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Before the OAIC can investigate your complaint you must first have complained to the agency or organisation and given it an opportunity to resolve your complaint. This will generally involve writing to the agency or organisation and giving it 30 days to respond. Please send the completed form to us by: Post. Fax Director of Privacy Case #612 9284 966, ‘Management GPO Box 5218 Sydney NSW 2001 About You — the Complainant Name: Dr Janice Duffy Preferred contact method (you must provide at least one contact method) 7 | emai Phone Post ‘Mobile phone other Phone (daytime) Coo. Mobile 1 aR@deamicCuMU. Postal Address SSSA SEsinetesGsitistaeE. Postcode @Qim.. Other contact details (eg. Fax or international address)... Previous Dealings Ifyou have lodged a complaint or enquiry with the OAIC before please provide your previous reference ‘number (eg C00001 or £11/00001) Representative ‘Do you have someone that you would like to represent you in your complaint? Yes [* What is your representative's relationship with you? (eg. lawyer) Ifyes: Representative name: Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms / Dr. Office ofthe Australian Information Commissioner “Telephone 1300 363 992 « Facsimile +61 2 9284 9666 + GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001 Preferred contact method (you must provide at least one contact method) Email Phone Post. | Mobile phone Other Phone (daytime)... Mobile Email Postal Address. Postcode... Other contact details (eg. Fax or international address... Have you complained to the Respondent? have complained to the agency or organisation about my privacy issue and given them 30 days to respond. Itis only in exceptional circumstances that the OAIC will investigate complaints where you have rnot complained to the respondent. If no, please explain why it is not appropriate for you to complain to the respondent. The OAIC may still decline to investigate your complaint until you have complained to the respondent, |lam and have been in active litigation with Google Inc for 7 years. This complaint is directed at the Google Australia lawyers, Michael Takeuchi and Chris Govey. They represented Google Inc in the legal process including the trial and appeal (which | won) and instructed the legal firms representing Google Inc including Ashurst Australia. 11am terrified because as a result of the privacy breach | received threats of harm directly to my home. | have tried to stand up to the threats but they have continued for 9 months and I rarely leave home now. | ‘was so afraid that for a few weeks | was sleeping with a loaded firearm by my bed (Iam a licensed sporting shooter) | am afraid that although my address has now been removed from the online website Lumen Database to ‘which it was sent by Google Australia and the Wordpress website on which it was posted by one of the people who harassed me, that the Respondent will again publish itor give it to overseas websites and persons to scare and harm me. |am also worried that Google Australia disseminates legal documents containing personal information about other Australians. Google Australia will ust lie if! complain to them and | am living in fear due to a breach of my privacy. | am also afraid of retribution in the form of dissemination of my medical and employment information that is in the possession of Google Australia if complain to them. | also suspect that Google has similarly breached the privacy of other Australians in a similar manner and have proof of at least once example, The Respondent - who you are complaining about Office ofthe Australan Information Commissioner ‘Telephone 1300 363 992 + Facsimile +61 29284 9656 + GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001, am complaining about Name of Respondent organisation / agency Google Australia Pty Ltd.. Phone (daytime) (02) 9374 4000 Email Postal Address 48 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont, Sydney, NSW. Postcode 2009 Name of individual(s) involved (if known) Google Australia head of legal Michael Takeuchi, Google Australia lawyer Chris Govey... 