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Final Test of Essay Writing

Name : Qoriatul Mar’atus Sholehah

Class : 3-A
Cause and Effect Essay
Topic : Game Online Addiction

Cause and Effect of Game online addiction

The addiction of online games is an activity or substance against a kind of computer
game in the form of online games are done repeatedly and can cause negative impact. especially
children who still learning in school, need to be the attention of the addiction due to online
games. Something done in excess will never end well. Children who are addicted to online
games need to be overcome by providing time management such as learning and playing so
that children can manage the learning and playing time well so more effective and efficient.
Arranging a child to something to be well organized will form a disciplined and more
The Characteristics of children who are addicted of Online Game. Based on the source
of the center for internet addiction recover, aqila smart (2010: 23 - 30) suggests that children
who are addicted to online games have the following characteristics:
1. Feel bound by online games (think about online activities while offline or expect the next
online session).
2. Play online games for more than 14 hours per week and play only one type / game type only.
Even more than a month still focus on playing or wrestle the same game and still continue to
play despite not enjoy anymore.
3. Feel restless, depressed, depressed and irritable when trying to reduce or stop playing online
4. Lying to family members, therapists or others to hide how far involved with online gaming.
5. Playing online games is a way to escape from problems or to reduce a troublesome feeling
condition (eg feelings of inadequacy, guilt, anxiety, depression and stress).
Factors that Affecting of Online Games Addiction for Teenager
1. Internal
Internal factors are a cause experienced by a child based on self-motivation. for
example there is a diversity of choices, stress or depression, and less of activity. more users of
online games so many creators who create online games with more interesting and more
exciting. Visual display of online games also affects the interest of players, because the better
visual appearance and sophistication of online games more players. Most of the online gamers
are boys, so the creators try to customize and create new online games according to boys' tastes
and are proven when the challenges and accessibility are increased or more challenging the
player increases as some of the children who play online gaming declared prefers to
challenging online games.

2. External
External Factors is a cause experienced by a child based on self-impulse; for example:
The offer of freedom, less of attention from the people closest such as parents’, the
environment. The existence of a freedom offer is that one can experience a new world in
playing online games. When getting an offer of freedom to play online games, the child's
attitude starts to become less controlled and always wants to try online games. In addition,
children who play online games want to enter a new world or a world of freedom because there
are other factors such as children feel dizzy and stressed thinking about schoolwork that will
eventually stop for a moment leaving the activity as a student, to enter a new world by playing
online games.
For parents who always spoil their children with facilities, the effects of addiction may
be happening. Uncontrolled children will usually behave over. Child behavior is not solely
formed in the family, when the child is school and playing with his friends, all of which can
help behavior in children. Although the family does not introduce online games, do not be
surprised if the child suddenly can and more good at memence stick or keyboard to play online
The impact of playing Online Game:
The influence of online games presented by Miftahul in Emi (2013: 15), among others,
physical disturbance, decreased achievement, likes to lie and his life seized by games.
Meanwhile, according to experts (in Emi 2013: 15) some physical effects found in children
with addiction to games include:
1. Eye Pain : Exposure to computer radiation can damage the eye nerve because it is too long
to interact with the computer screen
2. Carpal tuner syndrome : Carpal tunel syndrome is a pain that suppresses the nerve passage
through the wrist. Symptoms of discomfort, immune, itching, and pain in the first three fingers
of the thumb. Sometimes it hurts and burns or itches on the arms and shoulders. Carpal tunnel
syndrome is caused by a depressed nerve part of the palm of the hand (the area is called carpal
tunnel). The pressure occurs when the nerve tissue becomes piled up and swells on the palm of
the wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by a user's keyboard on a computer that is not
well positioned or a user in the time period is too long.
3. Migraine : A migraine is a side headache or at a particular point of the head. Children who
can spend a lot of time playing online games tend to be more susceptible to migraines because
when the game online games require a very high concentration resulting in tension in the eyes
that trigger a headache.
4. Sleep Disorders : Sleep disorders occur excessive stimulation that occurs in the brain when
children play online games in the long term. Sleep disorders are common in children who are
addicted to online games such as insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, nocturnal myoclonus, and
parasomnia. Insomnia is a type of sleep disorder that is common in players games, namely
symptoms of sleep disorders in the form of repetitive difficulty to sleep or maintain sleep
despite the opportunity for it. These symptoms are usually followed by functional disorders
when awakened.
5. Backache : Back pain commonly occurs in children who are encrypted online games. This
happens because online game players sit in the same position for hours so that very little body
movement. The slightest movement of the body causes muscle soreness and pain in the back.
6. Eating disorders : Eating disorders occur because online game players do not want to spend
enough time to eat. Game players do not want to spend time just to eat in a good way because
it will take time.
Based on some of these impact of playing games online can be concluded that the
addiction to online games can cause physical and psychological that can interfere with the
learning process of children, whether at school, or at home, because children play excessive
games that cause the health condition of children will be disturbed and cause difficult to
concentrate because the time used to learn to be less efficient.
Parties who can play a role in overcoming Game Online addiction
1. Family (Parents)
The family is at the core of a process of how a child lives everyday life. In this case the
role of the family is needed in reducing children who are addicted to online games. Both from
the way one family (parents) educate, the form of relations between members, family with
children, home atmosphere, and family economic circumstances.
According to Sutjipto Wirowidjojo (2003: 62) in Hardi (2011) Family is the first and
main educational institution. Parents should pay attention to their child's education, for
example, parents should pay attention to the interests and needs of a child in learning, ranging
from arranging study time to providing learning tools / equipment. Relationships between
family members (parents) with children should also be good. A good relationship is a loving
and understanding relationship.
2. Environment (Society)
The environment affects the child's life process. This influence occurs because the
presence of children in the community has been bound since the child has learned to socialize.
The first thing that influences the child is a playmate. Children will learn how to behave like
when hanging out and playing with a good child, and vice versa poor playmates will affect the
child's behavior. So many children are now following the trend that is less good because less
filter information - information as good knowledge. As a result what is the current trend will
be done until the child is recognized by his peers. For example playing online games is a trend
of children today, if the child has not reached the target or level of play that high level then
often once the child will be the subject of ridicule and derision from friends - peers. So than
that the child will play online games continuously deemi acceptance as a play group will be
accepted by his friends.
3. School
School is the midpoint of a child learning how to mature, from the process of thinking
to the action to be taken. In reducing the online game addiction, there are schools that play a
role and can help the process of active activities, namely as follows:

a. Headmaster
The principal as the supreme leader in a school has a complex and decisive task for the
advancement of a school. School program planning concerning the goals to be achieved,
learning materials both academic and practical, up to the things related to learners is a
fundamental task with the principal. In this case the principal becomes the principal supervisor
of every element - elements that exist under the ranks including learners that diembannya so
that in terms of reducing online game addiction headmaster can also play a role in coordinating
to learners to follow extracurricular activities.
b. Subject teachers
Subject teachers as the main actors in the implementation or implementation of
educational programs in schools have a very strategic role in achieving the expected
educational goals.
c. Teacher Guidance and Counseling
Guidance and Counseling Services at school is an effort to help learners in the
development of personal life, social, learning, and career planning and development. Guidance
and Counseling Services facilitates the development of individual, group and classical learners.
In essence, the implementation of Guidance and Counseling in schools is a support service
provided for students, both individually and in groups, so that children are able to
independently and develop optimally, in the bidag development of personal life, social,
learning, and career planning. In addition it can be through various types of support services
and activities, based on the norms that behave.