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Msgr. Gutierrez February 4th, 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Jesus, a Refugee — p.

Festivals Annual Vietnamese New Year Festival Celebrates Spring Blossoms — p. 2
Lifestyle Zena Sultana Babao: An Act of Rebellion — p. 9
Destinations 2018 Lunar New Year Tet Festival Feb 9-11 at SDCCU Stadium— p. 16
February 2-8, 2018

Spread of fake news meant to silence, intimidate critics – Maria Ressa

Pinay 12-year old is interna-
'Social media provided cheap

armies to potential authoritari-
tional tennis champ in France an and dictators to control and
manipulate public opinion,'
Les Petits As-Le Mondial Lacoste says Rappler CEO and Execu-
Girls Singles Championship tive Editor Maria Ressa
Match in Tarbes, France.
The 12-year old Alex beat the Camille Elemia, |
tournament’s 7th seed Czech MANILA, 1/30/2018 – Rappler
player L. Noskova in three-thrill- CEO and Executive Editor Maria
ing sets 5-7, 6-3, 7-6. Ressa testified before the Senate
The Asian Tennis Federation and said that some governments
currently ranks Alex as the top resort to spreading fake news to
singles player in the under-14 age silence dissent.
bracket. Ressa said the phenomenon of
GNP Team | MANILA, After this historic victory, Eala fake news is a global issue and
1/29/2018 -- A Young Filipina is eyeing stints in the Grand Slam cited a study on “patriotic troll-

Second Courtship
Warrior Princess has made his- juniors when she turns 13 in May. ing” or the state-sponsored online
tory on the international tennis “I want to play in as many hate and harassment campaigns to
courts. Alex Eala, the unseeded tournaments as I can,” said Eala. “silence and intimidate.”
Filipina tennis wonder won the ( Continued on page 6 ) “They studied 65 countries
around the world and found...

Duterte is no. 1 source of fake

that social media provided cheap
armies to potential authoritarian

news – veteran journalist

and dictators to control and ma-
Chapter 43 of “Destiny” a Philippine story by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
nipulate public opinion,” Ressa

IMI’S FACE LOOKED LIKE SHE SAW A GHOST. Her former boy- said, adding Rappler participated
'The worrisome part of this “Fake lies are concocted to de-
in the study which is set to be re-
is that most of the sources of ceive the public. They confuse the friend, Dante, looked as handsome as before and was walking towards leased “in the next few months.”
disinformation is being perpe- public, disempower them from her. He was casually dressed, wearing a long-sleeved, untucked green She said the study is similar to
trated by government officials making informed decisions,” El- plaid shirt, its sleeves folded between his elbows and wrists, and standing in a faded the one made by FreedomHouse.
on taxpayers’ money,' veteran len Tordesillas of Vera Files said denim pants. His slightly long hair was unkempt, which matched the two-day old org, a US-based non-government
journalist Ellen Tordesillas at the second Senate hearing on
fake news on Tuesday.
beard. He was like a macho guy one saw in the movies, ready to save the world. organization. The NGO earlier
tells a Senate panel probing reported that the Philippines has a
the proliferation of fake news Tordesillas also lamented how It was an awkward scene for Mario, the clean-shaven and professionally successful school nerd cadre of paid online commenters
government officials use tax- and valedictorian. There he was about to capture the heart of the beautiful girl he had loved since
Camille Elemia, | as part of a "keyboard army" that
payers’ money to spread wrong they were high school freshmen. And when he was about to kiss her, out came her former lover,
MANILA, 1/30/2018 – President sought to support President Ro-
information. the dashing "hero" ready to recapture the heart of his long-lost love.
Rodrigo Duterte is the number drigo Duterte and attack detrac-
“The worrisome part of this is
one source of fake news, a vet- tors of the administration.
that most of the sources of disin- For a while, Mimi forgot about Mario and the magic moment they were about to share. She was
eran journalist told a Senate panel Ressa also presented before
formation is being perpetrated by shocked to see Dante attend their 20th high school reunion. She had given him up for lost, con-
probing the proliferation of fake the Senate committee on public
government officials on taxpay- vinced he had found another lover after waiting for him at the dance hall two hours ago. After all,
news in the country on Tuesday, information and mass media
wasn’t he in the United States? ( Continued on page 6 ) the data that showed how social
January 30. ( Continued on page 6 )
media, specifically Facebook, are

Andanar to ask Duterte’s Fallout from Philippines’ pivot to China

being used to harass critics of the

supporters to stop misinfor-

“So I think what you’re see-
The Straits Times/Asia News Network
ing in our country is something
1/29/2018 --- China’s presence
mation, hate speeches in the Philippines has never been
more pronounced than it is now.
that’s similar in other countries
around the world, a campaign
Pathricia Ann V. Roxas, In- convince them to stop spreading machinery becomes weaponized.
Manila recently allowed a | MANILA, 1/30/2018 misinformation, disinformation And the irony, of course, is it
Chinese ship to conduct maritime
--- Presidential Communications and hate speech against critics didn’t become weaponized until
research at a resource-rich vast
Operations Office (PCOO) Secre- of the President,” Aquino asked after President Duterte won. That
underwater plateau known as
tary Martin Andanar has assured Andanar during the Tuesday’s happened in July of 2016,” Ressa
Benham Rise, east of the main
Sen. Bam Aquino that he would Senate committee hearing on fake said.
island of Luzon, near US bases in
try to reach out to President Ro- news. She then explained how certain
Guam and Hawaii.
drigo Duterte’s online supporters “Maraming supporter si Presi- AIR SECURITY A Chinese bomber patrols the islands and reefs in the South Chi- social media users were found to
For months, the Philippines has
to stop spreading misinformation dente na may kanya-kanyang na Sea in this undated photo released by Xinhua News Agency. —AP be fake, using others’ photos and
been drumming up a joint venture
and hate speech in social media. Facebook pages,” Andanar said. using cut-and-paste commenting
with China to explore for oil and gers into the Philippine telecoms (S$2.6 billion) to build 50,000
“Would you be willing to talk “Hindi po sila under ng PCOO… styles. It was found, she said, that
gas in a contested area of the industry. Shenzhen-based telco microcell towers and compete
to owners of these websites, Hindi ko po kilala yung mga these people would usually com-
South China Sea. ZTE is leading a consortium with the two leading players.
a number of them carrying China is also dipping its fin- that plans to invest US$2 billion ( Continued on page 11 ) ( Continued on page 6 )
President Duterte’s name, and ( Continued on page 6 )


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Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | February 2-8, 2018

Annual Vietnamese New Year Festival

Complicated Affairs
celebrates spring blossoms

Chapter 4 of the book "Complicated “How can we win the public bidding “Why won’t Congress enact laws to
Affairs" by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. if our prices are high?” Mandy asked, stop these injustices?”
mindful of the public bidding provi- “We have the laws, but nobody is
Danny left for the Philippines as sions in any purchase of equipments and enforcing them. Everybody is turning a
soon as he could. He did not even services in both the public and private blind eye on the corruption because they
businesses. are all doing it. The congressmen and
wait for Mandy’s instructions on “It doesn’t matter. The bidding will senators have millions of pesos of pork Mira Mesa- Rejoice as the Vietnamese- many more young adults joined and got children activities and food vendors!
what to do with their proposed be rigged anyway; they will make sure barrel money that are supposed to be American Youth Alliance and Vietnam- in touch with the traditions and culture Come and witness the growth of this
hospital equipment business in we win despite our high prices,” Danny used for their pet projects. They do not ese Federation of San Diego present of Vietnam and began serving the com- community and explore the carnival
Manila. He wanted to evade the replied. have to account for them; hence, most of Spring Blossoms, the transition to a new munity. This group is known as VAYA,” rides and games, authentic Vietnamese
potential financial responsibil- “How can they do that?” the money ends up in their pockets.” age. The next generation of VAVA staff said VAYA President Khoi Tran. “As food, lion dancing, and firecrackers. Free
“They already have a built-in system. “One time, they proposed a Freedom and volunteers are sprouting to action part of VAYA’s mission, these enthu- entertainment programs, such as high
ity of being a possible father to They have been doing it for years.” of Information bill that would require all at the first full bloom of the New Lunar siastic leaders continue to spread their quality musical acts, the Miss Vietnam
Juanita’s baby. “Won’t the other participants complain government expenditures to be itemized Year! cultural and social awareness. Every- of San Diego Pageant and a Cultural
if they lose to a higher price?” and the details be made available to the This annual special occasion is a free thing we do reflects this mission and the Village allows for direct immersion into
In Manila, however, he refused to stay “They will turn in much higher prices public. Since it would restrict them from countywide Tet festival full of games, values that make it possible.” Vietnamese culture. The free Tet Festi-
at his friend’s, Jockey Diaz’s, condo- themselves. They operate like a syndi- robbing the Treasury, the congressmen prizes, food, and entertainment. These From 2014, VAYA has been partnering val will be a host of interactive fun and
minium unit despite Diaz’s offer. He was cate. The winning bids are distributed were conveniently absent during the two nonprofit organizations are flourish- with the Vietnamese Federation of San entertainment for everybody!
still worried that the security guard he among them during the course of the voting for the passage of the bill. There ing in full blast at this year’s Tet festival, Diego, the oldest Vietnamese organiza- Festival Dates and Hours are: Friday,
had hit and his friends might retaliate year; thus, everybody ends up as a win- was no quorum, and the law did not which falls on February 16-18, 2018. tion in San Diego, to strengthen their Feb. 16, 2018 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.;
and harm him. Instead, he rented an ner at one time or another so long as take effect. Nobody, including the press This marks the beginning of a brand new ties to the community and give their Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018 from 11 a.m. to
apartment in Makati. To partially cover they participate in the scheme.” which was paid off, is clamoring for it to 12-year cycle for VAYA, since VAYA members a chance to work with and 10 p.m.; Sunday, Feb. 18, 2018 from 11
his expenses while waiting for their “How did you get into that closed be refiled. So corruption continues and started 13 year ago! Stepping up this learn from the experience of the older a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free.
business to make money, he contin- circle?” will remain forever at the expense of our year, the festival features vibrant decora- generation. Visit us at
ued to hang out with Jockey Diaz and “You know me. I know how to wine poor people.” tions and fresh new replicas of Vietnam- This year’s theme, Spring Blossoms, Vietnamese-American Youth Alliance
make money from insider information and dine the purchasing officers. If ese monuments and landmarks in hopes emphasizes the enriching, renewing, (V.A.Y.A), a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-par-
on the possible results of horse races. necessary, I gave them women. And if (To be continued) of extending Vietnamese culture and and flourishing young spirits of this tisan, community-based organization,
He started doing the rounds in the city Jockey Diaz had a good tip on a horse beauty. community rising to the occasion. The was founded in 2004 as a means for
hospitals and provinces, looking for race, I shared it with them. Pretty soon, “13 years ago, a group of Vietnamese next generation of young adults who Vietnamese-American youth to organize
potential buyers for the equipment they they accepted me as their own.” young adults came together to share and were once attendees are now the future socially and culturally within the local
were going to import. Mandy, for his “How about the auditors? Can we pass connect with their roots. As years go by, leaders. VAYA is bringing back more communities.
part, purchased equipment that was their audit?”

Miss Vietnam of San Diego™

about to be taken to junkyards by using “They are also with us since they get
the money that their friend Bobby had some of the loot.”
given as capital. Bobby, a doctor, also In the end, the cost of the equipment
advised them on what equipment could they had sold was much higher than that The Miss Vietnam San Diego™ The pageant also serves to promote and friends who watch, and all others It serves to elevate the Vietnamese-
still be used. Based on the inexpensive of the brand new ones. the Vietnamese culture by retaining the involved in its formation, fostering a American female, to promote our culture
costs of the equipment, which they had “If I were those officials, I would have is established with the primary
functions of the traditional dress ao dai, stronger sense of community. and heritage, to develop a lasting bond
bought as scrap, they expected to have bought the new ones. They are much focus of elevating the Vietnam- developing teamwork through cul- It is an opportunity to develop long- between people of similar identity, and
a big profit margin since they would cheaper and efficient than the used ones ese-American female as a na- tural dances, and directing questions to standing friendships and to interact to define what it means to be united. In
peg their prices on the reasonable value they had bought from us,” Mandy ob- tional symbol of beauty and pride educate the audience on the perception and have fun with peers who carry a accomplishing its goal, it can truly say,
of used but still working equipment in served after their first deal was consum- of culture via the eyes of Vietnamese similar Vietnamese-American identity. everyone is a winner.
Manila. A knowledgeable technician mated. captured internally and externally
females today. Last but definitely not Overall, the Miss Vietnam San Diego is Vote for your candidate on Face-
would fix the equipment and make sure “You are wrong,” Danny corrected through her poise, grace, intellec- least, its third purpose is to bring people a non-profit event whose only purpose
they were operational before they were him. “How much do you think the new tual strength, and individuality. together, females who participate, family is to serve the Vietnamese community.
book @missvietnamsandiego
shipped. ones will cost once you factor in kick-
Mandy learned the tricks of the trade backs? Certainly they would be much
through trial and error. He found a way more expensive than our overpriced
of shipping them cheaply and most used machineries.”
efficiently: renting cargo containers and
shipping them himself. He found out BOBBY WAS EXTREMELY DISAP-
there were many Filipino and American POINTED when he found out how their
businessmen shipping used machineries business venture initially turned out.
as capital equipment to the country since Being a medical doctor in San Diego for
new ones were much more expensive. many years, he did not need the money.
Each person had his own specialty; for He thought of investing his own money
example, one was shipping printing in the business to help his country, the
machineries, the others equipments for Philippines. In return for nurturing him
different industries. as a child and a young man, he wanted
What Bobby, Mandy and Danny did to send cheap medical equipment to
not realize before launching the busi- the various hospitals in the country to
ness was the extent of corruption in benefit as many patients as possible.
the Philippines, both in the private and He wanted the patients to receive low-
public sectors. It did not matter whether cost medical services which the used
the hospital equipment they were selling and supposedly cheap machines could
were of good quality and could poten- provide. As it turned out, the machines,
tially help many patients improve their since they were overpriced, commanded
lives. For a hospital to buy their equip- much higher costs for medical services
ment, they needed to offer kickbacks to to the patients, especially the poor.
various personnel: the board of directors, “There’s nothing we can do,” Mandy
purchasing managers, auditors, account- advised his friend Bobby who confided
ing executives and even minor account- his disappointment. “That’s the way of
ing clerks who processed the payments. life in our home country. Corruption is
Otherwise, no purchase orders would embedded in our soul from the highest
be issued. Even if the equipment was official to the lowest personnel. Can you
already purchased, the accounting clerks imagine what it’s like in the military?
would delay their payments by holding The soldiers do not have good uniforms
onto the checks unless they were given a or enough food allowances and military
percentage of the cost. equipment because the generals siphon
“Wala na tayong kikitain (We won’t the budget for their personal use. This
make any profit),” Mandy told Danny is why we have the world’s longest-
after learning of the illegal practices. running revolutions, the one with the
“Taasan daw natin ang presyo (Let’s Communist rebels and the other with
increase the price),” Danny suggested the Muslim Separatist movement. The
to him. “This way we can accommodate generals want to continue these conflicts
the kickbacks to people who would because ongoing war means more funds
approve the purchase and facilitate the can be channeled to their personal cof-
payments.” fers.”
February 2-8, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 3

Mystery and friendship play out in GMA Beloved Kapuso American Idol’s Pinoy-Puerto
Network’s primetime series Sherlock Jr. Maryo J. Delos Simon Fuller Rican singer-
Reyes passes picks Pinoy-Brit songwriter Bru-
away at 65 Bailey May for no Mars sweeps
new pop group 60th Grammy’s
Now United

Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP/

REX/Shutterstock (9337309eq) Bruno
GNP Team | 1/28/2018 -- Fili- Mars accepts the award for song of the
pino-British singer Bailey May year for "That's What I Like" at the 60th
has been selected to become a annual Grammy Awards at Madison
member of a international pop Square Garden, in New York 60th Annual
Grammy Awards - Show, New York, USA
group called Now United. - 28 Jan 2018
They say that dogs are a man’s teach them lessons on love, life, family Diosdada “Diosa” Mamaril, Lily’s friend
best friend. But many times, and friendship. who also loves joining pageants and Created by Simon Fuller, the master-
In the story, everything is going well falls for Pido; and Sofia Pablo as Caray, mind behind American Idol as well as GNP Team -- Filipino-Puerto Ri-
these warm and loveable pets for Jack and Irene who are happily in Perla and Rado’s youngest daughter who GMA Network deeply mourns the former manager of the Spice Girls can American artist Bruno Mars
are so much more than that. love with each other. But when curiosity also loves solving crimes.
the passing of one of the coun- and S Club 7, Now United is a band swept the 60th Grammy awards,
and eagerness to expose the truth engulfs Sherlock Jr. is all set not only to pique consisting of 14 artists from 11 different
Irene, she finds herself in trouble along viewers’ interests with its thought- try’s beloved entertainment pil- countries. winning song, record and album
Beginning January 29, GMA
with her newfound friend, Lily. provoking storyline filled with action, lars, television and movie director May rose to fame after appearing of the year for 24k Magic.
Network takes its viewers on a Jack, together with Irene’s beloved pet mystery and drama, but also to show Maryo J. Delos Reyes. on the reality programme Pinoy Big Mars and Kendrick Lamar domi-
fun investigative journey with its dog, Serena, is determined to investigate how love and family are some of life’s Brother in 2015. He went on to star nated the ceremony, scoring six
newest primetime offering featur- what happened to the two ladies. Lily greatest joys. More importantly, that true The award-winning Kapuso director in the romantic comedy series On the
and five awards respectively to
ing a star-studded and interesting can’t remember anything from that night friendship knows no boundaries—hu- died Saturday (Jan. 27) after suffering Wings of Love and to release his debut
but she helps in the investigation, only mans, animals, and all. from heart attack in Dipolog City. album, titled Bailey, recorded under Star cap off a year dominated by hip-
cast, Sherlock Jr.
Headlining this series are two of the to find herself falling in love with Jack. The series is an original concept of In his enriched and fulfilling 65 years Music. hop and R&B as digital stream-
network’s brightest young stars and Altogether, they embark on a probing Aloy Adlawan and is under the helm of life, he created a body of work — May posted on social media after Now ing dominates music’s biggest
adventure and discover truths that are of director Rechie del Carmen with the including films, dramas and comedies, United’s announcement: “Dreams come
one of today’s hottest love teams Ruru
beyond what they are searching for. creative team composed of creative true. Thank you my family. Promise to
Madrid and Gabbi Garcia, along with adaptations and remakes — that changed
Joining them is Philippine Com- director Roy Iglesias, creative head the landscape of the Philippine movie make you all proud.” Mars defeated Lamar’s Damn,
an endearing dog named Serena. There
will also be a special guest participation edy Queen Aiai Delas Alas as Perla Richard Cruz, headwriter RJ Nuevas, and television industry. The 15-year old who was born in Cebu with the politically charged
of beautiful and talented Kapuso actress Calubaquib, Jack’s hopeless romantic creative consultant Denoy Navarro The ace filmmaker directed ground- and moved to Norfolk aged four, flew to album streamed on-demand more
Janine Gutierrez. mother. She is a secretary at their ba- Punio, writers Des Garbes Severino and breaking and blockbuster movies such Los Angeles back in September to audi- than 2.4 billion times last year, as
Ruru breathes life to Sherlock “Jack” rangay and constantly seeks the help of Jmee Katanyag and brainstormers Jason as “High School Circa ’65”, “Annie tion for the group.
Jack in solving problems and crimes. John Lim, Kutz Enriquez, El Ortizluis Batungbakal”, “Hindi Mo Ako Kayang The other 10 performers who are part well as Lorde, the only woman
Jackson, Jr., a clever investigative re-
porter who never backs out from solving Completing the cast is a roster of multi- and Dantes Usman. Tapakan”, “Saan Darating ang Umaga”, of the 14-member group are Lamar from nominated in the category for her
mysteries. Aside from being a good son talented artists: Tonton Gutierrez as Sen. Sherlock Jr. is created by the GMA “Sinungaling Mong Puso”, “Bongga Ka United Kingdom, Josh from Canada, acclaimed album Melodrama, and
and brother, he also loves his girlfriend Lawrence Carazo, a high-profile politi- Entertainment Content Group under the ‘Day,”, “Totoo Ba Ang Tsismis”, “Kaya Shivani from India, Heyoon from South Jay Z’s 4:44.
very much. cian and Dindo’s father; Andre Paras as supervision of Senior Vice President Kong Abutin Ang Langit”, “Sa Ngalan Korea, Any from Brazil, Hina from Mars, who is Peter Gene Hernandez in
Gabbi plays the role of Lily Pelaez, a Pido Lumabao, Jack’s best friend and a for ECG Lilybeth G. Rasonable, Vice Ng Pag-ibig”, “Tagos ng Dugo”, “Pepe Japan, Noah from USA, Diarra from real life was born in Hawaii to a Filipino
jolly and bubbly veterinary clinic as- policeman; Roi Vinzon as Rado Nunez, President for Drama Redgie A. Magno, en Pilar”, “My Other Woman”, “Kapag Senegal, Joalin from Finland and Sofya mother and Puerto Rican father.
sistant. She loves joining anything that Perla’s proud and cheating second Assistant Vice President for Drama Napagod Ang Puso”, “Diosa” and from Russia. “I am Filipino,” the international
could make her famous including vari- husband; Sharmaine Arnaiz as Lorraine Cheryl Ching-Sy, Senior Program Man- “Bamboo Flowers.” He also directed the In an interview, Fuller said: “I have singer-songwriter declared on a Saturday
ous contests and beauty pageants. Pelaez, Lily’s mother who is an OFW; ager Helen Rose S. Sese and Executive iconic youth-oriented film “Bagets” in wanted to create a new pop music proj- Night Live (SNL) show in 2012.
Janine is Irene Manansala, Jack’s girl- Rochelle Barrameda as Carolina Almen- Producer Darling Pulido Torres. 1984 and the Nora Aunor-starrer “Na- ect for some time. However, I wanted to The Grammy award winning artist will
friend and a lifestyle reporter. Despite dral-Carazo, Lawrence’s power-hungry Kapuso viewers abroad can catch glalayag” in 2004. do something new and exciting, never be back in Manila this May as part of
being an orphan, she felt the love and and manipulative wife; Matt Evans as Sherlock Jr.’s grand premiere this Janu- He also directed the inspirational film seen before. I wanted it to be a celebra- his “24K Magic World Tour.” Concert
belongingness that she longs for from Dindo Carazo, Lawrence’s arrogant ary 29 via GMA’s flagship international “Magnifico” in 2003. Magnifico won tion of singing and dancing and on a dates are May 3 and 4 at the Mall of
Jack. son who is being groomed to also be a channel, GMA Pinoy TV. To check the the Crystal Bear in the 2004 Berlin global scale. I want to create a music Asia Arena. The last time he performed
The show also introduces the golden politician; Kate Valdez as Jenny Nunez, program schedule for each territory, visit Film Festival Children’s Category and group where the fans are as important as in the Philippines was in 2014 for his
retriever named Serena, the wonder dog Perla and Rado’s sweet daughter who is their official website at www.gmapi- the group itself, fully engaged and con- “Moonshine Jungle Tour.”
also a nursing student; Alyana Asistio as (30) ( Continued on page 11 ) nected to every aspect of what happens.”
who will touch everyone’s lives and will