7 e Have you taken this complaint to another dispute resolution body? Yes No. ‘The OAIC may not investigate a complaint if another dispute resolution body is already dealing with It. Please give details of your complaint and attach copies of relevant documents. Name of the dispute resolution body you complained to Date of your complaint Is it dealing with your complaint? ves No Please provide a brief description of your complaint to the other dispute resolution body and explain why itis ois not dealing with your complaint: have not taken this complaint to any other dispute resolution body. Your Complaint Please describe how you think your privacy has been interfered with. It will assist us if you can explain: ‘+ What happened ‘+ When it happened (including dates) ‘+ What personal information of yours was affected \clude names of individuals involved if known) * How and when you found out about it. ‘The clearer your explanation is the more easily we will be able to assist you. Please feel free to attach additional information. Office ofthe Australian Information Commissioner ‘Telephone 1300 363 992 + Facsimile +61 29284 9666 + GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001, Sometime after October 2015 Google Australia sent a legal notice to Google Inc dated in 2010. It contained my address and phone number. Google Inc subsequently sent it to and the notice was published at the bottom of a search for my name on During the legal case against Google Inc it had preciously posted references to but these always contained ‘motice unavailable’ on the webpage. But once | won the defamation case (Duffy v Google, 2015, 2016, 2017) abuse from organisations and websites connected to or financed by Google Inc increased. ‘Asa result of the publication of my personal details | received direct threats of harm to my home address in the form of a ‘letter’, subsequent phone calls and my address was found by a person who lives in my city and who had been harassing me for almost a year and a half (until he was cautioned by the police). | did not realise that the notice was published unredacted until May 2017 when the person who had been harassing me published my address on a Google blog. Prior to this | was aware that always published ‘notice unavailable’ because | put that evidence in the trial for defamation that | litigated between June and December 2015. After discovering my address was known by someone who had been harassing me (and whom I had reported to the police), | looked at the website and was horrified to see the notice was published containing my personal details and was displayed on in response to a search for my name. | asked them to remove it but this was ignored. The unredacted notice remained online until tweeted to that | had received threats of harm. | have included one example of harm attached to this complaint but there have been others and I can provide further evidence. My complaint is that Google Australia’s legal employees sent the concerns notice to Google Inc to send to with specific instructions to publish it unredacted because their policy is usually to redact personal details. | believe this was ‘punishment’ for my legal action because | am aware that Google has sent out legal notices from other Australians to its shill websites. Google Australia has all of my medical and employment records and | am afraid they too have been distributed in Australia and overseas and top persons not involved in the legal matters. J attach: ‘search for my name dated 14 May 2017 displaying the Google link to the notice The notice displaying my address and phone number dated 14 May 2017 ‘The email | sent to asking them to redact it (I attached the notice to the email) ‘Aletter of harassment placed in my home letterbox in uly 2017. [My tweet to dated 18 June 2017 ‘an affidavit in which Mr Michael Takeuchi, head of legal, Google Australia is stated as instructing egal ‘counsel for my defamation matter (and hence had control over the distribution of my personal information entered into evidence in the trial. Resolution Office of the Australian information Commissioner ‘Telephone 1300 363 992 «Facsimile +61 2 9284 9665 + GPO Box 5238, Sydney NSW 2001, What action would you like the Respondent to take to resolve your complaint? ‘The OAIC generally tries to resolve complaints through conciliation between you and the respondent. Please note that the OAIC is unable to impose financial penalties. Google Australia has all my medical records and employment records. | would like an investigation to ascertain exactly where these have been sent both in Australia and overseas and to whom and the purpose. | want alist of all organisations and persons to whom my personal information has been distributed. | want written guarantee that Google Australia will not distribute my personal information ‘and an apology. | would like compensation for distress caused by the publication and dissemination of my personal details. Please note that | do not waive anonymity because there is no point. Google has already ruined my life and | am afraid that Google Australia is also