9784864800303 Acqn 28175
Pb 15x21cm 160pp col ills £27

Since its establishment in 2011 in Hamamatsu, Japan, by Toru Yada, Takuma Tsuji, and Takeshi
Hashimoto, the firm 403architecture [dajiba] has worked on around 50 projects. Looking back, the
architects noticed a number of elements these ostensibly diverse projects shared in common.
Fragmentary indicators of thinking such as these, which transcend specific projects, can be seen
as an index of the firm's values. The architects refer to them as "tags", and have organised this
book around them, offering an in-depth look at the 50 projects through converting materials,
applying what is there, deviating from convention, new/old hybrids, making spaces equivalent,
and repeating units.

AV Proyectos 082 - Dossier Snohetta

Avisa 2017 no ISBN Acqn 28192
Pb 24x30cm 80pp 120ills 100col £12.95

'AV Proyectos 082' devotes its dossier to the Norwegian studio Snohetta, whose most recent
proposals reflect the endless variety of formal resources of the team directed by Craig Dykers
and Kjetil Traedal Thorsen, in a search for the "necessary answer" to each specific situation.
Designed at their offices in Oslo and New York, their latest projects go from major landscape
schemes to small cultural centers, and they all share a concern for the quality of the physical
experience of users and look for a coherent insertion in their context. Next, the competition for the
emblematic West Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh, where Sou Fujimoto, BIG, and David
Adjaye have competed to renew the Ross Pavilion, and which the American studio wHY has won.

AV Proyectos 083 - Dossier Souto De Moura

Avisa 2017 no ISBN Acqn 28227
Pb 24x30cm 80pp 120ills 95col £12.95

AV Proyectos 83 devotes its dossier to Eduardo Souto de Moura, whose most recent projects
how his architecture defers to context and its capacity to adapt to a wide range of scales, from
large infrastructures to subtle interventions in small existing structures. Next, the competition to
renovate the mythical Tour Montparnasse in Paris, where the French team Nouvelle AOM has
won over finalists like Studio Gang, OMA, Architecture, PLP Architecture, Dominique Perrault,
and MAD Architects. The detail section is devoted to stone, a veteran - but not obsolete - and
highly versatile material, with increasing possibilities thanks to parametrization and digital cutting.

Lina Bo Bardi
Toto 2017 ISBN 9784887063693 Acqn 28073
Hb 19x25cm 288pp 215ills 175col £59.95

This publication comprises a long-awaited selection of works by Lina Bo Bardi, a major figure in
the modernisation and democratisation of Brazilian architecture. Among other content, it contains
attractive photographs and rare, privately owned sketches, and offers a fascinating overview of
Bo Bardi's wide range of creations and visions. A discussion between Kazuyo Sejima and
Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, two architects influenced by Bo Bardi, is also included.

Landscape Architecture And Urban Design In The Netherlands 2017

Blauwdruk Publishers 2017 ISBN 9789492474940 Acqn 28180
Pb 23x30cm 148pp 140ill 120col £31

This yearbook showcases 17 exemplary design projects that reflect the current state of Dutch
urban design and landscape architecture. An independent selection committee sought projects
that highlight designers' new skills and approaches, and projects in which architecture has played
a key role in addressing contemporary problems. But above all projects were sought that shine
out for their simplicity and design. Lavishly illustrated, and supplemented with expert analyses
and interviews, this book offers ample proof of designers' value for society.

Bengal Stream - The Vibrant Architecture Scene Of Bangladesh

Christoph Merian Verlag 2017 ISBN 9783856168438 Acqn 28182
Hb 25x33cm 448pp col ills £79.95

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, has one of the most important buildings of the 20th century: its
parliamentary building by Louis I. Kahn constructed between 1961 and 1982. Little is known,
however, about the local architecture scene that has emerged since then. Yet contemporary
architecture in Bangladesh exhibits a strong formal idiom that has its roots in tradition and is
combined with an innovative handling of local resources such as bamboo and brick. Alongside
texts by Andreas Ruby, Niklaus Graber, Kazi Khaleed, Saif Ul Haque and Syed Manzoorul Islam,
the special photographs taken by Iwan Baan for this publication capture the imagination.

