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Reading Standards: Foundational Skills

Outcome to be Assessed Fluency
in English Language Arts

Number and Operations in Base 10

Outcome to be Assessed in Math Use place value understanding and properties of operations to add
and subtract

What evidence will you When will you collect the What methods of
collect? evidence? Assessment will you use and
possible criteria to be


Evidence will be collected Collecting data from reading

Words per minute in fluency
once a week per child. Half of anthology fluency passages.
the children will be assessed
on Mondays with Miss Possibly will ask questions about
Martinez and the second half comprehension and retelling the
will be assessed on story like “Who were the
Wednesdays with Miss characters?” “Where did the story
Deschapelles take place?” “What happened in
the story?”

Taking pictures and making copies
Documentation of math Evidence will be collected of students work.
assignments using place value once a week on Mondays.
Students are working on
transitioning to using place value
to show their work in addition and
subtraction problems.

Incorporating supplemental
problems about place value if that
material was not covered in class
Methods of Assessment Methods of Collection Methods of Analysis

Oral Reading and weekly math Student work and reading Comparing words per minute each
assignments fluency scores week and seeing how students are
improving using place value

Assessment Plan (Care) Version 1 August 2004

Record of any additional discussion including when there will be a review of the above

We decided to do this math standard because it is something that we are currently working on
transitioning all students to using place value as a way to show their work. We chose to use this reading
standard because both of my case study children are working on reading fluency and it is something that
will help all the students. We will be reviewing the data every few weeks together and I will be reviewing it
each week as I am doing my weekly assessment summary and planning sheet.

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Assessment Plan (Care) Version 1 August 2004