distributing personal documents obtained during legal actions by Australians to unauthorized persons and websites overseas and in Australia Supporting information ‘You may attach relevant information that supports the complaint. For all complaints, please attach any correspondence with the respondent about the privacy complaint. For complaints about credit information files Hf your complaint is about an incorrect credit information file please attach a copy of your complete credit file, We will be unlikely to progress the complaint without it. If you do not have a copy of your complete credit file we will need to obtain a copy on your behalf. Do you give permission for OAIC staff to obtain a copy of your credit information file from either Veda ‘Advantage Information Services and Solutions, Dun & Bradstreet or the Tasmanian Collection Service? le Yes Q No Please sign “ape this form Office ofthe Australian Information Commissioner ‘Telephone 1300 363 992 «Facsimile +61 2 9284 9656 * GPO Box 5216, Sydney NSW 2001, msi {ince ly aide - Google Seah GoolZle ance aay aeraise a [son | A Newt eee apt Ma seteet Dr Janice Duty preparing second Google defamation claim, less than modeler com au fre hy. aco NeAbTe2DTebSoeetG0es ‘98.2016 GOOGLE hasan erro! ph =e and ape ‘SA Supreme Court rules Dr Janice Dutty was defamed by Google ‘wewateera con au fice ay. ee Sienaeta3s9 douse ‘527 2019- dncOuts lp btn Go haw hn te on Cele ile tani implore st ie Duy oe ‘Adelaide woman Dr Janice Duffy sues internet giant Googie for ..- ABC. abe nt aunens/201810-eese-reman autem! B00 + (8227 213- OJ Duty cams wien unas on hg ape wate in 2007 Sehander, ant rgd fone er eee Google ordered to pay Dr Janice Duty $100,000 plus interest in. - ABC ea et uen/208-122gegi dered payor 705880 = ‘te 2 58 Pas analy hae apd Cg ale gota Red Sry Adie woman sons Ss earcon Ripoff Repot | Janice Duffy - Psychic Stalker! Peychics Beware OF. ‘apotepr com janice ty. ane ay jie ae pyehts beret. © le Buty ton Atenas Aetna! Phone mae ea ache Internet Dofamation: A Cae Blog| Sanco © Ft Raper Oana Duty ope UPDATE 28 Obs 235: 1E WON te Sate ‘Janice Duy storie at Teche, hip Pect como esi © ‘ee 25 On 1.) 20070 yw enameled. eet ek ‘ov org sb an Adan ne che ‘Adelaide woman Or Janice Dusfy wins sult against internet giant Moet comt Jonge worn dies. st abana! ‘Sto mys rsa Bil ot AgSane sia onno tne uy ng (Gage oh door ast abt ha Once Dat tay Dr Janice Duty | Linkedin bane. uy att + Duty poston pce Lan wos ge as, ‘tect hebeg enous “The Advertiser - What dd Adelaide woman Dr Janie Duty... Facebook ip tanacobokconbeadutcros/OY53055425 147 © (Wat awa worn Dee Dy ar ar cut rae wh et Cai pa er $1008 danagen Glare serene ou In response ta legal request submited to Googe we have removed 1 resus) ‘rom ths page. Ifyou wich, You may fad more abot he rogue at s [omenDatabase 2 es ‘Searches related to janice dutty adelaide uty google ine 2015 sae 170 osc ay ietamation cass austin 2015 socal mala defamation cates australe mous detaaton cates in aus caren efmation cases ‘etamtin cases asia 2096 tv google 2045, Gooooccc0c0gle » peg om n/n vendict=28sa-XAvd-ahUKE Wig? PajOSTARWCFIQKHY.24jUQNQeDMhl-en- nicely eae 1” aos etanaion Complaint Google: Notes: Lamen Q Search all notices. icra Pane eect taal ota can Re: Unknown ‘SENT IA: UNKNOWN, NOTICE TYPE: DMCA Body by ‘etter’ to Google Australia RN sanidnieONENN Ustra1i2 Email: December: 2nd 2010 Google Australia Pty Ud Level 5, 48 Pirrama Road Pyrmont, sw 2009 NOTICE OF CONCERN Rez Defamatory Matter about or Janice Duffy on Google This is a Notice under The Defamation Act 2005 of South Australia, Section 1M Ga & oe A “notice ‘is @ concerns notice for the purposes of this section if the notice¥ @) isdn writing; and ey informs the publisher of the defamatory imputations that the aggrieved person considers are or may be carried about the aggrieved person by the matter in question (the imputations of concern) . This Concerns Notice informs Google Australia Pty Ud (the publisher) of the deFanatory imputations, about or Janice Margaret Duffy of Adelaide, South apeliewcamendtaas nics 69128 un ass Defamation: Report Den amen Report a Demand Report a Defamation Takedown Notice you have sent or received a Defamation takedown notice and want to submitit to our database, fll out the form below. Step 1. Describe the Notice Provide us with information about the Defamation takedown notice you sent or received. Tio Takedown notice Legal Complaint takedown notice that | did not submit. | sent this | Subject publication of my ad to Google AU. | have received threats of harm. ‘Adaitionally you have published links to