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Monday, January 29, 201'8

U.S. House.of Representatives,

Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence,

Washington, D.C.

The committee met, pursua_nt to call, at 5:06 p.m., iri Room HVC-304, the

Capitol, the Honorable Devin Nunes [chairman of _the committee] presiding.

Present: Representatives Nunes, Conaway, King, LoBiondo, Rooney,

Ros:- Lehtinen, Wenstrup, Stewart of Utah, ·Crawford, ·Gowdy, Stefanik, Hurd,
Schiff, Himes, Sewell, Carson, Speier, Quigley, Swalwell, Castro, and Heck.


THE CHAIRMAN: A quorum being present, the Select Committee on

lntel"ligence will come to order. As. a reminder, even though we are in a closed
space, we are in open session, and a transcript of the proceedings will be released
in accordance with House .rules.

Pursuant to Committee Rule 6(c) and House Rule XI, clause 2(h)(4), the chait

may p�stpone further proceedings on which a recorded vote or the yeas or nays

a�e ordered. Without objection, the chair .i s .authorized to .declare a recess at any


This meeting w�s scheduled to take up pending business before the

committee. 'fhe first item we will consider is a request from the ranking member to

c�II to the attention of the House a classified memorandum prepared by the minority.

The chair moves, pursuant to Committee Rule 14(i), that the committee call


to the attention of the House the classified executive session memo prepared by
i minority staff ..