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na 713 6 282 RESDENTIAL UNT DEED THS NDENTURE, made thega@idday of Avgust 1962, between THE TRUMP. EQUTARE FFI AVENE CONDI, aoe verte xd nde the pane lev te Ste of New York hong an fies 135 Avene ofthe Arev,New Yor, New York T0018 (he "Canor) and TASA TRADE AND FINANCE, INC., having an office ae tho Kevin MacCaamy Associates, yes Maoison Ave, Ny, NY (00am the "Grantee", wanasserie ‘That the Grantor, in cansideraton of Ten and 00/100 ($10.00) Doars and other good and _vakuble consideration paid by the Grantee, does hereby grant and release unto the Grantee, the hes oF successors and assigns ofthe Grantee, forever ‘The Residential Unt (the “Unit” known as Unit No, Sé-K _ in the premises known as ‘Trump Tower Condominum and by the street numbers 721-725 Fith Avenue, Borough of ‘Manhattan, City, County and State of New York, said Unit being designated and described as Unit No. 'Sd-K in the declaration ("Dedaratinn’)establshing a plan for condoméniam ‘ownership of said premises under Atce 9-8 ofthe Rea Property Law of the State of New York {the "New York Condominium Act"), dated February 24, 1963, and recorded in the New York ‘County ofc ofthe Reiter of The Cy of New York (he "Cy Regste’sOfice”) on March 23, 1983, n Reel 674, page 848, and ao designated as Taxlot 1191 in Block 1282 of Section 5 ofthe Borough of Manhattan on the Tax Map of the Real Property Assessment Department of The City of New York and on the Foor lans of said bulding, certined by Swanke Hayden CConnet & Partners, Architects, on February 2, 1983, and fled inthe City Regite’s Ofce on ‘March 23, 1983, as Condominium Plan No. 86. The premises within which the Unit is located are mare particularly described in Schedule A atached hereto and made 2 pat heceof, al cpitaized (ems herein which are not separately defied herein shall have the meanings gwven to those terms inthe Declaration or inthe By-Laws of Trump Tower Condominium. Sid By-Laws, asthe same may be amended from tme to time, are hereinafter relered to as the "By1aws") Together with an undivided 3124948 % interes inthe Common Elements; ‘Together with the appurtenances and all the estate and rights ofthe Grantor and tothe Unit Together with, and subject t, the rights, oblgatons, easements, restrictions and other provisions set forth inthe Deiaration and the By-Laws, all of which shall constate covenanis Funning withthe Land and sha bind any person having at any time any interest or esate in the Uni, a5 though recited and stpulated a length herein: Subject also to such other lens, agreements, covenants, easements, restitons and other matters of record as pertain to the Unt and/or tothe Property a5 more particularly described in Schedule B attached hereto and mace a part hereof TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same unto the Grantee, and the hers or successors and assigns ofthe Grantee, forever. Wf any proviion of the Declaration o¢ the By-Laws is ivald under, or would cause the ‘Declaration or the By-Law tobe insufcent co submit the Property to, the provisions ofthe New York Conominiam Act, of any provision whsch is necessary to cause the Declaration and the Bylaws to be sulfiient to submit the Property tothe provisions of the New York Condominiun [Ac is miss from the Dedlation or the By-Laws, or ifthe Dedration and the ByrLaws are au T13 ec 283 Insufcent to submit the Property to the provbions of the New York Condominium Act, the applicable provisions of Article 18 of the Dedaration shal contol Except as otherwise speciicaly permitted by the Residential Board or provided in the Declaration oF the By-laws, the Uni is intended for residential use ony. ‘The Grantor covenants that the Grantor has not done or suffered anything whereby the ‘Unit has been encumbered in any way whatever, except as aforesaid ‘The Grantor, in compkance with Section 13 of the Lien Law of the State of New York, covenants that the Grantor wil receive the consideration for this conveyance and wil hold the Fah to recelve such consideration as a trust fund forthe purpose of paying the cost of the improvement and wl apply the same fst to the payment of the cost of the improvement before using ay part of the same for any other purposes. ‘The Grantee accepts and ratifies the provisions of the Declaration and the By-Laws (and any ules and Regulations adopted under the By-Laws) and agrees to comply with af the terms and provisions thereat ‘The term “Grantee” shall be read as "Grantees" whenever the sense