content that was found defamatory in an Australian Dato sont 2011-03-08 Supreme Court ate received Yvy-MM-DD Attach Notice (Cee | DeFamat. np Sont via This was sent to Goc Attach another ‘Tag ist movie, youtube, vide ‘Topics Language en-AU English (australia) : Jurisdiction Au ‘Action taken Partial Step 2. URLs of Allegedly Defamatory Material Please do not inclide links to unnecessary material, Any URLs you enter willbe republished on this sit pve mena anyone ype-Detamain w Dr? Janice Duffy you stupid narcissistic self entitled whore bitch do you think that you are more important than Google or Techdirt? Googie is not responsible for your actions you deserved what you got on ripoff report you were a stupid cunt and now you cry all over the internets because you got caught Mike Masnick is a internets GOD ‘Tim Cushing is a internets God Leigh Beadon isa internets God Popehat is a internets Godwho defends us from stupid frauds like you and shiva Mare Randazza Is a internets God who defends us from stupid frauds like you and shiva ‘They hate you and Shiva and so do we ‘Techdirt defends the internets from stupid whores like you and frauds like Shiva he didn't invent email and your spew saying he did just make you seem like the stupid bitch cunt whore you are you will lose against Google in the end and then we will finish you all over the internets you think anyone cares at google or techdirt because you are nothing but a ‘cunt that deserves to be crushed Shiva is a fraud and wait and see he won't be senator because there is a bullet with his name on it and he wont see us coming that low class curry spewer should have taken the money he stole from gawker and shut the fuck up and go back into his bogus hole but no he has to hurt Mike who stands for all us people so he has to pay ‘you can't stop free speech it will triumph but we want to watch you go down slowly and we want to hurt you slowly 80 that mutt Of yours goes first because we want to make you suffer and let Google and Techdirt finish you off Mike and Tim are too kind to you we could have hurt you bad but we are not evil and because you are a woman we will give you the chance to apologise to Mike and Tim ‘and Google we are not anonymous we are the intemets and we defend the users right to free ‘speech an Techdirt is that and you are just a stupid cunt and wait and see Google will get you in the end so then we will do you more on Techdirt and all over and we will enjoy it We know where you live what you do so come on come at us bitch whore cunt you will see it different when that mutt becomes horse meat or you can cry at Shivas funeral (we bet you will) you self entitled cunt to7/017 aie Duy on Twit: "amends whats wrong wi yo pop? publish mn des? hip KSOKESHTID ave eve eto © Janice Duffy @rjanicedutty @lumendatabase what is wrong with you people? publish my address? have received threats of harm bc of lawsuit...EVIL 8:16 PM- 18 Jun 2017 ° a 9 6 Trends sEaTechSA2017 —dosomethinaday fsmngov!7 IMOS17 — #otavs2017 Icitespowerpartnership #EvacuateNow Australian Justine Damond _#UtopiaABC apetwiteroomdpncouty tts FORM 1 FON Rule 102.02(1)(4) IN THE SUPREME COURT OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA JANICE MARGARET DUFFY, Plaintiff and GOOGLE INC, Defendant No 18 of 2014 BETWEEN a FIRST AFFIDAVIT OF SUSAN GOODMAN Filed on behalf of the Defendant, GOOGLE INC by Settled by: Date and time of fling or transmission AUSTRALZAWWO\230363600.08 Susan Goodman ASHURST AUSTRALIA 225 George Street ‘SYDNEY NSW 2000 “Telephone: +61 2 9258 6000 Nobile: +61 400 503 416, Facsimile: +61 2 9258 6999 x 388 Sydney Email: Sam Doyle 21 October 2014 1, Susan Goodman of Level 36, 225 George Street, Sydney in the State of New South Wales, lawyer, solemnly and sincerely declare: 1 ‘usTRALIA\BWO'230381608.08 J vA a 1 am a solicitor employed by Ashurst Australia. Under the supervision of Robert Todd, Partner, Ashurst Australia, I have day-to-day carriage of this matter on behalf of the Defendant in these proceedings (Google Inc). 1 am authorised to make this affidavit on boohalf of Google Inc. Save where I otherwise Indicate, 1 make this affidavit from my own knowledge. Where 1 depose to matters not within my own knowledge, I do so to the best of my information ‘and belief, having made all due and proper enquiries, and 1 believe those matters to be true and correct. 1 make this affidavit in response to the Plaintiffs interlocutory application dated 17 July 2014. On 17 October 2014, 1 received by email, 2 copy of a letter from the Plaintif's solicitor dated 17 October 2014. Annexed to this affidavit end marked “SGA” is a copy of a letter from Johnson Withers to Ashurst, dated 17 October 2014. 