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Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | February 2-8, 2018

Health & Wellness

Proper exercise can reverse Exposure to Screen-addicted teens are un- Our Health
damage from heart aging light causes happy: A new study finds that California
-- ScienceDaily At the end of the two-year study,
those who had exercised showed an 18
emotional and more screen time is coincides Wildfires and now mudslides:

physical re- with less happiness in youths

percent improvement in their maximum Unfortunately California has
Exercise can reverse damage to
oxygen intake during exercise and a been hit with both in recent
sedentary, aging hearts and help
sponses in mi- weeks. That means this is the
more than 25 percent improvement in
prevent risk of future heart failure compliance, or elasticity, of the left ven- perfect time for a reminder to
-- if it's enough exercise, and if
graine sufferers
tricular muscle of the heart, Dr. Levine
update your family’s emergency
it's begun in time, according to a noted. He compared the change in the
heart to a stretchy, new rubber band preparedness plans. There is no
new study by cardiologists at UT
versus one that has gotten stiff sitting in better time to reflect on your fam-
Southwestern and Texas Health a drawer. ily’s level of emergency prepared-
Resources. Sedentary aging can lead to a stiffening
of the muscle in the heart's left ventricle, ness and put new plans in place
To reap the most benefit, the the chamber that pumps oxygen-rich where needed.
exercise regimen should begin blood back out to the body, he ex-
plained. Here are 3 tips to help keep your
by late middle age (before age "When the muscle stiffens, you get family safe:
65), when the heart apparently high pressure and the heart chamber
retains some plasticity and ability doesn't fill as well with blood. In its
Assess your risk
to remodel itself, according to most severe form, blood can back up
into the lungs. That's when heart failure
the findings by researchers at the develops," said Dr. Levine, who holds Every region has its own set of
Institute for Exercise and En- the S. Finley Ewing Chair for Well- risks to consider. For example,
-- ScienceDaily
vironmental Medicine (IEEM), ness at Texas Health Dallas and the if you live in a low-lying area or
which is a collaboration between Harry S. Moss Heart Chair for Cardio-
vascular Research. He also holds the People experiencing migraines near large bodies of water, you
UT Southwestern Medical Center Distinguished Professorship in Exercise often avoid light and find relief -- ScienceDaily lead to more social media use," said
should consider preparing for the
and Texas Health Presbyterian Twenge, author of "iGen: Why Today's
Sciences at UT Southwestern, which in darkness. A new study led by Happiness is not a warm phone, Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up possibility of floods.
Hospital Dallas. is celebrating its 75th anniversary this researchers at Beth Israel Dea- Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less
year. according to a new study explor- Happy -- And Completely Unprepared Earthquakes are always a pos-
And the exercise needs to be per- Earlier research by UT Southwestern coness Medical Center (BIDMC) ing the link between adolescent for Adulthood." sibility across California, so
formed four to five times a week. cardiologists showed that left ventricular has revealed a previously un- life satisfaction and screen time. Total screen abstinence doesn't lead
stiffening often shows up in middle age known connection between the creating a plan before they hap-
Two to three times a week was in people who don't exercise and aren't Teens whose eyes are habitually to happiness either, Twenge found. The
pen can make earthquakes less
not enough, the researchers found light-sensitive nerve cells in glued to their smartphones are happiest teens used digital media a little
fit, leaving them with small, stiff cham- less than an hour per day. But after a frightening.
in an earlier study. bers that can't pump blood as well. the eye and centers in the brain markedly unhappier, said study
that regulate mood and a host of daily hour of screen time, unhappiness
However, the researchers also found lead author and San Diego State rises steadily along with increasing
"Based on a series of studies performed that the heart chamber in competitive physical parameters such as heart Pack a bag
masters-level athletes remains large and University and professor of psy- screen time, the researchers report today
by our team over the past 5 years, rate, shortness of breath, fatigue, chology Jean M. Twenge. in the journal Emotion.
this 'dose' of exercise has become my elastic, and that even four to five days There are a few items — like
of committed exercise over decades is congestion and nausea. The find- "The key to digital media use and
prescription for life," said senior author happiness is limited use," Twenge said. flashlights, water, and non-perish-
Dr. Benjamin Levine, Director of the enough for noncompetitive athletes to ings, which explain how light can To investigate this link, Twenge, along
with colleagues Gabrielle Martin at "Aim to spend no more than two hours a able snacks — that are helpful in
Institute and Professor of Internal Medi- reap most of this benefit. induce the negative emotions and day on digital media, and try to increase
In the current study, researchers want- SDSU and W. Keith Campbell at the nearly any emergency situation.
cine at UT Southwestern. "I think people unpleasant physical sensations University of Georgia, crunched data the amount of time you spend seeing
should be able to do this as part of their ed to know if exercise can restore the It’s best to always have them on
heart's elasticity in previously sedentary that often accompany migraine, from the Monitoring the Future (MtF) friends face-to-face and exercising --
personal hygiene -- just like brushing two activities reliably linked to greater hand.
your teeth and taking a shower." individuals -- especially if begun in late were published online in Proceed- longitudinal study, a nationally repre-
sentative survey of more than a million happiness."
middle age. Previous studies from Dr. ings of the National Academy of Looking at historical trends from the It’s a good idea to have a bag full of
The regimen included exercising Levine's research program have shown Sciences. U.S. 8th-, 10th-, and 12th-graders. The
survey asked students questions about same age groups since the 1990s, the these items in your home or the trunk
four to five times a week, generally in substantial improvements in cardiac researchers found that the proliferation
how often they spent time on their of your car. Here’s a step-by-step guide
30-minute sessions, plus warmup and compliance in young individuals after "While studying the effects of color of screen devices over time coincided
phones, tablets and computers, as well as to make your own emergency prepared-
cool-down: a year of training, but surprisingly little on headache intensity, we found that with a general drop-off in reported hap-
questions about their in-the-flesh social ness kit.
One of the weekly sessions included a change if the training was started after some patients reported finding light piness in U.S. teens. Specifically, young
high-intensity 30-minute workout, such age 65. uncomfortable even when it didn't make interactions and their overall happiness.
On average, they found that teens people's life satisfaction, self-esteem and Make a plan
as aerobic interval sessions in which their headaches worse," said lead author happiness plummeted after 2012. That's
heart rate tops 95 percent of peak rate for To start the study, researchers recruited Rami Burstein, PhD, Vice Chairman of who spent more time in front of screen
devices -- playing computer games, the year that the percentage of Ameri- How will you communicate with fam-
4 minutes, with 3 minutes of recovery, 53 participants, ages 45 to 64. Many research in the Department of Anesthe- cans who owned a smartphone rose
using social media, texting and video ily members and loved ones in a time
repeated four times (a so-called "4 x 4"). came from the Dallas Heart Study, sia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine above 50 percent, Twenge noted.
chatting -- were less happy than those of crisis? How will your family find a
Each interval session was followed by a which includes 6,000 Dallas residents at BIDMC and professor of anesthesia "By far the largest change in teens'
who invested more time in non-screen safe location during a disaster? These
recovery session performed at relatively and is the only single-center heart study Harvard Medical School. "We found lives between 2012 and 2016 was the in-
activities like sports, reading newspapers are both big questions to answer, but
low intensity. of its size and multiethnic composition. that exposure to different colors of light crease in the amount of time they spent
and magazines, and face-to-face social they aren’t the only considerations you
One day's session lasted an hour The Dallas Heart Study is designed to could make patients experiencing a on digital media, and the subsequent
interaction. should make when preparing for an
and was of moderate intensity. (As a improve the diagnosis, prevention, and migraine feel irritable, angry, nervous, decline in in-person social activities
Twenge believes this screen time is emergency.
"prescription for life," Levine said this treatment of heart disease. depressed and anxious. These patients and sleep," she said. "The advent of the
longer session could be a fun activity also reported feeling physical discom- driving unhappiness rather than the other
way around. smartphone is the most plausible expla- Don’t know where to start? Visit
such as tennis, aerobic dancing, walking, Story Source: fort, including tightness in the chest or nation for the sudden decrease in teens'
"Although this study can't show causa- to help you organize your
or biking.) throat, shortness of breath, light-headed- psychological well-being." thoughts and learn how to make an
One or two other sessions were per- Materials provided by UT Southwest- ness and nausea." tion, several other studies have shown
that more social media use leads to emergency plan that suits your needs.
formed each week at a moderate inten- ern Medical Center. Note: Content may Burstein and colleagues showed dif- ( Continued on page 6 )
sity, meaning the participant would break be edited for style and length. ferent colored lights to 81 people who unhappiness, but unhappiness does not
a sweat, be a little short of breath, but frequently experienced migraines and
still be able to carry on a conversation Journal Reference: 17 people who had never had a migraine
-- the "talk test." In the study, exercise and asked them to describe what they
sessions were individually prescribed Erin J. Howden, Satyam Sarma, Justin experienced. The effects of light and
based on exercise tests and heart rate S. Lawley, Mildred Opondo, William color were tested three times: once for
monitoring. Cornwell, Douglas Stoller, Marcus A. those who never experience migraines
One or two weekly strength training Urey, Beverley Adams-Huet, Benja- and twice for patients with migraines --
sessions using weights or exercise ma- min D. Levine. Reversing the Cardiac once during an attack and once between
chines were included on a separate day, Effects of Sedentary Aging in Middle attacks.
or after an endurance session. Age—A Randomized Controlled Trial: The researchers found that all colors of
Study participants built up to those Implications For Heart Failure Preven- light triggered unpleasant physiological
levels, beginning with three, 30-minute, tion. Circulation, 2018; CIRCULA- sensations in patients with migraines
moderate exercise sessions for the first 3 TIONAHA.117.030617 DOI: 10.1161/ both during and between attacks. Ad-
months and peaked at 10 months when CIRCULATIONAHA.117.030617 ditionally, migraine sufferers reported
two high-intensity aerobic intervals were Cite This Page: intense emotional responses such as
added. UT Southwestern Medical Center. anger, nervousness, hopeless, sadness,
The more than 50 participants in the "Proper exercise can reverse dam- depression, anxiety and fear when
study were divided into two groups, one age from heart aging." Science- exposed to all light colors except green.
of which received two years of super- Daily. ScienceDaily, 8 January 2018. Participants who did not suffer from
vised exercise training and the other < migraines did not report a strong physi-
group, a control group, which partici- es/2018/01/180108090132.htm>. ological response when exposed to any
pated in yoga and balance training. ( Continued on page 6 )

Seniors, 60+: come enjoy a warm, nutritious lunch provided by
Serving Seniors at St. Charles Nutrition Center. Lunch is served
Monday – Friday, 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Suggested donation $3.50,
but any donation is gratefully accepted. No one will be turned away
for inability to donate. All are welcome. Please join us!

St. Charles Senior Nutrition Center

945 18th St., San Diego, CA 92154
619-423-2877 Office Hours
Tues to Thu: 9-1 & 2-6
Serving Seniors also provides a home-delivered meal service for Sat 9-3
home-bound seniors. For more information about home delivered
Melissa Veramontes Emergency Visits Welcome
February 2-8, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 5

California Communities
MTS to expand Top child abuse experts from Free WaterSmart landscaping class series
high-frequency around the world to gather in San returns in March
bus network on Diego for annual conference WaterSmart Landscape Make-
over Series
may join a waitlist if their desired ses-
sion is full.
comfort of their homes can view the
Landscape Makeover Videos on De-

January 28
“Participants rave about how these mand at landscapemakeover.watersmart-
Chadwick Conference Covers tations on topics including child sex classes not only instruct, but inspire Those videos provide
Topics Affecting Children and trafficking, mental health, criminal Upcoming four-class series: them to do more with their yards by en- content that is similar to the workshops
investigation, mental health treatment, hancing their landscapes while increas- and class series in an online format for
San Diego – Getting people Families trauma therapy, domestic violence, fo- ing water-use efficiency,” said Mark easy access.
to their destinations faster and rensic interviewing, cyberbullying, and • March 5, 12, 19 and 26 Muir, chair of the Water Authority’s ###
with less waiting time is the goal Jan. 25, 2018 – San Diego, CA internet crimes against children. Board of Directors. “Since the land- The San Diego County Water Author-
behind the Metropolitan Transit – More than 2,000 child maltreat- Speakers at the 2018 conference • March 28, April 4, 11 and 18 scape makeover series began in April ity sustains a $220 billion regional
ment professionals from around include:
System’s (MTS) expanded high- § Patty Wetterling, co-founder of Ja- Classes are held from 5:30 2014, participants have cut their average economy and the quality of life for 3.3
the world will participate in the household water use by about a third million residents through a multi-decade
frequency bus network, which cob’s Hope, will share her personal story p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Water because of their WaterSmart landscape water supply diversification plan, major
launches on Sunday, January 28. 32nd annual San Diego Inter- of turning hope to healing following Authority’s Kearny Mesa head- upgrades.” infrastructure investments and forward-
It’s all part of the agency’s Transit national Conference on Child the investigation of her son’s abduction. quarters, 4677 Overland Ave. The class series is recommended – but thinking policies that promote fiscal and
and Family Maltreatment. The (Tuesday, Jan. 30, at 10 a.m.)
Optimization Plan (TOP), which § Dr. Maja Marinkovic, co-director, For details and to apply: not required – for residents interested in environmental responsibility. A public
conference is a global forum for following guidelines set by the Sustain- agency created in 1944, the Water Au-
will include more than 30 routes Gender Management Clinic at Rady landscapemakeover.waters- able Landscapes Program. The grant- thority delivers wholesale water supplies
with a frequency of 15 minutes presentations and discussions Children’s, will host a talk on the care funded partnership, known as the SLP, to 24 retail water providers, including
or better when the plan is fully about multi-disciplinary efforts for transgender and gender variant was created by the Water Authority, cities, special districts and a military
to prevent, investigate, treat youth. (Thursday, Feb. 1, at 1:15 p.m.) the City of San Diego, the County of base.
implemented. MTS is allocating § Ira Chasnoff, an award-winning au-

Big book and

an additional $2 million to fund and prosecute child and family thor, researcher and lecturer will speak Participants receive expert San Diego, the Surfrider Foundation,
maltreatment and will be held at the California American Water Co. and
these new services. about medical marijuana and pregnancy. advice and develop a personal- the Association of Compost Producers.

