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Troubleshooting Guide

This troubleshooting guide is divided into two parts. This first page will help you identify defects. The
back page includes a chart showing you recommended courses of action to fix any of these defects.

Black Specks Delamination (Skinning) Jetting ("Snake Flow")

Tiny black particles on the surface of an Surface of the finished part separates or Turbulence in the resin melt flow caused by
opaque part and visible throughout a appears to be composed of layer of solidified undersized gate, abrupt change in cavity
transparent part. resin. Strata or fish scale type appearance volume, or too high injection pressure.
where the layers may be separated.
Blister Poor Surface Finish (Gloss)
Defect on the surface of a molded part caused Discoloration Surface roughness resulting from high speed
by gases trapped within the part during curing. Refers to any non-uniform coloration, whether fill which causes surface wrinkling as the
a general brown color such as that caused by polymer melt flows along the wall of the mold.
Blush overheating or streaky discoloration resulting
Discoloration generally appearing at gates, from contamination. Poor Weld Lines (Knit Lines)
around inserts, or other obstruction along the Inability of two melt fronts to knit together in a
flow path. Usually indicates weak points. Excessive Warpage/Shrinkage homogeneous fashion during the molding
Excessive dimensional change in a part after process, resulting in weak areas in the part of
Brittleness processing, or the excessive decrease in varying severity.
Tendency of a molded part to break, crack, dimension in a part through cooling.
shatter, etc. under conditions which it would Short Shot
not normally do so. Flash Injection of insufficient material to fill the mold.
Excess plastic that flows into the parting line
Burn Marks of the mold beyond the edges of the part and Sink Marks
Black marks or scorch marks on surface of freezes to form thin, sheet-like protrusions Depression in a molded part caused by
molded part; usually on the side of the part from the part. shrinking or collapsing of the resin during
opposite the gate or in a deep cavity. cooling.
Flow Marks
Cracking Marks visible on the finished item that indicate Splay Marks (Silver Streaking,
Fracture of the plastic material in an area the direction of flow in the cavity. Splash Marks)
around a boss, projection, or molded insert. Marks or droplet type imperfections formed on
Gels (Clear Spots) the surface of a finished part.
Crazing Surface imperfections resulting from usage of
Fine cracks in part surface. May extend in a unplasticized pellets. Voids (Bubbles)
network over the surface or through the part. An unfilled space within the part.

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