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Name: Oscar Acero

Level: three “4”

Date: May 7, 2015

Adverbs The Past Past Continuous I was ironing and my brother was watching TV. Past Perfect They had tidied their room by the
Last: simple time their parents arrived.
Yesterday, speech tips: while, as, all morning , etc
Week in 1980, etc speech tips: by the time, never, etc
TO BE Singular Plural

There was There were Regular verb Irregular verb Subject + (didn't, What, where, when, who, which, why,
wasn't, weren't) + verb because + S + v in past + C
Singular Plural + ED (Diferent form)
How, How many, How much
Played Fly – Flew Jack didn't play the guitar.
I was We were INTERROGATIVE FORM Go - Went Wh + was/were + C + ?
Visited They weren't tired yesterday.
You were You were Who was your teacher the last level?
He was They were (?) FORM R: Martha
Was there + singular noun + ? (Regular and irregular verbs)
She was Wh + was/were there + noun+ ?
Was + S + C + ? Were there + plural noun + ? Did + S + simple verb + C + ? Wh + did + Subject + verb + ?
It was When was there a earthquake ?
What did Jack eat? R: Yesterday
It Was there a storm in Quito the last Did you come to the class
Were you tired when you worked? week? yesterday? Where did you go?
Wh + v in past + C + ?
Yes, I was; No, I wasn't Yes, there was; No, there wasn't Yes, I did; No, I didn't
Who had a good day? R: Pedro