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1 Personality

• question forms
• present simple and present
• personality adjectives
• prefixes
• giving opinions, agreeing
and disagreeing, making
• choosing a new team
• taking notes while reading

• a for and against essay

‘My one regret in life is that I am not someone else.’ Woody Allen 1935–, US film-maker, writer and actor


4a 1.1 Word stress On which part of the compound adjective in
1a Work with a partner to think of as Exercise 3 does the stress fall? Listen and check, then repeat the words.
many personality adjectives as you can,
e.g. friendly, generous. 4b Match the meanings below with an adjective from Exercise 3.

A person who …
1b Choose three adjectives which you 1 does not easily become angry: even-tempered

think describe your own personality. 2 is determined to do what they want:
3 is not easily upset or annoyed:
2 Look at these adjectives connected 4 accepts other ideas and opinions:
with personality. Which ones are positive,
5 makes a lot of effort:
which are negative and which are neutral?
6 believes in their own success:
adventurous ambitious assertive 7 behaves in a calm way even in a difficult situation:
bossy cautious creative energetic 8 is friendly, kind and generous:
likeable moody organised quiet
reliable sensible sensitive serious
4c Think of people you know and one or two adjectives to describe
each person. Explain why you describe them like this. Give examples.
sociable talkative thoughtful

3 Match words 1–8 with words a–h to
make compound adjectives connected 5a Look at the people in the photos and discuss. What kind of
with character. personality do you think each person has?
1 easy- a working 5b 1.2 Listen to the three people talking. Was your description of
2 open- b confident them accurate? A speaks first.
3 even- c going
4 hard- d hearted A B C
5 self- e tempered
6 strong- f willed
7 warm- g headed
8 level- h minded


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READING Extroverts and introverts
6a Divide these adjectives into two
groups according to personality types.

adventurous cautious enthusiastic
quiet reserved self-confident
talkative thoughtful

[<R1.1.1>] Set text as online encyclopaedia entry.
6b Now divide these jobs into two
groups according to personality types.
Which adjectives from Exercise 6a do
you think go with which jobs? Work with
a partner and explain your choices.

artist salesperson politician engineer
teacher inventor manager writer

7a Read the encyclopedia entry quickly
and check your ideas in Exercise 6.

7b Read the text again. Are these
statements true or false according to
the text?
1 Jung thought of the terms extrovert and
Everyone has a different
personality. It is what makes
quiet, thoughtful and may be shy.
They like to think and consider
introvert. people individuals and unique. before taking action, and will often
2 The terms describe a person’s way of However, there are some shared analyse before speaking. In contrast
looking at life. personality qualities which let to extroverts they value fewer, but
3 Extroverts prefer to be surrounded by deeper experiences. When feeling
us talk about personality ‘types’.
people rather than be on their own. One of the most basic personality bad or stressed, introverts look
4 Introverts don’t think carefully before inside themselves for energy and

differences is between extroverts
they do things. and introverts. These terms motivation. Introverts often work
5 Scientists agree that extroverts are this are used in many theories of as artists, writers, engineers and
personality type when they are born. personality types. They were made inventors.
6 Introverts tend to be happier than

popular by the important Swiss Although the types are different,
extroverts. psychiatrist Carl Jung (1875–1961), most people have both extrovert
8 Making connections Work with a although he did not invent them. and introvert characteristics in their

partner and choose five jobs. Discuss Extroversion and introversion personality, but often they are more
what personality types the jobs would are ways of describing a person’s one type than the other. There has
attract and why. Then discuss your attitude to the world: do they been some interesting research into
choices with another pair. move towards it or away from it? why people are basically extroverts
Extroverts are people who look or introverts. Some people say that
computer programmer musician outwards. They are friendly, extroverts and introverts are born
tax inspector fashion model sociable, talkative, enthusiastic and not made. Others believe that
librarian film director police officer self-confident. They are interested environment is more important in
researcher songwriter journalist in a range of experiences and enjoy shaping someone’s personality.
spending time with other people. Attitudes towards introverts
They tend to act first, then think and extroverts vary in different
SPEAKING later. When extroverts feel bad, cultures. For example, Americans
9 Work with a partner to discuss the unmotivated or without energy, value extrovert qualities. However,
following. they look outside themselves. This cultures such as those in central
1 In your opinion, how useful do you means they might go shopping, Europe and south east Asia regard
think the two personality types are for call friends or have a party. Typical introvert characteristics more
describing personality? extrovert jobs are in politics, sales, highly. Interestingly, research
2 What tells you more about a person’s teaching and management. shows that people who live on
personality: their clothes, their body Introverts, on the other hand, islands tend to be more introverted.
language, their voice, their attitude, look inwards. They feel more Studies have also found that
their tastes or something else? Which comfortable alone and enjoy ideas extroverts have higher happiness
is best in your opinion? and thinking. They are reserved, levels than introverts.


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1 How useful do you think the following are for judging a
person’s character?
personality tests handwriting analysis star signs/horoscopes interviews

2 Have you ever done a personality test? If so, why?

3a 1.3 Listen to an interview with Dr Frank Partridge, an expert
in psychometrics (the measurement of intelligence and personal
qualities). Tick () the topics covered in the interview.
1 things that psychometric tests measure
2 the first tests
3 problems with personality tests
4 the Myers–Briggs test
5 the future of personality tests

3b Complete the questions that the interviewer asks.
1 What exactly psychometrics ?

2 How psychometric testing ?
3 useful the tests?
4 they reliable?

personality tests

you about a person?
any of these tests yourself?
on at the moment? N S
ome actors believe that they
have to ‘become’ the people they
3c Listen again and check your answers to Exercise 3b.
play in order to give a convincing
performance. Actors who think and

GRAMMAR behave in character to prepare for their
QUESTION FORMS roles are known as ‘method actors’. Two

4 Look at the questions you completed in Exercise 3b. Which tense classic examples today of method actors
is used in each question? are Daniel Day-Lewis and Johnny Depp.
Daniel Day-Lewis is undoubtedly the
5 Are these statements about question formation true or false?

greatest method actor of our time. He
Correct the ones that are false.
has won three Oscars for best male actor
1 In questions with the verb be, we put the verb before the subject. – more than any other male actor. He

2 In present simple questions (except with be), we use the auxiliary works only when it suits him. He does
verb do/does. not act for the money. He chooses roles
3 In past simple questions, we use the auxiliary verb has/have. in films that are difficult to play and tries
4 In present continuous questions, we put do/does before the subject.
to understand totally the thoughts and
5 In present perfect questions, we put has/have before the subject.
emotions of the personalities he portrays.
6 Look at a and b below, then answer questions 1–3. He prepares thoroughly for roles and finds
a Who designed the Stanford–Binet test? ways in which he can ‘live’ in a character.
– Alfred Binet designed it. He becomes completely involved in the
b What did Alfred Binet design? character. For the film The Boxer, he
– Alfred Binet designed the first usable intelligence test. devised a training schedule: twice a day
1 In which question (a or b) is the wh- word the subject? (This is a in the gym, seven days a week for three
subject question.) years. He became so fit that he could
2 In which question (a or b) is the wh- word the object? (This is an have entered the ring professionally.
object question.) His method acting also appeared when
3 In which type of question do we form the question with an he played the role of Christy Brown, the
auxiliary verb, e.g. do/does, did? Irish artist with cerebral palsy, in the
 Language reference and extra practice pages 126–127 film My Left Foot. Day-Lewis stayed in
a wheelchair while on set, spoke like a
person with cerebral palsy, and asked crew
members to spoon-feed him and wheel
him about. At this time, he taught himself
to paint, like Brown, using his toes.

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think they’re all still somehow in there … With any part you play. Scan the article and name three films from heat exhaustion in one scene. Take turns to ask and answer questions. a pop star. He likes to paint a portrait of a new A: Who was born on 6th May 1856? IT character to help him find the person’s B: Sigmund Freud. Find examples of how the two actors were committed to the roles they played in each of the films mentioned. film. he ‘eases into a 9 influenced / you / at / school / most / who / the / ? 10 best / advice / gives / you / who / the / ? role of epic difficulty as if it were a coat he had been wearing for years’. Depp. Write down five questions you would like to ask this person. face and personality. It’s lying. What is ‘method acting’? who has scissors for hands. he painted the Mad Hatter. But in fact.indd 9 12/11/2013 12:04 . this is it. Work with thinking. dead or alive (e. Depp was so 10b You are going to read an article about two method actors and E committed to the role that he passed out how they prepare for a character. 7 test / you / a / ever / have / personality / taken / ? in Steven Spielberg’s film Lincoln. that Daniel Day-Lewis appeared in and two films that Johnny Depp PL Johnny Depp has described his feelings appeared in.” You difficult to say goodbye to. in character during the production.2 7a Put the words in the right order to make questions from a ACTING personality test. He stayed 7b Work with a partner to ask and answer the questions. He often stays in character during a Student B: turn to page 157. there is a certain 1 Which actor would you most like to meet. “Wow. Then compare your questions with a partner. a film star. I’m saying a partner and talk about the film character you have found most SA goodbye to Edward Scissorhands. for the film Alice READING in Wonderland. a professional actor.’ 3 Do you know of any other method actors? WRITING 12 Imagine you are going to meet a famous person. with tangerine hair. EXPLORING PERSONALITY 1. For example. What did you think of those films? otherwise. a famous leader in history. Turn to page 150 for video activities. Kentucky accent. a character in a book). speaking at all times in Lincoln’s 8 Work with a partner to complete a text about Sigmund Freud. and why. and why? 2 Do you know any other films that these actors appeared in? amount of yourself in it. 9 M01_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U01. it’s just not acting. There has to be. after finishing the film: ‘I can remember when I finished Edward Scissorhands 10c Read the article again. What do you know about them and their style of acting? U Scissorhands. Edward Scissorhands is a film about an artificial man named Edward 10a Read the first paragraph of the article. I 11 Discuss these questions in groups. Another famous method actor is Johnny Student A: turn to page 163. about method acting. 8 worry / about / do / what / you / the / most / ? According to one critic. looking in the mirror as the girl was M doing my make-up for the last time and 10d Reacting to the text Read the final paragraph again. One of his best known roles is as Edward N 9 Look at the photos of two actors.g. know it was kind of sad. MEET THE EXPERT Watch an interview with Michael Gould. Abraham Lincoln. 1 do / ever / you / get / worried / ? 2 you / are / a / confident / person / ? 3 you / do / make / easily / friends / ? 4 makes / happy / what / you / ? One of his most difficult roles was 5 who / you / phone / do / when / you / worried / are / ? when he played the 16th President of 6 in your life / influence / who / the / biggest / is / ? the United States. Prepare your questions first.

