Submitted by Ashwarya Roll No. – 04 Course – PGDM-MKT Div – C Date of visit – 20/01/10


Plant visited 3.INDEX 1. Company details 2. Specific learning from visit Signature . Brief description of visit 4.

Heat Exchangers / Pressure Equipment / Vessels / Tanks Hygienic Engg and Equipment manufacturing Manufacturing of Skid Mounted Units Instrumentation and Process Control General Engg . AdMarkblatter. worldwide. brewery plants and process equipment & systems for customers. Near Pune • Alandi. DIN. is listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges of India.Waste Water Treatment / Water Recovery Unit Processes Fermentation Unit Operations Heat Transfer Distillation / Extraction Evaporation Pressure Swing Adsorption Hydrolysis / Liquifaction Mass Transfer Centrifugation Filtration Praj has created Manufacturing facilities at 3 locations: Sanaswadi. Praj is a knowledge based company with expertise and experience in Bioprocesses and engineering.Export Oriented Unit.COMPANY DETAILS Comprehensive biofuel & brewery technology solutions Praj is a global Indian company that offers innovative solutions to significantly add value in bio-ethanol. Capabilities Stainless Steel / Copper Fabrication ( U & H Stamp ) . bio-diesel. BS gives us a competitive edge. Praj offers customized engineering and manufacturing solutions for a range of applications across industries. Praj. The ability to design and manufacture equipments as per various global standards such ASME. Near Port in Gujarat .Export Oriented Unit • Kandla. It has one of the largest resource bases in the industry with over 450 references across all five continents. Customized Engineering & Manufacturing Leveraging its strengths in engineering for turnkey plants and its resources in manufacturing equipment of high quality. Led by an accomplished and caring leadership. • . TEMA. which is the founding member of Global Growth Companies (part of World Economic Forum). Near Pune . Praj is a socially responsible corporate citizen.

Tanks Heat Exchangers Evaporators Condensers Reboilers Skid Mounted Equipment Customized Fabrication / Fabricated Equipment CNC Plasma Cutting Machine CNC Drilling Machine CNC Plasma Arc Welding Machine Polishing Machine .Praj can Design and Manufacture various Equipment such as: • Distillation Columns • • • • • • • • • Pressure Vessels Fermentors Reactors.

316Ti. Praj has supplied equipment duly certified by following Renowned Third Party Inspection agencies time-to-time: Our emphasis on Quality Management Systems ( ISO 9000: 2008 ) have enabled us to become a Reliable and Trusted Global Sourcing Partners from India for number of our clients.70) • Titanium • Nickel • Hastelloy (B2 / B3) • Monel 400 • Incoloy In addition to In-house Inspection. 321) • DOW Copper / Brass • Carbon Steel (SA 515 / 516 Gr. 316. . 60 .Type of Materials handled: Praj has the capability and equipment to fabricate equipment in following material type: • Austenitic Steels (SS 304. 304L. 316L.

• Locations: Proximity to Port — All Plants well connected by Highways. • Well Established Contemporary HSE Policy. • The purpose of this Code is to enhance ethical standards and transparency in managing the affairs of the Praj Group. • This Code shall come into force with effect from the 1st day of April 2008. suppliers. within 30 days of close of every financial year to the Company Secretary. drafted right at the conception of any undertaking and stringently adhered to. Praj code of conduct : The Code of Conduct is applicable to Directors and Employees of Praj Group of Companies. site/shop fabricated items and all agencies involved in the process. This monitors and controls all aspects of quality right from audit of engineering drawings. • This Code envisages that the Directors and Employees must act within the bounds of the authority conferred upon them and with a duty to comply with the requirements of applicable law and within the Code of Conduct given below. vendors. penetrate testing and leak testing. Safety: . • All the Directors and Employees shall be required to affirm compliance with this Code on an annual basis. • Proven Track record in terms of Cost. • Competitive manufacturing cost. to sustain the trust and confidence reposed by the shareholders of the Praj Group. Praj relies on a robust Quality Assurance Plan. Quality and Delivery. • ASME "U" & "H" certified. SGS and TUV. ultrasonography. • "ISO 9000:2001" Quality Management System. right till the end. magnetic particle testing. Raw materials and equipment undergo stringent chemical and mechanical tests including DP testing and NDT methods such as radiography.What makes Praj preferred partner: • Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing capability built over last 25 years. "CE" marking certified. • Quality Assurance: Enlisted with inspection agencies like UHDE India.

Dist. 2 & 3) Making The Most Of Brewery Engineering Beer. To take care of health.Opp. but also for the long term survival of the ecosystem.Metacolour. A drink soaked in tradition of malted barley. Engineering Center and at all project sites and offices. safety and the environment. PRAJ offerings range from : • • • • • Biological Treatments . Praj is committed to continually improving its performance in relation to health. providing seam-less integration is what the Brewery Technology Solutions (BTS) has set as its mission. which has been integrated with science to deliver varied flavors and drinking pleasure. safety and environmental aspects of its business. The key lies in integration for optimum performance. And. Pune 412 207. Sanaswadi. Praj supplies Brewery Plants having world class manufacturing capability to achieve excellent and consistent product quality at lower cost with environment friendly technology. Praj HSE Team has a systematic approach in managing HSE at manufacturing units. Not only for the customers and employees. Tal. BTS provides total brewery engineering/technology services.748. Stringent norms are being followed in accordance in various operations and processes.Ultra Filtration & Reverse Osmosis Chemical Treatments UV treatment. A tradition. hops and water.both anaerobic and aerobic Systems Energy efficient evaporation Plants Solvent Recovery Plants using high efficiency processes including column internals Membrane based solutions . (Unit 1. Systems and procedures have been established for implementation of all stages. Ozonation. Praj has a wellestablished HSE Policy. Whether it is a first time customer or an existing brewery. PLANT VISITED SANASWADI UNIT PUNE Gat No. Shirur. Some highlights of Praj offerings: .Praj recognizes that safety and environment are important aspects of its offering. Research and Development Centre.

Mechanical . extractive distillation Dedicated to the field of renewable transport fuels and providing state-of-the-art Bioethanol and Biodiesel production technologies. Offerings • • • • • • • Plant Audits for energy and water foot printing Water treatment plants for industrial and potable purpose Biological treatment of industrial waste water Membrane based water recovery and recycle systems Process solutions for various industries Concentration of effluent streams using multiple effect evaporators Solvent Recovery Plants using azeotropic . Instrumentation and Electrical Engineering Proven project execution expertise & record Cost-effective Conventional & Advanced Technology Solutions Zero Discharge solutions. Praj is the only company to offer a comprehensive package of services to Biofuel producers.• • • • • • • • Solutions under one roof Process and system integration using Thermal and Biological Treatment Process Knowledge Equipment manufactured at its own well-equipped manufacturing capabilities State-of-the-art R & D facilities Experienced pool of Process . These include all the services required to produce and deliver the necessary feedstock to a biofuels complex. .


Thus I can say the visit was full of knowledge. 6. Work distribution is important for the the company. R&D is important for any company in order to keep on finding the new product in development. Came to know the working culture of a manufacturing unit. 5. . Specific learning from visit Learning from visit are as follows : 1. 3. 4. Inventory management is important in order to avoid the wastage of material.Brief description of visit Through this industrial visit we got to see that how a manufacturing unit management functions. 7. How this company manage to get through the Recession . 2. This visit made a clear understanding of how the management concepts are applied in practical. How human resource are managed in manufacturing unit. How to utilities the resources to best possible extent to avoid any wastage.

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