Log 41 - Working Queer

Anyone Corporation 2017 ISBN 9780990735298 Acqn 28255
Pb 17x23cm 176pp col ills £17.50

In this issue are various topics surrounding the theme of "Working Queer". Over the last 20 years,
queerness has become tricky to spot. Its widespread appropriation by mainstream culture has
made things that were queer probably no longer queer, and things that perhaps are queer have
now taken on new forms. In short, queerness constantly adapts. Is this "the end of queer space?"
ask Jaffer Kolb and Aaron Betsky. In addition, Nicolas Gamso investigates fascist intrigue and the
homo-spatial imaginary, Michael Wang writes about queering the system, Andrew Holder offers
five points toward a queer architecture, Andres Jaque looks at "Grindr Archiurbanism", and more.

Arquitectura Viva 200 - Doscientos. Un canon Accidental 1967-2017

Avisa 2017 no ISBN Acqn 28256
Pb 24x30cm 80pp col ills £21

Arquitectura Viva publishes issue number 200, and celebrates this by devoting its cover story to
media through which architecture is disseminated and reflected upon, a selection of 50 books, 50
magazines, 50 exhibitions, and 50 films and photographers. That is, 200 elements of these past
50 years presented in four families, each one of them following a text by Luis Fernandez-Galiano
and illustrated with a diagram that also serves as a family tree. Under the heading 'The Role of
Thought,' the first family lists the architecture books. The second, 'The Pulse of the Times',
names the magazines, 'The Stage of the Story,' presents the exhibitions. And the fourth family,
'The Eye of the Camera,' offers the films and photographers.

Arquitectura Viva 201 - 50 De Africa Y Asia. Construir Para El Mundo Real

Avisa 2017 no ISBN Acqn 28257
Pb 24x30cm 80pp col ills £21

The West and Japan have traditionally been foci of architecture, but globalization tends to change
things. In the Far East, the Indian Subcontinent, and Africa, architectural practices crop up with
intentions of joining the current of modernization, but reinterpreting vernacular architecture to
address complex climatic, economic, and social realities. Arquitectura Viva takes stock of this rich
panorama through a selection of 50 studios, 42 of which come in a small atlas of offices based in
or working in countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Rwanda, and Angola.
The other 8 are featured at greater length through works of their own.

AV Monographs 202 - Harquitectes. Appropiate, Attractive, Affordable

Avisa 2017 ISBN 9788469787649 Acqn 28258
Pb 24x30cm 112pp col ills £38.95

The Barcelona-based studio Harquitectes is a model in its ability to provide value to public or
private clients, in its responsibility when intervening in heritage buildings or urban environments,
and in its determination to pursue sustainability in terms of energy, waste, or the life cycle of
materials, issues which they address with unique thermodynamic sophistication. Besides
exhibiting smart design and construction, their buildings are also aesthetically sophisticated in the
use of basic materials and economical in their budgetary discipline. This special overview
features twelve local Barcelona projects ("experiences"): designs for living, education, research,
and civic functions.

AV Proyectos 084 - Dossier Bevk Perovic

Avisa 2017 no ISBN Acqn 28259
Pb 24x30cm 80pp col ills £12.95

The dossier is devoted to the latest proposals of the Slovenians Matija Bevk and Vasa Perovic, a
studio whose creative dynamic is centered on research and interpretation of the conditions each
specific situation generates, addressing not only functional and program demands, but the overall
factors surrounding each project as well. The next section presents the shortlisted proposals in
the competition to build a concert hall in Munich, won by the Austrian office Cukrowicz Nachbaur.
The Dutch studio Mecanoo protagonizes the next chapter, which focuses on the building process
of the colossal complex they are about to finish in Shenzhen, comprising three cultural centers
and a large library.