CLAIM: Chet Edwards says Bill Flores cannot be “trusted” because of a misstatement Flores made regarding his missed vote in the 2008 General Election. Fact Check: Edwards’ TV ad alleges that Bill Flores lied about his voting. Background: Flores has apologized for misstating that he voted in the 2008 General Election. Mr. Flores has a consistent voting record in General Elections, having voted in 100% of those elections from 1992 to 2006 What about Trusting Chet Edwards? It is interesting that Edwards' recent TV attack ad talks about "trust". If he wants to make the election about "trust", we will encourage voters to consider the following: What Edwards Says vs. What Edwards Does and the destructive impact of the Obama/Pelosi/Edwards Economic Plan. The Obama/Pelosi/Edwards Economic Plan: Massive Increases in Federal Debt Edwards repeatedly tells the people of this district that he is a fiscal conservative. On his Congressional Website, Edwards says that “massive federal deficits and the $13 trillion national debt are harmful to our economy and morally wrong to pass on to our children and grand children.” • • But, on February 4, 2010, he voted to fund the Obama agenda by INCREASING THE FEDERAL DEBT LIMIT TO $14.2 TRILLION (about $46,000 for every American man, woman, and child). The Obama/Pelosi/Edwards Economic Plan created Trillion dollar deficits for the foreseeable future.

The Obama/Pelosi/Edwards Economic Plan: Higher Unemployment and a Stagnated Economy Edwards told our District that he voted for the “Stimulus” Bill because it would "protect American jobs, stabilize our economy, and prevent this crisis from deepening." • Since February 13, 2009 when he voted for this gargantuan waste of taxpayer dollars: unemployment has risen dramatically, the economy has weakened, unemployment is higher in EVERY COUNTY across the 17th district, and we are now finding out about how billions of dollars were wasted on pet, special interests projects which created no real job growth. The Obama/Pelosi/Edwards Economic Plan has not prevented millions of Americans from losing their jobs and has only saddled the future of our children and grandchildren with massive government debt.

The Obama/Pelosi/Edwards Economic Plan: Dramatically Increasing Wasteful Spending Edwards says on his campaign Website “The single fastest way to reduce short-term deficits is to control spending . . .” • • But, during the 2009 Budget debate, 64 out of 68 times, Edwards voted against amendments that targeted pet projects and special interest spending. The other 4 times. . . he was not even present to vote. The Democrats offered no budget plan whatsoever this year. Despite his position on the Budget Committee, Edwards did NOTHING to help create a Congressional Budget. This means they are free to spend whatever they want, however they want, and the public will not have a chance to review their blueprint. Under the Obama/Pelosi/Edwards Economic Plan, federal budgets are optional.

The Obama/Pelosi/Edwards Economic Plan: Using Your Tax Money to Bail Out Wall Street On September 26, 2008, Edwards told the Bryan-College Station Eagle one condition of his support for the TARP bailout was that “the Wall Street executives who caused this problem through their greed will not be given golden parachutes at taxpayers’ expense.” • • But, just five months later, Edwards for the stimulus bill included $165 million of taxpayer money to be used to protect executive bonuses of failed Wall Street insurance giant AIG – even after the company had been bailed out using billions of taxpayer money. The Obama/Pelosi/Edwards Economic Plan rewards Wall Street while Main Street suffers.

Edwards touts his “Independent Thinking” A Texas Tribune article on September 3, 2010 reported, “Edwards says he has kept his seat for so long because voters have appreciated his independent thinking.” • But, is Edwards really “independent”? Consider the following facts: o Edwards votes with Nancy Pelosi 97% of the time. Does a 3% voting difference really mean he is “independent”? o Edwards has voted multiple times to make Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House. o Just like Nancy Pelosi, Edwards supports forced unionization of Texas businesses (i.e. the Card Check Bill). This could be due to the hundreds of thousands of campaign contributions he has received from labor unions. o Edwards consistently fights against medical malpractice and tort reform bills. This could be due to the hundreds of thousands of dollars he receives from trial lawyers.

Now that you know the truth, can you “trust” Edwards in Congress? Can you trust that the Obama/Pelosi/Edwards Economic Plan will work? Can you trust the futures of your children and grandchildren to the REAL Edwards’ Congressional record?

Here is the TRUTH about Bill Flores: If he is elected, you can count on him to work together with you to Restore America's Promise, Prosperity, and Security for Future Generations.

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