we can also find examples of people who have abused their charisma. Work with a partner to discuss the following. N U IN FOCUS | CHARISMA Charisma: E PL A KIND OF MAGIC? M 1 She is Michelle Obama. she is greeting children of her employees SA who have come to the White House for a ‘Bring your children to work day’. e Nowadays. psychologists are taking a greater interest IT in charisma and want to redefine its meaning. to bring about equality between 5 It certainly is 2 They point out that people black and white people. 10 M01_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U01. Nelson when it causes us to lose our often misunderstand what charisma is and Mandela and Aung San Suu critical judgement.indd 10 12/11/2013 12:04 . wisdom and draw people to them. Conrad Black. That is what really matters.3 EXPLORING PERSONALITY CHARISMA A C READING 1 Look at the photos of famous people. d Most of us expect our leaders to have charisma. Charismatic personalities are able to and personal courage. the knowledge. 2a Scan the article quickly and answer the questions. the wife of Barack Obama. When we same as the celebrity of overrated pop stars. She tells them that charisma in a positive way. 1 Which people are mentioned in the article? 2 What do (or did) they do to earn a living? B D 2b Identifying topic sentences Read the article again and put the first sentence of each paragraph in the correct gap. and they succeed in experience to do a good job.2 1. Michelle Obama regularly gives talks all over the many examples of people who use Some. a Unfortunately. it is vital Charisma is a kind of magic and is relatively share the qualities of self-sacrifice to consider whether they have rare. and political leaders who have encourages young people to eat more He was a charismatic speaker destroyed their countries and healthily. but it is not the Kyi are two other examples of frequently the case. charismatic political leaders who choose our leaders. many top business 3 We want them to inspire us executives have misused their and offer us a vision of a better future. 4 In the business getting others to see them as a leader. because she has a special quality – charisma. 1 What do you know about the people in the photos on this page? 2 Think of three qualities which you associate with each person. b Is charisma dangerous? c Most people will recognise the woman in this photo. In the photo. 1. like the Canadian ex-tycoon world to young people. world. Far more seriously. have served prison anything can happen if they work hard Martin Luther King was one of sentences. we and never give up on their dream. and this is think of it as a kind of fame. She inspires young people who used non-violent methods caused great harm to their people. She the leaders of the Civil Rights can all think of famous military is currently working on a project which movement in the United States. But charisma and acted in a way that is charisma a good or bad thing? There are greatly damaged their companies.

4b Think of a word with a prefix that means the same M 6 People become / are becoming very interested in as the underlined words in these sentences. SPEAKING 8a Use the following prompts to write questions in 5 Work with a partner to discuss the following. PREFIXES a an action happening around now (often temporary): 3a Find words in the article that mean the following. PL 4 outperform 5 semicircle 4 I do lots of different research. powerful in business (para 4) increase. incorrect former again too much  Language reference and extra practice pages 126–127 7a N Look at these sentences and choose the correct answer. 1 bicycle 2 The professor interviews / is interviewing a candidate E 2 antisocial at the moment and can’t come to the phone. rise. 5 He told me to write the essay again. 8 The doctor’s practice is / is being in Harley Street. who would 2 what / usually / do / weekend? you choose? 3 what / read / at the moment? 2 Is charisma the most important quality to possess 4 enjoy / art and music? if you want to be successful in your career? If not. 5 Why does the writer mention Conrad Black? 6 What is the writer’s opinion about charisma? 6b Look at the uses a–d of the present simple and present continuous. Match each use to one of the phrases in the VOCABULARY article. but today I carry out / I’m 6 discomfort carrying out research into the personalities of twins. 1 If you were choosing photographs of people for 1 make friends / easily? an article about charismatic people. Match each prefix with one of these meanings. 8 I don’t like people who don’t listen when I’m talking. 11 M01_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U01. GRAMMAR 1 Why is Michelle Obama so good at giving talks? PRESENT SIMPLE AND PRESENT CONTINUOUS 2 What mistake do people make about charisma? 6a Look at the highlighted phrases in the article and 3 What special ability do charismatic people have? Exercise 2b. change. psychology at the moment. 5 He drives / is driving to work every day. minds work. U 4a Look at the words below. the present simple or present continuous. add two more questions and then take turns to ask and answer the questions. life becomes / is becoming more difficult. Then write the correct tense in the gaps. how personalities develop over time. 10 The survey found that most people feel that modern 6 His ability was not as great as people believed.indd 11 12/11/2013 12:04 . decrease. charisma is increasing. so he’s 9 I read / am reading an interesting book on able to speak two languages fluently. 3 monorail 3 The number of companies using personality tests grows / is growing.2 1. Tell the class one interesting fact about your partner.3 2c Answer these questions about the article. 4 His mother’s French and his father’s Italian. and in a better way (para 2) c a fact or general truth: 2 not understand correctly (para 2) d a trend or a changing situation: 3 not as good as some people think or say (para 2) 4 used something in the wrong way or for a wrong GRAMMAR TIP purpose (para 4) 5 a person who used to be very successful and We often use these verbs to talk about trends: grow. 7 A psychologist studies / is studying the way people’s SA 2 His team played much better than the other team. 1 He was always too confident. 7b Match the sentences in Exercise 7a with the uses in Exercise 6b. EXPLORING PERSONALITY CHARISMA 1. Mark them PS for present simple and PC for 4 What was Martin Luther King trying to achieve? present continuous. 7 She did not correctly understand the lecturer. b a regular or habitual action: 1 describe something again. What do the underlined 1 Dr Partridge regularly gives / is regularly giving talks prefixes mean? about personality. fall The number of people researching the power of 3b IT Underline the prefixes in the words you found. 5 prefer / extroverts or introverts? what other qualities are important? 6 work / on any new projects now? 3 Are charismatic people dangerous? 7 do / anything interesting / at the moment? 4 Can charisma be taught? 8 lose temper / easily? 8b With a partner. 3 She asked her former boss for advice.

The office needs a new at times. male or female. assistant who will work for both Chris and Jodie. 3 CHRIS: That’s the kind of person I want to employ here. M SA day 12 M01_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U01. Exercise 1? 4 JODIE: Louise was jealous of my relationship with Georgia. is it? office in Sydney which sells television and radio JODIE: . has a small 1 CHRIS: It’s not our fault. about Chris and Jodie’s personalities.indd 12 12/11/2013 12:04 . I we contact the agency + ambitious – + sociable – N again.4 on page 164. she was a really hard worker. I suppose we are difficult programmes. … 3b Look at the words and phrases you put in the gaps in Exercise 3a. that’s . 1. … JODIE: OK.4 Listen to Chris and Jodie talking. AGREEING AND DISAGREEING. The office staff consist of Chris Morton at times. What is the main problem they must solve? Did you think of it in . new assistant have working for two bosses? MAKING SUGGESTIONS 3a Listen again and complete the extracts.4 SCENARIO PERSONALITY CLASH SITUATION KEY LANGUAGE 1 Read the situation below. Work with a partner to find other examples of the language functions in Exercise 3b. . I do have a bad temper Georgia and Debbie. who’ll Chris Jodie fit in here. 2a 1. Compare your 5 JODIE: Why don’t we go for a man this time? IT answers with a partner. (television). CHRIS: No. an Australian company. 6 CHRIS: We want someone. What problems might the GIVING OPINIONS. Jodie Walker (radio) and two secretaries 2 CHRIS: Mmm. Sydney GKNX. In each case was the speaker: E a giving an opinion? c disagreeing? b agreeing? d suggesting? PL 3c Look at Audio script 1. JODIE: Sorry. you phoning them this U time? I’m really busy. 2b Listen again and note the good and bad points CHRIS: I . I with you about Barbara.

bar or sports ground. Discuss the good and bad points of each one. so I know what to do. an employment agency in Sydney. you think the assistant needs? Underline the good points of your candidates and put a cross against the bad points.’ Your ideal boss? ‘Someone who lets you do your duties your own way and doesn’t interfere too much. I can work independently and under pressure. From Chris. • hard-working. Laughs a lot. cinema. going to restaurants with friends. Your three best qualities? ‘responsible. Confident and sensible. loud candidates you studied. open-minded. hiking and dancing (rock and jive). • mature. (1 = most suitable. Very self-confident. open-minded. even if it’s boring’ PL Your worst quality? ‘I am strong-willed and don’t like to be criticised. Dressed casually in a white jumper and black skirt. Interests: basketball. 1. cooperative – willing to do any task.4 PERSONALITY CLASH 4 Chris and Jodie send an email to Recruitment TASK Associates. Elayne: Australian.’ M Why choose her? ‘I’m popular wherever I work because I’m even-tempered and reliable. Has strong views about people who eat meat. aged 22 N Recruitment Associates • man or woman. energetic. brothers. We are looking for someone who is: • lively and sociable. Speaks in a judgement to find a suitable candidate for us. Thinks smoking should not be allowed in any SA place of entertainment. A good sense of humour.’ Doesn’t smoke.’ Smokes a lot. 2 What other qualities. Maybe over-confident? Best wishes E Chris and Jodie Your three best qualities? ‘extrovert. Comes from a large family (two older You know us both well and you have the job description. a café. 1 Discuss the qualities that Chris and Jodie are looking You are going to choose a suitable candidate for the job.indd 13 12/11/2013 12:04 . choose the best candidate to be Chris and • self-confident. You work for Recruitment Associates. 5b Share information about the personalities of the To enquiry@Recruitment. with a strong personality. 5a Work with a partner.g. but also use your own has a sunny personality. 4 = least suitable). aged 30 Recruitment Associates An only child.@my:emails. 6 As a class. what are they? Student A: read the profiles of Elayne and Daniela below. Speaks English with a strong Italian accent. • very smartly dressed. Smiles a lot. Daniela: Italian. Life-long vegetarian. Dressed in a smart business suit for the interview. Read CHOOSING A NEW TEAM MEMBER this extract from the email and answer the questions.’ Your ideal boss? ‘Someone who gives clear instructions.Smith. three sisters). able to work under pressure. able to get on with men 5c Rank the candidates in order of suitability and women. any nationality. Interests: reading. not over-sensitive. not mentioned in the email.’ Why choose her? ‘I don’t need a boss to tell me what to do all the time.Associates. flexible’ Your worst quality? ‘I can be moody at times. do Student B: read the profiles of Rashid and Mitsuo on page 159. Are some of the qualities more important than others? If so. U Please note what we say above. Interested in fashion. • flexible and with a good sense of humour. IT Jodie’s new assistant. 13 M01_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U01. for.

