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SAC Net Explorer


The concept of remote delivery points within distribution networks of natural gas necessarily implies an
operations supervision center and a set of data collection terminals.
Fast has created software to collect data from loggers called SAC Net Explorer designed specifically for
Multiutility Companies.
SAC Net Explorer, totally web-based, is able to concentrate and distribute information anywhere you have a
network connection. The software system can be used in a WEB outsourcing warehouse or inside a home portal.
In the first case, minimal infrastructure investments are needed and running costs are very low.

ERP Customer services, billing, ….
Interface with software
and database

SAC Communication
Layer, Database SAC Interactive
WEB-Internet, GIS WEB-Internet sites

GSM / GPRS Front End via
Internet TCP/IP GSM/GPRS, Internet

Data Logger, Configuration &
Gas Corrector Networking

teclab@teclab. FAST SpA . Regardless of the means of transmission used. .it www. recall reports and historical trends. Through the use of security policy at different levels (administrator. the operating divisions or management departments can benefit from the information and the system in general.  Reference pressure and temperature. efficiently and effectively. any information helps to provide a platform for unified and shared knowledge. (+39) – info@fastautomation.  Totalized volume.982790 www. in particular:  Volume of gas supplied at thermodynamic reference condition for each hour of the day. the software also ensures access to the status of the converters. if necessary. 74 – 19136 La Spezia – ITALY Tel.622411 – Fax (+39) 0522. The SAC Net Explorer is the essential tool to properly configure the equipment installed in the area and collect the data from loggers. and to download log files in standard formats (i..The data are available to authorized users via Internet.. Excel).Fax (+39) 0187. In this way. Each measurement device is able to make all the collected data available daily in compliance with the regulations.  Daily .982747 .teclab. The software provides tools for the correct configuration of the gas meters. by a suitably authorized user.fastautomation.). (+39) 0187. historical diagnostics) of each converter remotely read. For the various company departments the SAC Net Explorer becomes a common support to enable them to improve their skills in a synergistic and rewarding environment. The SAC provides procedures for reconstructing the sequence of events (historical hourly and daily readings. All parameters suitable for changing from remote can be modified.627194 Tel.Via Molino Poncino 4 – 42019 Scandiano (RE) – ITALY TecLab Srl . Communication between the meters installed and the SAC Net Explorer can be carried out with DLMS protocols and CTR through GSM/GPRS communications. .e. This means that authorized users can connect to the system at any time to check the data of the equipment and alarms.Via delle Pianazze.