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Procedures for creating a template of e-Leave Application Form in Outlook:

1. Go to menu bar: FILE->Options->Mail-> Signatures-> New.

2. Type a name for the new signature as “e-Leave Application form”, then press “OK” button.

3. Copy the “e-Leave Application Form” and paste to the box of “Edit Signature”, then press “OK” button.
4. When you need to apply leave, you can simply press “Signature” in your new email and select “e-Leave Application
General Leave Application Procedures:
1. Fill in the e-Leave Application Form.
2. Submit the e-Leave Application Form to your Line Manager,
cc Directors, Emily, Cynthia, Mandy and Momoko.
3. Mark on calendar(s) including the persons as mentioned in
point 2 above and ARCH Admin as "(TBC) Your Name - Away"
if you have not yet received the approval from Apporvers.

1. Sign off the Leave Appliation by filling in your name on the
e-Leave Application Form if it is approved by you.
2. Forward the email to next approver and cc all related parties
(including the applicant, all approvers, Emily, Cynthia, Mandy
and Momoko) if applicable.
Admin Team (For Faculty's Leave
Appliation) :
1. Check and confirm by email that the applicant has no
tutuoring class during his/her Leave period.
2. Type your name on the e-Leave Application Form after

1. Make sure your Leave Application has beeen approved by the
approvers before your leave.
2. Remove "(TBC)" from the calendar if it has been approved.
That is to update it from "(TBC) Your Name - Away" to "Your
Name - Away".