they were better drivers than the women in scenery or other drivers. In particular. Overall. PARAGRAPH 2 NOTES map 16 more difficult 17 with left WOMEN DRIVERS and 18 • patient and 1 to others on the Research road like 2 and 3 IT • stay 4 in 5 situations • road 6 incidents fewer more 19 accidents poor spatial 20 • cautious • take fewer 7 when 8 N 2c Which style of note-taking in Exercise 2b – U • more 9 . less likely to 10 when 11 or after drinking bulleted notes or word webs – do you prefer? Which do you think is most effective for understanding and processing a text? E PL Are women better drivers than men? 3 On the other hand. most felt distracted. and driving difference between left an d right. reasons why a woman’s personality makes her women have more accide nts when parking. Research also shows their lives. The idea that women make worse that women find map rea ding more difficult drivers is a stereotype. for instance when lower insurance premium s than men. There are the fact that women have more accidents. However. This is because women oft en have poor 2 Firstly. Despite was seen as a man’s responsibility.5 STUDY AND WRITING SKILLS STUDY SKILLS PARAGRAPH 3 NOTES MAKING NOTES WHILE READING Women drivers 1 Work with a partner to discuss the following. women are more patient and polite spatial awareness. Use one or two words in each gap. certainly different views on this controversial insurance is often cheaper for them because question. for example. a more competent driver. Which statements in the lack 13 essay do you disagree with? for example by 15 2b Note-taking Read the essay again and complete the notes. 1. they are more responsible it is clear that women are less competitive so they tend not to drive when tired or after and aggressive than men behind the wheel drinking alcohol. it can be see n that women make more likely to stay calm. In one survey lack confidence. and can have problems with the when women drove less than men. they are easily of 3. indecisive react 12 1 When do you need to make notes? 2 What techniques do you use when you make notes? 3 Which sources do you trust more when reading – Accidents books or online sources? 14 distracted 2a Read the essay below. This is suppo rted by the fact that female drivers are more cautious and women have fewer seriou s accidents and pay therefore take fewer risks. In addit ion. 14 M01_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U01. although there are a number of the accidents tend to be minor. men tend to towards other road users. ma ny people argue that M 1 Some people believe that women are better women cause accidents because they can drivers than men. and cyclists. Secondly.indd 14 12/11/2013 12:04 . personality. In con trast. Thirdly.000 male drivers in the UK. by children in the car. overtaking. In stressful situations they are 4 To sum up. others think that be indecisive or react slo wly because they SA women make worse drivers. such as pedestrians have more serious accide nts. and therefore better driver s. It comes from a time than men. and less likely to be safer drivers than men be cause of their involved in ‘road rage’ incidents.

common symbols and abbreviations below with their 1 list/add points 3 show contrast meaning.·. U a conclusion Are men/women better than women/men? b arguments for c introduce the topic / state the proposition managers politicians teachers doctors lawyers E d arguments against 7b In your groups. He is impatient and 9 = i is the same as / equals aggressive when he drives. Use the structure of the essay on the left as a model. … 3 Despite the fact that he was shy. 3b Look again at the notes in Exercise 2b and change 1 He was slow and often late for work. 6 pay more attention to detail.5 3a Symbols and abbreviations Have you thought 5a Linkers Look at the highlighted phrases in the text. 11 are better at public speaking. 12 ≠ l therefore 6b Complete the sentences in an appropriate way. 10 work better in a single-sex team. 15 M01_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U01. … them using some of the above symbols and abbreviations.indd 15 12/11/2013 12:04 . 1 are good at listening. 3 have more authority. c Select some to include in your essay. j for example He is patient and careful at work. 7c Look at the statements 1–13 below and do the following tasks. 12 are more inspiring. 7 g that is / this means 8  h and He is patient and careful at work. 9a Read your partner’s essay and take notes. d Think of examples to support the statements you have included. 13 take decisions quickly. Remember to have some to show the other side of the argument. brainstorm the qualities you think PL you need to do the jobs. 7 stay calm in stressful situations. 8 Write your essay. e smaller / less than 6a Combine these two sentences using the five 6 f is not equal to / the opposite phrases for showing contrast in Exercise 5a. 9b Tell another student about your partner’s essay. However. 5 are better organisers. he is 11 i. 8 are good at getting the best out of people.e. 9 are energetic and enthusiastic. 2 Although the twins looked the same. Which linkers need a new 4 < d female / woman sentence? Which linkers always need two clauses? 5 e. k plus / in addition to impatient and aggressive when he drives. Can you add any others? 2 introduce examples 4 introduce a conclusion 1 & a this leads to / causes 2 + b male / man 5b Look at the structures that are used with the 3 > c greater / more than / better than linkers for contrast.g. on the A FOR AND AGAINST ESSAY other hand. You can have a neutral conclusion. SA b Add two more statements of your own. Choose an essay title from the following. … 4 Look again at the essay Are women better drivers than men? Match ideas a–d with each paragraph. STUDY AND WRITING SKILLS 1. Adults. M a Decide which of the statements below apply more to men and which to women. N 7a Work in groups. 10 . about using symbols and abbreviations? Match the Decide which of them are used to do the following. 2 find it easier to deal with people. 4 are more sympathetic to others. … IT WRITING SKILLS 4 Children find learning languages easy. However.

indd 26 07/11/2013 15:32 . 1 shifts. 8 The company wants people who are 3a Add the missing letters to the adjectives below. giving answers • taking part in an interview STUDY SKILLS • organising ideas IT WRITING SKILLS • covering letter and curriculum vitae (CV) N U When I work I relax. speaker to a job from Exercise 1. Pablo Picasso. patients. 2b Listen again.1 JOBS GRAMMAR • present perfect continuous • present perfect simple and present perfect continuous VOCABULARY • work adjectives • dependent prepositions • expressions connected with time and work SCENARIO • asking questions. 1881–1973. LISTENING AND VOCABULARY 3 The company offers the chance to WORK ADJECTIVES work in their offices abroad. Match each every week.1 Listen to five people talking about their jobs. IN THIS UNIT 3 Work 3. 4 You will not work at the same time 2a 3. Spanish painter E SPEAKING 3b Which of the jobs in Exercise 1 PL would you like to do? Which wouldn’t 1 Look at the jobs below and discuss the questions. Doing nothing makes me tired. professional footballer teacher shop assistant police officer M TV presenter personal assistant sales manager READING AND VOCABULARY DEPENDENT PREPOSITIONS SA 1 How important/useful do you think they are? 4 Read the job advertisements and 2 How much status do these jobs have in your country? match them with statements 1–8 below. … 6 There are opportunities for promotion. Which adjectives relaxed in stressful situations. 2 You will need to work by yourself. 3 About how much are people paid for these jobs in your country? 4 Do you think they should be paid more or less money? Why? 1 The company is the most important one in its area of business. you like to do? Why? Use the words from nurse politician model journalist firefighter lawyer Exercise 3a in your discussion. What aspects of their jobs does each person say 7 You will be in charge of a number they like/dislike? of staff. would you use to describe the jobs from Exercise 1? 1 r_w_rdng 6 r_p_t_t_v_ 2 ch_ll_ng_ng 7 s_t_sfy_ng 3 gl_m_r_ _s 8 st_m_l_t_ng 4 str_ssf_l 9 fl_x_bl_ 5 t_d_o_s 10 m_n_t_n_ _s 26 M03_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U03. What are the key words which tell 5 The company offers extra money once you the jobs? a year for good work.