of ths Indenture so recqces ‘his conveyance is made in the regular course of bushess actully conducted by the Gaantor. IN WITKESS WHEREOF, the Grantor and the Grantee have duly executed this Indenture as of the day and year fst above written THE TRUMP-QUITABLE FIFTH "AVENUE COMPANY, a Joint Venture By THE EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNTED STATES, Venturer TZ: egelecee, Grantee net 713 o¢ 284 SCHEDULE A DESCRIPTION OF THE LAND ‘AL that certain lot, plece or parcel of land, stuate, fing and being in the Borough of ‘Manhattan, Cty, County and State ‘of New York, bounded and described as folows: BEGRNING atthe comer formed by the intersection ofthe Northery side of East Séth Street ith the Easterly side of Fifth Avenue; running ‘THENCE Easterty along the Northerly side of East Sth Street, 175 feet; ‘THENCE Nother and paral! wih the Easterly side of Fith Avenue and part of the distance though a party wal, 100 feet S inches, to the center ine of the block; ‘THENCE Westery along the centerline of the back, 50 feet; “THENCE Northerly and paral wth the Easterly side of Fath Avenue, 15 fet “THENCE Westerly and paralel withthe Northeriysde of East Séth Street, 125 feet to the Easter ith Avenue and THENCE Southerly along the Easterly side of Fith Avenue, 125 feet 5 inches, to the point or place of BEGINNING. Seid premises being known as 721.725 Fith Avenue. wet 713 « 285 SCHEDULE PERMITTED ENCUMBRANCES 1. Zoning and other regutions resolutions and ordinances and any amendments thereto now or hereatter adopted. 2. State of facts shown inthe survey of the Land and the foundation ofthe Bung made by Eat 8. Lovells P. Becher, In. on March 16,1961 and any ational state of facts {which a subsequent survey or personal inspection thereof would show, provided such acts ‘would not prevent the use of the Unit for dweling purposes. 3. Any state of facts which an accurate survey ofthe Unit would show, provided such state of facts would not prevent the use of the Unit for dweling purposes 4. The terms, burdens, covenants, restrictions, condition, easements and rues and ‘regulations, al asst forth n the Dedaaton, the By-Laws andthe Rules ard Reguitions, the Power of Attorney from the Grantee tothe Residential Board and the Floor Plans. 5. Consents by the Grantor oF any former owner of the Land forthe erection of any structure or ructure on, under or above any street or streets on which the Land may abut, 6, Any easement or ght of use in favor of any utility company for construction, use maintenance of rep of uty ines, wires, terminal boxes, mains, pipes, cables, conduts, poles and other equpment and faites on, under and across the Land and Bulding. 7. Revocabilty ofcenses for vault space, if any, under the sidewalks and streets '8. Encroachment of stoops, areas, celar steps of doors, trim, copings, retaining wal, bay windows, balconies, sidewalk elevators, fences, fre escapes, comies, foundations, footings and simar projections, if any, on, over, or under the Property or the streets oF sidewalks abutting the Property and the rights of governmental authorities to require the Femoval of any sich projections and varias between record Ines of the Property and retaining wals andthe tke, i any. 9, Leases and service, maintenance and Icense agreements, if any, of other Unis oF portions ofthe Common Elements 410. The lien of any unpaid Common Charge, realestate tae, water charge or sewer rent, provided the same are adjusted at the dosng of tie. 11. The lien of any unpaid assessment payable in instalments (other than assessments levied by the Resdental Boarc), except tat the Grantor shal pay al such assessments due prior tothe Closing Date and the Grantee shal pay all assessments cu from and after such date 12. Covenants and testricions recorded in the Cy Regste's Ofce in Liber 1195, Cp. 3 Liber 32, Cp. 360, Section 5; liber 2330, Cp. 322; Lber 2237, Cp. 44; Liber 2254, Cp. 5 and Liber 58, Cp. 205, Section 5; provided that The Thle Guarantee Company ("Tale Guarantee”) (or sich other tile insurance company which insures the Grantee’ tile othe Un) would be wiling ina fe policy icued by # to the Grantee, ca insure the Grantee that provision for forfeiture or reversion af tile to the Land, the Bulg mourn er stones teens neu 713% 286 13, Eaxement Agreement recorded inthe City Register’ Orfce in Ree 524 P. 1274, 14, Declaration of Restrictions recorded in the Cty Register’s Office in Reel $29 P. 151 and Waive of Dedaation of Zang Lat Restctions recorded inthe Cty Registe’s Office in Ree 529. 