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Product Datasheet

Feb .16 / Rev. 2.0

Session Border Controller

State-of-the-art Session Border Controller provides a uniform network Features

interface with comprehensive security features in fixed and mobile operators
NGN and VoLTE / IMS networks. • SIP Trunks
• Skype for Business
The SVI-SBC provides a mature, proven carrier grade technology packed with
feature rich capabilities allowing opertors to rapidly deploy services. A flexible • VoLTE Signalling Solution
licensing model allows clients to meet budget requirements and scale as and when • WebRTC
future growth dictates. Reduce your network complexity and operating costs with • Comprehensive security features
a network edge signaling and media solution deployed through a comprehensive
OA&M web based interface. including DoS, DDoS protection
Features Technical • NAT Firewall Traversal
• Topology Hiding
• SIP Trunks - rapidly deploy SIP
trunks with robust, flexible solution. • Security - up to the minute security • Scales from 500 to 30,000
• Skype for Business - certified features including firewall and DOS, simultaneous calls
Microsoft SIP trunks. DDOS
• 600 cps
• VoLTE Signalling Solution - • Interworking - fully compliant SIP,
signalling and media control in the SIP-I, SIP-T, H.323, IPv4, IPv6 • Support for up to 250K
VoLTE core. • Media - support for industry leading subscribers
• WebRTC - Embedded WebRTC codecs and RTP encryption
• Full redundancy support for
gateway allows enterprises • Operating Modes - full support for
deploying traditional SIP Stateful / Stateless proxy mode and automatic fail-over
applications to rapidly deploy B2BUA • Comprehensive web GUI/CLI
feature rich WebRTC applications • OA&M - comprehensive web based
OA&M interface
• Lawful Intercept - ETSI compliant operation
LI solution • Redundant Architecture – Ensures • Full Class 4 SoftSwitch
• Billing - optional wholesale billing 99.999% reliability at network edge. capabilities
package available • RTP Failover and Re-Invite
• Capacity Growth – Distributed
Technical Specifications
Security VoIP Signalling Protocols Performance

SBC DoS/DDoS protection • SIP, SIP-I, SIP-T, H.323 • Simultaneous Calls 500 to 30,000
• Allow trusted/authenticated users • Calls Per Second (CPS) 600
access while under DoS attack VoIP Media • Max Subscribers up to 250,000 
• Dynamically accept or reject traffic
based on device behaviour
• Throttling & Overload Protection
Transcoding Support RADIUS

Topology Hiding and Privacy • G711u/a, G.729, G723.1, G726, T.38, • RADIUS AAA support
AMR/AMR-WB, GSM-FR, GSM-EFR, • RFC 2138,2139
• Hide network topology preventing
direct attacks and maintain privacy Silk, Opus, EVRC-A/-B, EVRC-NW2K • Cisco VSA compliant
• Mask user information for privacy
and confidentiality Encryption DIAMETER
Access Control • SIP TLS • Diameter Rf
• Control of max concurrent sessions • SRTP
• Filter devices/networks on a per
application basis
• ZRTP Lawful Intercept
• Permit access to known devices or
networks VoIP Proxy • ETSI 101 671
• Authorize/deny access for
registered users; permit or deny Signalling Proxy Support
access to mask users • SIGTRAN, H.248, MGCP
• Dynamically accept or reject traffic Squire Technologies provides a range
based on device behaviour Media Proxy of post-sales support packages to meet
• Accept media only for authorized • Voice, Video, Fax, DTMF
client requirements and budget up to and
including 24x7x365 support.
Fraud Prevention
• SIP Mw
• Perform signalling and media
validation by authenticating and • VoLTE Pre-Conditions
authorizing users • Multi device, single number
• SIP forking
VoLTE Capabilities
• Optimises use of radio bandwidth Transport Layer
to deliver substantial costs savings • TCP/UDP/TLS/DTLS/WebSocket
• Insures voice quality Media Transport Support
• Rapid support for multi vendor
Voice Transcoding
• multi devices, single number
• G711/G729/G723/AMR/Opus/
Media etc.
• Full transcoding support for VoLTE Video Transcoding
• VP8/H263/H264
to legacy NGN inter-op
RTP Profile
Transparency of propriety SIP headers

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