media sale
from Jan. 30 through Feb. 2 at the (Thursday, Feb. 1, at 5 p.m.) ized landscape plan The SLP promotes landscape upgrades
“We know that frequency and speed Sheraton San Diego Hotel and § Richard Love is a retired police that comply with a more rigorous set of
detective and will host a talk about Tech-
February 10 in
of service are the keys for our current Marina. Looking for a way to spruce up design criteria than other turf replace-
riders and attracting new riders,” said nology, Social Media and Children’s ment programs. It includes climate-
Paul Jablonski, MTS chief executive of- Risk. (Friday, Feb. 2, at 8 a.m.) your yard and trim water use at
The conference kicks off with opening appropriate plants and high-efficiency
ficer. “We are investing into our system ceremonies on January 30 at 10 a.m. and
The conference is sponsored by the the same time? The San Diego irrigation equipment, rainwater capture
to make it as convenient and efficient Chadwick Center for Children and Fam- County Water Authority is here and detention features, and soil amend-
features Patty Wetterling, co-founder
as possible. Hundreds of thousands of ilies at Rady Children’s, a recognized
of Jacob’s Hope, who will share her
leader in the assessment, detection, to help with two new sessions of ments to improve water efficiency. The
people already choose transit every day. personal story of turning hope to healing the four-part WaterSmart Land- Water Authority recently installed the The Friends of the Oceanside
We’re working hard to make our system prevention, diagnosis and treatment of
following the investigation of her son’s
child abuse and family violence. In fiscal scape Makeover Series starting in
Sustainable Landscaping Demonstration Public Library will hold a Books
an even more attractive choice for abduction. Garden at its Kearny Mesa headquarters
people all over the San Diego region.” year 2017, the Chadwick Center served March. and Media (BAM!) Sale fund-
San Diego County District Attorney at 4677 Overland Ave. in San Diego.
The public can view all changes online Summer Stephen will address the
more than 6,000 children, families and Visitors to the demonstration garden can raiser on Saturday, February 10,
at Along with the professionals. These free, award-winning and interac- view a practical, beautiful landscape 2018, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00
participants on the final day, February 1
Jan. 28 changes, MTS will make more For additional information about the tive classes teach the steps for success-
at 10 a.m.
San Diego International Conference,
that applies SLP principles that can be p.m., behind the Civic Center
changes in June. In total, more than 60 In the last three decades, the Chadwick fully converting high-water-use turf replicated at their homes. Library at 602 Civic Center Drive
routes will be changed to better meet visit: http://www.sandiegoconference. areas to WaterSmart landscapes during A limited number of SLP incentives
Conference has become an internation- in Oceanside.
market demands. Key changes to some org. To schedule an interview with a four classes over consecutive weeks. remain to help qualified applicants re-
ally recognized opportunity to share the
of the busiest routes in the MTS bus speaker, contact the Rady Children’s Participants learn from local landscape ceive up to $1.75 per square foot toward
latest research, evidence-based educa- A tremendous selection of books will
system include: media team at 858-966-4901. professionals about soil, project plan- eligible project costs for upgrading 500
tion and best practices with profession- be available at the sale. Categories
Route 3 (Hillcrest, Mission Hills, Bal- als in the field. ning and design, turf removal, plant to 3,000 square feet of existing turf areas
boa Park, Cortez Hill, Gaslamp Quarter, About Rady Children’s Hospital-San selection, irrigation, efficiency and rain- to sustainable landscapes. For more include literature, fiction, non-fiction,
“This conference seeks to find and foreign language, biographies, history,
Lincoln Park): Weekday frequency Diego: water harvesting. Each series culminates information about the SLP, including
spread the very best scientifically Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego is law, paperbacks, children’s, textbooks
increased from 15 to 12 minutes, and supported practices in San Diego and with experts helping homeowners create program resources and incentives, go to
a 551-bed pediatric care facility provid- and much, much more!
Sunday frequency increased from 60 to around the globe,” said Charles Wilson, ing the largest source of comprehensive
personalized landscape makeover plans.
30 minutes senior director, Chadwick Center for pediatric medical services in San Diego, The first class begins March 5 at the In addition to the four-class series, the
Route 5 (Downtown, Sherman Heights, Water Authority’s headquarters in Landscape Makeover Program offers Members of the Friends of the Oceans-
Children and Families at Rady Chil- southern Riverside and Imperial counties.
ide Public Library can shop early from
Stockton, Mt. Hope, Chollas View, dren’s Hospital-San Diego. “We have Rady Children’s is the only hospital in the Kearny Mesa. Another four-part series, free, three-hour WaterSmart Landscape
Euclid): Weekday frequency increased San Diego area dedicated exclusively to also at the Kearny Mesa facility, begins Design Workshops – a popular first step 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. for the best
some of the brightest minds from around selection. Membership applications will
from 15 to 12 minutes the world gathered in San Diego to pediatric healthcare and is the region’s only March 28. Each class is scheduled from toward implementing water-efficient
Route 11 (Skyline Hills, Valencia Park, designated pediatric trauma center. In June 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Preregistration landscapes. The workshops provide be available on site. The sale opens for
share and inspire one another. That will the general public at 10:00 a.m.
Southcrest, Logan Heights, Downtown, 2017, U.S. News & World Report ranked and a commitment to attend all four an introduction to skills and resources
translate into improved outcomes for Rady Children’s among the best children’s
Hillcrest, University Heights, Normal abused and traumatized children and classes in the series is required. Ap- needed for a landscape makeover. The
Heights, SDSU): Split into two routes hospitals in the nation in all ten pediatric plicants must also identify existing turf Through their fundraising efforts, the
their families on six continents and in specialties the magazine surveyed. Rady Water Authority, in partnership with
to improve reliability and on-time areas to remove at their homes and have its member agencies, will hold work- Friends of the Oceanside Library gener-
our own backyard.” Children’s is a nonprofit organization that re- ously support many Library programs
The week-long conference includes lies on donations to support its mission. For in-ground, working irrigation systems to shops in February, March and April at
qualify. locations around the county. Workshop and services, as well as purchase much
( Continued on page 12 ) more than 150 workshops and presen- more information, visit and
needed books and materials for the
find us on Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo. locations, times and registration details
Class details and an online application are at landscapemakeover.watersmartsd. Library. For more information on the
form are at landscapemakeover.waters- org/design_workshop. book sale or the Friends of the Oceans- Enrollment is on a Residents who want to learn more ide Public Library, please call 760-435-
5560, or visit

first-come, first-served basis; applicants about the makeover process from the



PHONE: (619) 259-6464 FAX: (619) 259-6557


PAROLE VISA for Relatives of Filipino WWII Veterans
Now Available for Processing at the USCIS starting June 8, 2016.
For details and information
please call our office at (619) 259-6464
Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | February 2-8, 2018

waiting for you, but you never returned
even after your divorce. I’ve continued
to love you, but you seemed to have
Exposure Screen-addicted Spread
( Continued from page 4 ) ( Continued from page 4 ) ( Continued from page 1 )
forgotten about me. When you became
single again and no longer had an excuse color of light, but they did report that all Story Source: ment or post their messages on
to avoid me, still you never returned.” colors of light evoked pleasant emotions. Materials provided by San Diego State
"These findings explained accounts campaign pages of Duterte.
But she felt there was no need to University. Note: Content may be edited Ressa’s testimony came amid the
express these words. Both knew why she from earlier work from blind migraine for style and length.
sufferers in a previous study," said Securities and Exchange Commission
remained single. decision to revoke Rappler’s license for
“I just did not find anybody else,” was Burstein. "We had noticed that light Journal Reference:
exacerbated headache intensity in supposedly violating the 100%-Filipino
her lame excuse. Jean M. Twenge, Gabrielle N. Martin, ownership rule.
Dante smiled, proud of himself. Again, participants who perceive light but W. Keith Campbell. Decreases in Psy-
have no sight as a result of loss of rods Rappler and other local and interna-
he held Mimi closer to him as they chological Well-Being Among American tional groups have slammed the ruling

Destiny: Second Courtship

continued to dance. and cones, but not in those who lack Adolescents After 2012 and Links to
light perception because of optic nerve seen as a curtailment of press freedom.
She was enjoying the moment when Screen Time During the Rise of Smart- The company has already appealed the
she saw Mario sheepishly sipping a degeneration. This suggested the nerves phone Technology.. Emotion, 2018;
relaying signals from the eye to the brain decision before the Court of Appeals.
( Continued from page 1 ) She nodded. He held her hand and the punch in the corner. She felt pity for DOI: 10.1037/emo0000403
two moved towards the center of the him. She wanted to stop dancing and played a critical role in the discomfort
dance floor. walk towards him, assuage his hurt feel- associated with migraine." No need for new laws
“HOW ARE YOU?” Dante In a pre-clinical experiment with albino
greeted Mimi. Everyone was
“When did you arrive?” Mimi asked
ings. But this was the moment she had
rats, first author Rodrigo Noseda, PhD,
Call the Asian Journal As for possible legislation to address
been waiting for, to be in the arms of
looking at them, knowing they “Just this morning.” her former boyfriend. She cried count- researcher at BIDMC and assistant at 619.474.0588 for the issue, Ressa said there are already
sufficient laws against fake news.
were the top sweethearts in their “So you still have jet lag?” less nights before she slept, nursing her professor of anesthesia Harvard Medical
School, identified previously unknown
your advertising needs. "I don’t think we should have more
“No more, once I saw you.” broken heart every time she remembered
class. They all knew their story: Mimi smiled. She was convinced he this love of her life. The fact that he had connections between nerve cells in the legislation. We should impose existing
Dante left for the United States
Pinay 12-year old
wanted to resume their romantic rela- impregnated a girl during a moment of retina -- the back of the eye where light laws on this and demand accountability.
when he and his family was pe- tionship and was courting her again. indiscretion, perhaps indicating he did is detected -- and neurons extending I think the problem is lack of account-
“Are you going to ask what I am do- into regions of the brain that regulate ( Continued from page 1 ) ability, the impunity that is happening
titioned by an elder brother, who not love her as much as she loved him,
physiological, autonomic, endocrine and now,” she added.
ing?” did not matter. She was thankful for “I need to start building my ITF
had enlisted in the U.S. Navy “No need,” he said. “I’ve always emotional responses to changes in the Palace Communications Secretary
Dante returning to her life, this time for
several months before their high known everything about you. My cousin good. external environment. ranking to qualify for the Grand Martin Andanar, Businessworld Editor
school graduation. He was drafted Romy, also our classmate and your "We now have a physical explanation Slams.” Roby Alampay, and Kapisanan ng mga
of why migraine patients have negative Broadkaster ng Pilipinas chairman
to fight in Vietnam, met, impreg- neighbor, kept me informed.” (To be continued) In 2017, Eala played in 15 tour- Ruperto Nicdao Jr shared the same
“Then you know that I am married?” reactions to light," said Burstein. "And
nated, and eventually divorced a now we are working on ways to use this naments and ended the year with sentiment.
“What?” Dante’s face looked surprised.
young girl there. Now he had re- Mimi smiled. information in hopes that soon migraine a finals appearance in the Orange “We note there are already existing
turned after twenty years, perhaps “I am just kidding, I am an old maid.” sufferers will be able to avoid not only Bowl Tennis Championship 12s laws which may be tapped in seeking re-
“That’s what I thought.” the pain but also the negative emotions in Coral Gables, Florida, and dress against fake news or against false
to resume their earlier love affair. information,” Andanar said.
Then he realized what he just said and and physical discomfort that light cre-
ates for them."
now she kicked off 2018 with a Alampay said: "I believe there are
“I’m fine,” was all Mimi could say. corrected himself.
“Meaning, you are still single but not These findings build on research historic win in the French tourna- enough laws, laws on libel, slander.
“I’ve been thinking about you.”
Their conversation was too much for old.” published by Burstein and colleagues ment. There are laws on disinformation, laws
“And I still live with my parents in last year, which reported that migraine “She really loves what she does, and should hold officials accountable or the
Mario. Everyone was looking at the data that they come up with." – Rappler.
three of them, curious how the once the house where I grew up, while you headache intensity increases with we as a family are behind her every step
travelled the world.” blue, red, amber and white lights but of the way,” said her father, Michael. com
lovers would greet each other. They

were especially curious how Mario, who “Just the U.S. and Vietnam - and the decreases with a specific wavelength The 7th grader at Colegio San Agustin
was with Mimi since the start of the experiences were not pleasant. You just of green light. This green light, they made the semifinals of the Eddie Herr
evening, would react. He felt the heat don’t realize how lucky you are for con- discovered, activates the neurons in the International Juniors prior to the Orange
( Continued from page 1 )
of everyone’s eyes focused at him and tinuing to enjoy our old neighborhood.” retina and the brain to a lesser extent Bowl.
he drifted away. It was one of the most Mimi could not help but ask. “How is than blue, red, amber and white lights She also reached the main draws or ers’ money. And the number 1
embarrassing moments of his life. The your son?” do, and is therefore less likely to trigger further in La Perre Young Championship source of fake news is President
“I haven’t seen him since he was five. the physiological, autonomic, endocrine Cup in Belgium, International Deutch
self-confidence he had gained crumbled.
and emotional responses migraine suf- Tennis 14-U in Germany and Balle Mi- Duterte himself,” she said.
Then Mimi realized she was with him. He must be fifteen by now.”
“Why?” ferers often report. mosa Loire-Arlentique, among others. “In just one speech, say [there’s]
“Remember Mario?” she asked Dante
and turned to her companion. “His Vietnamese mother brought him Apart from her singles triumphs, Eala more than one falsehood,” she
But Mario, their top graduate, the suc- to Minnesota where she had relatives Story Source: is also a top doubles player having won added.
cessfully businessman and philanthropist after our divorce.” Materials provided by Beth Israel Dea- 5 tournaments with an incredible 25
who had just professed his eternal love “And you haven’t visited him?” coness Medical Center. Note: Content match winning streak in the Young Stars Duterte has claimed that there are 4
for her, was gone. “I didn’t have the time and the money. may be edited for style and length. Tournaments in Europe. million drug addicts in the country.
“Where is he?” Mimi silently asked Half of what I earned goes to my ex- The Dangerous Drugs Board, however,
herself. But her puzzled look was wife as alimony.” pegged the number at only 1.8 million.
temporary. She turned to Dante who was “And what do you do?”
“Let’s not talk about it and enjoy the
Divine Mercy Shrine The board did not classify them as ad-
smiling, admiring her beauty. in Encinitas, California dicts, but only drug users in general.
“You look the same,” he said. “Still music.” Duterte also alleged that the United
pretty.” Dante held Mimi closer to him . Then States' Central Intelligence Agency
She smiled. he asked: “How about you? Why did (CIA) wants to oust and kill him. The
Then the music started. you never marry?” US embassy denied it.
“Can we dance?” he asked. She wanted to tell him: “I’ve been
Be part of the story. In October last year, Duterte claimed
that Rappler is funded by the CIA.
Earlier, in his second State of the Na-
tion Address, he alleged that Rappler
est news with their 2018 forecast to offer. with tart green apples, refreshing cu-
is "fully owned by Americans," which
of flavors. Dessert Bao Buns: In China, these soft, cumbers, tangy-sweet clementines and a
was later the subject of the case filed
“McCormick & Company, Inc., a steamed buns are typically served up bold kick of cayenne.
before the Securities and Exchange
global leader in flavor, released the savory. But, with a simple dough and
Commission. The SEC revoked Rap-
McCormick® Flavor Forecast® 2018. classic pie fillings, you can create the The Afternoon Soup: Power through
pler's license, which the news group has
This annual report is a comprehensive ultimate handheld dessert–like a British your day with a drinkable soup. Oyster
appealed. –
look at the latest ingredients, cooking banoffee pie bao with bananas, cream, mushrooms, avocado, thyme and sage

techniques and culinary ideas driving cinnamon and toffee. provide satisfying flavor for the ultimate
what’s next in flavor at restaurants, on A Bite of East Africa – East African pick-me-up.
retail shelves and in-home kitchens. cuisine is a treasure trove of flavor. The The Evening Elixir: Rebalance after a
( Continued from page 1 )
This year’s Flavor Forecast highlights signature seasonings, BBQ marinades busy day. For the ultimate replenishing
the casual, adventurous and interactive and sauces of Tanzania and Ethiopia are mocktail, muddle fresh pineapple with may-ari ng pages na yun. Pero
nature of how people are eating across being explored across the globe. ginger, turmeric and dandelion greens, I can certainly ask around kung
the globe today. Dive into street food then top with a splash of sparkling wa- kilala nila yung mga may-ari ng
flavor fusion with a gyro-taco hybrid Berbere Spice Blend: Ethiopia’s most ter. Globetrot with Hot Pot: Throw
pages na ito.”
McCormick® – plantain arepas filled with grilled popular seasoning contains an array of an Asian hot pot party and leave the
steak and tzatziki hot sauce. Discover a spices like paprika, allspice, coriander, cooking to your guests. Gather friends During the first hearing on fake

Flavor Forecast® 2018

Japanese izakaya favorite, onigiri stuffed cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and red around a steamy pot of deeply flavored news on Oct. 4, 2017, Aquino
rice balls, sprinkled with furikake sea- pepper. It’s hot, sweet and citrusy flavor broth. Offer meat, seafood and veggies shared a list of websites that pro-
soning. And, take a bite of East Africa lends richness to whatever it touches, for dunking, then finish with various
whether rubbed on meats, stirred into toppings for a new DIY meal. This East duce fake and misleading news
Taste tomorrow's favorite our seasonings and spices and with spicy Tanzanian BBQ skewers and
soups and stews, or sprinkled onto len- Asian favorite can be easily changed up stories, a number of which used
tomato onion sauce.
flavors with the release of the saw row after row of the Mc-
Since 2000, McCormick has deployed tils and veggies. to go Mexican, Caribbean and more. the name of the President.
McCormick forecast Cormick name. Well that got its international team of experts, chefs, Tanzanian BBQ: These meat skewers, Puebla Hot Pot: Steeping ancho chile, While Andanar said that pro-Duterte
me thinking about spices, spice trend trackers and food technologists to called mishkaki, are similar to shish smoked paprika and spices in chicken websites and Facebook pages were
Okay, this was a new one on kebabs. The traditional marinade blends stock gives this Central Mexican- established during the 2016 campaign
companies, and flavors. You explore and identify tomorrow’s favorite
lemon, tomatoes and green papaya to inspired hot pot a smoky, savory taste.
flavors featured in its annual Flavor when he was still a member of the
me: satisfying a curiosity about probably know what I did next; I tenderize the meat, while curry, garlic, Use it to cook chicken or pork, and fin- mainstream media, the PCOO chief has
flavors and spices. I happened to Forecast. The team predicted smoky,
went to the McCormick website spicy chipotle in 2000, rich and versatile red pepper and ginger add bold flavor. ish with corn, avocado crema and fresh said he would “reach to the original core
be in the kitchen – big surprise, and found more things than I ever maple in 2007, refreshingly sweet Japanese Izakaya Eats – Sushi isn’t garnishes for a festive feast. group” of the campaign, who could then
right? I opened the cabinet with imagined. Here is a bit of the lat- coconut water and milk in 2008, golden the only bite-sized food Japan has to West Indies Hot Pot: This hot pot reach to administrators of the said pages.
turmeric in 2010 and tangy, savory Ko- offer. Izakayas–Japanese gastropubs– features an amazing spiced coconut milk The senator also urged the PCOO chief
rean BBQ in 2012. “For 2018, look serve up casual tasting plates, similar broth. Bay leaves, thyme, turmeric and to police his own ranks, saying blogs
to new eating experiences that invite to Spanish tapas. Featuring bold glazes, allspice add intense flavor to the broth, written by some of his employees in
sharing, are globally inspired and pack seaweed seasonings and tangy dipping which quickly cooks the seafood. Top it their private capacity may “hurt the im-
a flavorful punch,” said McCormick sauces, these dishes are an explosion of off with a chile papaya pica sauce and age of the agency.”
Executive Chef Kevan Vetter. “A steamy flavor. Miso Sake plantain chips for a Caribbean vacation “Sana siguruhin niyo na ang miyembro
pot of spiced broth is the centerpiece of Yakitori Glaze: It’s all about the glaze. right in your kitchen.” ng inyong opisina, hindi gumagawa ng
an Asian hot pot cooking party. Meat, This tangy, sweet and savory sauce misinformation, disinformation and hate
seafood and veggies are offered for adds excitement to grilled chicken and Getting hungry? To learn more about speech,” Aquino said.
dunking, then scooped out and topped seafood skewers. Brush on to instantly the flavors of 2018, including recipes Aquino likewise called on the detrac-
with various sauces and fresh garnishes. impress dinner guests with a distinctive and tips for tasting them now, visit Fla- tors of the President to “stop throwing
Change up the ingredients to make it char and bright, glossy look. The Es- hate speech at each on social media,”
a Mexican or West Indies hot pot next sential Furikake Seasoning: In Japan, noting that the platform has become
time.” furikake is sprinkled on everything from Source: McCormick “horrendous.”
Discover the Flavors of 2018 rice and noodles to veggies and seafood. “Iyong batikos walang namang
Handheld Flavor Fusion – Take to the This coarse mixture of seaweed, sesame, problema. Iyong kritisismo wala ring
streets for the latest fusing of global dried seafood, sugar and salt offers problema. Pero kapag humahantong na
cuisines. Carts, trucks and food halls are umami deliciousness and a subtle, sweet Download the sa peke, sa panloloko o sa mararahas na
merging high-flavor fillings with unique flavor.
Onigiri– Stuffed Rice Balls: Rice Asian Journal pananalita, sana magkaisa tayo na itigil
na ito,” he said.
crepes, buns and breads for loaded street digital edition
fare you eat with your hands. balls filled with flavorful goodness One of the bloggers being tagged
are served in almost every izakaya in from Dropbox as purveyors of fake news by some
Sizzling Egg Crepes: Called jianbing Japan. Stuff them with ginger & plum or read resource speakers present at the hearing
vinegar-infused chicken for a sweet and was Communications Assistant Secre-
in China and dan bing in Taiwan, these
zesty snack. Drink to Your Well-
it online at
thin pancakes are griddled, filled and tary Margaux “Mocha” Uson.
rolled up like a burrito. Stuff these Asian ness: Wellness never tasted so good. While saying that Uson’s blog does not
wraps with regional American tastes like Breakfast boosts, snacking soups and reflect the opinion of the government,
smoky pork, crisp slaw and tangy sauce end-of-day sips feature robust flavors Andanar said he had talked to Uson
for a Southern twist. Gyros and uplifting ingredients like cucumber, about her blogs and she had taken down
Meet Arepas: Arepas are the taco-sand- dandelion greens, ginger, turmeric and some of her posts. /atm
wich hybrid you must try. Split and fill cayenne pepper. Awaken, stay energized,
these crispy corn cakes with sliced meat, rebalance and above all, enjoy. Download the
veggies and spicy tzatziki sauce–it’s
The Morning Jumpstart: Swap your
Asian Journal
a blissful union of the best tastes and
textures South America and Greece have coffee for a wake-up call that’s packed
February 2-8, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 7