161 15, Decaration of Zoning Lot Restrictions recorded inthe Cy Registe's Ofce in Ree! 529 P. 173 and Waiver of Declaration of Zoning Lot Restrictions recorded in the City Registers Otice in Reel $29 P. 185. 16. Zoning Lot Description and Ownership Statement recorded inthe City Register's Office in Reel 529 P. 188, 17. Obligation to maintain roof terace on building located at 46 East $7th Street, New York, Niew York, in accor dance with lease made by Leonard S. Kandel and Florence Kandel [slancdotd, to Teump Enterprkes, In, 28 tenant, dated May 1, 1979, recorded in the City Regsters Otice in Ree! 489 P. 1043, as such lease has been asigned and modified by: (0 Assignment of Lease from Trump Enterprises Inc. to Donald }. Trump, dated May 1, 1979, recorded inthe City Registers Office in Reet 489 P, 1170 (i) Assignment and Assumption Agreement of Lease from Donald}. Trump to The Trumpquiable Fith Avenue Company, dated January 30, 1980, recorded in the Cty Registers Office in Reel 512 P. 1014 (i) Modification of Lease between Leonard 8. Kandel, Forence Kandel and The ‘rumprEqutable Fifth Avenue Company, dated Apri 21, 190, recorded in the Clty Registers Offce in Reel 524 P. 1206, iv) Modification of Lease between Leonard S. Kandel, Florence Kandel and The ‘Trumptqutable Fith Avenue Company, dated June 25, 1980, recorded in the City Regster’s Office n Reel 529 P, 165, 16, Any other declaration or other instrument affecting the Property which the Grantor deers necessary or approprate to comply with any law, ordnance, reuition, zoning fesoltion or requirement of the Department of Bulldngs, the Cty Planning Commision, the Board of Stendatds and Appeas, of any other public authorty, applicable to the demotion, construction, alteration, repair or restoration of the Bulding 19, Standard exceptions contained inthe form of tle insurance policy then isued by Tie Guarantee (or such othe tile insurance company insuring the Grantee’ tile to the Uni, 20, Any encumbrance as to which Tie Guarantee (or such other tite insurance company wich insites the Grantee's tie to the Unt) would be wilirg, na fee poicy issued byt to the Grantee, to insure the Grantee that such encumbrance a) wil not be cobected (Out of the Unit ft 2 ban or (b) wil not be enforced against the Unt if ifs nota fen 21. Any other encumbrance against the Property other than a mortgage or other en for the payment of money, which does not prevent the use of the Unit for dweling purposes 22. Any lease covering the Unit made from the Grantor to the Grantee, ne. 713 ve 287 state of New York} Jn. any of| } ‘Ons OY day ot FROGUS 905 alre me perio came Donald Tn. tome kong beth pein who erected he foregaeg raven snd who, berg uy sor by Me ‘Siesta tS tot a emer the turegae th Avene Company oe verare Hceet ahe barman evil we Sate of Ke Von tha he execued he tovegaeg mere {Soin oe rom tc tn avenue Cru that he fd spy og eae, Deh Soweaged ome Sate of New York) ‘of New * fad Te SoG ins Aogest prize ne peat ane SONS SERGE Gh uyiteroeenns ae arm ee he Vice Mentert of Te Equtabid tle Asurance Soc of the UntecSates, « coxporaton tnfch 68 ciber of The Trump-Equtzble Fit) Avenue Company, the Jor verte formed under the patersp laws ofthe Sate of New Vork decribed mand whch executed the oregon msrmert at re ugred h name thevelo by order of the board of rector of sald corporation, and that sad cerportion execited the same a and for he ac and af a jot pre ounBeag” 7 ver, at Aceai siete ak} guitar cor ie Seats Bots oes Soy ony tow a} oo wa 1m alee pao ne Sener vial tin ne io conte egoginnen: stones one a he ed Nota bic State of New York) dss Coury of New York } On the ony of 98, before me personaly came 10 me known, who beng by me cy sworn cd depose and say that he resides at No that he ie he of the oxpecaion esebed mand which evecited the foregoing insert: and tat he signed h “name thereto Dy ‘tder of the boud of rectors of saul corporat olay Pubic of tow York ) ‘ast . on the 22> aay of ASST , , nineteen hundred and Righty NER, before me came HED iacGomins + to we known tote the steoraey In tact of Coem TaN AAG «DAG. see adlelavel Jeger bed to and ue by sald attorvay Yin fact exccuted THE teeyotue Unsteuments and duly acknowledged befoce me that (s)he executed the some a2 the act and decd of ‘conporemo TIeEELS uescelted, and for the purpose nentioned therein, by virtue S*sSpower ef attorney duly executed by the sald GeTperahon> + dated thelS™ day of P2Guo

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