Experience of reception work preferred. self-confident young people with fluency in English and one other language Broadgate PLC is one of the largest suppliers of are needed to work with groups of travellers . This is a very satisfying and rewarding department. of the country’s challenging opportunity with one Industry competitive salary and travel benefits.1 5 Match the words with the correct preposition from WRITING the box. company 27 M03_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U03. most respected employers. You will be groups to.indd 27 07/11/2013 15:32 . Check your answers in the adverts. You are leading and motivating a sales and language is required. 6 knowledge 12 suitable • long holidays • regular bonus 6 Which job in the adverts would you apply for? Why? • friendly colleagues • good pension • short travelling time • flexible hours 7 Ranking and justifying choices Look back at the four • competitive salary • foreign travel jobs in the adverts and rank them from 1–4 (highest to • opportunity for promotion • prestigious company lowest) under the following categories. JOBS 3. the country’s leading sports shoe weekends). designing and coordinating large advertising campaigns.belnetjobsrec1. manufacturer. The ideal candidate is someone motivated by Competitive Salary working in a small team in a high pressure environment. This is a very exciting SA opportunity for the right candidate. + Car + Pension Scheme You will report to the head of reception services. The ability to work opportunities expected to develop new market alone and under pressure is essential. ual Bonus Excellent Benefits + Ann Energetic. mobile phone) b status d suitability for a woman (or a man) 9b What would your dream job be? Explain your ideas to a partner. You will have experience of job for the right person. so a knowledge of the local culture team. 1 looking 7 motivated 2 experience 8 report SPEAKING 3 depend 9 prospects 9a What is most important to you in a job? Choose 4 responsible 10 fluency the five most important things for you from the list. For more info go to D Cantro Tours Tour managers/guides (London and worldwide) Cantro Tours is an international travel organisation providing travel packages to a SALES MANAGE R Broadgate PLC B wide range of clients. Write a short job advertisement on to for of in by using some of the collocations in Exercise 5. on with excellent candidate will be a dynamic pers You will act as an expert on the area you take responsible for organisational skills. 5 expected 11 ability Then discuss your ideas with a partner. Salary will depend on experience. Include the job title. but not esse graduates or students on summer vacation. IT C Receptionist A M a r k et in g E x e cutive N The prestigious Belnet hotel group is seeking a lively and enthusiastic person to join its City Belnet U for full details and application procedu Berlin. The posts are suitable for recent • pleasant working environment a level of interest c pay/benefits • other benefits (e. 8 Work with a partner. The successful office equipment in the country to a variety of UK and overseas destinations. This is a market is desirable. salary and details of the positions. Candidates should be prepared to Excellent salary and benefits M spend time at our overseas branches in Rome and Go to www. Fluency in a European language would re be an advantage. is looking for an ambitious There are excellent prospects for rapid career progress PL marketing executive to join our busy marketing in the company. A knowledge of the is given. Give your reasons. The E post will include shift work (including some nights and Jakarta. Previous ing programme of as par t of Broadgate’s continu experience is not necessary as full training office equipment expansion.

d use or pass time doing a particular thing e the place in an office where a person works. so if a company can since I quit the office.000 me. He offering a telework scheme 6 Whatever the pros and prefers working from home because he since 1986. the time management skills according to a study by the International 4 Homeworking brings many to work well on their own. For Sunjit Patel it is E have a better work-life balance. U he has been working from home . He has lived in south London since he was five. 3. Other reasons for the disadvantages of homeworking. teleworking is here can spend more time with his family and the way for others. 2 time management 3 workstation 1 how long Sunjit has lived in London 4 work–life balance 2 how long Sunjit has been working at home 5 spend time 3 the name of a company that was one of the first to introduce homeworking a organising your time effectively b taking up a lot of time 3 Read the rest of the article and list the advantages c how much time you spend at work and home and disadvantages of homeworking. and for the last three years N of the pioneers of home working. many jobs too in which people 3 In recent years. which is time-consuming provided people with a quick ent. Sunjit is that homeworkers save the only good: ‘For someone like just one example of a worldwide.’ SA READING 4a Think of some more advantages and disadvantages of homeworking and add them to your list from Exercise 3. 1 Would you like to work from home? What would be 4b Evaluating advantages and disadvantages In groups. Homeworking IT offering employees more is not really suitable for that kind flexible ways of working . has been a key factor. an office. Fast Homeworking employees will no broadband connections have longer be commuting daily to . however. 2b Read the first three paragraphs again and find the 1 time-consuming following information. which has paved cons. 5a Match the expressions with their meanings. They can plan their data from home. it has been young family and nowhere separate to work. Why do of homeworking outweigh the disadvantages.2 HOMEWORKING Working from home on the rise 2 What are the reasons for the rise reduce its workstations. annually. the advantages/disadvantages for you? compare your ideas and discuss whether the advantages 2 Homeworking is generally on the increase. Labour Organisation. of activity. way of receiving and sending and stressful. In fact. you think that is? 2a Read the first three paragraphs of the article VOCABULARY quickly and check your answer to the second question EXPRESSIONS CONNECTED WITH TIME AND WORK in Exercise 1. It is also not suitable 1 Sunjit Patel is a graphic designer with British Telecom was one for people who have got a very a well–known publishing company. and per person. ‘The expansion benefits to employers and homeworking is a no-brainer. especially with a computer 28 M03_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U03. work. It says to stay. rise of homeworking are that it For some people the office lowers costs for companies and provides a break from the family. People can own work schedule and develop now do most of the work at good time management skills. who has a family and PL trend towards working from home.indd 28 07/11/2013 15:32 . Office space is I’m much happier with my life M accelerate in the years to come.’ costly. homeworkers tend to be more colleagues to talk to and a productive and take fewer sick creative environment. upward company an average of £6. home that they did previously in 5 There are. a large number have to work closely in teams and of companies have been brainstorm ideas. There are days than office workers. of teleworking … is likely to further employees. 1 Work with a partner to discuss these questions. it may of homeworking? Technology be able to move to a smaller site.

1 I from Italian to English for most of my career. 1 Cristina / work as a designer / she graduated. I’m not a workaholic. What I want is a better haven’t been sleeping properly.indd 29 07/11/2013 15:32 . 7 I lessons for the last six months. But I do have to 2 a lot of commuting to work. Remember that we do not usually use state verbs in M the continuous form. then travel for the other six. I’m really tired at the 5 so I can be with my family more of the time. I’d love to work long shifts for six months of the year and 6 I / not live here / very long. 3 How long / Mohammed / study engineering at SPEAKING university? 11 Work with a partner to discuss this question.m.g. partner. from home? Do they like it? What reasons do they give? 2 It is used to talk about an action that finished a long 9 Complete the extracts with the present perfect simple IT time ago. which go with since? I’ve got a full-time job and I’m tired all the time. Then practise some more dialogues. How long has each person been working 1 It is formed with have/has + been + -ing. What is each person’s job? Which of these statements about the present perfect continuous are true? 8b Listen again. continuous where possible. moment. e. GRAMMAR TIP 8 He at home much recently. PRONUNCIATION be know understand feel 10a 3.2 5b Complete the text with the words and expressions 6d Which of the following phrases go with for and from Exercise 5a.  Language reference and extra practice pages 130–131 A: So. I’ve revised English and Arabic. the rule with for or since. from home.3 Correcting politely Listen to this short SA dialogue. using since and for. Talk about things you’ve been boss might like that as she could reduce the number of doing for some time. in answer to the question How long?). GRAMMAR LISTENING PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS 8a 3. If it is not possible to use the verb in the continuous. 3 How long you from home for? E 4 I a lot more for heating. and it’s very 3 . be take learn live work not work 4 It is often used with the time expressions since and for. Student A: turn to page 155. Complete 2 We in Milan for nearly five years. 8 Mark and Julie / teach / same college / a year? I can’t get up in the mornings. 2 I / know Yukiyo / six months. or present perfect continuous of the verbs in the box. One way I could save time would be to look at homeworking. so I’d like to work from after lunch till 8 p.g. HOMEWORKING 3. Cristina has been working as a designer since Student B: turn to page 163. 29 M03_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U03. you’ve been working from home for eight years? B: No. My 7 Work with a partner. 7 Ji Hyun / feel sick / yesterday morning. 5 It is often used to focus on the duration of an action N translate pay U (e. I just a few days Monday hours we moved don’t need to improve my 1 skills as I organise two weeks 2011 8 o’clock my time efficiently. PL 6 I a new language since January. I could stay in touch with the office by email I’ve been revising for my exams since Monday. So far. What would be your ideal pattern of working hours? 5 Marianna / work at home / two years. started) and + a period of time. Underline the main stress in what B says. 4 Fuat / live in Istanbul / he got a job there. We use + a point in time (when the activity 5 I never a morning person.2 Listen to four people talking about working 6a Look at the three highlighted phrases in the text. Use since and for when appropriate. 3 It is used to talk about an action that continues to the present. she graduated. actually I’ve been working from home for six 6c Write sentences using the present perfect years. 4 . and I and phone. use the present perfect 10b Listen again and repeat the dialogue with a simple. 6b Look again at the highlighted phrases.

(work) 6 ‘Work placements are good for people who want to 7 My mother here for 25 years. Underline all the examples of the present 2 Who is the most positive? perfect simple and present perfect continuous.’ 3 The boss ill this week. Then PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE AND PRESENT PERFECT work with a partner and discuss the questions. They are different from 1 I’ve just completed a work placement.’ 5 Maria in São Paulo since May. Note the 3 Who is the most negative? question forms and negative forms.’ 6 I in Moscow all my life. Watch an interview with Caroline Matthews about her internship in the Recently Jan has been doing a work placement … insurance industry. (work) which area of the business you would like to work in.4 Listen to three university students talking 9a Work with a partner. Work placements exploit young people. 2 I’ve been looking for a job since January. Listen again and take notes on what your student placement. 3 Which comment do you most agree with and why? 1 What have you been doing to improve your English? Compare your choice with a partner. (be) E 4 ‘Basically. 1 What are work placements called in your country? 3 I’ve already sent off two applications this morning. 2 What have you been doing at college/work recently? LISTENING SPEAKING 4a 3. IT 2b Inferring opinion Read the blog again and decide who is the most likely to say the following: Azra (A).’ SA 8 Work with a partner and ask each other these questions. (help) some are bad.’ 8 Patricia her job recently (not enjoy) M 7 ‘I would not recommend work placements to anyone. 2 Are they common? 4 For the last month I’ve been working very long hours.indd 30 07/11/2013 15:32 .4 on 1 Which two are the most balanced and considered? page 166. She’s moving PL 5 ‘Work placements can be a good way to find out to Rio in August. apprenticeships. 2 the country they are from Only the rich and the privileged can afford to work for free. b The focuses more on the activity itself and its 2a Read Sachiko Suzuki’s blog which includes four duration (sometimes with a focus on time). (interview) gives you a role with some responsibility. 3. They give people experience of or present perfect continuous. some work placements are good.3 WORK HOMEWORKING PLACEMENTS READING GRAMMAR 1 Read this description of work placements. and 4 The intern me in reception since Monday. (learn) without question. (look) 3 ‘I would recommend work placements to people 2 I Japanese since May. has been doing recently and why they had a good work placement. Turn to page 150 for video activities. 6 Work with a partner and look at Audio script 3. simple or continuous forms of the verbs in brackets. They can be paid or unpaid. Make a list together of at least on the radio about their work placements. comments about work placements and answer the questions. Find two examples to illustrate each of the statements in Exercise 5. 30 M03_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U03. Sabrina (S) or Charlotte (C). 1 name Work placements should always be paid.2 3. find out the following information. 7 Complete the sentences with the present perfect Tom (T). summarise the information from your notes. student. 3 what they are studying Work placements benefit the employers more than the 4 the city where they are doing their work placement employees. 3 Are they generally paid or unpaid? a The focuses more on the completed result 4 Do you know anyone who has done a work placement? (sometimes with a focus on number). (work) improve their confidence. work. For each three arguments against each of the following statements. 1 I for a work placement in a hotel for some U before you take on responsible roles. which are for more practical jobs.’ 9 What at work recently? (you / do) 8 ‘The most important thing is to get a placement that 10 We ten people for the job. discuss what makes a good work each. 1 ‘Work placements exploit young people. MEET THE EXPERT 4c In your groups.’ time. CONTINUOUS Work placements and internships are usually done by 5 Look at these sentences from the blog and then young people as part of their college studies or afterwards complete the statements with present perfect simple to get into a work sector. 4b Work in groups of three and choose one student 9b In your pairs.’ 2 ‘You need to make sure you get enough training N Sometimes both are correct.