0n 20 October 2014, 1 caused to be sent to the Plaintiff's solcitor by emall @ letter dated 20 October 2014, Annexed to this affidavit and marked "SG2" Is a copy of a letter from ‘Ashurst Australia to Johnson Withers, dated 20 October 2014, fram the correspondence referred to in paragraphs 5 and 6 above, 1 understand that the Plaintiff no longer seeks cisclosure of documents falling within categories 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 ‘of her application dated 17 July 2014. I further understand that the Plaintiff continues to Seek disclosure of documents falling within category 2.4 , which reads as follows: "3,4 Any documents recording detalls of anyone who searched any of the terms set ‘out at paragraphs 9 to 19 of the Third Statement of Claim on the Defendant ‘Search engines and accessed the defamatory matter complained of, in South Australia or elsewhere in Australia, from 12 September 2009 to the present, Including: 43.5. The search term(s); 3.6. The date of the search(s); 3.7 The number of people who undertook a search for the term(s); 43.8, Whether the search wes conducted on or; 3.9. The internet protocol address; 3.10, The results produced; 3.11, The webpages accessed (Including URL)." 7. ‘Lam Informed by Michael Takeuchi, Senior Counsel, Head of Australia and NZ Legal, ‘Google Australla and belleve that for the period from 12 September 2009 to date, Google Tne has no document which recards the information sought. AFFIRMED at Sydney ne oe a, James Paka Oy Name of witness ee. Level 36, Grosvenor Place 225 George Street SYDNEY NSW 2000 Capacty of witness Solicitor ‘And as a witness, I certify the following matters concerning the person who made this affidavit (the deponent) 1 I saw the face of the deponent. 2 have known the deponent for at east 12 months, Signature of witness Note: The deponent and witness miust Date: Thu, January 25, 2018 11:29 am aa: cide ce PoE OREEUOT Priority: Normal Subject: our reference: cP18/00426 Dear Dr Duffy Your privacy complaint about Google Australia Pty Ltd ‘thank you for your correspondence received on 24 January 2018. The Office of the hustralian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has registered this matter as a privacy ‘complaint about Google Australia Pty Ltd. Unfortunately we are not able to allocate all complaints to a case officer as soon ge they are received. At present there are delays on some matters being allocated Decatiss we have had a large increase in the number of complaints we have received. At this time, it may be up to 20 weeks before an officer contacts you about your matter. We will contact you earlier if we are able to. once your complaint is allocated a utaff monber will contact you to discuss the next stops in our complaints handling process. While waiting for your matter to be aiincated, we reconnend that you continue to pursue resolution of your complaint @ith the respondent organisation, including lodging @ formal written privacy Complaint with the organisation if you have not already done so. Tf circumstances change is with the Fespondent, please contact our enguiries line to discu further. ‘che interim, or the matter has been resolved directly ‘the matter Information about wh complaint] available on our website. to your privacy We will arrange for letters and telephone calls to be translated if you would like US Scnmunicate with ue in a language other than English. You can also let us know if You need other assistance, including documents in other formats or larger font: If your contact details change please write to us or call our enquiries line on 1300 363'992 (local call cost, but calle from mobile and pay phones may incur higher pia erat 0 es753907252/ pygmy ppase-Okaner-INBOKA INNS RA aRMag VE 2ovani8 SsuioaMai charges). If you do contact us it will help us if you quote your complaint reference nunber which is at the top of this email. Yours sincerely Luke Enquiries Team Office of the Australian Information Commissioner GPO Box $218 SYDNEY NSW 2001 |> é 1300 363 992 | Fax: + 61 2 9204 9666 WARNING: The information contained in this email may be confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, any use or copying of any part of this information is unauthorised. If you have received this enail in error, we apologise for any inconvenience and request that you notify the sender innediately and delete all copies of this email, together with any attachments. Attachments untitled-[2). html texthnl 9.4 KiB pain zero a: 29678907252 tygisalnea_bely hpas-out-OBmaboxsINBONA used 3K stan 2