Scholarship ap- Free Tax Preparation for low-

plications now income families in San Diego

By José A. Álvarez, County of San The campaign helps residents claim

Applications for the 2018 City Diego Communications Office their EITC, the federal government’s
of Oceanside Martin Luther It’s that time of the year again to largest assistance program to support
King, Jr. Scholarship Program get your income taxes filed, and low- to moderate-income families. The
are now available at local high IRS estimates that between 20 and 25
you might be able to get them percent of eligible people do not claim
schools, at the Oceanside Public done for free. their EITC each year.
Library, and on the City web- The County is once again team- As part of the campaign, you can have
site: ing up with its local partners your taxes prepared for you, prepare to help low-income families or
them yourself with assistance from a
aspx?BlobID=46569. Any gradu- volunteer or do them on your own by
individuals prepare their taxes at visiting To receive
ating senior who lives in Oceans- no cost. free services, all you have to do is call
ide and will attend college after The free tax preparation will take place 2-1-1 to make an appointment at a site
graduation is eligible to apply, until April 16 at dozens of locations near you.
regardless of what high school the throughout the county. The only require- The free tax preparation campaign
ment for the free service is that filers aims to get people out of poverty and
student attends. The scholarship meet income requirements. help them thrive, one of the goals of the
program has no racial, ethnic, “We want people to claim their Earned County’s Live Well San Diego vision.
gender or other arbitrary criteria; Income Tax Credit and to keep more of Individuals and families who worked in
residency in Oceanside is the their hard-earned money, money that 2017 and earned less than $53,505 could
could be spent here and support our qualify for as much as $6,318 in federal
only requirement for application. EITC tax credit. The California credit
local economy,” said County Supervisor
Students may contact the schol- Greg Cox. could be as little as $223 or as much as
arship coordinator at their high The annual free tax preparation $2,775. Residents must file a tax return
school for information about the services are part of the annual Earned to be eligible for both credits.
Income Tax Credit campaign, which Last year, EITC campaign volunteers
program and application forms. in San Diego filed more than 31,000
began in 2003 and is conducted by
The deadline for submission of local non-profit organizations located federal and state tax returns, bringing
applications this year is April 7, throughout the region and supported by about $35.6 million in total refunds to
New Office in Cerritos, Los Angeles County: 2018. the County Health and Human Services local working families and individuals.
17777 North Center Court Drive, Suite 600 Agency’s Community Action Partner- About $15 million of the refund amount
Cerritos CA 90703 The scholarship program awarded ship, the IRS, AARP, United Way of San was EITC dollars.
$40,000 to fourteen students from four Diego County and 2-1-1 San Diego.
Tel. No. (562) 246-5516 different high schools in 2017, and has
awarded over $735,000 since the first
scholarships were awarded in 1993.
All funds for the program come from
community donations; no public monies
are used for the scholarships. The 2018
recipients will be introduced to donors at
the annual scholarship garden recep-

And then it is winter

tion on May 18, 2018. This is the only
fundraising event for the program. Call
(760)435 - 5049 for more information
about the scholarship program.
You know. . . time has a way of mov- those older people were years away
ing quickly and catching you unaware from me and that winter was so far off
of the passing years. It seems just that I could not fathom it or imagine
yesterday that I was young, just married fully what it would be like.
and embarking on my new life with my But, here it friends are retired
mate. Yet in a way, it seems like eons and getting grey...they move slower and
ago, and I wonder where all the years I see an older person now. Some are in
went. I know that I lived them all. I have better and some worse shape than me...
glimpses of how it was back then and of but, I see the great change...Not like the
all my hopes and dreams. ones that I remember who were young
But, here it is... the winter of my life and vibrant...but, like me, their age
and it catches me by surprise...How is beginning to show and we are now
did I get here so fast? Where did the those older folks that we used to see and
years go and where did my youth go? never thought we'd be. Each day now, I
I remember well seeing older people
through the years and thinking that ( Continued on page 8 )

Chicken story
Farmer John Callahan lived on a quiet the policeman. "I don't care, just do
rural highway. But as time went by, the something about those crazy drivers!"
traffic slowly built up and became so So the next day the policeman had the
heavy and so fast that his chickens were Main Road workers go out erect a sign
being run over at a rate of three to six that said:
So one day Farmer John called the Three days later Farmer John called
local police station and said, "You've the policeman and said, "You've got to
got to do something about all of these do something about these drivers. The
people driving so fast and killing my school crossing' sign seems to make
chickens." ( Continued on page 8 )
"What do you want us to do?" asked

bustling Hong Kong restaurant scene,
will also prepare traditional favorites
( Continued from page 15 )
such as Vietnamese-style basil lobster,
diced beef tenderloin with macadamia
every 8 minutes. nuts, eight treasures sweet congee, and
• Lucky Drawings: On Thursday Feb- abalone with shiitake mushrooms. Play-
ruary 22 and March 1, five lucky players ers on a Lunar new year lucky streak
will each win $8,888 at midnight. can have the celebratory dishes or bento
Adding to the excitement, on Friday boxes served right at their slot machine
February 16, 23 and March 2 at 9 pm or table game when they order through
a traditional blessing at the Welcome gameside dining.
Home entrance will be followed by a About Barona Resort & Casino
colorful parade of Lion and Dragon Named Best Casino and “Loosest
dancers throughout the casino floor. Slots” for seven consecutive years in
During the two-week celebration, play- the San Diego’s Best Union-Tribune
ers will receive Lucky Hong Bao and Readers Poll, Barona Resort & Casino
win cash prizes playing games with the is the ultimate gaming entertainment
Party People. And, players can also earn destination featuring 2,100 slot and
bonuses at the table games in Dragon video poker machines and over 90 table
Alley, Barona’s exclusive Asian gaming games. The AAA Four Diamond rated
area, the largest in San Diego. property features 400 spacious guest
Barona’s restaurants will be serving rooms and suites with beautiful views
traditional cuisine and lobster specials as of Barona Valley, award-winning din-
part of the Lunar New Year celebration. ing, Spa Barona, a full-service events
On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, lobster center and the 18-hole championship
lovers should save their appetites and Barona Creek Golf Club, ranked in the
indulge in all-you-can eat lobster at Sea- Golfweek Magazine Top 10 for the past
sons Fresh Buffet and lobster specials 16 years. For Barona Resort & Casino
at Sage Café, Ho Wan and Parlor 32 reservations and information, visit www.
High Limit area. Some of the limited-, or call toll free 888-7-BAR-
time lobster dishes will include ginger ONA (722-7662). You can also socialize
lobster, lobster martinis and lobster with Barona on Facebook, Twitter, Insta-
fettuccine. Executive Chef Ringo Lao, gram and YouTube.
who received his culinary training in the
Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | February 2-8, 2018

Housing & Real Estate

Mayor Faulconer wins city council approval to acquire site for Bar carts, all-white kitchens and
region’s first housing navigation center succulents expected to go out of
Downtown facility will serve
as the entry point for homeless
crisis. nect, Support, House’ strategy to reduce
homelessness with a place where people
forward to working alongside them to
identify additional opportunities through-
style in 2018
individuals to access support- The Housing Navigation Cen- can connect to our care network, get the out the city to further expand the services Floral prints and statement trend. Instead, look for a rise in warmer
support they need and receive help to we can provide.” floors among top 2018 home colors, unique natural woods – both
ive services & put them on ter will serve as a one-stop shop find a home. This is how we will reduce in flooring and cabinetry – and floral
path to permanent housing where homeless individuals can homelessness in San Diego.” The exact services available at the Hous- design trends, according to prints."
be connected to the most appro- ing Navigation Center will be determined the Zillow Home Trend Fore-
San Diego – Mayor Kevin L. priate supportive services and The Housing Navigation Cen- by the operator once selected. However, it cast Top Home Design Trends for 2018:
ter will be located in a three-story, could be home or a satellite space for the 1. Floral Prints
Faulconer’s push to create a uni- housing solutions based on their 26,500-square-foot building at 1401 following entities and services: Interior design experts predict floral | SEATTLE, Dec. 20,
versal entry point where homeless specific circumstances. It will Imperial Avenue. This will be a place 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Zillow® prints in bold, contrasting colors will
individuals can access supportive help people access the region’s where individuals experiencing home- · Homeless Services Providers announced the top home design trends make a big comeback in 2018, par-
services to help them transition to Coordinated Entry System and lessness or those at risk of becoming · Social Security Office for 2018 and the three soon-to-be ticularly on large billowing fabrics like
homeless can access traditional benefits · County Health and Human Ser- forgotten fads from 2017. Floral prints, drapery, as well as chairs and throw
permanent housing took a major serve as a hub for the core ser- that are important to addressing issues vices pillows.
statement floors in bathrooms and
step forward today with City vices that people need to get off of affecting a person’s housing stability. · Veterans Affairs laundry rooms, and light-wood kitchen 2. Statement Floors
Council approval of acquiring a the streets, back on their feet and · Community Health Clinics cabinets are among some of biggest Forget statement walls, 2018 will
downtown site for the region’s into permanent housing. “This navigation center is a critical · Homeless Outreach Ambassadors home design trends for 2018, according be about statement floors. From bold
step forward to provide a centralized · Department of Motor Vehicles to the Zillow Home Trend Forecast. colored geometric tile to light-colored
first Housing Navigation Center. hub for homeless individuals to connect · Job Training and Career Services herringbone-style hardwoods, expect to
“We’re taking decisive action to fix
one of the biggest flaws in our regional with the services they need no matter "Bar carts and all-white kitchens may see a rise in statement flooring next year,
The City Council’s decision care network: the lack of a universal what situation they find themselves in,” An operator will be selected in March soon be a thing of the past," says Zil- especially in bathrooms and laundry
clears the way for the Housing starting point where those struggling said City Councilmember Chris Ward. and the Housing Navigation Center is low's home design expert Kerrie Kelly. rooms. Statement floors are also a great
with homelessness can go and get help,” “I appreciate the support of my council expected to be operational by this spring. "While homes with all-white kitchens way to make a small room pop without
Navigation Center to open as colleagues to move ahead on this facil- The sale price for the property is $7 mil- adding clutter.
Mayor Faulconer said. “The Housing can be beautiful in photos, they are
earlier as this spring – the latest in Navigation Centers solves that problem ity which will more effectively use our lion. In addition, the City will be contrib- hard to keep clean and they may sell 3. Light Wood Cabinets
a series of actions taken by City by creating a one-stop shop for homeless limited homeless resources to achieve uting $1.5 million annually for operations for less money. In 2018, expect to see Not all kitchen cabinets have to be
leaders to address the homeless services. This will advance our ‘Con- better results on the streets, and I look over the next five years. a shift away from the farmhouse chic painted white. In 2018, more homeown-
ers will gravitate towards medium and
light wood cabinets, particularly with

flat fronts and clean lines as they add
And then Chicken
"what?"..."when?"... ??? of the policeman and he decided to warmth, texture and natural elements
~Now that you can afford expensive give Farmer John a call. "How's the into the home that can help make the
jewelry, it's not safe to wear it any- problem with those drivers. Did you space feel more inviting.
( Continued from page 15 ) ( Continued from page 7 ) where. ( Continued from page 7 )
put up your sign?" 4. Warm Neutrals
Meet-the-Expert locations: find that just getting a shower is a real ~You notice everything they sell in them go even faster!" "Oh, I sure did, replied Farmer John, From warm reds to caramel browns,
target for the day! And taking a nap is stores is "sleeveless"?!!! So, again, the policeman sends out the and not one chicken has been killed moodier color palettes, both on walls
• Orca Care & Research not a treat anymore... it's mandatory! ~What used to be freckles are now Main Roads workers and they put up a since then. I've got to go. I'm very and in artwork, will be more prevalent
• Learn about the importance of orca Cause if I don't on my own free will... I liver spots. new sign: busy." in 2018.
enrichment and play just fall asleep where I sit! ~Everybody whispers. SLOW: CHILDREN AT PLAY He hung up the phone. 5. Matte Metal Hardware
• Find out how SeaWorld research is ~You have 3 sizes of clothes in your The policeman was really curious and Matte metal light fixtures and kitchen
helping whales in the wild And I enter into this new closet.... 2 of which you will never That really sped them up. So Farmer he thought to himself, "I'd better go hardware, like drawer pulls, are a
• Sea Otter Care & Conservation season of my life unprepared for all the wear. John called and called and called every out there and take a look at that sign, it beautiful complement to medium wood
• Learn about how the otter surrogacy aches and pains and the loss of strength ~But Old is good in some things: Old day for three weeks. Finally, he asked the might be something that WE could use cabinets. Zillow expects to see a rise in
program works and ability to go and do things that I Songs, Old Movies, and best of all, policeman, "Your signs are doing no good to slow down drivers." homeowners choosing matte hardware
• Find out what types of enrichment wish I had done but never did!! But, at OLD FRIENDS!! at all ... can I put up my own sign?" So he drove out to Farmer John's finishes over shiny silver or gold, espe-
are provided to the sea otters least I know, that though the winter has Stay well, "OLD FRIEND!" Send this The policeman said, "Sure, go ahead." house, and his jaw dropped the mo- cially in the kitchen.
• Flamingo Care come, and I'm not sure how long it will on to other "Old Friends!" and let them He was willing to let Farmer John do ment he saw the sign.
• Learn how flamingos get their color last...this I know, that when it's over on laugh in AGREEMENT!!! just about anything in order to get him to It was spray painted on a sheet of Fads to Forget from 2017:
• Find out why flamingos stand on one this earth...its over. A new adventure It's Not What You Gather, But What stop calling to complain. wood.... 1. All-White Kitchens
leg will begin! You Scatter That Tells What Kind Of The policeman got no more calls from NUDIST COLONY
• Sea Lion and Otter Care & Behavior Life You Have Lived. Farmer John.
• Learn how trainers use positive Three weeks later, curiosity got the best Go slow and watch out for chicks! ( Continued on page 14 )
Yes, I have regrets. There are things
reinforcement I wish I hadn't done...things I should
• Learn about techniques for shaping have done, but indeed, there are many
behavior things I'm happy to have done. It's all in
• Shark Feeding & Conservation (Meet a lifetime. Attend a free presentation on Philippine
the Expert) So, if you're not in your winter yet...let
• Find out what shark finning is and me remind you, that it will be here faster properties (houses and condomiums) by
how is it affecting wild shark popula- than you think. So, whatever you would
tions like to accomplish in your life please Vista Land, one of the largest and leading
• Learn how SeaWorld aquarists safely do it quickly! Don't put things off too
feed and care for sharks long!! Life goes by quickly. So, do what housing developers in the Philippines.
• Dolphin Care & Behavior (Meet the you can today, as you can never be sure
Expert) whether this is your winter or not! You
• Learn about HELPRS (Husbandry, have no promise that you will see all the You can use them as your residence,
Exercise, Learning, Play, Relationship, seasons of your, live for today
Shows) and say all the things that you want your vacation homes and/or income
• Walrus Care & Conservation (Meet loved ones to remember...and hope that
the Expert) they appreciate and love you for all the generating rental properties.
• Find out how reduction of the ice things that you have done for them in all
shelf affects walruses the years past!!
• Learn what you can do to help pro-
tect Arctic animals
"Life" is a gift to you. The way you
live your life is your gift to those who
The projects are all over the Philippines
• Penguin Care & Research (Meet the come after. Make it a fantastic one. including in Boracay, a world-famous
• Learn what it takes to create an ENJOY TODAY! tourist spot where you can buy a condo unit for only $70,000+ with
Antarctic environment for hundreds of DO SOMETHING FUN!
penguins BE HAPPY ! a monthly payment of about $400; Tagaytay; Baguio City; Makati business area; and in
• Hear about SeaWorld’s expertise in HAVE A GREAT DAY
penguin husbandry, breeding and diets several cities and towns all over the Philippines (including, maybe, your hometown).
Remember "It is health that is real
SeaWorld is open 365 days a year and wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.
is located on SeaWorld Drive off of I-5. LIVE HAPPY IN 2013! Call (619) 746-3416 to reserve a space for the scheduled presentations in San Diego,
Park admission is $89.99 for ages 10 LASTLY, CONSIDER THE FOL-
and older; $84.99 for ages 3–9. Or visi- LOWING: Temecula, Orange County and Los Angeles or to get more information or brochures.
tors can Pay for a Day, and Play All Year TODAY IS THE OLDEST YOU'VE
with a 2018 Fun Card, which allows EVER BEEN, YET THE YOUNGEST
unlimited admission* through Dec. 30, YOU'LL EVER BE SO - ENJOY THIS
2018, all for the same price as single- DAY WHILE IT LASTS.
day admission (*minimal blackout dates ~Your kids are becoming you......but
apply). For more information visit www. your grandchildren are perfect! ~Going out is good.. Coming home is
About SeaWorld: ~You forget names.... But it's OK
because other people forgot they even
SeaWorld San Diego is one of the most knew you!!!
popular marine parks in the world and ~You realize you're never going to be
is a global leader in marine animal care really good at anything.... especially
and welfare, education, conservation, golf.
research and rescue. Through excit- ~The things you used to care to do,
ing and educational attractions, shows you no longer care to do, but you really
and exhibits, SeaWorld creates fun and do care that you don't care to do them
meaningful experiences—experiences anymore.
that matter—where guests can explore, ~You sleep better on a lounge chair
become inspired to care about animals with the TV blaring than in bed. It's
and wild wonders of the world and to called "pre-sleep".
act to help protect them. SeaWorld San ~You miss the days when everything
Diego, which opened in March of 1964, worked with just an "ON" and "OFF"
is one of 12 parks operated by SeaWorld switch..
Parks & Entertainment. ~You tend to use more 4 letter words ...

Own a beach property in San Felipe, Mexico

Attend a free dinner presentation on beach properties in San Felipe, Mexico,

just four hours drive from San Diego, California.
Learn how you can own a vacation and/or retirement home for yourself
and your family which you can share with your friends.
You can retire in Mexico for half the cost of living in America.
Call (619) 746.3416 to reserve a space in the next free dinner presentations
in San Diego, Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles Counties.
February 2-8, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 9

AARP fraud survey reveals the financial and emotional toll
among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
AAPI Fraud Victims Age 50 President of Multicultural Leader-
and Older Lost More Than ship, Asian American and Pacific
$15,000 on Average, Reported Islander Audience Strategy. “This
Emotional and Health-Related survey underscores the need to
Issues raise awareness around fraud and
scams in order to protect against
Read the report and download financial and non-financial loss.

