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CD – 5 - WHY DIVERSIFY your income

Dr. Hall Newball & Professional Panel

1. Dr. Hall Newball: Heart & Lung Physician/ Harvard Medschool/Johns-hopkin’s professor

Dr. David Twilly: John’s Hopkins SOM,

a. Able to do several things in the professional realm that would allow you to create some
b. But when joined this team, I saw there’s an ability to have multiple streams of income
c. Because if you look at it, Most professionals have INCOME, but they are very TIME
d. If they can find something that will also give them both TIME AND INCOME, IT CAN BE
EXTREMELY HELPFUL to them. It would really make an amazing impact in their lives.
2. IF you’re in the Healthcare profession, you really do a couple things:
a. The income is good
b. But you also do it because you can make a difference in people’s lives (Education,
counsel, determine what are the next steps in Management)
c. IF you’re in health, You’re probably/I bet you’re a person who wants to make a
difference, who wants to be a person who has an impact on your larger community

d. “Many people come to see us because of they have a lot of Stress, Strain, and Anxiety
that’s causing their health issues” and if you can take away their financial pressure, you
can help them in MANY MANY ways than JUST THEIR HEALTHCARE.
i. 3 major things in life: Health, Wealth, Relationships
3. What we saw was the ability to not only solve the income issue, but also solve the issue that’s
really bothering most people with health concerns,
And that’s the problems of stress, strain, and anxiety of life.

4. If you’re the kind of person that wants to make a difference. Then in my view, diversifying my
income with this type of business is the best your decision can make

Dr. TINA GRESHAM: Cardiologist Howard SOM/Duke IM/Cardiology

a. As a newly graduated Cardiologist, she became employee of large cardiology group.
b. 10 years after that, opened own practice….then in last 5 years. 30% or more goes back
into Hospital as employee.
c. YOUR AUTONOMY is taken away.
d. We all went into medicine to treat people, to do something, and to have the
e. And to be able to be put in a position now where you have non-medical types, or
government, insurance, pharmaceutical companies, medical supply companies…do I
need to go on? Basically dictating you on what you can and cannot do, is Very
frustrating, burnout, and very frustrating.

f. It’s not about the long hours and patient care, but because we lost our Autonomy.
g. So you’ll find a lot of physicians frustrated. Because they were in their own practices,
being able to practice medicine, but now they have to go back in…. and be a W2
h. And So I would say to my colleagues, if there is still FIGHT IN YOU, If you still have a
DREAM, if you still want your AUTONOMY back, and be financially independent, and
get your life back. And have CHOICES, that’s what I saw in this business. When I saw it,
I got excited again. Because I can have choices, I could practice medicine, I love
medicine, I’ll always do it in some form or fashion. Or to be able to do it, and have the
financial security is what I saw in this business….that’s why you need to diversify


5. We’re not looking to lay people off. We’re laying people off because we’re not making income.
6. Business does not depend on the next person, it doesn’t depend on you’re employee. When
they punch out, you’re still working.

7. Talk to staff: You guys don’t work for her (wife). She works for you. Cause when you go home,
she’s still getting calls in the middle of the night. And that’s every business owner. You go to
sleep with those troubles, you go to sleep with those worries.
8. This is how you do it. This is how you do it right. This is how you retire.

CHIP & JOY from Atlanta

9. CREATING LIFESTYLE For ourselves….because you’re income isn’t dependent only on that

10. You can do this business

11. Can your boss fire you? “he wouldn’t do it”…..BUT CAN HE?
12. Understand that this business allows me to diversify even with a busy career
13. Britt World Wide – is Premier personal development

14. Here’s the AMWAY’S Principles: FAMILY, FREEEDOM, HOPE, REWARD

Any of the corporations sound similar?


a. What if you didn’t have that 6 figure income you’re husband was making. What if you
could perform your job.
16. AMWAY income pay for college education
17. WE ARE BORN ORIGINALS. Why are we always trying to my copies of other individuals. We
need to be ourselves, and that’s why you need to diversify
So you can sing your song
JEFF BEZOS become wealthy because he developed a system. System that multiplies their
efforts many many times. And it involved other people to do the same thing.

a. SO the diversification of this business, it’s about what you can do yourself and how
many people can you bring on.
b. Because remember ONE….is two few a number to create a big lifestyle. And if you
think that when you get ready for retirement and you have something really good. Is
social security/401k your end point? If so, think again.

Pharmacy Degree/owns many pharmacies… sold all, now just have one…generates multimillion dollar
19. I can go out and work for a chain, and build their business, or I can go out and work and build
MY OWN BUSINESS. For me , it just made sense. If I’m going to do it on a daily basis, I’m going
to build mine. Does that make sense to you?
a. Now not a lot make that decision, but I made mind because I think it’s the best. It
proved to be the best
20. A pharmacist is an army of one.
a. NO body’s working for you but you. No one’s making money for your family but you.
And that will never change.

21. In this business, you can Duplicate yourself, leverage your time, and you can create massive
amounts of income based upon how many people you share this with. And you help succeed

22. And that’s what I chose to do.

23. It took about 2 years and a couple months to create a 6 figure income in this business.

24. If you want to be ordinary, you can keep doing what you’re doing. Nothing wrong with that.

25. IF YOU WANT A LIFESTYLE….this is a way you can do it.

DR. HALL – Studied at Harvard/John’s Hopkins Professor… working >100hrs/week. made strong 6figure
income. But was broke – had 3 children in private college. Was Arrogant. Met BILL BRITT

Bill: I understand you’re a professor at John’s Hopkins.

Hall: Yes
Bill: I understand you make a lot of money
Hall: Yes, I make well over 100k a year.
a. If I can make more money in one day than you make that in a whole year. One of the
two of us has got to be stupid.
b. Now you studied at Harvard, I think you’re smart enough to figure out which one of the
two of us is stupid.
26. Got started in the business, got it working for about 2 years, made more in part-time than
working >100/week.

27. POINT: I got hundreds of physicians in my business. They continued their Private practice, their
academic pursuits, they continue their profession. And Just because they got into this business,
does not mean they have to give up what you’re doing. Continue doing that.

28. Diversify their panel.