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Other Brand Pharmacologic

Generic Name Brand Name Indications Preparations/Dosage Patient Counseling Points

Names (3) Category

Ranitidine Zantac Peptica H2 receptor Benign gastric or duodenal 150mg FC tab Do not take with antacids
Raxide antagonist ulcer; 150mg & 300mg tab – Take an hour after taking Ranitidine
Zantricid 25mg/mL Solution for Avoid smoking;
Atorvastatin Lipitor Avamax HMG-CoA Alone or adjunct to lipid- Tablet Teach patient about proper dietary and weight
Atorwin reductase lowering treatment such as  10, 20, 40, 80mg FC tab management to effectively lower and control
AtorvastNP inhibitors hypercholesterolemia & lipid levels.
hyperlipidemia Avoid intake of alcohol
Notify prescriber if pregnancy is suspected
Carvedilol Coreg Betacard Alpha 1 Treatment for/adjunct Tablet Tell patient not to interrupt or discontinue drug
Carvid adrenergic  Hypertension  6.25mg, 25mg tab without medical approval
Duobloc blocker,  Mild-to-moderate HF Tell patient to notify prescriber if dizziness occur
Anti-hypertensive Inform patient that he/she may experience low
blood pressure while standing (gets dizzy)
– Advice patient to sit or lie down.
Cefuroxime Zinacef Altacef 2nd Generation Treatment for Tablet Discomfort upon IM injection
Cefuget Cephalosporins  SSTI & ENT infections  250mg & 500mg tab Continue full course of treatment
Cimex (Antibiotics)  Respiratory infections Powder for injection – To prevent antimicrobial resistance
Zefuxim  Bone & Joint disease  250mg, 750mg, 1.5g vial May cause GI upset
 PID Powder for oral suspension – Can be taken with meals, milk
 Gonorrhea  125mg/5mL
 Prophylaxis prior to
surgery (IV)
Ciprofloxacin Ciprobay Cipro Fluoroquinolone Treatment for Tablets Tell patient to take drug two (2) hours after meal
Ciprolax antibiotics  Mild-to-moderate and/  250mg, 500mg, 750mg Drink plenty amounts of water upon taking drug
Ciprophil or severe/complicated Solution for injection – To prevent/reduce risk of crystalluria
Ciproted urinary tract infection  250mg, 400mg Avoid caffeine-containing products
 Mild-to-moderate acute Infusion (premixed) Instruct patient not to breastfeed
sinusitis;  200mg in 100mL D5W – Drug appears significantly on breastmilk
 Uncomplicated  400mg in 200mL D5W
 Bacterial prostatitis
 Febrile neutropenia
 Anthrax (cutaneous)
 Anthrax (post-exposure)
 N. meningitides in nasal
Co-Amoxiclav Augmentin Auget Extended Broad Treatment for Film-coated tablet (FC) Continue full course of treatment
Bactoclav spectrum  URTI & LRTI  375mg, 625mg & 1g – To prevent AMR
Clavisar antibiotic  GUTI & SSTI Oral suspension May cause GI upset
 Bone & Joint disease  156.25mg/5mL – Can be taken with meals, milk
 Sepsis  228.5mg/5mL Thoroughly crush chewable tabs
 Intraabdominal infections,  457mg/5mL
and; Powder for injection
 For post-surgery infections  600mg. 1.2g vial
Ferrous Sulfate Ferglobin Ferosal Iron Supplement Treatment for Tablet Tell patient to take the missed dose as soon as
Fersulfate Hematinic  Iron deficiency anemia  325mg tab possible but DO NOT double dose
Rhea Capsule Tell patient not to take antacids, dairy products
 250mg cap within two (2) hours.
Syrup – Antacids and dairy products may impair iron
 220mg/5mL solution absorption. Separate dosing, if possible.
Ask patient about his/her current medications
Ketorolac Toradol Ketomed Non-steroidal Short-term management of Tablet The drug is for short term use only
Remopain Anti-inflammatory pain  10mg tab – Increased duration of therapy may lead to GI
Zirolac Drugs Solution for injection toxicity, renal problems, & bleeding
(NSAIDs)  15mg/ml, 30mg/ml

Metformin Glucophage Fornidd Anti-diabetic Adjunct/treatment for type 2 Tablets Take once daily dose with breakfast and twice
Glumet diabetes mellitus (non-insulin  500mg. 850mg, 1g tab daily with breakfast and dinner
dependent)  500mg ER tab Tell patient to stop drug and tell the prescriber if
hyperventilation and other symptoms develop
Avoid intake of alcohol while taking the drug
Omeprazole Prilosec Omepron Proton Pump Treatment for Capsule Swallow capsules whole– do not crush
Risek Inhibitors  GERD/Heartburn  20mg cap (EC) Take Omeprazole before eating
Acipraz  H. pylori ulcers  40mg cap (DR) Avoid alcohol intake
Acifre Powder for injection
Maintenance healing for  40mg vial
erosive esophagitis
Salbutamol Ventolin Asmalin Bronchodilators Prevention/treatment of Aerosol inhaler Advice patient to wait at least 2 minutes before
Albuterol Proventil  Exercise-induced  90mcg/metered spray repeating procedure if >1 inhalation is ordered
Soluvent bronchospasms  100mcg/metered spray
Ventar  Bronchospasms and Solution for inhalation Instruct patient to inhale deeply as the dose is
 Reversible obstructive  1mg/mL released, hold breath for 5 secs, & then exhale.
airway disease Syrup
 2mg/5mL solution Avoid intake of foods containing caffeine, such
Tablets as chocolates, coffee, cola, etc.
 2mg, 4mg tab
 4mg, 8mg ER tab Warn patient to stop taking drug if paradoxical
bronchospasm occurs
Tramadol Tramal Dolmal Opioid Analgesic Treatment – moderate to Cap/Retard Tab/Disp. Tab Maximum dose is 400mg (approx. 8 tabs)
Tramaze moderately-severe pain  50mg cap Take drug only as prescribed
Ultram  50mg dispersible tab – Do not increase dosage/interval
 100mg retard tab
Solution for injection
 50mg/mL; 100mg/2mL
Tranexamic acid Hemotrex Lysteda Anti-fibrinolytics Treatment & prophylaxis for Capsule Do not take tranexamic acid when you do not
hemorrhage due to excessive  500mg cap have your period. Wait for your monthly period
fibrinolysis Solution for injection come before taking the drug.
Hereditary angioedema  500mg/5mL amp TXA should not be taken if patient is also taking
hormonal contraceptives
– Increased risk of blood clots & heart attack
AMR – antimicrobial resistance
PID – pelvic inflammatory disease
inf – infection
dis – disease
Treatment for UTI, SSTI, ENT & respiratory tract infections, bone & joint disease, pelvic inflammatory disease, gonorrhea, and used as prophylaxis prior to surgery.

Quantity Quantity
Name of Patient Generic Name Pharmacologic Category Dose, Route, and Frequency
Prescribed Dispensed

S2 License No./Date Quantity Quantity that
Name of Patient Diagnosis Name of Prescriber Generic Name Dose, Route, and Frequency
Issued/Validity Prescribed can be
BID Twice a day
TID Three times a day
OD Once a day
q Every
q6h Every 6 hours
prn As needed
po By mouth
NPO Nothing by mouth
IV Intravenous
IM Intramuscular
KVO Keep vein open
stat Immediate