My first taught me everything I now a job since January and I’ve internship was at the BBC. I’ve opened I have to disagree. The placement the end. Unpaid placements and debit cards and I’ve dealt E and I really have a sense of only benefit the companies. I’ve been looking for A LOT of internships. The great thing about months in a major bank in done some terrible internships. so get your comments in asap. I job offers without even applying. To get the best out TOM BLISSETT department I really like. It’s only rich privileged enough training. so I did an unpaid placement for last month I’ve been working and I was quite nervous about six months. However. I’m looking for an gave me lots of responsibility. I’ve had eight didn’t pay me though. and I’ve done had set up. I didn’t get CHARLOTTE HAWKINS contacted me as a result of a to meet the customers. much supervision. the best work placement in apprenticeship now. who gave me a lot of placement at has just offered placement for the last nine support. They France. I come from Izmir in Turkey. I also won an award for this morning. I’ve just people who can afford to work accounts. for free. I’ve worked in many spent whole days (unpaid) filing training they gave me. What SA a waste of time! And they I have been looking for a job in networking event my university didn’t even give me a job at TV for some search Eastern Bubble home blog about updates links The blog: featuring Eastern Bubble’s signature line-up of contributors IT ‘Work placements exploit young people. HOMEWORKING WORK PLACEMENTS 3. but I M work placement at a famous just washing pots and pans would have liked more training. it’s been studying abroad. Basically. work placements should always too much responsibility without Get updates for Sachiko Suzuki: Follow on Twitter | Like on Facebook 31 M03_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U03. Overall. I them was the support and Zurich. U AZRA AYDIN be paid. and I learnt so much. and they different departments so I’ve paperwork at one production gave me a lot of confidence. had the chance to see which company. I wasn’t given any very long hours. As a result. And for the PL having achieved something.indd 31 07/11/2013 15:32 . They immediately doors. SABRINA PEISSL enjoyed being an intern at Al Best of all.’ Sachiko Suzuki What do you think? N Easternbubble is conducting a quick survey. I have also me a job. events company in Paris. convince the I totally agree with the are paying me a good salary. company to give you proper statement. the company I did my I’ve been doing a work Jazeera. I’ve had work to do. They in the basement. people on On the other hand.3 Eastern Bubble http://www. I did my responsibility and ended up a good work placement. I with client complaints without couldn’t get a job after university. They of an internship.easternbubble.2 3. and know and opened so many already sent off 2 applications it was brilliant. I’ve organised credit completed a work placement.

2 I’m also your reasons for applying to our company. GIVING ANSWERS like this sort of work experience? During interviews. is about to invite applications for some internships. 3. Which skills and qualities do what you think the growth areas in the leisure they say are important? industry are? 3b Compare the skills/qualities they have chosen with the ones you discussed in Exercise 2. It question is coming. I advert for the positions and are considering what skills what you feel you learnt in your last placement? and personal qualities the successful people should have. Moving on. Framing expressions before answers is opening a number of branches in London.6 Listen and complete the extracts from the will be both challenging and rewarding. A your computer skills.5 Listen to two senior managers from Jade 5 Right. What software are you familiar with? 3a 3. the senior managers are discussing the 1 Now. Do you think you would ASKING QUESTIONS.indd 32 07/11/2013 15:32 . IT Gyms.4 SCENARIO SITUATION VACANT SITUATION KEY LANGUAGE 1 Read the situation below. Are any the same? N 6 OK. Thank you. all our 2 List the skills and personal qualities you think the candidates. Where do you think you’ll be in five years’ time? U E PL M SA 32 M03_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U03. These are aimed at students and recent graduates and 4a 3. thank you. Harry and Marta. Framing expressions for questions help to show another Jade Gyms is a famous American health club chain. At the moment. question. looking at your CV. interviewer at a job interview. 3 Now. framing expressions can be very helpful. 4 OK. What are your strong points? ideal candidates should have. The club help to avoid silence and give candidates time to think.

without going into . (A presentations. U Gyms. Basically. 3 Well. Student Bs (candidates): Turn to page 157 and prepare what I can say is. I have very Student As (interviewers): Turn to page 163 and prepare good people skills. for the interview together.4 SITUATION VACANT 4b Listen again and complete the extracts from the TASK candidate at the interview. because it is such for a work placement. 8 Student A turn to page 156. partner.) 5 Well. but I think the boom in fitness centres will continue in the next few years.indd 33 07/11/2013 15:32 . Student B turn to 6 Let me just that for a moment. 3. Well. Discuss the results and if necessary explain the scores to your partner. 5 Work with a partner to practise the questions and answers in Exercise 4. Write down three questions the interviewer Please take a seat. 4 I thought you might that. and Word. Complete the evaluation sheet about your to be working for your company in a senior position. E any information you wish. practise asking and answering Are there any questions you’d like to ask us? the questions using framing language. 9 Return to your group and explain how successful you think the interview was. might ask. 6 Think about the new internship positions at Jade N USEFUL PHRASES Thank you for coming in today. I hope page 155. and can prepare excellent Powerpoint 7b Now work in pairs of A/B and do the interview. . B is the candidate. Student As and Student Bs. TAKING PART IN AN INTERVIEW 1 I’m me that because I feel I 7a Work in groups. a respected and famous organisation. You may invent It’s been a pleasure meeting you. 4c Look at Audio script 3. You could ask about: We’ll let you know shortly.6 on pages 166–167 and IT check your answers to Exercises 4a and 4b. You developed some important skills while I was there. are going to prepare for and take part in an interview 2 That’s a . I have a good knowledge of Excel for the interview together. is the interviewer. With a partner. • foreign languages • education PL • good/bad qualities • skills • opinions about travel for work M SA 33 M03_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U03. Well.

Read her covering letter and complete it with the U 2 Which sentences support the main idea? words and phrases in the box. Last advert interests you the most? Think about these summer. This is why I chose to study for a degree in Sports Management at my local university. What are the counsellor’s answers to IT the questions? Make notes next to the questions you 2 Organising a paragraph Read this paragraph from wrote in Exercise 6a. Put the sentences in the correct order and University of Surrey.indd 34 07/11/2013 15:33 . Denise Martin 34 M03_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U03. a For example. I have been interested in healthy living and fitness for many years. 25 September M dancing to South American music. I 7 to hearing from you soon. Work with a partner to 7 Denise Martin is applying for a job as an instructor discuss the following. 3. I have had excellent PL grades throughout my studies and expect to graduate in a few weeks’ time. Then write two paragraphs. I also had a two-month 5 with a sports goods company. and these all 1 to the 2 idea contained in the key sentence. advert because your clubs have an excellent reputation.7Covering letter Listen to a careers counsellor Most written 4 have several paragraphs which answering questions from a student about covering connect 5 to each other. I confident person. I speak French 4a Look again at the job adverts on page 27. I have many friends and am a member of several clubs. I was 3 to see your important for a fitness instructor. letters. 1 Which is the topic sentence? N at the London branch of Jade Gyms (see page 32). In my 1 Why do you want to apply for the position? spare time. graduate in three months’ time and would like to work c I believe the qualities that I have mentioned are in a Health and Fitness club. Re: Fitness Instructor 3 The following sentences are from another paragraph I am a student studying Sports Management at the SA in the letter. I am writing to apply for the underline the topic sentence. I am a 2 in Sports Science at my local university. A paragraph will have a 5 What is the difference. paragraph contains sentences. 6a 3. I am an outgoing.5. A personality and qualifications you are looking for. a resumé and a covering letter? final sentence which usually signals what will come next or summarises information which was in the paragraph. Which fluently and German to an intermediate level. I run an aerobics class every Monday evening. I am thinking of going on to do [<R3. explaining your reasons for applying and describing 1a Paragraphs Complete the text about paragraphing your skills and qualities. 1 of Fitness Instructor. I am very excited by the opportunity you offer and believe that I have the It is common to divide writing into paragraphs. I am a member of the university debating society and enjoy Dear Ms I am writing to apply for the position of . an application letter.1>] style as formal application letter a part-time Master’s degree in Business Administration. between a CV. I worked with a dietician at a hospital and questions. very outgoing and sociable. 3 Why is the final sentence not suitable for this paragraph? work placement available for interview skills E I have been interested in healthy living and fitness for many look forward degree delighted position years. with the words in the box.5 STUDY AND WRITING SKILLS STUDY SKILLS 4b Complete this first paragraph of your application ORGANISING IDEAS letter for the job. Yours sincerely. d Because of this. which you advertised in today’s KeepFitOnline. It was sent by a candidate who applied to Jade Gyms for a job. if any. The other sentences support it by giving more 3 or examples. which you information link texts logically main advertised in today’s Jobsonline. which is why I chose to study for a b One of my strongest points is my personality. What three things does the student ask about? 1b Why do we divide texts into paragraphs? 6b Listen again. It is usually the first one but can come COVERING LETTER AND CURRICULUM VITAE (CV) later in the confident person and believe that I have good communication 4 . After this. I am captain of the university debating team. gained useful knowledge of health foods. This is called WRITING SKILLS the topic sentence. 2 What skills and qualities do you have to offer the organisation? I am 6 at any time convenient to you.

