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ITEC 4020

Internet Client-Server Systems
Sample Final Exam

Note: Only a few questions per section are provided.

Part A: Multiple choice (30%, 1 mark each question) - Circle one answer

1. Which of the following is true about WWW (choose one)
a. is also known as Internet
b. is based on URLs, HTML and HTTP
c. was invented by Al Gore
d. does not support open standards
e. is made of thousands computers connected together

2. How many web servers exists in the world? ( select the closest number)
a. 1 million
b. 10 millions
c. 100 millions
d. 1 billion
e. 100,000

3. In a peer to peer architecture, which of the following is not true (choose the most
a. Each participating software entity is both a client and a server
b. Data is decentralized, and spread across each peer
c. Napster is an example of peer to peer application
d. The architecture is not reliable, if one peer fails, the whole system fails
e. It scales well


Explain the role of each layer Part C: Composition (35%. marks indicated next to each question) 1. In a network. with 2 columns “title” and “ content”. Explain the elements of the following URL 2. message transmission time = latency+length/(data transfer rate) Q: how long takes to transfer 1MB data between two computers located at 10000Km of each other? Assume a transmission rate of 20KB/s and that data travels with the speed of light A: T=(10000/300000)+ 1000/20= 3. In a database “articles”.foo.Part B: Short Answer Questions (35%. Write an html markup that displays: “to learn more about York University. weight indicated next to each question) 1. Describe 4 layers in a client server system (can use a diagram). click here” Note: “here” is a hyperlink to 2. if I want to find all rows that contain „tricky‟ and do not contain „database‟ how does the query looks like? 2 .

org/axis/wsdd/providers/java"> <service name="Foo" provider="java:RPC" style="wrapped" use="literal"> <parameter name="className" value="Foo"/> <operation qname="foo" returnQName="fooReturn" returnType=“xls:string" > <parameter qname="bar" type=“xls:string"/> </operation> </service> </deployment> Answer Class Foo{ String foo ( String bar){}. <deployment xmlns:java="http://xml.4. how does the provider looks like? Write the name of the class and the method‟s signature.apache. } ``````` 3 . For the web service descriptor bellow(wsdd file).