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Group 6
Member :
1. Dilla AmeliaAgustin 1510931032 (CEO)
2. Malik Moy 1310931031
3. Regina Nofricha 1510931033
4. Ely Rahmi 1510931030
5. Safina Firda 1510931039
6. Iqbal Novendra 1510932002
7. Siska Purnama Sari 1510932003

1. Company business description

Our Food Addict Project sale some type of food like fried banana,tahu isi ,
bakwan, tempe and donat. So here we sell gorengan taken from a trader who
produces fried foods such as tofu, bakwan, Tahu isi, banana. Besides that we also sell
2. Marketing
a. Place
We sell these fried foods and donuts around industrial engineering majors,
where the location is the center of student activity of engineering majors
industry unand.
b. Price
The fried price offered by the producing merchant is Rp.1000. while, the fried
and donuts are offered at the price of RP.1500, so we sell fried and donat with
the profit we get Rp.500.
c. Promotion
In terms of promotion we choose to promote word of mouth. This promotion
is quite efficient because we captivate consumers with interesting words.
There are also some that are promoted through social media.
d. Finance
 Financial Inclusion (7-09-2017 s / d 17-09-2017)
Sales are only done for two days, because on the next day the distributor is
sick so it is not production. Sales:
1. First day (Thursday, 07-09-2017) Rp: 46.000
2. Second Day (Friday, O8-09-2017) Rp: 51.000
Total Rp: 97.000
 Financial expenses (7-09-2017 s / d 17-09-2017)
1. First day (Thursday, 07-09-2017) Rp: 33.000
2. Second Day (Friday, O8-09-2017) Rp: 34.000
Total Rp: 67.000
 Balance
Total financial Inclusion – Total financial expenses
= 97.000-67.000
= 30.000
3. Company member contribution level
Distribution of tasks using a rolling system, which is not lectured in charge of
selling and promoting fried foods.
a. Ely Rahmi : Contribution level : High
b. Safina Firda: Contribution level : High
c. Siska Purnama Sari: Contribution level : High
d. Iqbal Novendra: Contribution level : High
e. Malik Moy: Contribution level : High
f. Regina Nofricha: Contribution level : High