An Act of Rebellion
the infographic at AARP seeks to help the AAPI
AAPIfraudsurvey. community protect their families

and their hard-earned savings.”
hy is it that some earth. For in this I delight.” WASHINGTON, DC — Nearly
Few truly know and understand God four in ten (39 percent) Asian Awareness and education are major
radical elements today. In the words of one theologian, factors in avoiding fraud, but many
Americans and Pacific Islanders
in our country are “Modern men often search for God in
(AAPI) age 50 and older report
AAPIs age 50 and older may be over-
departing from Christian val- vain.” The main reason is that most confident in their ability to spot common
people receive their concepts of God that they or their family members scams. In the survey, nearly three of four
ues and the teachings of the from other people rather than from have experienced fraud schemes, participants (73 percent) were confident
Bible? Why is it that the mere God’s inspired Word, the Bible. according to the recent fraud they could spot a fraudulent offer, yet
That is why their view of God almost the majority (71 percent) failed a general Asking questions to better understand and scams. The national sample included
mention of God is anathema never accurately matches the biblical survey from AARP. Addition- fraud knowledge quiz of six questions, the situation and context in which the a total of 1,120 interviews by telephone
to these people? Do they revelation of what God is like. Let us ally, one-third (33 percent) of unable to correctly answer more than fraud occurred. between Oct. 2 and Nov. 6, 2017. Tele-
know that what they are briefly look at the major attributes and victims lost $15,000 on average. half of the questions. Keeping lines of communication open. phone interviewing was conducted in
qualities of God (realizing, of course, Non-financial costs are even more Remember to focus frustration and anger English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog,
doing is an act of rebellion that there are many more). Some of the most common types of on the scam and the perpetrator — not Vietnamese, and Korean. Data were
against the Lord? widespread, with most fraud fraud targeting AAPIs age 50 and older the victim. weighted to reflect the AAPI 50-plus
Creator: God is the Supreme Creator victims (72 percent) experiencing include: Listening for clues of continued population. The total sample of 1,120 re-
“America has become anti-God, of everything. Yet in the last century some sort of emotional, physical participation, such as: “I’m going to win spondents yields a maximum statistical
and a half, the theory of evolution has or mental health impact, includ- Foreign lottery scams (36 percent) money” or “the nice man on the phone error of ± 2.93% at the 95% confidence
supporters of the gay and lesbian become a big barrier to the belief in Crisis-related charitable donations (33 said.” interval. A full methodology statement is
agenda, and lovers of gratuitous God as Creator. This atheistic line of
ing anger, stress and anxiety, dif- percent) Reading the free AARP Fraud Preven- available at
sex and violence,” pastor and thought dominates the thinking of the ficulty sleeping and shame. Tech support scammers offering virus tion Handbook and discussing it with
author Eddie Thompson wrote. world’s intelligentsia. In fact, much of removal (32 percent) your family members (see below for ABOUT AARP
“The same radical influences that modern higher education is based on “Everyone in the AAPI com- IRS imposter calls to collect back taxes details).
an irrational belief in a series of lucky munity is at risk for fraud,” said (24 percent) AARP is the nation’s largest nonprofit,
have been eroding the presence accidents – mindless evolution. Phishing emails (20 percent) AARP urges people who have lost nonpartisan organization dedicated to
of God and the Bible from our Daphne Kwok, AARP Vice money to a scammer to report it immedi- empowering Americans 50 and older to
courts, our colleges, and our public Lawgiver: One of the greatest gifts AARP offers advice on dealing with ately to the consumer credit bureaus (di- choose how they live as they age. With
God has given us is His spiritual law the non-financial impact of fraud, rections available on their websites) and nearly 38 million members and offices
squares in America are driving the – the Ten Commandments, which is a including: credit card companies if a charge card in every state, the District of Columbia,
agenda in Hollywood.” law of love. Jesus Christ summed up made known to us His secret purpose, was involved. Victims should also report Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands,
the Ten Commandments in two broad in accordance with the plan that He Understand you are not alone and that scams to the Federal Trade Commission AARP works to strengthen communities
It’s true! The entertainment principles: love of God, “the first and determined beforehand in Christ, to be it's not unusual to experience feelings of and their state Attorney General’s office. and advocate for what matters most to
industry is conducting a massive great commandment”, and love of put into effect when the time was ripe: anger, shame and embarrassment. families with a focus on health security,
conspiracy to “re-educate” people neighbor. namely, that the universe, everything in Re-channel those feelings into action. For more information, visit financial stability and personal fulfill-
heaven and earth, might be brought into Volunteer to help educate others about AAPIfraudsurvey. For detailed tips on ment. AARP also works for individuals
whose morality conflicts with their Love: Love is the first and foremost a unity with Christ. God will complete fraud. Share tips with family and friends. avoiding fraud, download the free AARP in the marketplace by sparking new
own lack of the same. They cater expression of God’s Holy Spirit, the his great purpose in the step-by-step If you have continued feelings of Fraud Prevention Handbook in English solutions and allowing carefully chosen,
to a generation of seemingly sex- first gift of God that every person order revealed in the Bible. shame, embarrassment or anger, seek and Chinese. high-quality products and services to
starved, shallow, morally deprived should seek. Sadly, the word “love” is professional help. Talk to your doctor or carry the AARP name. As a trusted
probably the most misused, misapplied Reveals the Future: No human seer or another professional. Survey Methodology source for news and information, AARP
people craving for sex and vio- term in the English language. Lustful prophet could have accurately predicted produces the world’s largest circula-
lence, so they turned our theatre desire to possess another person most the remarkable rise and fall of nations, Family members can also support a AARP commissioned Asian American tion publications, AARP The Magazine

Asian Journal
screens and television sets into certainly is not real love. Love is so leaders and people foretold in the Bible. victim of fraud by: Decisions to conduct a research study and AARP Bulletin. To learn more, visit
temples of smut and depravity. confused with lust in the TV and movie God counsels us all “to remember the Listening with an empathetic ear to among Asian American and Pacific or follow @AARP and @
world. Many are misled into sin by former things of old (the things he has your loved one. Islanders age 50-plus concerning fraud AARPadvocates on social media.
What are being offered mostly to the countless fantasy films promoting illicit already accomplished), for I am God,
public are movies of no moral substance eroticism. First Asian Weekly and Newspaper
there is none in
likeSouthern California
me, declaring the & San Diego’s Most Widely Circulated Asian-Filipino Newspaper
and historic significance. They distort 550end from
East 8ththeStreet,
Suiteand from an- City CA 91950 • Tel. (619) 474-0588 • Fax (619) 474-0373
6, National

Rancho Costa Verde

history and peddle immorality, exploit Justice and Mercy: God’s love cient times things not yet done.” (Isaiah
lust and nurture it for profit, and they embraces both justice and mercy. It is 46:9-10).
revel in their ungodly practices. And the because of the divine attribute of justice
liberal media supports them wholeheart- that the penalty for our transgressions
edly! of God’s law has to be paid. But it is NOTICE TO PROPOSERS
No wonder most of the world look at through divine mercy that Christ died
for our sins. Sin constituted rebellion NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV-
us and see a depraved society – people
who are full of immorality and love for against God, who opposes all forms of EN that the City of San Diego You are invited to dinner on us…
material things. Take a look at television evil. True repentance is the first step (City) is seeking to receive
programs and movies being shown in all on our way back to him. Yet reconcili- Electronic Proposals for the We have a guest speaker that will bring Baja to you. The
parts of the globe. The entertainment ation to God the Father could only be below named Request for
made possible by the steepest price presentation will have amazing aerial photos, updates on
industry has been feeding us with liberal, Proposal (RFP).
immoral, atheistic products designed to imaginable – the shed blood of his son the Baja real estate market, and what’s new in San Felipe,
eradicate what to them are “outdated” Jesus Christ.
Contract Number: H186966 Baja Mexico. Enjoy an evening of great dining and learn
traditional values.
Eternal: No one created God. God ex- RFP Title: Design of Fair- about some of the breakthroughs in green technology, how
Not only that! Every time they have mount Ave Bridge Rehab Americans can own beach view property in Mexico and Ba-
their Awards Event that they have isted before everything! His existence
organized to award themselves, they is from everlasting to everlasting. Left/Right ja’s best-kept secret: Rancho Costa Verde.
never forget to cast aspersions against the We conduct no business at the free seminar; it is strictly
ONE AD in-
current President of this country for doing Great Healer: In spite of all the won- The solicitation may be ob- formational. If you fall in love with what weINshare with you,
what he pledged to do: to make America drous achievements and advancements tained from the City’s web- ASIAN JOURNAL
in medical science, mankind is still site at: https://www.sandiego. we will invite you down to experience it first hand, and the
great again. Trump has accomplished
in a year what Obama never did in eight plagued with a lot of diseases. Certain gov/cip/bidopps weekend is on us. It’s a great way to learnFEB
about2, all
ex- Call 619.746.3416
years. They try to ram on our throats medicines can aid the healing process, citing things happening in Baja, and discover why Rancho RSVP to attend a free din-
though sometimes with serious side ner presentation in Los
their anti-Christian and anti-God agenda.
effects. Human beings still desperately
It is the policy of the City Costa Verde is the home of “Yesterday’s Prices, Tomorrow’s
So how do we counteract what they of San Diego to encour- Technology, and Timeless Views.” angeles, san diego or
have done? It would be very hard to do need divine healing. Many Christians
are not even aware of the Bible’s in- age equal opportunity in orange county CA
it, but we must. We who profess to be its Construction and Con-
struction when they become ill, which
Master Green Beauty of
Christians should not be deterred from sultant contracts. Bids or
spreading the word of God! is to ask the elders of the church to pray
A passage from the Book of Jeremiah over them in the name of the Lord. proposals from local firms,
small, minority-owned, dis-
says: “Let not the wise man glory in his
wisdom, let not the mighty man glory in
his might, nor the rich man glory in his
Ultimate Planner: All human beings
are important in God’s eyes and He has
abled, veteran-owned, and
women-owned businesses Planned Technology To:Elwyn Johnson
riches; but let him who glories glory in a plan for us. The first step in God’s are strongly encouraged.
plan was the sacrifice of His son so Rancho Costa Verde is a 900 plus Solar Powered custom From:homes The breath taking beauty of Baja
this, that he understand and knows Me, Consultants are encouraged acre master planned real estate com- that provide allGEN the luxuries and California, Mexico. One of the
that I am the Lord, exercising loving our sins could be forgiven. But his to subcontract with and/or SILVERIO
divine plan does not stop there. He munity just south of San Felipe that conveniences of ‘traditional’ elec- many unique features of Rancho
kindness, justice and righteousness in the participate in joint ventures offers breathtaking 180-degree sea tric homes. Solar technology is ad- Costa Verde is that no matter where
with these firms. The City is and mountain views from every vancing almostHerewith
daily, withis break-
proof of you are on the development, or how
committed to equal opportu- home site. Rancho Costa Verde is a your
throughs such classified
as solar powered ad air for far you go back… you see water.
nity and will not discriminate self-contained solar powered green conditioners, and inventions
publication in thesuch
Asian And lots of it! This is because Ran-
with regard to race, religion, community that takes advantage of as solar powered
Journal. water makers
Please that
proofread cho Costa Verde is located on a
color, ancestry, age, gender, the advances in solar power and green produce up to thirty gallons of wa-
it an d f a x b a c k t h e
gentle slope that begins at the beach
disability, medical condition technology, as well as the unique, ter a day out of thin air. People can and recedes back up towards the
breath-taking natural amenities that correction
enjoy this new technology if with
any the
or call mountains, providing sea views all
or place of birth; and will not
do business with any firm that only Baja California provides. Our knowledgeus thatforthey
being re- The along the way. This is just one of the
discriminates on any basis. 1/4-acre home sites start as low as sponsible, both
ad is fitentatively
nancially asscheduled
well reasons for our building height re-
$22,500.00. as ecologically.
to be published in the strictions, CC&R’s and construction
Proposals shall be received A master planned development that Rancho Costa Verde is a shining
no later AJ-CA_02.02.2018 i s s u e Our home sites are an average of a
makes maintaining the natural beauty
example that proves “Going Green
than the date and time noted no longer means going without.”if we quarter of an acre, with 180 degree
that is Baja California a top priority. of the Asian Journal
in the solicitation which can Our master plan was designed with Over 40% receive
of Rancho your approval
Costa Verde on mountain and sea views, in what is
be found at the following site: our amazing views in mind. We’ve is designated as an
time. Atecological pre-
$4 per line arguably some of the most beautiful
created communities that have stag-
serve, never to be developed or dis-
lines, it costs land in Baja California. And because
City of San Diego’s Elec- turbed. That6.5x4x10
gered lot lines so your neighbor will means that the views we are a self-contained solar pow-
tronic Proposal Site – Plan- never impact your view, buffer zones
that you fall in love with today,
ered community there are no power
to be paid lines or wires overhead to detract
etBids at: and green belts to maintain that “open
your children and their children
h t t p s : / / w w w. p l a n e t - will be ableupon
feeling,” and the beauty that is The your receipt of the from our amazing views.
to enjoy. Sea of Cortez. invoice and tear sheet.
cfm?companyID=17950. Thank you.
please sign and fax
back to
Page 10 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | February 2-8, 2018

Spiritual Life

‘the devil does not enter’ HEART OF MARY, John Paul II left us a powerful prayer.
The year was 1984 and St. John Paul II was presiding at a
Vatican City, Jan 28, 2018 / is “a great danger to faith, to live with- Mass for Families during the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of
04:09 am (CNA/EWTN News).- out a mother, without protection, letting Redemption. He was faced with a world in turmoil (nearing
At Mass in the Basilica of St.
ourselves be carried away by life like the end of the Cold War), and recognized the need to beseech
leaves by the wind.” God’s help in delivering the world from evil.
Mary Major Sunday, Pope Fran- Just like persecuted people once took
cis said that when we go through refuge under the cloak of the noble, The occasion was highlighted by the presence of the original statue of Our
difficult times or have problems high-ranking women of their village, Lady of Fatima in Rome, standing prominently next to the main altar. During the Mass
in “turbulent moments” we must take John Paul II led those present in a “Consecration of All Individuals and Peoples of the
or worries, Mary is our shield, shelter under the mantle of Mary, “the
Feb. 4th, 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time guarding our faith and protecting highest woman of mankind,” for our
World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.” He said, “I will today entrust to her Immacu-
late Heart—in spiritual union with all the bishops of the world—all individuals and

Jesus, A Refugee
us from evil. own protection. peoples, repeating in substance the act that I made at Fátima on May 13, 1982.”
“Where the Madonna is at home “Her coat is always open to welcome
us and gather us,” he said. “The Mother
the devil does not enter; where guards faith, protects relationships, saves
At the end of the consecration, John Paul II said a powerful prayer that asks God to
Joke of the Week: A cross-country geographically, relationally, emotionally, there is the Mother disturbance deliver us from the many faces of evil. It is a prayer that retains its relevance as evil
in bad weather and preserves from evil.” continues to plague our world. Here it is:
tourist stopped for a gas at a backward and spiritually, We too are displaced does not prevail, fear does not

As Christians, we cannot be neutral or
station. The attendant was perfect people, strangers in a foreign land and detached from our Mother, he continued.
specimen of manhood – tall, broad and roving exiles in this valley of tears until win,” the Pope said Jan. 28. mmaculate Heart! Help us to conquer the menace of evil,
“Who of us does not need this, who of “Because without a Mother we cannot
muscular. When the tourist remarked we reach our permanent eternal home.
that this seemed to be an unusually us is not sometimes upset or restless? be children. And we are, first of all, which so easily takes root in the hearts of the people of to-
children, beloved children, who have
healthful area, the attendant exclaimed: We have lots to learn from our faith How often the heart is a stormy sea,
God for a Father and the Madonna for a
day, and whose immeasurable effects already weigh down
where the waves of problems overlap,
“Healthy is right, the healthiest place ancestors – the Biblical men and women
and the winds of worry do not cease to Mother.” upon our modern world and seem to block the paths towards the
I’ve ever been. You won’t believe it, who were wandering exiles: Adam,
mister, but when I come here I couldn’t Eve, Cain, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Lot, blow! Mary is the sure ark in the midst To illustrate his point, Francis recalled future!
of the flood.” a story of a woman who sat beside the
speak a word. I had no teeth and just a Hagar, Ishmael, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, bed of her son in the hospital. He was
few hairs on my head. I was so weak I Esau, Joseph, the tribes of Israel, Moses, Pope Francis celebrated a special Mass From famine and war, deliver us.
at the Basilica of St. Mary Major for the in pain after an accident, and the mother
couldn’t walk one step. They had to put Naomi, Ruth, David, Elijah, Esther,
Feast of the transfer of the icon of Salus remained by his bed day and night. From nuclear war, from incalculable self-destruction, from every kind of
me in bed and take me out and feed me. Mordecai, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Once she complained to a visiting war, deliver us.
And now – look at me.” “Unbelievable!” Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and the Populi Romani.
Salus Populi Romani (Protectress of priest that God never allowed one thing From sins against the life of man from its very beginning, deliver us.
admitted the tourist, “How long have Holy Family: the baby Jesus, Mary, Jo- to a mother, which is to suffer in place
you lived here?” The husky attendant seph who sought refuge in Egypt, Philip, the Roman People) is the title of an From hatred and from the demeaning of the dignity of the children of
ancient Byzantine icon of Mary and of her child.
declared, “I was born here.” Peter, Aquila and Priscilla, and the early
the Child Jesus, traditionally held to “Here is the mother's heart,” the Pope God, deliver us.
church as a refugee in the Roman Em- said. “She is not ashamed of the wounds, From every kind of injustice in the life of society, both national and inter-
A lawyer and an HMO manager were pire. (Kandiah, Krish. God Is Stranger: be painted by St. Luke the Evangelist
waiting at the Pearly Gate. St. Peter Finding God in Unexpected Places.) and to have arrived in Rome in the 6th of the weaknesses of her children, but national, deliver us.
century. she wants (to take) them on herself.” From readiness to trample on the commandments of God, deliver us.
asked the lawyer any good thing he And this is how it happens every time,
did on earth that would earn him a Whether the present-day exiles are It was first canonically crowned in From attempts to stifle in human hearts the very truth of God, deliver us.
1838 by Pope Gregory XVI and a he said. Whether we lack hope, or joy, or
ticket to heaven. The lawyer said that he driven away from their homelands by our strength is exhausted; whatever our From the loss of awareness of good and evil, deliver us.
defended pro bono many poor clients. natural disaster, exploitation, human- second time in 1954 by Pope Pius XII.
St. Peter allowed the lawyer to enter trafficking, civil unrest, hunger, or ethnic It has a long history of devotion by the problem, our Mother intervenes. From sins against the Holy Spirit, deliver us, deliver us.
Roman people, as well as by popes. It “And she never, never despises our Accept, O Mother of Christ, this cry laden with the sufferings of all indi-
heaven. Next, St. Peter asked the HMO cleansing, they and all of us can draw prayers; she does not let even one fall.
provider the same question he asked the from the refugee experiences of these resides in the Pauline, also called Bor- vidual human beings, laden with the sufferings of whole societies.
ghese, Chapel in St. Mary Major. She is a Mother, she is never ashamed of
lawyer. The HMO provider said that he Biblical characters. us, she only waits to be able to help her Help us with the power of the Holy Spirit to conquer all sin: individual
lowered the cost of hospitalization. The Francis has a special devotion to the
heavenly Gatekeeper told the manager Quotation of the Week: “Love has image. His first visit as pontiff was to children.” sin and the “sin of the world,” sin in all its manifestations.
the Basilica of St. Mary Major to pray “Let’s make the Mother the guest of Let there be revealed, once more, in the history of the world the infinite
that it’s ok for him to enter heaven, but hands to help others. It has feet to hasten our daily life, the constant presence in
that he can stay only for three days. to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see before the image following his election. saving power of the Redemption: the power of merciful Love! May it put
The image has been undergoing exten- our home, our safe haven,” he con-
misery and want. It has ears to hear the cluded. “Let's entrust (ourselves) to her a stop to evil! May it transform consciences! May your Immaculate Heart
Scriptures: First Reading: Job 7: 1-4, sighs and sorrows of others. That’s what sive restoration in the Vatican Museums,
6-7. Time weighs heavily upon Job. love looks like.” St. Augustine. and the Mass also served as the image’s every day. Let's invoke her in every reveal for all the light of Hope! Amen.
official unveiling following the work. turbulence. And let's not forget to come
Lacking reason and direction, Job’s back to her to thank her.”
days are unremittingly drudgery. Second In his homily, Pope Francis said that it
“The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and
Reading: 1 Corinthians 9: 16-19; 22-23. especially at the hour of their death (754).” -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina
In comparison with the boredom of
Prayer for the
Job, Paul in his letter to the Christians
at Corinth explains the urgency of his Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one
mission. The urgent task of proclaiming
baptism of
Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God.
the gospel of Jesus has made Paul “all
things to all.” Gospel: Mark 1: 29-39. On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which

aborted babies
The passage from Mark outlines the was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938).
hectic schedule of Jesus. Rather than be
kept from the very reason for which he Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul
(29 July 1998) and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord
came, because the crowd wanted to keep
Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of
him in the community, Jesus started to “Today the blood of innocent children the whole world.
move on to nearby villages. He seemed has filled heaven. Their number is too
to be saying to the disciples, “We have great, too great . . . the wrath of the Eter- On the Hail Mary beads say:
accomplished our mission here. Hurry, nal Father is about to fall on mankind...
let’s go to other places.” Their blood disturbs My Agonizing For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy
Heart and increases My agony...Through on us and on the whole world.
Reflections: Today’s gospels pres- this prayer, large numbers of innocent In conclusion say three times:
ents Jesus as an itinerant preacher. He unborn babies will be saved. Pray it
is a restless and wandering prophet. daily and make it known to the world. Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
After healing so many people that were Anyone who teaches it will not be lost. have mercy on us and on the whole world.
brought to him, he wasted no time. He Innocent souls in heaven will not let
went to other villages as some sort of a
The Demand for Deeds of Mercy
them become lost. I, with My Love and
refugee, no place can he call home, no Mercy, will protect them from falling
bed where he can lay his tired body. into mortal sin.”
*** Meditation: unquestionable proof of love for
Today’s global problem of refugees Heavenly Father, Your love is Me. By this means a soul glori-
and nations’ response to it affords us an eternal. In Your ocean of love, You My daughter, if I demand
occasion to examine our faith traditions, fies and pays reverence to My
saved the world through Your only- through you that people revere
our view of the gift of human dignity, begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Now look
mercy (Diary, 742).
God’s wondrous presence and seemingly at Your only Son on the Cross Who
My mercy, you should be the
absence among refugees, migrants and is constantly bleeding for love of His first to distinguish yourself by My Prayer Response:
newcomers, and our relationships with this confidence in My mercy.
people, and forgive Your world. Purify
them. This is an occasion for everyone Lord Jesus, help me to respond
to reflect economically, communally and and baptize aborted children with the I demand from you deeds of
spiritually on our individual and collec- Precious Blood and water from the mercy, which are to arise out to Your demand for deeds of
tive responsibility to the refugee crisis. Sacred Side of Your Son, Jesus Christ, of love for Me. You are to show mercy. Fill me with Your love
Who hung dead on the Cross for their for my neighbor. Help me then to
salvation; in the Name of the Father, mercy to your neighbors always
The report, Global Trends, by UN show my love for You by exercis-
Refugee Agency noted that against the and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. and everywhere. You must
world’s population of 7.4 billion people, May they, through the holy death of not shrink from this or try to ing mercy toward my neighbor
one in every 113 people globally is Jesus Christ, gain everlasting life, excuse or absolve yourself from in three ways: by deed, by word,
now either an asylum-seeker, internally through His wounds be healed and it (Diary, 742). and by prayer.
displaced or a refugee. This figure is through His Precious Blood be freed.
greater than the population of the United There to rejoice with the saints in
I am giving you three ways -- *Diary passages with bolded words are
Kingdom – or of Canada, Australia and heaven. Amen. of exercising mercy toward Jesus speaking. Diary of St. Maria Faustina
your neighbor: the first—by Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul © 1987
New Zealand combined. Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Concep-
deed, the second—by word, tion of the B.V.M. Excerpted from Divine
We must not dismiss the refugee the third—by prayer. In these Mercy Minutes with Jesus: Praying Daily on
crisis as our least priority, because we Jesus’ Words from the Diary of St. Faustina
are refugees, in one way or another, three degrees is contained the by Rev. George W. Kosicki, CSB © 2010
fullness of mercy, and it is an
Proclaim that mercy is the greatest attribute of God. All the works of My hand are crowned with mercy.
Encinitas is the site of the future Divine Mercy Shrine. -- Jesus to St. Faustina Kowalska, Divine Mercy in My Soul (Diary #301)
The site is on Encinitas Blvd., east of I-5, about a mile and a half from
Moonlight Beach and two miles south of the Paramhansa Yogananda
Self-Realization Center. If you would like to know more about the project,
please contact Zarina Cruz at or check for updates on, the official website of the Divine Mercy Hills
Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC).

