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1. Power on Sawyer and pay close attention to the Head, Head Light, and Navigator.

a. Head – Accurately displays the GUI.

b. Head Light - Verify the color is white.
c. Navigator - Make sure the five buttons light up white.

2. On the Moxa, verify the Power LED is orange, and the Ready and Port 1 LEDs are

3. Verify Sawyer can communicate with the Moxa.

a. Use the scroll wheel and select Settings, Hardware Settings, and then
Configure Modbus.

b. Verify the indicator color is green. If it is red, Sawyer is unable to communicate

with the Moxa. The internal Moxa is Device “Robot.”

4. If Sawyer is unable to communicate with the Moxa, verify the static IP on the Moxa
is correct.
a. Remove the Ethernet cable from Port 1.
b. Use an Ethernet cable to connect a PC (laptop, desktop) to the Moxa.
i. Plug the Ethernet cable into Ethernet port on the PC and into Port 1
on the Moxa.

c. Setup the IPV4 address on the PC.

i. Click the Windows Start button.
ii. Select ‘Control Panel’.
iii. Select ‘View Network Status and Tasks’.
iv. Click on ‘Local Area Network’.
1. Click on the ‘Properties’ button
2. Double Click on the IPv4 selection
3. Change the selection from ‘Obtain an IP address
automatically’ to ‘Use the following IP address’
4. Input the following IP addresses:
IP address
Subnet mask
Default gateway
5. Click ‘OK’

d. On the PC, open an internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer).

i. In the address bar type and press Enter. The Moxa
homepage should appear.
1. If the Moxa homepage does not appear, press a paper clip into
the Reset hole on the Moxa and hold it until the green Ready
light goes out.

f. On the left Menu bar, select ‘Network Settings’ then ‘Ethernet Configuration’

g. Change the ‘IP Configuration’ to Static, enter the following IP addresses, and
click ‘Submit’.
i. IP address
ii. Subnet mask
iii. Default gateway

5. Repeat Step 4c with the new IP address, the click ‘OK’.

6. Repeat Step 4d with the new IP address and press Enter. The Moxa
homepage should appear.

7. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from Port 1 on the Moxa and reinstall the original
Ethernet cable back into Port 1.

8. Repeat Step 3 to verify Sawyer can communicate with the Moxa.

9. Position the door against the Control Box and turn the knob clockwise to secure it.

Pneumatic Valve(s)
Follow the ESD procedure