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MKTG 1052 Buyer Behaviour Group Project Group __________________

P – poor; F – fair; G – good; E – excellent: P and F – improvements needed

Codes are used for marking. Please refer to the comments for the codes printed in page 2.
1. Background Information: Market size, Market segments, Competitors etc
2. Competitors: direct and indirect competitors; size etc
3. Identification of Target Markets
3.1 Primary target market(s) - demographic, psychographic, behavioural.
3.2 Potential market segments
4. External Influence
4.1 Culture and subculture: values; appeal to a specific adopter category
4.2 Demographics: age, gender, socioeconomic influences
4.3 Group influences: identification of normative/ informational/ identification
5. Internal Influence
5.1 Needs and motives: explanation and application of theories
5.2 Perception: explanation and application of the theory of information processing
5.3 Learning: application of relevant theories and explanation
5.3 Lifestyle: identification of the types of lifestyles
6. Consumer decision making processes:
6.1 Types and amount of information – high or low involvement
Level of decision making – habitual/ limited/ extended
Evoked set concept
6.2 Evaluative criteria / Decision rule
6.3 Shopping
6.4 Postpurchase behaviour
6.5 Disposal: How do consumers dispose of this product after its usage?
6.6 Loyalty
7. Marketing Strategy
Comparison each marketing/ advertising campaign between the brand and a competitor’s product
8. Evaluation and recommendations
Evaluation of the companies’ application of consumer behaviour concepts
Discuss the reasons– which marketing/advertising campaigns is more effective
Explain how current marketing strategy can account for the success.
Future recommendations for the company in terms of its product positioning and marketing mix.

Overall: Clarity of expression

Overall: Depth of critical analysis

Codes Comments
Poor Work generally lacking in depth and breadth and with gaps; A simple factual description; little application
or analysis; Greater care and thought in organising and structuring work would be required.
Fair Basic understanding of course matter and appreciation of some of the main issues shown; Gaps between
knowledge, application and explanation in some areas; Showed some evidences of comprehension and
application with some forms of analysis.
Good Strong grasp of key issues; lacking a little on the finer points; Able to develop arguments; showed
appreciation of relevant literature. Evidence of creative work in terms of comprehension, application,
analysis and perhaps some synthesis.
Excellent Exceptionally clear understanding of course matter and appreciation of issues; well organised, formulated
and sustained arguments; evidence of creative insight and originality in terms of comprehension,
application and analysis with at least some synthesis and evaluation.
1 Referencing needs more work. Use Harvard Referencing.
2 You need to include a reference for any terms/ concepts you have covered.
3 The explanation was brief. You need to explain the points further.
4 The answer did not show the depth of understanding. The answer was descriptive.
5 Theories needed. You need to explain the buyer behaviour from different perspectives.
6 It needs more work on this part. You need to add details.
7 The written work did not show the level of application required.
8 Add more theories. It needs more depth.
9 This part was too short and too brief. It was written in a general way. It was not of academic standard.
10 You need to discuss the key issues at greater depth.
11 You need to discuss the theory before applying it to explain the specific situation.
12 You have related your discussion to the topic, rather than in general terms.
13 The written work did not cover the key points.
14 Tighten your answer.
15 Got some good points. However, you need to elaborate your points further.
16 Add more application.
17 It’s good that you had defined the term clearly.
18 It demonstrated that there was an application of marketing knowledge. Showed some level of application.
19 It was good that you had used key marketing/ consumer behaviour terms to explain the marketing terms/
20 You’ve got good examples to support your explanation. You have explained the examples clearly.
21 There was creative application of marketing knowledge.
22 It demonstrated an acceptable level of understanding.
23 You integrated what you learnt in marketing with the real world’s situations.
24 The written work showed that you had put in some thoughts on the topic.
25 The written work demonstrated that you had a good understanding of the topic.
26 A good choice of theories.
27 You have stated the implications clearly. Good explanation.
28 You’ve got very good ideas. It showed that you were able to integrate what you learnt in marketing with
the real world’s situations.
29 The written work showed that you had put in some thoughts on the topic.
30 The written work demonstrated that you had a good understanding of the topic.
31 It was a good analysis. You had given a thoughtful analysis.
32 A good first attempt.