Future Site of the Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas CA

Jesus I Trust In You!
GPS 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas 92024 or Google “Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas” for directions to site.
A project of the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC), a 501(c)3 non profit.
Mission Statement. The DMHFSC is dedicated to the design, development, and maintenance of a Divine Mercy Shrine located in Encinitas, CA. for the
purpose of spreading to an aching world the Divine Mercy message and devotion. To draw people of all nations, cultures, and beliefs to a vessel with
which they are to keep coming in prayer for graces to the fountain of mercy - the Image of the Divine Mercy. For meditational and contemplative prayers
venerating this image with trust in our Lord Jesus Christ who said, "I promise that the soul that will venerate this Image will not perish. I also promise
victory over its enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death. I myself will defend it as My own glory... By means of this image I shall
grant many graces to souls." Through this shrine we shall proclaim to the whole world God's unfathomable Mercy.
Preliminary Architectural Concept by DOMUS Studio Visit
February 2-8, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 11

Arts & Culture

Ohara School of Ikebana
Unshin Ohara founded the The moribana style, unlike the vertical
Ohara School of Ikebana in the or standing style of the past, used a flat
plate-like container called a suiban and
late nineteenth century in the the flowers were piled-up freely in the
Osaka-Kobe area when Japan arrangement. Moribana was the first step
opened itself to the world. Influ- and the fore runner in modern ikebana. It
enced by the Western culture, he was subsequently adopted by most other
ikebana schools and has now become
developed a style of ikebana that the main stream of the entire Ikebana
was to express the beauty of natu- world. The Ohara School is now led
ral scenery. He searched for ways by fifth Headmaster Hiroki Ohara and
to arrange the brightly colorful
western flowers that were being
claims more than one million members
worldwide. Salamat po Nanay (2)
imported into Japan. The basic ©Ikebana for Everybody, Ohara School May tanim na kamatis, sibuyas, sili’t ampalaya
philosophy of the Ohara School of Ikebana
mga kamya’t rosas at malaking puno ng makopa
is to observe nature well and Room 101, Casa del Prado, Balboa Park. Monday, 12:00pm-3:00pm: Standley
sige’t walisin mga tuyong dahon at magdilig ka
emphasize the seasonal qualities, Headquarters address: 11:00 am to 4:30 pm Park Recreation Center, 3585 Governor
Ohara Center of Tokyo Dr. San Diego, CA (11 September 2017 s’yang itinuturo para daw mabuhay nang sagana.
growth process and the beauty 7-17, Minami-Aoyama 5-chrome, May 23, 2018: Demonstration by to 22 January 2018)
of the natural environments. The Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8607, Japan Akiko Bourland, Room 101, Casa del Tuesday, 9:00am-12:00pm: CE at Mesa At nang ako ay lumaki, nagsikap akong mabuti
design forms of the Ohara School Prado, Balboa Park, Ikebana Interna- College, 7350 Armstrong Place, Room
matiyaga akong nag-aaral kahit hanggang gabi
include: Moribana, Hana-isho, Moribana Center tional San Diego 119, San Diego, CA (5 September 2017
12-70 Sumiyoshi Yamate 4-chome, to 23 January 2018) tumutulong magluto at maglilinis ng maigi
Heika, and Hanamai. Moribana Higashinada-ku, Kobe 658-0063, Japan 16 June 2018: General Membership Thursday, 9:00am-1:00pm: West City mga sirang damit ko kaya ko na rin ang magsulsi.
is arranged in a flat container Meeting, Balboa Park, Room 101 Casa Campus, San Diego Continuing Educa-
(suiban), Hana-isho is a form of del Prado Bldg., 10 am to 2 pm tion Center, 3249 Fordham Street, Room
Natapos ko ang kolehiyo’t agad nagkatrabaho
ikebana that can harmonize with index.html 124A, San Diego, CA (7 September
San Diego Sakura Group 2017 to 25 January 2018) sa ‘sang malaking opisina’t may magandang suweldo
the contemporary homes of today. Calendar of Events for 2017-2018 may bigay kay nanay at mayroon ding ipons a banko
Heika is ikebana arranged in a January 24, 2018: Demonstration by Independent Study “magiging mabuti kang ina dahil ika’’y mawisyo”
tall vase with a narrow mouth, San Diego Wabi Study Group Jackie Zhang, Room 101, Casa del Class Schedule:
and Hanamai is ikebana that Prado, Balboa Park, Ikebana Interna- Saturday, 9:00 am to 12:00pm: San
January 14, 2018: New Year's Lun- tional San Diego Diego Buddhist Association, 4536 Park At nang akin nang isinilang ang panganay kong anak
expresses the three-dimensional, cheon. Admiral Baker Clubhouse Blvd, San Diego, CA 92103 (second and hindi malaman ang gagawin sa apong nililiyag
sculptural beauty of plants. March 3-4 2018: Spring Flower Show, To Be Announced: Special Workshop fourth Saturdays). Only 20 seats avail- “Huwag mong pababayaan na may lamok na kakagat
able, RSVP required. (September 2017
Contact Information to June 2018) sa apo kong mahal, haya’t nakangiti sa ‘ting lahat.”
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Beloved San Diego Wabi Study Group Advanced Study Walang tigil ang pahid ni nanay ng losyon sa apo
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(619) 869-4622 or (619) 573-0649 Second Wednesday of each month,
Most big-ticket infrastructure Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk Grand Prix 9:30 am-1:30pm, Balboa Park, Casa Del
at saka babalutin ng blanket na kanyang regalo
for Best Feature Film in the same festi- “Alam kong magiging mabuti kang ina sa anak mo.”
projects have some level of Chi- val. It also garnered major recognitions First Vice President: Anna Scade- Prado, Room 101. Instructor level or
nese involvement. in the FAMAS Awards, Gawad Urian Garcia above. Attendance request is required
Tourists from China are also Awards, Golden Screen Awards and FAP (858) 997-5479 by first Tuesday of month.
Awards in the Philippines.
pouring in. The Chinese have Founder-Advisor: Akiko Bourland San Diego Wabi Study Group
dislodged the Koreans as the top In the small screen, he has helmed
numerous soap operas in GMA 7 includ- (858) 273-5899 Mitsuko Takeya, First Master, Ohara (619) 807-6939 provided. Ikebana tools are available.
tourists on the resort island of ing “Someone To Watch Over Me”, Email: School Email: nakabaemtesali@sandiegowa- Register for the class at least three days
Boracay. Some 376,000 tourists “Pari Ko’y”, “Niño”, “Magkano Ba Ang Website: www.sandiegowabioharaike- (760) 747-3649 in advance. Please contact Jackie Zhang San Diego Community College, Con- at (858) 337-5671 or jzhana@hotmail.
from the mainland visited Bo- Pag-ibig”, “Pahiram Ng Sandali”, “Little
tinuing Education: Ikebana (“Japanese Please contact for upcoming class com.
racay last year, compared with Star”, “Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak”, “Biri-
tera”, “Munting Heredera”, “Magdusa San Diego Sakura Group Flower Design”) available through San schedule. Class schedule: La Jolla/Riford Library
375,000 from South Korea. Ka”, “Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin?”, among Jackie Zhang Diego Community College Continuing Third Saturday (bimonthly) / 10am (7555 Draper Avenue, La Jolla, CA
others. (858) 337-5671 Education, North City Center. Classes - 12pm at Room 104 Casa Del Prado, 92037, 858-552-1657), Saturdays from
A historic ruling by an international The noted filmmaker was a former E-mail: are no-cost with a nominal charge for Balboa Park 9:15am to 2:30pm (Advanced Class:
tribunal in The Hague granting the seminarian who began his movie career floral material. San Diego Sakura Group 9:15 am-11:15 am, Intermediate and
Philippines rights to vast waters China is in the 1970s. He studied Communica- Teaching Schedule Jackie Zhang, Associate 1st Master Beginner Class: 11:30 am-2:30 pm).
claiming, meanwhile, is fast slipping out tion at the University of the Philippines Class schedule: Ohara School Sixth series: Sep 9, 16, and 23
of the national consciousness. in Diliman, Quezon City and has won San Diego Wabi Study Group Thursday, 9:00am-12:00pm: CE at (858) 337-5671 Seventh series: Oct 28, Nov 4, and
All this, of course, plays to President accolades here and abroad. Akiko Bourland, Grand Master Ohara Mesa College, 7350 Armstrong Place, La Jolla/Riford Library: Flowers Nov 11
Rodrigo Duterte’s brand of diplomacy. Apart from being a brilliant director, School Room 119, San Diego, CA (7 September
Since he took office in 2016, ties be- he has been a mentor to various actors (858) 273-5899 2017 to 25 January 2018)
tween Manila and Beijing have never in the industry and a catalyst in shaping San Diego Community College, Con-
been as warm or mutually beneficial. their careers. He was a consultant for tinuing Education: Ikebana (“("Japanese Ikebana Flower Design Class: Escon-
China has pledged over US$24 billion GMA Artist Center and was deeply Flower Design”) available through San dido Adult School. Fee is $25. Please
in investment and loans to help finance
Mr Duterte’s ambitious 3 trillion peso
involved in its Talent Development
Diego Community College Continuing
Education, West City Campus and North
bring a garden clipper and any container
to use as a flower vase. Online Registra- Wanted
Part-Time Marketing Assistant
(S$77 billion, US$59 billion) “Build, Direk Maryo was a visionary and City Campus. Classes are no-cost with a tion:
Build, Build” infrastructure plan. an extremely talented soul that GMA nominal charge for floral material. Wednesday, 2:00pm-4:00pm: Escon-
Beijing has also backed, with fund-
Call (619) 474-0588
Network is proud of. His legacy will al- Class schedule: dido Adult School, Room 104, 230 W.
ing and weapons, Mr Duterte’s brutal ways remain in the hearts of all his loved Monday, 9:00am-12:00pm: Standley Crest, Escondido, CA 92025
crackdown on the narcotics trade and ones, friends, colleagues, and talents in Park Recreation Center, 3585 Governor San Diego Wabi Study Group
war against Islamist terrorists. the industry. (30) Dr. San Diego, CA (11 September 2017 Nakaba Emtesali, Associate 2nd Mas-
In turn, Mr Duterte has set aside the to 22 January 2018) ter, Ohara School
decision from The Hague. He has also
looked the other way as China fortifies
its island bases in the South China Sea.
When told China had transformed
Now Available: was aghast, but realized he was jok-
ing. She hit him on the shoulder. He
knew the ice was broken. – Chapter
Tidbits from this book your
inquiring mind wants to know:
How did Amalia Fuentes get her
last name?
Get all the answers in this book,
Fiery Cross reef into a 2.8 sq km airbase,
Mr Duterte’s spokesman Harry Roque Books by Asian Journal San Diego 2 : Movie Star How many children does Tessie “Balik Tanaw:
The Filipino Movie Stars
Tula ng
Agana have?
Who are the two movie star cousins of Yesteryears”!
said “there is still no breach of good (Continued from page 1)

faith, as long as China has not embarked

Promised Complicated of Robert Arevalo?

mga Piling
Whose autograph of a famous come-
on new reclamations”. dian Perla Bautista sought that led her
Mr Duterte is indeed rolling out the red
“Betel Nuts & Other Stories” by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
Entertaining and easy-to-read short stories inspired by a
SIMEON G. SILVERIO, JR. Affairs to become a movie star?
What physical attributes did Bernard
Betel Nuts & Other Stories

Filipino’s experience in growing up in the Philippines.

carpet for China. Excerpts from the book

One day, however, the duckling went inside an opening under the house.
by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
Bonnie have that made him a top
sprinter in college?
Borobot waited for it to come out but it did not. He kept waiting even when

That pivot, however, has not come

it got dark, but there was no sign of the duckling. When his father came

by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.

home that evening, he told him about his missing duckling. His dad took a

Who is the other movie star brother

flashlight and pointed it toward the opening. He inserted a long stick inside
and tried to stir it. They could hear some squealing but no quacking. Finally,

without consequences, especially as it his dad told him the bad news: “The rats have eaten your duckling.” Borobot
cried and cried for a very long time. – from Chapter 2 – Childhood Tales
The colorful and incredible story By Joe Cabrera of Robert Campos?
relates to the Philippines’ decades-long The inspirational and difficult
If there is a person that can aptly be called “the son of a bitch”, which in
Pilipino, is synonymous to the phrase, “the son of a whore” (“anak ng puta”), it of a Filipino American’s compli- Who was the Manila couturier that
journey of two Filipino cousins Excerpts from the book
Mayrong isang tao, ito’y “impresa- was instrumental in making Charlie
would be Tikboy. Tikboy was one of Eric’s playmates on Platerias Street where
cated affairs.
relationship with the United States.
Eric lived with his family on the second floor of his father’s printing business
in Manila in 1957. Tikboy’s mother, Purita, worked as a prostitute in a brothel
marrying U.S. Navy personnel for
across the street from Eric’s house. – from Chapter 6 - Just Like Any Mother
Davao a movie star?
US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis has migration and financial purposes.
From where he sat, he could tell Juanita had just bathed. Her hair was still damp
and the fragrant scent of her cheap bath soap wafted through the air. She hardly no-
ticed him as she was minding her own business. While he pretended to be concen-
rio” Who was the top actor Myrna Del-
turned to Indonesia and Vietnam, instead As a piece of the Filipino-American
trating on his reading, he would occasionally take a sneak peak at her, feasting his
Na ang hanap buhay, maglabas ng gado had an affair with that produced
eyes on all of her seductive beauty. For a hot-blooded fourteen-year-old, she was not

a love child?
just an object of curiosity. – from Chapter 9 – Fragrant Scent of Bath Soap And All “Philippine Homecoming & Other Memories”
experience, this story also applies to floor show
of the Philippines, to lead a pushback
An entertaining and easy-to-read account of a Filipino
Simeon G. Silverio Jr.

By the time they reached Platerias Street, everything was quiet. There was American’s homecoming to the Philippines and the

Minsa’y nag-advertise, ng bihirang Who was the legendary actor who

the lives of all people.
hardly a soul in sight; it was ten minutes past midnight. Narding frantically ran interesting memories it triggered.
inside the brothel in search of Clarita, but he was told the Chinese took her just

against China’s expansion in the South

Philippine Homecoming

ten minutes before. He ran outside towards P. Paterno Street. Finding no speed-

gave Dolphy his first break in the

Excerpts from the book
ing taxi, he ran back towards Carriedo Street, turned right towards Rizal Avenue,
hoping the taxi holding Clarita had broken down. Finally, a loud, agonizing cry was Seeing the Philippines for the first time after many years would give any former

China Sea. & movies?

heard all over in that quiet neighborhood of Quiapo. – from Chapter 11 – True Love resident a “culture shock.” The roads, which looked to be wider before, appeared

Excerpts from the book Na naiba naman, diyan sa ordi-

narrow. The buildings and the streets, which were dilapidated and dirty before,
Everyone was looking up at the top of an electric post, where sparks of looked more dilapidated and dirty now. – Chapter 2 – Balikbayan Culture Shock
light shone bright against the dark of the night. When the firemen trained the All of a sudden, the small kids from before were now grown up. Their

Mr Duterte’s aides have been obfus- “You must join the U.S. Navy so we
spotlight to the top of the post, they saw faces had changed, yet somehow looked familiar. Some of his relatives
a body of a man lying on a wood across who lived in a compound beside them had already died. Gone forever dur-

cating his pro-China remarks to allay

can live abroad,” Isabel often told her
the post. It was Fred, the drunkard pimp.
Without anybody noticing, he woke from
deep slumber and this time, success-
boyfriend Lando as they walked in the
fully climbed the top of the post. He
THER TORIES ing a span of just ten years were his maternal grandmother, three uncles,
two aunties and two cousins. – Chapter 3 – Like A Video Tape Experience
Their vehicle moved towards the man and again they asked: “Boss,
alam mo ba ang bahay ni Maning Bakla (Boss, do you know the resi-
May isang dumating, nag-prisinta
To order a copy, send $13.95 (mailing cost included) to Asian
Journal San Diego. 550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City,
was electrocuted while celebrating his dence of Maning, the homosexual?)?” The man looked serious and glumly

concerns in Washington. park, weaving dreams for their future

feat. – from Chapter 15 – A Day In The
Life Of The People Of Platerias Street
said: “Yes, I am Maning, what do you want?” They were embarrassed
as they were sure that Maning did not appreciate the unsavory nick-

together. He would just shrug his “the son of a whore” (“anak ng puta”), CA 91950 Tel. (619) 474-0588
name. – Chapter 6 – Maning Bakla And the Duty Free Shops In Manila

Seeking to downplay the Chinese pres-

There was a full moon above, and they could see its reflections on the water as
the waves slapped on the sand. They could feel the cool breeze kiss their face, the

shoulders in response. – from Chapter it would be Tikboy. Tikboy was one

warm water wet their feet. On that cold December evening in Maryland Beach Re-

ence at Benham Rise, Foreign Secretary

sort in Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines, they wanted to freeze time and enjoy every

of Eric’s playmates on Platerias Street

moment of their stay – Chapter 10 – Nasugbu Market Place And The IUD BBQ
1 – Her U.S. Navy Dreamboat
For more information, e-mail
Manila Mayor Antonio Villegas proved to be an innovative mayor; for
example, he introduced the free elementary and high school education in

Alan Cayetano said the Philippines, where Eric lived with his family
the city, the first of its kind in the country. He was also a poet in the ver-

To order copies through the Internet, go to, go to

nacular; at every opportunity, he would recite or talk in the form of a poem

on the second floor of his father’s

Simeon G. Silverio Jr.

he himself composed. In answer to his critics, he once said: “Marami ang

since 2000, has approved all 13 requests

nagtatanong kung bakit ako tumutula, bakit, ang tula ba ay masama (Many

“books”, go to “advance search” and type name of author, SIMEON

are asking why I am reciting a poem, why, is a poem bad)?” Chapter 17

printing business in Manila in 1957.

