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Mock Aptitude Test – 8

1. A, B, C can do some work in 36 days. A and B together can do twice as much work as
c alone, and A and C together can do thrice as much work as B alone. Find the time taken
by C to do whole work?
(A) 96 days (B) 108 days (C) 120 days (D) `72 days

2. A sum of Rs.3000 is distributed amongst A, B and C. A gets 2/3 of what B and C got
together and C gets 1/3 of what A and B got together. C’s share is
(A) 1200 (B) 2250 C) 750 (D) `1050

3. A man asks 5 people to make a guess about the amount of money in his pocket which
is less than Rs.50. A guesses that the amount is a multiple of 10. B guesses that the
amount is a multiple of 12. C guesses that the amount is a multiple of 15. D guesses that
the amount is a multiple of 18. E guesses that the amount is a multiple of 30. Which of
the following guesses are correct?
(A) AE (B) AB (C) BC (D) `DE

4. Divide 50 into two parts, such that the sum of their reciprocals is 1/12
(A) 25, 25 (B) 10, 40 (C) 20, 30 (D) `15, 35

5. For a car there are 5 tyres including one spare tyre ( 4+1). All tyres are equally used. If
the total distance travelled by the car is 40000 km then what is the average distance by
the each tyre?
(A) 10000 (B) 40000 (C) 32000 (D) `8000

6. Megha drives along the perimeter of square field of side 10 kms. She drives along the
first side at 10 kmph, along the second side at 20 kmph, along thee third side at 30 kmph
and along the fourth side at kmph. Her Average speed is
(A) 19.2 kmph (B) 18 kmph (C) 20 kmph (D) 30 kmph

7. 10 years ago, the average age of 10 people was 33 years. After 3 years, a person of age
40 died. After another 3 years, another person of age 40 died. After another 3 years,
another person of age 30 dies. Find the present average age.
(A) 43 (B) 44 (C) 35 (D) 40

8. Raj invested in Indigo, HUL and SBI shares at Rs.300, Rs.200 and Rs.5 per share
respectively and purchased a total of 100 shares for Rs.10000. The number of Indigo and
HUL shares he bought are .
(A) 15, 25 (B) 23, 17 (C) 17, 23 (D) 17, 60

9. From a box containing 3 white chips, 7 blue chips and 15 green chips, 2 chips are
drawn at random. What is the probability that one is of the chips is blue and the other is
(A) 7/625 (B) 7/50 (C) 7/100 (D) 21/625
10. In abhi’s class of 44 students, 28 students speak malayalam, 26 students speak tamil,
9 students speak none of the two languages. How many students speak both Tamil &
(A) 54 (B) 38 (C) 19 (D) 10

11. Given the digits 1,3,6,9 find the probability that a 3 digit number formed by using
them with no digit repeated is divisible by 4
(A) None (B) ¼ (C) 1/6 (D) 1/12

12. The diagonal of a square is twice the side of an equatorial triangle. The ratio of the
area of the triangle to the area of square is
(A) Sqrt(3) : 8 (B) Sqrt(2) : 4 (C) Sqrt(2) : 5 (D) Sqrt(3) : 6

13. The number of committees of size 10 that could be formed from 10 men & 10 women
such that committee has at least 6 women is
(A) 60626 (B) 210 (C) 10210 (D) None\

14. How many positive multiples of 10 that are less than 1000 are the sum of 4
consecutive integers?
(A) 63 (B) 9 (C) 32 + sqrt(2014) (D) 32 – sqrt(2014)

15. Sum of the two numbers is 45.The sum of their quotient and its reciprocal is 2.05.The
product of numbers is
(A) 450 (B) 205 (C) 400 (D) 500

16. In 4 years Raj father will be twice raj age then , where as two years ago his mother
was twice his age . If Raj is going to be 32 years old eight years from now then what is
the sum of his parents age now.
(A) 96 (B) 100 (C) 102 (D) 98

17. A closed cylindrical tank contains 36 pie cubic feet of water and it’s filled to half its
capacity. When the tank is placed upright on its circular base on level ground, the height
of water in the tank is 4 feet. When the tank is placed on its side on level ground, what is
the height, in feet, of the surface of the water above the ground?
(a) 2 (b) 2.5 (c) 3 (d) 4.5

18. 1!+2!+3!...+50! when divided by 5!, the remainder is?

(a) 0 (b) 11 (c) 22 (d) 33

19. An entry in an unshaded square is obtained by adding the entries connected to it from
the row above (11 is one such number). Write the value of n.
a)10 b)11 c)9 d)none

20. A passenger train takes 5hrs less for a journey of 396 km if its speed is increased by
55kmph from its normal speed. The normal speed (to the nearest kmph) is
a) None b) 44 c) 55 d)66

21. A shopkeeper used to sell chocolates. He used to sell chocolates for Rs.450 each and
made profit by selling 20 chocolates. Now he wants to reduce the price to Rs.360.How
many chocolates should he sell to keep the profit constant
a) 20 b) 22 c) 24 d) 25

22. While planning their outing, abhishek understood that their boat could travel with a
speed of 12kmph in still water. The group decided to travel 24 minutes downstream.Aarti
had prior experience in that route and mentioned that the speed of stream was
4kmph.How many km will the group travel downstream?
a) 6.4 b) 3.2 c) 4 d) 4.8

23. .If (3a+6b)/(5a+12b)=12/23 determine the value of (3a2+5b2) / ab

a)19/2 b)32/3 c)9 d)31/3

24. .The diagonal of a square is twice the side of an equatorial triangle. The ratio of the
area of the triangle to the area of square is
a) sqrt(3):8 b) sqrt(2):4 c) sqrt(2):5 d) sqrt(3):6

25. Adarsh went to a casino with Rs.6400 and played a certain game 6 times.Each time he
bet half the money he had the time the chance of winning this game was ½ and adharsh
won three of the 6 games even though he did not remember which 3 games he won.In
each of these games he won the amount equal to his bet.After the 6 games the money was
a) 3200 b) 2700 c)1280 d)cannot be determined

26. George, Paul and Hari start a business by contributing Rs. 30000/-, Rs. 40000/- and
Rs. 50000/- respectively. After ½ a year George withdraws half his contribution. At the
end of the year the business showed a profit of Rs 90000 which was divided amongst the
3 men proportionate to amount and duration of their investment in the enterprise. Paul
a) Rs 25000 b)Rs 18000 c) Rs 32000 d)Rs 24000
27. The sum of first n terms in a sequence is always 1/n.Find the product of the first 2014
terms (n! denotes the factorial of n,that is the product of the numbers(1,2……n))
a)-1/(2013!2013!) b) 1/(2013!2013!)
c) 1/(2013!2014!) d)- 1/(2013!2014!)

28. A swimming pool whose surface forms a rectangle measures 25 m long by 15 m wide
The pool is 2 m deep at the shallow end and the depth increases at a constant rate to 4 m
deep at the other end How many cubic meters of water will pool hold
a)1250 b)975 c)1000 d)1125

29. In the question A^B means A raised to the power B, f(x)=ax^4-bx^2+x+5,

f(-3)=2,then f(3)=?
a) -2 b) 1 c) 3 d) 8

30. The value of the expression 1%2%3%5%7%11%13 can be altered by including

parenthesis. If we are allowed to place as many parentheses as we want, how many
distinct values can be obtained from this expression?
a) 32 b) 64 c) 16 d)128