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Appointment Letter

December 29, 2014

Inturi Sireesh Babu

Dear Sireesh Babu,

Welcome to Marvel Softech India Pvt. Ltd.!

We are Pleased to appoint you as Jr. Digital Marketing Analyst at Marvel Softech India Pvt. Ltd.
with effect from January 05, 2015. You will be required to report the Manager at Hyderabad

Your Annual Compensation will be Rs. 2, 40,000/- per Annum.

Refer to Annexure –I for details on the terms and conditions of employment and Annexure –II for
break- up of your Cost to the Company (CTC).

For Marvel Softech India Pvt. Ltd.,

Manjula Chowdary
Senior Manager - HR

I agree to accept the contract of employment on the terms and conditions mentioned in the above
letter. I shall be reporting for duty on ___________

Name Signature
Annexure – 1

The Terms and Conditions of employment are as mentioned below:

1. Probation: You will be on a probation period of 90 days. The probationary period can be
extended further if your performance / conduct are found not Satisfactory, at the company’s
sole discretion. You will continue to be on probation until confirmed in writing by
management. During the period of probation, your services are liable to be terminated by
either party at any time.

2. Notice Period: During Probation your employment can be terminated by giving 7 days prior
written notice of such termination. The Company may, at its sole discretion, be entitled to
reduce or waive the period if such notice, or accept payment of each equivalent to the salary
payable for such period in lieu of such notice or waive any or part of the payments to be
made by you consequent upon such termination.

After confirmation, your employment may be terminated by giving 1 month written

notice to you or payment of salary in lieu thereof. However, our organization may relieve you
at any time during the notice period and without any compensation other than the payment of
salary in lieu of the remaining period of notice.

3. Travel: You will be required to travel on Company business within India and /or abroad.
The duration of such visits may vary, depending upon the nature of the assignment. All such
travels will be undertake on company work will be paid travel expenses as per company
policy framed from time to time.

4. Confidentiality: You shall maintain at most secrecy with regard to confidential and
proprietary information’s relating to the company. This information includes and is not
limited to trade secrets, technical process, finances and dealings with information relating to
suppliers, employees, agents, distributors and customers. You shall not, during your
employment and at all times, thereafter ,directly or indirectly use or disclose confidential
information except for the sole benefit of the company. You shall maintain at most
confidentiality with regard to your compensation and benefits. You shall not discuss your
compensation and benefits with anyone, but with the superiors you report to.
5. Working Hours: You shall work a 5-day week of forty hours per week. Your normal hours
of work are from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday inclusive, with a half an hour lunch
break. Depending on project contingencies, working hours for specific employees or groups
of employees may be modified from time to time. Further you should be prepared to work in
any shift, as may be warranted by the company’s/Client’s work requirement.

6. Training & Development: You will be undergoing both external and in-house professional
enhancement training that would include on job development program from time to time. In
order to help you to acquire specialized skills and enhanced technical knowledge, the
company may, at the company's sole discretion, offer to finance the cost of such specialized
courses and training at the company's own training establishments or at the training facilities
of third parties, within or outside India, from time to time during the term of your

7. Annual Leave: Employees are entitled to 12 working day’s total leave exclusive of Casual
leave, Sick leave and Public Holiday as mentioned by the company, to be taken at such
times agreed with the company. In case of sick leave the employee will have to furnish
medical certificate in case of continuous leave in excess of 2 days. Refer our Leave Policy
for more detail.

8. Retirement Age: You will retire from the services of the Company on attaining the age of
58 years.

9. Background Check: The Company conducts background checks of its candidates /

employees by an authorized agency as a normal procedure. By accepting this offer, you
acknowledge that you have no objection in the company conducting such background
checks. Further this offer is valid subject to successful completion of background check and
reference check, if any.

10. Non Disclosure Agreement: You will not disclose unauthorized persons any of the
Company information, business and financial interests. Company intelligence, consisting of
sensitive research, either acquired or in the process of being carried out. Commercial
intelligence disclosed to you and/ or acquired by you in the course of your employment.
Annexure II

Salary Structure:

Salary Head Montly Salary Annual Salary

BASIC 8,000 96,000 40% of CTC
HRA 4,000 48,000 50% of Basic
CONVEYANCE 800 9,600 Fixed Amount
MEDICAL ALLOWANCE 1,250 15,000 Medical
CCA 1,040 12,480 13% of Basic
SPECIAL ALLOWANCE 4,910 58,920 Differencial Amount of Gross Amount
GROSS C.T.C 20,000 240,000 Total

Documents to be furnished at the time of Joining:

 Highest qualification certificate and mark sheets

 Relieving letter / resignation acceptance letter from most recent employer (if any)
 Latest 2 salary slip or salary certificate from most recent employer
 Experience certificate from all previous employers
 Passport (with ECNR stamp)
 Proof of identity i.e. PAN card, driving license, electoral card - if passport is not
 Passport size photographs [4 copies]