– When “Gatpuno” Villegas warmed his “Salumpuwit” at Maharnilad
“Promised Land” by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. Their playmates from the barrio were cautious and made a sign of

from the US to conduct maritime re- SIMEON G. SILVERIO, JR. Tikboy’s mother, Purita, worked as a PHILIPPINE
PROMISED LAND, the inspirational and difficult journey of two

SILVERIO, and follow instructions.

the cross when passing ant hills, which they would call “nuno sa punso”.
Filipino cousins marrying U.S. Navy personnel for migration They would reverently say, “Makikiraan, po (Please allow us to pass!)!”
and financial purposes. As a piece of the Filipino-American Chapter 31 - Nuno Sa Punso And Other Weird Provincial Experiences

search there, all nine Japanese requests, prostitute in a brothel across the street
experience, this story also applies to the lives of all people. The boys, usually five at a time, would line up and march without their pants
Promised Land

towards the rice fields at the back of the house. They would pass by a guava

Excerpts from the book

from Eric’s house. – from Chapter

“You must join the U.S. Navy so we can live abroad,” Isabel of- tree, pull out several leaves and wash

and all four from South Korea. To order by mail, fill out
ten told her boyfriend Lando as they walked in the park, weav- them in the artesian well. Once in the

6 - Just Like Any Mother

ing dreams for their future together. He would just shrug his shoul- field, the quack doctor would hammer
ders in response. – from Chapter 1 – Her U.S. Navy Dreamboat a stake into the ground made of a

China filed 18 requests, but only two

branch of a guava tree with the other


The clash of two cultures, Filipino and Mexican, had taken its toll. He end bent towards the boy. – Chapter
grew weary of the enchiladas, tacos, burritos and other Mexican dishes 34 - Circumcision: Why Do Some
she prepared repeatedly. He longed for the Filipino dishes from his na- Boys Walk Bow-Legged During

were approved, he said.

tive land that he would always eat as a child. Teresa would not let him Summertime In The Province?

(Check quantities in space before book title)

cook his favorite adobo and tuyo (dried fish) due to their stinking up
the house. When he brought her to the Philippines, Teresa refused to

“I’ll let the numbers speak for them-

stay and sleep in their house in the barrio. “It is hot and there are liz-
ards on the ceiling,” she complained. – from Chapter 3 - Trophy Wife
“Let me make this clear with you again,” Ditas once told Romy when

selves,” he told reporters. “Tell me, who ____ Promised Land by Simeon G. Silverio Jr.
he accosted her while tipsy from drinking with friends nearby. “I will

never marry you even if you are the last man on earth.” The friends
laughed hard and Romy retreated in shame. The next day he left town Excerpts from the book:
are we favouring?”
and she didn’t hear from him until she received a letter from the United
States Naval Base in San Diego from her jilted suitor, now a mem-
ber of the U.S. Navy. – from Chapter 5 - The Last Man On Earth
How did you know Richard?” she
asked. Danny was fast to the draw. “I ____ Betel Nuts and Other Stories by Simeon G. Sil-
Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana,
Simeon G. Silverio Jr.

One evening, when Romy and his friends were drinking in the house, Ditas

showed Andy the photo of Isabel. “Check her out, Andy,” she told him. “She’s
looking for a boyfriend here in America.” “No way,” Andy replied. “I know what
she’s up to. She will just marry and leave me once she gets her green card.” produced his shows there,” he lied. verio, Jr.
meanwhile, said Manila would lodge a
“But she’s very pretty,” Romy told his friend. “With your looks, you can never
have a wife as beautiful as her.” – from Chapter 8 – Pretty Girl’s Photo He could see Menchie, the movie baga
diplomatic protest over the militarisation Memories star, was impressed. “And I can also Ang mga ibon daw, kanyang na- ____ Philippine Homecoming’s Cherished Memories
“Is this your first time riding an
airplane?” her seatmate, a wom-
an in her fifties, asked Isabel.
produce your show,” he continued the gagaya
LAND – by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
“How did you know?” “Because

of Fiery Cross reef. you’re holding your bag tightly

and you look scared. And also,
that huge envelope in plastic bag charade. She was pleased. “Do you Kay daling gawin niya, ang sabi sa
“If it is true, and we can prove that they
contains the x-ray film carried
by first time immigrants.” Isabel
think people will pay just to watch kanya
sheepishly smiled. – from Chap-
ter 12 – Land of Milk and Honey
by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. me? “Why, are we going to charge ____ Complicated Affairs by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
have been putting soldiers, and even them?” he asked instead. Menchie
Marami na ko nyan, alis ka na muna
weapons systems, that will be a violation Magre-reklamo pa, itong tao sana ___________ Total number of books
An entertaining and easy-to-read
Nguni’t itong boss, medyo napika pa
of what they said,” he said. Times $13.95 each (mailing cost included)
“Betel Nuts
account of a Filipino American’s
Kaya’t itong tao, kagyat umalis na
Dr Amado Mallonga, an expert on homecoming to the Philippines and
“Complicated Affairs” By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
The colorful and incredible story of a Filipino American’s complicated affairs.
SIMEON G. SILVERIO, JR. Sa bintana’ng daan, lumipad pag-
the interesting memories it trig- ______________ Total Cost
geopolitics at the University of the
& Other
Excerpts from the book:

Complicated Affairs

How did you know Richard?” she asked. Danny was fast to the draw. “I

produced his shows there,” he lied. He could see Menchie, the movie star, was
impressed. “And I can also produce your show,” he continued the charade. She

Philippines, said the Chinese are just HEEEEHAAWWWW!!!

was pleased. “Do you think people will pay just to watch me? “Why, are we going to
charge them?” he asked instead. Menchie was aghast, but realized he was joking.

Fill out form below and send it together with check pay-
She hit him on the shoulder. He knew the ice was broken. – Chapter 2 : Movie Star

“behaving like they should behave”. Stories” Balik Tanaw:

“So how are you doing?” Danny was pleased to hear from Juanita. “I am okay,

Excerpts from the book

how about you?” “So-so,” he replied. “I’ve missed you,” his playboy persona took
over again. “Really?” she asked. “I have something to tell you.” “What? “ Danny
was rejuvenated. He had not dated for a while and was eager to do so. He saw
ment payable to: Asian Journal San Diego, 550 East 8th
“China is a state, and it has state-owned
an opportunity with Juanita. “I just gave birth to a baby girl.” “Congratulations,”
Danny said. “Are you sexy again?” He was hoping to renew their relationship

COMPLICATED Street, # 6, National City, CA 91950

but was unsure about it since she was with her husband. Juanita did not answer

Seeing the Philippines for the

The Filipino
his question; instead, she said, “And it’s yours.” – Chapter 3 :Another Child

enterprises,” he added. “Obviously, the

“This is Mindy,” Diaz introduced a pretty twenty-five year old girl to him when

by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. he arrived at the dock. “She’s Digna’s sister.” Mindy shyly extended her right hand

first time after many years would

which Danny shook. He noticed that Digna was teasing her sister, as though there

was a pre-arranged plan between Diaz and the two girls unbeknownst to him. Later

activities of its enterprise will be aligned give any former resident a “culture
on, during the course of the fishing trip, he discovered the plan: Digna wanted
Full Name: ______________________________
Movie Stars
Danny to hook up with her sister. “Marry my sister,” Digna told him as they ate
lunch aboard the boat in the middle of the bay. “So she can migrate to America.”
Entertaining and easy-to-read shock.” The roads, which looked
with its foreign policy, and they see
She knew Danny was a divorced American citizen. – Chapter 5: Gone Fishin’
Danny called up his friend Pepito and asked for ideas on how to best help

short stories inspired by a Filipino’s

Kate. Pepito was the brother of his comedian friend, Elvis, one of the top enter-

to be wider before, appeared nar-

tainers in the Philippines at that time. “Jackpot ka, pare (You’ve got a jackpot,

an opening because Duterte is open to

Simeon G. Silverio Jr.

friend),” Pepito told Danny. “She is a gold mine.” “What do you mean?” “We
Address: _______________________________
experience in growing up in the
of Yesteryears
can set her up with rich Chinese men playing at the casinos and charge them

row. The buildings and the streets,

at least 50,000 pesos to spend the night with her. I am sure many of them
would be willing to spend that much just to be with a beautiful white girl like

them.” Philippines. which were dilapidated and dirty

Kate. We will get our commission afterwards.” – Chapter 8 : Leading Lady
After Danny gave him her name, the clerk spent a few minutes in the com-
puter. “That’s it,” the clerk said afterwards. “She has pension due her, and you

before, looked more dilapidated

are entitled to it!” Danny was surprised. He didn’t expect this bounty. “How much
do you think you will get?” the clerk asked him. Danny was hesitant to give him City: ___________________________________
Excerpts from the book
an amount. He was happy to get $100 a

and dirty now. – Chapter 2 – Ba-

month. That would go a long way espe-
cially if one was living in the Philippines. by Dr. Romy Protacio
Download the
“One hundred dollars,” he answered.

likbayan Culture Shock

“That’s way too low, make it higher.”
State: ____________ Zip: __________________
If there is a person that can aptly be
“Three hundred?” “Way too low.” “Five

Asian Journal
hundred?” “Still very low.” “How much?”
he finally asked. “Try fourteen hundred

called “the son of a bitch”, which in Lives and Loves of the Filipino
dollars.” He could not believe what
he heard. – Chapter 9 : Windfall

Pilipino, is synonymous to the phrase, Movie Stars of Yesteryears
Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | February 2-8, 2018

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funding would always bring vested
interests, and that greater independence
is possible with investors who believe in
the same values.
PDRs are financial tools used by media
groups and other companies that bestow
no ownership and are aligned with the
Philippine Constitution. This means
Rappler Holdings retains underlying,
unissued shares for the PDR holder, giv-
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role in the running of the company.
Rappler’s journalists combined are the
largest shareholders of Rappler Holdings
at 34.42%. Of that, Maria Ressa owns
23.77%. In 2013, Rappler’s board also
approved an Employee Stock Option
Plan that is still awaiting SEC approval.
The founders believe that those who
built the company from scratch should
be given ownership.
Dolphin Fire Group Inc owns 31.2%;
angel investor Benjamin So is at
17.86%; and Hatchd Group Inc owns
February 2-8, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 13

THE RAPPLER STORY: Independent journalism Hating Tom Brady? Who will be able to argue?
with impact By Glenn Mollette a loser. The idea behind playing sports
is to do your best and help your team
Millions of Americans will be win the game. Tom Brady does his best
glued to the television Sunday and leads his team to championships.
New England fans love him. Brady is a
to watch the 52nd Super Bowl. 40-year-old sports super hero. After all
Millions of Americans will not these years he has seemingly escaped
be watching for various reasons. major injuries or brain trauma. It is
Some are not interested in foot- remarkable that he has kept his brain
intact. Although with football, traumatic
ball. Some will have something injuries are sometimes revealed
else better to do. Others are sick years down the road. Brady is
and tired of the National Football a good-looking guy, with a
League. Others are disappointed model wife and beautiful little
girl. Do we hate this about
in multi-million dollar players Brady? Why would we? Often
kneeling during the National we hate people because they are
Anthem. in a stage or state of life that we can't
obtain. Or, at one time we might have
Millions will be watching to see if Tom envisioned ourselves in such a role or
Brady can win his sixth Super Bowl dream-like life and it didn't work out
ring. Millions more will be watching for us. starts. His record is five wins and two
hoping with every play that the Philadel- Brady showed the kind of guy he is loses.
phia Eagles will eke out a win against with his response on a routine WEEI His two-year $41 million dollar
Brady and the New England Patriots. radio interview on Boston radio to contract is an annual average of $20.5
It seems that the majority of American announcer Alex Reiner calling Brady's million, which makes him the 12th
football fans are weary of Brady and the 5-year-old daughter an "annoying little highest-paid quarterback in the NFL.
Patriots winning Super Bowls and are pissant." Brady responded by saying, He has thrown for 66,159 yards and 488
more than ready to see someone else "I've tried to come on this show for touchdowns. He is already consid-
walk out with the victory. However with many years and showed you guys a lot ered one of the best to ever play in the
Embedded in Rappler's DNA In May 2015, North Base Media outlets that are creating truly digitally
Brady and the Patriots, you can never of respect. I've always tried to come National Football League. Winning
is this key tenet: the supremacy (NBM), an investment company focused native content and making money off it. Sunday will solidify Brady as the best
on supporting independent media in Its innovative business model allowed count them out of the game until the on and do a good job for you guys, so
of editorial independence growth markets, invested in Rappler Rappler to consistently hit positive net game is over. Brady knows how to lead it's very disappointing when you hear to ever play the game putting him in the
a team out of a hole and back to victory. that, certainly - with my daughter or ranks of sports super star legends such
through Philippine Depositary Receipts income on a monthly basis since July as Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Moham-
or PDRs. A triumvirate of top journalists 2016, less than 5 years after the website Last year I was cruising through Super any child, they certainly don't deserve
Bowl 51 thinking the Atlanta Falcons that." Brady ended the interview saying, med Ali, Jack Nicklaus and others.
Born mid-2011 as Facebook led by Marcus Brauchli founded NBM. was born. 2017, however, was proving Winning will probably gain Brady a
had the game won. At one point the "I'll obviously evaluate whether I want
page Move.PH, Rappler launched Brauchli, who headed both the news- to be a more challenging year.
Falcons had a 25-point lead! Midway to come on this show again, so I really few more haters but history won't care
its website, in rooms of The Washington Post and The much about the stats of how many
Wall Street Journal, pulled in veteran Recognition and awards through the third quarter Brady and the don't have much to say this morning. So
January 2012. It is a response to Patriots trailed 28 - 3 and looked de- maybe I'll speak with you guys some people rooted against Brady. If Brady
journalists Sasa Vucinic and Stuart wins his sixth Lombardi Trophy, history
all the societal problems that each Karle. They said that when they first feated, but came back and won the game other time." Reimer and his radio co-
34 - 28 stunning the sport's world. host were discussing "Tom vs. Time" will be all about the greatest who ever
member of the team had long heard of Rappler, the decision to invest
Typically Americans root for the un- the documentary series about Brady played the game and who will be able
tried to fight. in it was not a difficult one to make. to argue?
derdogs. We love to see the mighty fall. that premiered on Facebook last week.
We often resent and even hate successful Reimer said, "All right, I thought the
It started as an idea near the end of people. Thus, the Patriots and Brady first scene was so staged, where Brady's Sources: Recent Television Reports,
2010. Maria Ressa and Beth Frondoso won't have the majority of Americans like in the kitchen, this kid's being an Google: Tom Brady's Stats, SBNation.
started trying to imagine how televi- rooting for them Sunday and Brady will annoying little pissant..." com, Los Angeles Times, Washington
sion would change in a participatory probably be the most hated player on Reimer has been suspended indefinitely Post
age. Then one night over drinks, Maria the field. and Brady taking the high road said that Dr. Glenn Mollette is the author of 12
and Glenda Gloria tried to answer big But why would any of us hate Tom he hoped the radio personality would not books. His syndicated column is read in
questions. How will journalism change? IMPUNITY SERIES. Rappler's Pa- all 50 states.
Brady? What do we want from this guy? be fired.
How can citizens participate? How can Do we want him to be a loser? He's not Tom Brady has seven Super Bowl
this be used for larger positive goals? ( Continued on page 12 )
How can all that strengthen democracy? MEETING. Rappler staff huddle
They continued their conversations and in preparation for election coverage in

St. Thérèse of Carmel

included Chay Hofileña, Gemma Men- 2016.
doza, Marites Vitug, Cheche Lazaro, and
Rupert Ambil to help imagine a multi- In November 2015, Omidyar Network,
media experience. They tried to imagine the fund created by eBay founder and
the world as it could be, incorporating entrepreneur Pierre Omidyar and his
wife Pam to help businesses use markets

Healing Mass & Service

all the possibilities technology now
makes possible. and technology for social impact, also
used PDRs to invest in Rappler Hold-
ings Corporation, the parent company of
Rappler Inc.
Omidyar Network said it invests “in
entrepreneurs who share our commit-
ment to advancing social good at the
pace and scale the world needs today.”
It uses 5 criteria for its investments:
alignment, impact, potential for scale,
leadership, and innovation.
WOMEN POWER. Rappler's senior
managers are women. (Clockwise from
L) Chay Hofileña, Beth Frondoso, Glen-
da Gloria, and Maria Ressa

Maria tapped an old friend: ex-Prober,

former media executive, banker and
now internet entrepreneur Manny Ayala.
They discussed the nuts and bolts of
setting up a company, dealing with
valuation, tapping the global venture
capitalist community. Manny is involved LEAN AND MEAN. By moving away
with a company called Hatchd, which from traditional broadcasting capital ex-
was created by internet entrepreneurs penditure, Rappler cuts the cost of field
to help incubate promising online busi- and studio facilities to a fraction of stan-
nesses. Maria presented to Hatchd and dard costs of normal network standards.
brought them into the brainstorming
Our business model "Ask and it will be given to you..." Matthew 7: 7
sessions.Maria proposed joining forces
with Newsbreak, a decade-old company
headed by Glenda and Marites, and To remain sustainable in an industry WHEN: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2018
merging it with television created for besieged by declining revenues, Rappler
internet and mobile devices – Beth's revamped existing advertising-based
expertise. They would form a new com- models in news and journalism and TIME: 06:30 PM PRAISE & WORSHIP
pany that would go beyond journalism moved away from CPMs (or cost per 07:00 PM HEALING MASS
and close the loop on crowdsourcing thousand) and banner advertising – ves-
experiments. tiges of traditional media dominance. FOLLOWED BY HEALING SERVICE
Maria called another old friend: As a startup company, Rappler is
regional media executive Raymund in the business of data and credible
storytelling, services that we also extend WHERE: ST. THÉRÈSE OF CARMEL
Miranda, who was just about to leave
NBC Universal and was setting up a to brand partners. Through the use of 4355 DEL MAR TRAILS
new media company he would call data, technology, and content, we help
shape innovative and award-winning SAN DIEGO, CA 92130
Dolphin Fire. They had avid discussions
in Singapore, where both were living in native advertising that aims to educate,
2011. Raymund brought marketing and empower, and inform the audience about TEL: 858-481-3232
sales expertise – management experi- latest trends and branded topics that are
ence which strengthened the team's worth their time and attention. †You are encouraged to receive the Sacrament of CELEBRANT:
Branded content are produced by a
global view. They believed the next big
content marketing team that is separate Reconciliation before coming to the Healing Mass. FR. RICHARD PAGANO
idea could come from anywhere around
the world so they benchmarked against from the news and editorial group. All
global standards. sponsored content are clearly marked Fr. Richard Pagano, a priest of the Diocese of St. Augustine, FL, was ordained on May 18, 2013. He is a 2008
Together, the team created a business and published under a section called
BrandRap. graduate of Ave Maria University, a 2013 graduate of St. Vincent de Paul and has recently been conferred an MBA
plan and solidified its vision. Degree in Film and Communications from John Paul the Great Catholic University where he has been developing new
We also capitalize on the strength of
Supremacy of editorial independence our communities through real world methods of engagement in digital media and evangelization in what Pope Benedict called the Digital Content. Father
engagement through annual summits, Pagano has been involved in the Charismatic Movement for many years and has been mentored by Fr. Richard Mac
They formalized their relationships, regular workshops, and key partnerships. Alear. Fr. Pagano has a background in youth ministry since 2002 and has spoken nationally at parishes and youth
bringing together 3 groups behind Rap- Donors and partner groups for grant-
funded projects are clearly indicated in conferences. He hopes to endeavor upon a new evangelization through social media and film production that cultivates
pler – Newsbreak, Hatchd, and Dolphin an awareness of the teachings of the Catholic Faith and promotes an authentic culture among young people who are
Fire. pages featuring the projects. One ex-
Initial funding for the start-up with big ample of initiatives that brought in grant searching for meaning online and in the world. Fr. Pagano has celebrated prayers of healing for families and people
dreams was brought in by these groups funding is Agos-eBayanihan, Rappler’s since 2013.
and Maria. platform for climate change adaptation
Because of who they are, they embed- and disaster risk reduction. What are your healing needs?
ded a key tenet in Rappler's DNA: the Rappler developed this platform, which Are they physical, emotional or spiritual...physical pain and disease, broken relationships, anger, resentment, divorce,
supremacy of editorial independence. is now used by various government
agencies for monitoring needs on the unforgiveness, depression, addictions, anxiety, loss of job, loneliness, effects from suicide, miscarriage, gambling,
Rappler’s shareholders signed an temptations of all kinds, activity in New Age practices, past abuse, lack of faith, not trusting in God...?
agreement giving full editorial and man- ground during emergencies, with initial
agement control to the journalists, whose support from the Australian government. Singles, families, parents and youth, do you need special graces?
collective aim is to create a truly inde- In March 2017, the Reuters Institute
pendent news group and crowdsourcing for the Study of Journalism featured Please come and receive the healing power of God!!!
platform free of vested interests. Rappler as one of 4 international news
Page 14 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | February 2-8, 2018