Make notes about what they say. M Education SA 2011–2012 Postgraduate 4 in Marketing 2008–2011 Diploma in Commerce. University of Provence 2006 (June) Baccalauréat Series B (Economics) Work Experience 2013–present Euromarché. Paris. which will appreciate my qualities. French and German IT-literate. STUDY AND WRITING SKILLS 3. Kopcea.5 8 Curriculum Vitae (CV) Work in small groups to 10 Look at Monique Lepine’s CV. There is one extra extract that you do 1 What is more common nowadays in your country: not need to use. about writing CVs. I am interested in working for a 2 company in the leisure PL industry. Nice. Play tennis in a local club.indd 35 07/11/2013 15:33 . 2009 (summer) 7 (two months). Carrefour Store. sending a CV or filling in an online application? a Cycle regularly. 2 Should you use the same CV for all applications? b Diploma 3 What headings do you normally find in a CV? c Work placement 4 Should you include a photo of yourself with your CV? d graduate 5 Should you always tell the truth in a CV? e Graduate trainee 6 Do you agree that the best CV is no more than one f numerate page long? g Good at teamwork 7 If you were an employer. Paris Key skills Fluent in English. Write a covering 9b Work with a partner to discuss what each person letter and a CV. South of France. articulate and 3 . working knowledge of Microsoft Office package Fast typing – 80 words a minute Interests 8 35 M03_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U03. Do you agree with them? IT Curriculum Vitae: Monique Lepine N U Profile I am a highly-motivated 1 in Commerce with a strong desire to succeed E in my chosen career. 5 2012–2013 6 work overseas 2011 (summer) Part-time work at Tennis Championship (Roland Garros. these extracts. how would you feel about h fast-expanding a CV which had spelling mistakes? i Voluntary 9a 3. with excellent communication skills. Apply to their Head Office in London for any position. sales. Paris) 2010 (summer) Sales Assistant. Fill the gaps with discuss the following. said. I am bright.8 Listen to six people giving their opinion 11 Jade Gyms have vacancies in administration. personnel and finance.

In advertising. advertising executive 3 Think of a memorable advert. Scottish writer E “ SPEAKING PL 1 Work with a partner to discuss First of all. 2 He also states that an advert should of everyday life and take us to somewhere exotic or romantic. READING 2a Read three opinions about “ Advertising has changed over the years. A is for action.indd 46 07/11/2013 15:36 . But for 5 Christie Peterson focuses on company me. an instantly recognisable logo is really important. make us want the product and motivate us to go out and buy it. humorous and false or partly true? sophisticated. IN THIS UNIT 5 Advertising 5. a catchy slogan. Miranda Hoyles. Many people talk about advertisements that are exciting and intriguing. are short stories telling inspirational tales that are often witty. The adverts take away the ordinariness must attract attention and be colourful. ‘The real thing’ makes you think of Coca-Cola product or company name. It must get us particularly dislike? Which one(s)? interested. 1868–1952. we talk about the AIDA formula. 4 Hoyles also says people like adverts that reflect everyday life. Good logos have been names. “ SA Why? Michael Hamilton. A is for attention. Christie Peterson. Are these statements true. slogans and logos. head of US advertising agency “ encourage us to do something. D is for desire. It’s also important that your slogan does not become irritating. built up so they are recognisable. a joke or something 1 Have you ever bought something shocking. illustrator “ 46 M05_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U05. M just because of an advert? When? I is for interest. Part of what makes a good advert is a clear 6 She says that mystery in an advert symbol that people immediately identify with the company. a strong image that is eye-catching. It also has to be effective and persuasive. Adverts are no longer purely informative and focused on the product. People do not want to remember that life can be dull. An ad needs to do more than 2 Are there any adverts which you get our attention. A good slogan also is more important than learning the helps you make a connection. 3 Miranda Hoyles states that adverts “ nowadays do more than in the past. an advert has to be attention-grabbing and powerful. immediately. You need the following. Norman Douglas. Many of the adverts that we see today advertising. They want 1 Michael Hamilton says that adverts to see something original and creative.1 WHAT MAKES A GOOD ADVERT? GRAMMAR • second conditional • comparison VOCABULARY • adjectives • advertising • words with a similar meaning • word combinations SCENARIO • the language of presentations • giving a presentation STUDY SKILLS • critical thinking IT WRITING SKILLS • an opinion-led essay N U You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertising. Describe it.

2 How you would use them for advertising. But most importantly. It must get people to buy 8 not interesting or exciting 9 imaginative. like an actor 2 Strong symbols and carefully chosen words are the or sports star to endorse it.indd 47 07/11/2013 15:36 . ADVERTISING very 6effective/witty as people can’t remember the product they’re advertising. 2 Commercial/Sponsorship of a TV programme would 4 Being too repetitive in an advert can be dangerous. easy to remember B: And would you like something mysterious and clever 4 very surprising or witty and with a(n) 8eye-catching/catchy jingle? IT 5 works well and produces the results you want A: Maybe. 1 Advertising helps people to escape from reality. 3 amusing and enjoyable. we could get a famous celebrity. 7b Now work in new pairs. How about advertising on the internet? 1 attracting your attention easily Would the budget run to that? 2 unusual. it must be 7 funny and clever 10 persuasive/misleading. 5. let’s brainstorm how we’re going to think would agree with or say the following? Why? 1 promote/endorse this product. WHAT MAKES A GOOD ADVERT? 5. we could stretch to that. A and B. 47 M05_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U05. often set in romantic or VOCABULARY 5 dull/exotic locations.2 Listen to three people talking about different adverts and answer the questions for each extract. attractive and noticeable A: Yes. B: Well. but we don’t want something 7catchy/dull which mean the following. 1 Which product(s) you could use them for. two As and two Bs. And a TV 3logo/commercial is out of the question for the same reason. sponsorship commercial (n) promote jingle PL a What is the type of product? misleading slogan endorse logo b What is the brand? c Did the speaker like the advert? 1 an advert on TV or radio M 2 financial support a company gives in order to get 6b Listen again and note down the adjectives that publicity for themselves each speaker uses to describe the advert. Which of the people in the text do you A: OK. But I don’t think they’ve been ADJECTIVES. also cost a lot. U distant country 4 Match the words connected with advertising with LISTENING E their meanings. Explain your advertising ideas to your new partner. key to good advertising. Student Bs: Look at the two photos on page 158. 6a 5. What I really want is something new and 6 able to make people do or believe something 9 dull/original. 3 a short phrase that is easy to remember SA 4 to say publicly that you support or approve of something 6c Which advert was the most effective? Why? 5 giving the wrong idea or impression 6 special design/symbol that a company puts on all its SPEAKING products or adverts 7 to help to sell something.1 Listen and check your answers.1 2b Inferring opinion Work with a partner to discuss 5a Choose the correct words. discuss the following. A: I think that would be much too expensive. easy to remember phrase with music Student As: Look at the two photos on page 156. 3 What slogans you would choose. using completely new and different ideas 10 unusual and exciting because it comes from a 5b N the product. the following. I’ve seen some 2c Which opinion do you agree with the most? great TV spots which are visually beautiful and really 4 eye-catching/shocking. 3 Find adjectives in the first two texts in Exercise 2a B: I agree. Work in groups of four. and boring. 3 Impact is the most important aspect of advertising. 8 a short. With your partner. especially by advertising 7a You are going to discuss some photos for use in adverts.

are instantly recognisable as fakes. Photoshopping has caused summarise your text for your partner. editor of French Marie Claire. worse. but he was . They are not without knowledge of the techniques advertisers use. Ever since advertising began.indd 48 07/11/2013 15:36 . So is it acceptable to manipulate images? Of course it is. a great deal of controversy over the years. think are beautiful and will help sell their products. As she says. articles on fashion and popular culture for the New York Times and has come out strongly in defence of photoshopping images. 5 Salt the flavour of food. think are stronger – FOR or AGAINST? Why? But is photoshopping as bad as many people believe? An expert 5 Text reference Look at the FOR text again and decide PL on fashion. She quotes Christine Loiritz. We know what images are fake. Match them to their meanings below.’ Her point is that young people have seen programmes alter enhance manipulate distort exaggerate about airbrushing on television and in the newspapers. Use each verb only once. Work in pairs. Manipulated images are powerful. Amanda Fortini. not criticise them. look like. particularly women. larger. Work with your partner. certainly does not think so. or ‘photoshopping’. 5. Student B: Read the AGAINST text on page 158. She writes who or what the highlighted words refer to. She argues that adult women and men are well aware that images VOCABULARY M WORDS WITH A SIMILAR MEANING of celebrities are retouched. etc. 1 to improve something Fortini also points out that images of famous people have been 2 to skilfully control or move something altered and exaggerated for many years – this technique is 3 to change not new. 4 to change the shape or sound of something wealthy and youthful world have been used to sell products. Student A: Read the FOR text on this page. We want to manipulate the world in which we live and this is reflected 1 Her face had not much over the years. look 23. We should enjoy them . Amanda Fortini is right.2 MANIPULATING IMAGES READING IS IT ACCEPTABLE TO 1 Work with a partner to discuss the following. with those against it arguing that it promotes an unrealistic and distorted image of what 4 Evaluating arguments Which arguments do you E people. 3 Tall buildings can radio signals. We should accept that airbrushed images are a fiction. 4 Benitez said everyone hated him. Then share your information with your partner. images of a beautiful. a than it really is fantasy. it’s our failure to alter our expectations of them. 2 You can photos using various software Advertisers should be free to produce whatever images they programmes. ‘Our readers are not 6a Look at these verbs from the texts connected to SA idiots. Many are witty. in our willingness to produce and consume those images. Some are subtle and others 6b Complete the sentences with an appropriate form of the verbs in Exercise 6a. MANIPULATE IMAGES 1 What do you think of the two photos of the same IN ADVERTISING? person in the article? 2 Is it acceptable to manipulate images of people in advertising? 2 You are going to read a FOR and AGAINST article in a magazine on the above topic. has become increasingly common.’ 48 M05_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U05. 1 Amanda Fortini 2 Julia Roberts 3 Kate Winslet 4 Britney Spears 5 Christine Loiritz 6 Brad Pitt IT FOR 7 Chuck Close In recent years. Using only your notes. ‘The problem isn’t altered photos. U physically ‘perfect’ than they really are. 5 to make something seem better. and we should use our critical skills when viewing images. It is now usual practice for the photos of celebrities and models to be retouched and altered to make them look more 3b N key points. particularly in the advertising 3a Read your text again and make notes on the industry. to support her opinion. Scan your texts and find out what it says about these people. especially when they see those celebrities who are 50 and ‘change’. digitally manipulating images.

