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TO: Mark Schneider

Chief Executive Officer, Nestlé S. A.

FROM: Merica Green

Training Consultant

essenceoflogos Training and Consulting

DATE: March 13, 2017

SUBJECT: Design and Development of Business Management Courses

In response to your pressing need to offer business management courses to your employees I am
excited to work with you on designing and developing a solution. I understand your expressed
need to have your employees stay current with management courses. Therefore, I want to
recommend an approach that is used often by consultants in my firm and has been very
successful among other clients with needs equivalent to those of Nestlé. Please review the
outlined recommendations and we will prepare to discuss them in further detail at our initial
planning session.

My first recommendation is to conduct an analysis so that I can gear the training to appropriately
meet your needs. I specifically recommend a Needs Analysis which will help me to hone in on
the root or core of any problems that may present surrounding business management within the
organization. Essentially, the needs analysis will help me to answer the following questions
(Brown and Green, 2011):

1. What is the change being requested?

2. Who is requesting this change?
3. Where will this change need to take place?

4. Is instruction the most appropriate means for bringing about the desired change?

Completing this analysis at the onset of the design process will enable me to identify the problem
that needs to be solved and then structure the course accordingly so that a solution is rendered.
This analysis will also be used to construct the objectives and goals for the course which will be
needed before we can enter the design phase.

My second recommendation is coming together for the design of the curriculum. You will need
to begin thinking about what you want the duration of the course to be. The scope of the course,
as determined by the objectives and goals, should be realistic. Since this course will not be taken
in the progression to a degree of some sort we can set the scope to accommodate meeting needs
specific to Nestlé. So, the curriculum will set the course for the study of business management
specifically as it pertains to the business of Nestlé. Because your organization is multinational, I
want to be deliberate to incorporate in the curriculum design opportunities for distance learning,
podcasting, or other trendy, modern, e-learning. This leads into how I deliver, and essentially,
develop the course.

My first two recommendations are essential for the development of your course. The data
gathered from the needs analysis will help to determine the best way to develop the business
management course that will be tailored specifically for Nestlé. In the development phase, I will
make recommendations for activities that employees can do individually as well as the
organization to ensure employees are engaging with the course and to ensure the course is
addressing the core problems.

When it is all said and done, the goal is to provide Nestlé with a plan to target, address, and
eradicate concerns with business management. I look forward to working with you to provide a
viable solution. The Needs Analysis will be beneficial in unveiling the issues that truly exist so
that we can set a specific target. It is important to address the issues at hand and not spin our
wheels correcting an issue that does not exist. I look forward to your response and our first
meeting soon to come.

Brown, A. and Green, T. D. (2011). The Essentials of Instructional Design: Connecting

Fundamental Principles with Process and Practice, 2nd Edition. Retrieved from
VitalSource Bookshelf