Is the Philippines a Chinese New cybersecurity programs approved for City College
province? The cybersecurity program at
San Diego City College is go-
as May of 2016, according to the federal
Bureau of Labor Statistics and employ-
by Jose Ma. Montelibano accepts the islands have sovereign rights ment in the industry is projected to grow
over those waters. If this system is not ing into overdrive. by 28 percent in the 10-year period
Partisanship is a state I wish to honored, then the Philippines can soon ending in 2026. While most of profes-
avoid and have been trying to do be a province of China. China can claim With demand for skilled com- sionals earning that kind of money
the seas and oceans around the Philip- puter information technicians have a bachelor’s degree or beyond, the
so for many years. Of course, I pines, and it does. It can use superior median annual salary for those with a
have not been always successful, force and resources to change boundar-
soaring both in the region and
certificate in computer networking from
but I keep trying and I transcend ies and assert control. What slows China around the country, City College a California community college exceeds
it most of the time now. Because down is that we are not fighting back is in the midst of vastly expand- $53,000 just two years after securing
and it does not have to go to war, only ing its cybersecurity programs to the certificate, and nearly $60,000 just
I want to keep objectivity in the frighten us with the thoughts of war. five years after securing the certificate,
center of how I form my under- include an Associate of Sci-
according to the California Community
standing, it becomes primordial I am a Filipino native, born and bred in ence Degree in Cybersecurity, Colleges Chancellor’s Office.
that I can hold tendencies to be the Motherland – the Philippine Islands. a Certificate of Achievement in
partisan at an arm’s length. I have
I am quite partisan about my loyalty to Cybersecurity, and a Certificate City College estimates nearly 24,000
my country. That partisanship does not of Performance in Cyber Incident people were employed in the cyberse-
never seen anyone remain objec- make me very objective about loving curity program area in 2016, with more
tive when he or she has turned our land and waters surrounding it. But Response. than 700 new job openings projected
partisan, and I mean never. it does not make me blind either. over the next five years. ahead in offering several new courses, for example, are offered in collaboration
“Cybersecurity is one of the fastest
growing employment areas in San Diego including Introduction to InfoSec; with the International Council of E-
I am one who sincerely believes that All three of City College’s new pro- Introduction to Computer Forensics Commerce Consultants (also known as
To try to be objective and fair one’s land and waters around it, unless right now,” said Rose LaMuraglia, Dean grams were approved by the San Diego Information; Cybersecurity Analyst+ the EC-Council); the Advanced Security
demands not only determination one’s country is totally land-locked, are of the School of Business Information Community College District’s Board Certification Training (SDA+); Certified Practitioner course is offered in partner-
but constant awareness. It is so the primary manifestations of any moth- Technology, Cosmetology, and Ap- of Trustees on January 25. The Associ-
prenticeship Programs. “When it comes Secure Computer User; Certified Ethical ship with CompTIA, among the world’s
easy to slide into partisanship erland. It is not citizenship that is the ate of Science Degree and Certificate Hacker; and CompTIA Advanced Secu- leading technology associations.
first qualifier of being a son or daughter down to it, cybersecurity is all about of Achievement programs must still be
without realizing it. It is just as network security and protecting your rity Practitioner. “We are building one of the stronger
of a motherland, it is the fact that one is approved by the California Community cybersecurity programs in the region,”
easy to cover one’s partisanship born within its territory. Citizenship is data, and anyone who is paying attention Colleges Board of Governors, but the What’s more, San Diego City College LaMuraglia said. And courses are just
with logic, so to speak, logic a status or title that is given by a legal to the news can see how vital that has Certificate of Performance in Cyber
become.” has partnered with CompTIA, EC-Coun- $46 per unit.
based on one’s point of view. process, but birth precedes it. Incident Response could launch as early cil, Microsoft, Oracle, and VMware to The spring semester begins at City,
Unfortunately, there is no such as this year. ensure courses meet industry standards. Mesa, and Miramar colleges on January
As a native son of the Philippines, I The average pay of an information
thing as only one’s point of view. security analyst in San Diego County The Certified Secure Computer User 29. For class schedules and to enroll,
am deeply bothered and resentful of Meanwhile, City College is moving and Certified Ethical Hackers courses, visit
Everybody is coming from a par- the China incursions into our territory was nearly $100,000 per year as recently
ticular time and place which does and the waters around it. After all, an
not make reality only one point island is not an island without being

Bar carts
within waters, and there will be no our people to their massacre. No matter waters that surround it but our very 3. Succulents
of view. Philippine Islands without Philippine how different their responses may be, I identity itself. There are no Filipinos if Succulents are easy to care for and
waters. Apparently, in spite of my being know both can see how China has all the there are no Philippine Islands. Before ( Continued from page 8 ) relatively affordable, but there are many
So let me look at Scarborough Shoal quite partisan about being a Filipino in advantages. our leaders make us debate what form other vibrant indoor plant options to
and Benham Rise, including other a moment when the very essence of our I cannot even bring myself to hate the of government we want, they must Expect to see more color in kitchens choose from. While experts do not ex-
islands being claimed by several coun- nation – our land and waters – is being Chinese people. How does one hate a decide whether they believe in our right next year, especially for homeown- pect succulents to go away completely,
tries in Asia and a few already hosting compromised and physically threatened race whose blood runs in his veins and to be an independent nation. That is the ers planning to sell. Zillow data shows they do anticipate their popularity to
infrastructure built by China without by a superior force, I am not alone in my in the veins of tens of millions of other most fundamental question of all. When homes with blue kitchens sell for $1,800 decline in 2018 as more homeowners
anyone’s permission. The Chinese views about what comprises our nation. Filipinos? It is entirely possible that the we concede our right to China, even if more than homes with white kitchens. consider incorporating other colorful or
government always claims it does not Apparently, most of the other nations in majority of Filipinos have some Chinese that concession is because of China’s From painting island cabinets a navy leafy plants into their homes.
need permission because these territories the world see it the way I do. Ask UN- blood in them. But the mindset and ag- superior size and power, we concede our blue, to contrasting white countertops Zillow
belong to them in the first place. In fact, CLOS why it decided in our favor when gressiveness of the Chinese government right to be Filipinos. with medium or light wood cabinets, Zillow is the leading real estate and rental
it is everybody else that needs to ask we brought before it the contentious case make me realize that we must make a I am but one Filipino among a hundred adding color and texture in the kitchen marketplace dedicated to empowering con-
permission from them even to approach of the Scarborough Shoal. fundamental choice, not of holding on to million. I have always believed we are can help make the space feel more com- sumers with data, inspiration and knowledge
these places. the unitary presidential form of govern- one free and distinct people who have fortable and inviting. around the place they call home, and con-
necting them with the best local professionals
My partisanship does not change the ment or shifting to federalism, but of arisen from our land of birth. This is who can help. Zillow serves the full lifecycle
Countries are bounded by water, from practical in me. I know that China has staying a Filipino nation or ultimately my sentiment, not borne from hate but 2. Bar Carts
islets that disappear during high tide to of owning and living in a home: buying,
a population many times ours, and a resign to being a province of China. from a deep love of the Motherland. While perfectly staged bar carts look selling, renting, financing, remodeling and
continents that host billions of people. military that may be the largest in the Because not protecting our territorial My Motherland is not China, it is the beautiful, they often go unused on a more. Zillow operates the most popular suite
The global community has evolved over world. Going against China in an armed boundaries simply allows our indepen- Philippine Islands. I simply know my daily basis, taking up space and col- of mobile real estate apps, with more than
time a system of recognizing a country’s conflict is tantamount to committing dence as a nation to be slowly but surely identity is derived from boundaries, the lecting dust. Instead, experts predict a two dozen apps across all major platforms.
right over the waters nearest to it To suicide. I am sure that President Duterte surrendered to another power. boundaries of our islands and our seas. shift towards coffee carts, which can be Launched in 2006, Zillow is owned and oper-
nations who are comprised of islands as President PNoy before him would Our territorial boundaries do not only When boundaries become blurred, so do equally trendy, but far more practical. ated by Zillow Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:Z and
like the Philippines, the global system not wish to be the one that would lead determine the size of our land and the our identity. ZG) and headquartered in Seattle.

13th of the Month Fatima Devotion

Divine Mercy #shrine Encinitas HEALING OF THE GENERATIONS
presented by The Divine Mercy Hills
Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC)
Divine Mercy Shrine in Encinitas, CA.
Are you part of the story? MARCH 17, 2018, Saturday


9:00 AM AND ENDS AT 3:30 PM
April 13,
April 2015
Divine Mercy shrine grounds Thank you to all our volunteers!
OPTIONAL: St Patrick's offers a
what you will see: the 20-footSolemnity
cross of Christ mercy
divine the Kingprayer
2014 warriors juliet
on the hill top. (the stations of the brandell and ronald sarte are Saturday 8:00 AM Mass
cross and the grotto of our lady of among the many volunteers who To RSVP, text or call Rowena Cajigas at 619.962.8185 or
the rosary are also on the site but come to pray at the site every month.
not visible from the street.)
Gen Silverio at 619.851.9547 or contact us by email at
Join us on the 13th of each Month at front of the San Dieguito Unified School
2:00 pm to pray the Rosary, the Chaplet District (between Westlake St and RETREAT SCHEDULE:
of Divine Mercy and the Way of the Delphinium St). 9:00 AM Retreat starts with Sign-in and Songs of Worship and Praise
Cross at the Divine Mercy #shrine Remember: 9:30 AM First talk: “Blocks to Healing, Part 1”
grounds (vacant land with 20-ft Cross 1. Park on street and walk up to the 10:30 AM Morning Break
across from San Dieguito Unified site.
School District) in Encinitas CA. 2. No restroom facilities on site. 10:45 AM Second Talk: “Forgiveness and How to Do It”
When: 13th of the Month 3. Dress for the outdoors (jackets, 11:45 AM Love Offering / Songs of Worship and Praise
Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm hats, comfortable walking shoes for 12 Noon Lunch
Where: 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas uphill hike) 1:00 PM Songs of Worship and Praise
Ca 92024 (not an actual address; for We hope you can join us every month.
1:15 PM third Talk: “Blocks to Healing Part 2”
driving directions only) or Google Thank you and God bless! - DMHFSC*
“divine mercy shrine encinitas” JESUS, I trust in you! 2:00 PM Afternoon Break
2:15 PM FinalTalk: “Repentance, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation”
Take I-5. Exit Encinitas Blvd. Go east Zarina (619) 890-2789 3:00 PM Chaplet of Divine Mercy
about 1.4 miles. Site is on vacant land Rowena (619) 962-8185 3:20PM Enthronement to Divine Mercy
with cross on hill along Encinitas Blvd in Gen (619) 851-9547
3:30PM Retreat ends. Reconciliation follows at 3:30 pm then
* The DIVINE MERCY HILLS FOUNDATION OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (DMHFSC) is dedicated to the design, a 4:30PM vigil Mass [Fr. Denis Phaneuf, Concelebrant]
development and maintenance of a DIVINE MERCY #shrine for the purpose of spreading to an aching world the Divine
Mercy message and devotion. This shrine will draw people of all nations, cultures and beliefs to a vessel with which they are to
keep coming in prayer for graces to the fountain of mercy — the image of Divine Mercy. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 The DMHFSC is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to the mission of building a shrine to the Divine Mercy in Southern California.
non-profit organization. Visit the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California website at or email for more information or if you would
Join us in prayer on the 13th of the Month. Visit
like to donate time, talent or treasure to this project.
February 2-8, 2018 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 15

PECHANGA RESORT & CASINO celebrates the Auspicious Welcome the Seaworld’s Popular ‘Inside
Year Of 2018 with Car and Easyplay® Giveaways Year of the Dog Look’ Extended Through Feb. 4
In celebration of the Lunar at Barona Resort Visitors have an extra week- knowledge, such as how SeaWorld
end to get special, behind- feeds 16,000 animals a day and how a

& Casino from included

New Year, Pechanga Resort veterinarian gets a blood sample from a
& Casino invites you to play, the-scenes access and it’s all dolphin. Visitors can also ask questions,

Feb 16 – Mar 2 SAN DIEGO (Jan. 10, 2018) what

stay and win all month long in with park admission take photos and, most importantly, learn
February. they can do in their everyday lives
to help animals in the wild.
-- SeaWorld’s all-new Inside How it works:
Lunar New Year Promotions Lunar New Year Celebration As guests arrive at SeaWorld, they
includes Over $388,888 in Look— where every guest has will receive an Inside Look Explorer’s
Starting with the Lunar New Cash Prizes, 8X Points, All- the chance to go behind the Guide, highlighting 11 different areas
Year Car & Easyplay® Drawings, You-Can-Eat Lobster, Hung scenes to see what the vets see, focused on rescue, care, conservation
go where the rescuers go and and research, such as Dolphin Care &
by playing your favorite slots or Bao & Traditional Lion & Behavior, Orca Care & Research and
table games on Friday, February Dragon Performances learn for themselves how San Bird Rescue & Water Systems. Three
9th and 23rd, Club members can Diego’s premier marine-life park locations are behind the scenes where
earn entries each drawing day (SAN DIEGO, CA) January xx, cares for thousands of animals ev- visitors will be granted special access
2018 – Welcome the Lunar New ery day and rescues hundreds of and eight locations are in amphitheaters
from 4am-10pm. 20 lucky win- or other open spaces where visitors will
ners of $1,000 Easyplay will be Year at Barona Resort & Casino stranded animals every year—has meet an expert. In the Animal Health
drawn at 8pm & 9pm and a grand beginning Friday February 16 been extended an extra weekend! & Rescue Center, visitors may witness
prize winner of a brand new 2018 through Friday March 2, 2018 SeaWorld Inside Look, which is the actual intake of a rescued animal.
with traditional performances, included with park admission, has At eight locations, guests can get their
Toyota Prius will be drawn at Explorer’s Guide stamped; if they col-
10pm each day. Come discover Lucky Hong Bao, all-you-can-eat been extended to the weekend of lect all eight stamps, they can pick up a
the thrill of possibly when you lobster and lobster specials, Party Feb. 3–4. SeaWorld Expert Explorer Pin. Visitors
can win multiple times! now in the new hotel tower, boasting About Pechanga Resort & Casino People games as well as over are encouraged to share photos using
over a thousand ultra-contemporary “I love helping our guests connect with #parktoplanet.
$388,888 in cash giveaways! some of the ocean’s most incredible
rooms, corner king and queen suites, Pechanga Resort & Casino offers one All of Inside Look experiences are
Pechanga lets players become and floor to ceiling views. Pechanga is of the largest and most luxurious resort/ animals,” said Kristi Burtis, a SeaWorld included with park admission. Explorers
even luckier with the “Lucky “Barona’s Year of the Dog celebration
betting 2018 is going to be truly royal casino experiences anywhere in the orca behaviorist. “With Inside Look, wanting more information should visit
will be one of the most exciting and
Red Envelope” promotion this with no limits. Come and experience United States. Rated a Four Diamond lucky in all of Southern California,” said
that connection becomes even deeper, the park’s website for an overview and
February. Club members can visit Pechanga Resort & Casino “On Another property by AAA since 2002, Pechanga as we provide a unique window into our then check out the detailed schedule on
Rick Salinas, General Manager of Bar-
Level”! Resort & Casino provides an unparal- world, the world of marine animals. My the park map when they arrive.
the Promotion Area on Tuesdays leled getaway, whether for the day or
ona Resort & Casino. “We’ll be sharing
hope is that our guests have fun, learn
good luck and ringing in another year of Special Access Behind-the-Scenes
from 1pm-9pm for a chance to New Slot Machine added to Casino for an extended luxury stay. Offering something new and walk away inspired locations:
prosperity for all of our players by giv-
win up to $1,000 in Easyplay®. Floor - Aristocrat’s Dragon Link™ 4,000 of the hottest slots, table games, ing away over $388,888 in cash prizes
to protect animals in the wild.” • Animal Health & Rescue Center
Pechanga is always on the leading world-class entertainment, 1,090 hotel What SeaWorld Inside Look is all • Learn how SeaWorld’s hospital,
throughout the celebration.”
Lucky Lion Dance Performance on edge of the games players want, with rooms, dining, spa and golf at Journey about: laboratory and rescue center operate
Below is a preview of what’s in store
February 17 the newest and most popular slots at Pechanga, Pechanga Resort & Casino SeaWorld has been inspiring millions • Learn how SeaWorld veterinarians
at Barona Resort & Casino for Lunar
found anywhere. On our expansive features a destination that meets and of guests to love animals for more than X-ray birds or get blood samples from
New Year. Visit for
Once again, the “Lucky Lion,” which casino floor, everywhere you turn, you’ll exceeds the needs of its guests and the 50 years, and is committed to making a dolphins
promotional rules and details, entertain-
represent luck and fortune, awakens find the best selection of slots - from community. Pechanga Resort & Casino difference for wildlife across the globe. • Bird Rescue & Water Systems
ment times and restaurant specials.
and begins its opening sequence at 6pm classic favorites to the newest games, is a privately-operated business of the Through Inside Look, guests will gain • Learn how the park’s Oiled Wildlife
• Lucky Points: Barona’s Lunar New
from the north entrance with lighting such as Aristocrat’s all-new Dragon Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians. For insight into that legacy of animal conser- Care Center and Bird Rescue Center
Year celebration wouldn’t be complete
of the firecrackers and work its way Link™ slot machine. Dragon Link more information, call toll free (877) vation. Plus, every visit to a SeaWorld operate
without extra points from The Point
throughout the casino floor, bring luck to was named to Casino Journal’s Top 20 711-2946 or visit park helps support its animal rescue • Learn how SeaWorld maintains
Multiplier Capital of the World™. So,
all the patrons. Guests will also be given Most Innovative Gaming Technology Follow Pechanga Resort & Casino on program. Seeing animals at SeaWorld more than 13 million gallons of water
players will earn 8X points on Friday
red envelopes to feed to the lion that Awards for 2016 and features player- Facebook and on Twitter @Pechanga- supports saving them in the wild. • Explorer’s Reef Life Support
February 16, 23 and March 2 from 8am
traditionally represent the blessings of selectable multi-denominations of 1¢, Casino. Pechanga is open 24 hours and This new experience is an opportunity System
to 8pm on slots, keno and video poker.
good fortune. 2¢, 5¢, 10¢, $1, and $2 which appeal guests must be 21 or older to enter the for park visitors to go beyond the shows, • Learn how SeaWorld aquarists main
• Lucky Seats: On Monday Febru-
For more information on Pechanga to a wide variety of players. Adding to casino. rides and attractions and get an inside water quality and top-notch care for the
ary 19 and 26 from 10am to 10pm, one
events and promotions, please call (877) the fun, Dragon Link’s grand jackpot is look at how SeaWorld San Diego cares sharks, crabs and fish in four saltwater
lucky player will be drawn to win $888
711-2946 or visit our website Pechanga. a linked progressive, which gives play- for animals. This unparalleled offering and freshwater pools
com. Must be at least 21 years of age to ers a chance to win larger progressive features opportunities to meet staff, see
participate in promotions. jackpots. Winning is always in the air,
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animals up close and gain fascinating
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