4 We form the second conditional with: if + . 1 if + past simple + modal N 2 a set phrase with If I were you + would 8c Look at the sentences in Exercise 7b again and U choose the correct words in these statements. will present simple unlikely would likely past simple 1 We use the first conditional to talk about things that are to happen. discuss how you would design the choose anything you wanted? photographers’ website. + infinitive.2 LISTENING GRAMMAR 7a 5. 3 We form the first conditional with: if + . 4 Who would you most like to meet if you could 4 If we make the sea bluer. if you could? 2 We’d design the website ourselves if we 3 What is the first thing you would change about your enough time.3 Listen to a conversation between a SECOND CONDITIONAL web designer and two photographers and answer 8a Look at these sentences from the conversation. SPEAKING 10 In small groups. 5 This phrase is used / not used to give advice. I’d use this photo as your main image. Should cosmetic surgery on people under the age of twenty-one be made illegal? 49 M05_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U05. 2 We use the second conditional to talk about things that are to happen. 2 Who would you most like to look like.indd 49 07/11/2013 15:36 . E 2 They have / don’t have enough time. the questions. 3 It is likely / unlikely they will act quickly. If we act quickly. 8b Look at the sentences in Exercise 7b and find an IT example of the following. 1 It is likely / unlikely they will get an invitation to Papua New Guinea. 6 The speaker has / does not have the phone number. 1 What kind of photographs do they take? We’d design the website ourselves if we had enough time. would you study? 7 What you do if you had an unlimited budget? 7 What would you have for dinner today if you could 7c In groups. PL 4 It is likely / unlikely they will make the sea bluer. would can be replaced with could to mean ‘would be able to’. M  Language reference and extra practice pages 134–135 SA GRAMMAR TIP In second conditional sentences. the picture look meet anyone? even better. discuss this question. MANIPULATING IMAGES 5. 2 Where do they take their photographs? Now complete the statements below using the words 3 Do the photographers have a website at the moment? in the box. 7b Listen again and complete the sentences. 7 The speaker has / does not have an unlimited budget. money? 6 If I had the couple’s number on me. we’ll limit the damage. we’ll go there right away for a great shoot. 5 Who would you most like to help if you had a lot of 5 If I you. life if you had a lot of money? 3 If we quickly. what them a call now. I give 6 If you could go (or go back) to university. + infinitive. we’ll limit the damage. 1 If we an invitation to a ceremony in Papua New 1 Would you be offended if someone photoshopped you? Guinea. 9 Discuss these questions in groups.

The concerns are shared by Sarah Durham. 6 sums (line 31) 15 or they can sponsor programmes and show their 7 food (line 31) commercials just before the programme begins. Studies show that children influence about 50 percent of things that families buy. which? children. 1 three examples of ways in which advertisers reach children 2 three serious problems with advertising for children 3 four countries that impose controls on advertising for children 4 three countries that used to have no governmental IT controls on advertising to children 5 three examples of how countries approach the control of advertising to children differently 3 Responding to the topic Work with a partner to discuss the following. ‘The most worrying thing is that children do not think 25 carefully when they see television advertisements.’ she says. They can. says: ‘Advertisers 2 target (line 5) can reach their target in many ways.’ 8 products (line 34) Most advertisements aimed at children are short. 2 I think junk food is … There are concerns about advertising aimed at young 3 I like/don’t like TV commercials that … people. show an advert many times during school 4 cartoons (line 18) holidays. They are less critical than adults and do not usually realise that the advert has a persuasive message.3 ADVERTISING AND CHILDREN Advertisers READING targeting young people 1 What products are most commonly featured in adverts for children? How are they advertised? 2a Read the article quickly and say which of the Paul Johnson reports following are not mentioned in the text. for 3 commercials (line 13) example. Unfortunately. they can make the TV commercials a little 5 message (line 27) louder than the programmes to attract attention. M WORD COMBINATIONS some companies have increased their advertising to 4 Look at the article again and find the words below. 9 websites (line 40) imaginative and often in the form of animated cartoons. children for many of their least nutritious products.indd 50 07/11/2013 15:36 . a 4 Companies should not spend vast sums of money on … writer and journalist specialising in media analysis. the author of the report and a lecturer combination adjective + noun or noun + noun? at the Department of Media and Communications at 1 managers (line 2) 10 the University of West London. 5. to encourage them or their parents to spend as much money as possible on the product or service. ‘Children love the adverts and watch them in the same 1 I think advertising managers should … 20 way as any entertainment programme. 5 Complete the sentences so they are true for you. so they are VOCABULARY 5 an attractive target for advertisers. SA Which other words do they combine with? Is each John Taylor. 1 the time children spend watching television 2 the ways in which advertisers can reach children 3 the dangers of advertising to children 4 how different countries control advertising 5 products that are not allowed to be advertised in different countries 2b Read the article again and find the following. 50 M05_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U05. Which is the best? A new report has concluded that advertising 3 In your opinion should some products not be PL managers are becoming increasingly interested in advertised at all? If so. N U 1 Do you agree that advertising should not be aimed at children? Why?/Why not? E 2 In the text there are a number of approaches to controlling advertising for children.’ Taylor says.

also 4 These trainers are much more better than those ones. Denmark and the Netherlands. food than any other type of product. ‘Many companies 1 We make the comparative of one-syllable adjectives by adding target children with offers of free toys. 80 relaxed than others about advertising to Turn to page 151 for video activities. PL the Swedes that advertising to children 7 When it comes to children.’ 6 We use + adjective + to say there is a difference. such as 3 This computer game is so expensive as that one. that the situation will be resolved by MEET THE EXPERT phot any kind of cross-European regulations. However. there are a lot to the adjective. Student A (father): Turn to page 156. promote food that is -er not as much more least a lot higher in fat. preferred not to have legal controls. son) of its persuasive power. the under 12s. talking banned adverts making ‘direct offers’ about the small and big differences and the things that are the same. and you want to buy a quad bike (a motorbike with four wheels) for even countries who have in the past the 16-year-old son. the current indecision will continue. As a family. food restaurants. salt and sugar than healthier alternatives. Try to agree on which bike to buy. Some countries are not as certain as 6 Coffee is just as tastier as tea. 55 10 p. and 3 We use or to emphasise a large difference. compare the four bikes. and Germany has different quad bikes. M many advertisements so that they can develop their ability to think as they grow up. Complete to persuade children to buy their food these statements using the words in the box. U children’s toys between 7 a. The belief is that advertising SPEAKING SA 65 will help children to be more aware 8a Work in groups of three. The UK has now banned junk food adverts in shows aimed at 8b Look at the table on page 159. Coca-Cola is the most biggest seller of soft drinks to children. father. Many advertisements.3 GRAMMAR 30 There are also concerns over the COMPARISON vast sums of money that junk food manufacturers spend on advertising 6 Look at the comparative forms highlighted in the text. the European Union is unable at present to have a common approach to the problem. With most longer adjectives we put before more adverts during children’s TV for the adjective. 75 to children. 40 packaging and interactive websites. 45 sweetened breakfast cereals and fast 5 We use + adjective + to say there is no difference. For example. In Sweden. Other countries.’ concludes Taylor. With most longer adjectives we put models of cartoon characters. to the adjective. which has information about four children under 15. E have strict legal controls. these are mainly for confectionery. products. 51 M05_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U05. a little most as (x3) less a lot -est more 35 argues Durham. are now getting tougher. You are a family (mother.m. In 2 We make the superlative of one-syllable adjectives by adding most western countries. the French 8 Children like the cereals that are the less healthy for them. gimmicky before the adjective. ADVERTISING AND CHILDREN 5.indd 51 07/11/2013 15:36 . TV advertising to children under the age of 12 is banned. France has Student B (mother): Turn to page 158. 70 banned adverts for mobile phones to Student C (son): Turn to page 160. 4 We use to emphasise a small difference. controlling advertising to children 8 We use (the) + adjective to show the smallest amount (the IT vary. Until the majority of member states are as sure as the Swedes 85 of the harmful nature of advertising. Government approaches to 7 We use to make an adjective weaker. have argued that children need to see 9 The ad wasn’t as good I expected. and 2 Children’s teeth are a much more bad than they were ten years ago. Watch an interview with Vena Raffle about the work Raffl ‘Because some countries are much more of the UK Advertising Standards Authority. Greece bans television advertisements for 7 1 N Correct the mistakes in the sentences. health is the more important thing in the world. one of the strictest opposite of most). This all means that there is little hope [<5. 60 is harmful. 5 The new ZX radio-controlled car is lot faster that the 2012 version.m. 50 countries where advertising is  Language reference and extra practice pages 134–135 concerned. children.

