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New Features in Ivory 2.

Along with the flexibility of offering iLok Key Authorization and PACE Machine
Authorization, Ivory 2.5 also provides some new features in the plug-in itself.


Found on the Program Page of the Ivory 2.5 interface, Shimmer is a powerful
new feature that provides unique control over the decay/sustain part of the
piano note. Positive values of the Shimmer control extend the decay of the
higher harmonics of the piano notes played. Small to medium (positive) values
provide a longer, natural sounding sustain. More extreme positive values can
also yield some interesting synth like effects. Negative values of the Shimmer
control will shorten the decay of the higher harmonics. Extreme negative values
produce a muted type effect.

New Half-Pedal Controls

On the Session Page in Ivory 2.5 is a new set of controls for Half-pedaling. With
an increasing variety of controllers and continuous damper pedals on the market,
the new Half-pedal controls provide the flexibility necessary to make the
adjustments suited to your controller.

Pedal Track - Provides control over the volume tracking of the Pedal Noise
sample. With Half-pedal enabled, the Pedal Noise sample is triggered according
to the "velocity" of the continuous damper pedal. Slower pedaling produces a
softer pedal noise effect. Fast pedal motion will produce a louder Pedal Noise
sound. Pedal Track parameter allows a fine control adjustment for your
controller, pedaling style or taste.

Pedal Start - This control defines the MIDI value of your continuous damper
pedal (CC 64) that the Half-pedal effect will begin.

Pedal Active - This control determines the range that the Half-pedal effect will

Reset Button - Resets the Pedal Start and Pedal Active controls to their Default

The Ivory 2.5 interface also includes a visual graph to display how your Half-
pedal controls have been set.
Assignable MIDI Controls (Ivory Standalone App - Mac)

With Ivory 2.5 it is now possible in the Ivory Standalone Host on Mac to assign
MIDI controllers to any and all of the Ivory parameters.

From the Session page (while running Ivory Standalone) the Controllers button
allows you to access an editor where you can see all of the parameters in the
plug-in and assign any of the available MIDI controllers to them.

Your assignments can be saved as part of your Session preset, to be called up

any time you run the Standalone.

Note: similar capability is provided by the plug-in through most DAW

hosts. However, in this case those settings are assigned and saved by the

High Resolution MIDI Velocity Response

The Ivory 2.5 plug-in has implemented support for the MIDI CC88 High
Resolution Velocity prefix. There is nothing you need to do for Ivory 2.5 to
respond. If your controller transmits the High Resolution Velocity Prefix, Ivory
2.5 will respond to the more than 16,000 velocity steps.