1 Read the situation below. based in ••• • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • New Orleans. Complete the notes that Larissa Klein • how good the presentation by the agency is made during the conversation. Use one or two words • how good their ideas are for the advertising in each gap. 2b Listen again. The drink is made from a mixture of exotic • • • •• • •• •• •• •• •• • fruits. There will be an international advertising • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• •• • campaign to launch the new product.4 SCENARIO B-KOOL SOFT DRINKS SITUATION 2a 5. 5 = least important). The • • • • • • • • • • •• •• • • • •• • • • • N • marketing department has asked three advertising •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• •• •• •• agencies to present their ideas for the campaign. • how enthusiastic they seem to be about the drink • how much the agency will charge for the campaign • how well known the agency is • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • B-Kool is a soft drinks manufacturer. Work with a partner and What five points does Amy Chen want the agency to look at this list. • • ••• • • • •• • • • •• • •• •• • • • • • ••• • • • •• • healthy. Amy Chen. head of an advertising agency. young people used three ••• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • •• • • IT words to describe its qualities: fresh. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • •• • •• ••• • • •• • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • E • •• •• • • • • • •• • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • PL M SA 52 M05_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U05. USA.4 Listen to the Marketing Director. which will appeal to the eight to fourteen-year-old age ••• •• • • • • • •• • •• • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • group. • • • • • • •• • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • ••• •• •• U B-Kool will choose one of the agencies to plan and • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • carry out the campaign. 5. When it was tested. talking to Larissa Klein.indd 52 07/11/2013 15:36 . delicious. The company is going to ••• • • •• • • • • introduce a new drink to the market soon. Which factors do you think B-Kool should cover in their presentation? use to choose the advertising agency? Rank them in order of importance (1 = most important.

2 Thank you very much . 4 That’s all I have to say.6 Listen to the next part of the presentation • special promotions and complete the phrases. Referring to an illustration: 2 Please .5 Larissa Klein and two colleagues make a 4a Work in small groups.4 B-KOOL SOFT DRINKS KEY LANGUAGE TASK THE LANGUAGE OF PRESENTATIONS GIVING A FORMAL PRESENTATION 3a 5. Listen to the beginning of the presentation and then discuss your ideas for an advertising campaign to complete the phrases. 2 I’m going to talk to you about our advertising campaign. Emilio will now show another design for the can. PL 3 Are there ? 3d In which section of the presentation would you expect to find the following? Match the phrases to the headings in Exercises 3a–c. Beginning a presentation: 1 I’d like to Emilio Sanchez on 4b Make your presentation to the other groups. 5. Use the following structure for your 2 Our is to present some ideas for your presentation. 5 As a class. Which one was IT Talking about a different subject: the most interesting/creative/persuasive? 1 Moving the design of the can. 53 M05_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U05. 3 Our presentation three parts. • name of the new drink 4 If you . and next to him. • design of the packaging • how to advertise the drink – what media to use 3b 5. 5 This brings me to my next point. 7 This is how I’d like to organise my talk. Each person in your group should present one part of the my left. 8 Thanks for listening to my talk. discuss the presentations. I’ll sum up. we’ll be pleased to • slogan for the drink answer them at the end of our presentation. Each group represents an presentation to the marketing department of B-Kool. Choose a name for your agency. Ending a presentation: E 1 Now. presentation. advertising agency. new product. let me points. launch the new drink. SA 3 Hello everyone. Karl Reiner.indd 53 07/11/2013 15:37 .7 Listen to the end of the presentation and N U complete the phrases. 3c 5. M 1 Now. thanks for coming to my presentation. 6 Karl will now talk about our promotions.

. 6 look for evidence which supports Drinking alcohol is also very unhealthy. there are already laws which do not what you’ve heard.indd 54 07/11/2013 15:37 . 8 always read a text to find opinions that are the same as their own. governments. 2 It is clearly desirable to limit TV advertisements of 2 question every statement or fact in a text. 3 Opponents of banning advertising argue that people 9 look for the main argument and key know what they must do to be healthy. it is the responsibility of governments to prevent people from damaging their health. it is not right for governments to make money from activities which harm its citizens. 10 pay careful attention to the style and buy a product. Make notes under Should TV advertisements these headings. Laws to ban TV advertisements of unhealthy products are beneficial to society. you think about the topic. opinions and ideas has increased significantly in western countries.5 STUDY AND WRITING SKILLS STUDY SKILLS CRITICAL THINKING 1a 5. it is clearly the duty 3 You are going to critically read an of a government to prevent the behaviour by banning essay. PL likely to try to imitate their behaviour. such as smoking. 12 accept a writer’s ideas just because he The cost of healthcare for those who have unhealthy or she is well known. 4 think that Wikipedia is the most N example. it is the government which has to deal with values are always right. Therefore. businesses should be able to sell and advertise it. greatly outweigh the disadvantages. On first surely this is a false argument.. the food U reliable online source of information. It is widely known that the rate of obesity 3 question beliefs. fast food. Some people now want to go further and ban advertisements for 2 Work with your partner and decide other unhealthy products such as alcohol and junk under which heading the following food. they are much less reading a text. In a free society. It results in a E arguments or opinions. habits.8 Listen to an expert talking about critical thinking. decide what television commercials of such products. SA 11 believe that their own beliefs and However. do you generally agree or in making these unhealthy products could be used disagree with the writer? for more worthwhile businesses such as those which improve our environment. If children see fewer adverts on 7 always keep the same opinion when TV of people doing these activities. However. tone of a text. There are strong arguments for banning TV CRITICAL THINKERS DO . Furthermore. • What is critical thinking? for unhealthy products • What do critical thinkers do? • Why is critical thinking important for be banned? academic studies? • Why is it an important skill for everyone? I 1b Work with a partner and summarise n many countries. obesity is second only to smoking as a cause of death in the United States. 4 Another reason why people are against banning TV advertisements for unhealthy products is that Should TV advertisements for unhealthy products be banned? manufacturing the products creates jobs and brings in large amounts of tax for governments. Discuss this question in small groups. 54 M05_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U05. industry spends over $33 billion per year to advertise 5 distinguish between facts and opinions. allow advertising for tobacco products. people must be able to choose whether to M ideas in a text. advertising of these products. 5 To conclude.. The money invested impression. IT 1 identify a writer’s purpose and opinion. 4 Quickly read the essay. the consequences of people buying unhealthy products.. 5. food products that are considered to be junk food. Before doing so. In that country. The benefits of doing this CRITICAL THINKERS DON’T . wide range of diseases. This is undoubtedly the right way forward for statements belong. drinking alcohol and eating junk food is enormous. For which are in a text. They help to save lives and improve the health of a nation. They say that if a product is legal.

In an opinion-led essay. but this is usually to show their 5 . Note opposing opinions. 9b Use the following structure to plan your 5 You present arguments. expression to add to the groups below. e. Write a maximum of 300 words.5 5a You are now going to practise ‘thinking critically’ about a text. 3 After the first paragraph. In my opinion … 2 What facts (things that cannot be debated) does the writer use to Personally I think … support his opinion? I feel strongly that … 3 What statements.) opening paragraph. 7 Read the statements about opinion-led essays. you may rephrase the essay question. line 5). In conclusion. objective. The first kind of Moreover … PL essay does not generally include a strong 1 . or question whether it is right. so it links with the your opinion. the writer may introduce Decide what your opinion is. showing that you disagree with something essay. 4 . in paragraph 2 do you question? (para 1) 4 Identify and underline opinions of people who do not agree with Giving facts the writer. Mention opposing opinions. (para 4) weaknesses disadvantages correct opinion persuasive Adding information What’s more … E In addition … There are two common kinds of discursive essay. The writer expresses his or her opinion (para 5) strongly on a controversial topic.g. … It is clear that … M It is called a ‘for and against’ essay. for example by quoting people or referring to surveys. STUDY AND WRITING SKILLS 5. 4 It is not necessary to give evidence for your statements. • Main body of the essay – reasons and evidence (Most important ideas come first. • Introduction (Introduce the subject and 6 In your last paragraph. Looking at the text: Giving an opinion 1 Identify and underline the main opinion of the writer. your reasons for your opinion and any evidence to support your point of view. and the style and tone of the text is of the topics for an opinion-led essay. Giving reasons and results Thinking about the topic: This is because … 7 Do you agree with the writer or with people who are against As a result. 8 Look at the essay again and find an Read the essay again and answer the questions below. On the other hand … (para 3 & 4) WRITING SKILLS AN OPINION-LED ESSAY N Using persuasive language clearly … undoubtedly … U 6 Complete the description below with the words in the box. • There are too many unacceptable 2 It is a good idea to copy several phrases from the essay question. if any.) 55 M05_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U05. methods in advertising today. Why does the writer mention these? There is/are definitely… 5 What is the style and tone of this article? Is it persuasive. advertise on social networks. He or she argues strongly that 9a Planning your essay Choose one SA their opinion is 3 . undoubtedly (para 1. you use some paragraphs to give reasons • Businesses should not be allowed to for your opinions. Think of arguments against your opinion. you restate your opinion. Which two • To what extent do you think people are statements are NOT generally considered good practice? influenced by TV advertisements? 1 In your first paragraph. … banning unhealthy products? (para 3) 8 What other products (if any) do you think should not be shown in Adding a surprising fact / TV adverts? an opposing argument 5b Work in small groups to compare and discuss your answers to Nevertheless … IT Exercise 5a. It presents the (para 4) advantages and 2 of an action or contains different ideas Concluding and facts about a topic.indd 55 07/11/2013 15:37 . but attack them!) • Conclusion (Summarise and restat your opinion. The second type of essay is an ‘opinion-led’ essay. It is well known that … biased or critical? It is true that … 6 Find words or phrases in the text that the writer uses to persuade (para 2) you to accept his point of view.