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Data sheet 110A

Water-reducing plasticiser for high mechanical strength

Complies with standard NF EN 934.2.

PLASTIMENT BV 40 is a high-efficiency water-reducing admixture or plasticiser that
• Increases the compacity of concrete, thus improving the mechanical strength and
• facilitates the placement of concrete
• allows the cement content to be reduced in some cases
• more or less slows the setting by increasing the normal dosage
Colour: dark brown.

General characteristics
Owing to its physico-chemical properties PLASTIMENT BV 40 has the following advantages:

On fresh concrete
• It much increases the workability even though the quantity of mixing water is reduced
• It promotes the dispersion of cement in the mass
• It improves the cement-aggregate-iron adhesion
• It prevents the segregation
• It proves the thixotropy
• It possibly spreads the setting.

On hardened concrete:
• It improves the mechanical strength
• It increases the compacity
• It increases the watertightness
• It reduces the shrinkage and creeping.
PLASTIMENT BV 40 is compatible with all the types of cement and more specifically fused


1. Increased mechanical strength

PLASTIMENT BV 40 reduces the mixing water content by about 10 % without decreasing
the workability of mix specimen.
Tests are absolutely necessary to determine the quantity of mixing water needed to obtain
the required workability.
The compacity and watertightness are improved.
The long-term mechanical strength is increased by 15 to 40 % on average.
• PLASTIMENT BV 40 is thus particularly convenient for use with
• High-performance reinforced concrete
• Prestressed concrete
• Oven-dried precast concrete.


2. Reduced cement content

PLASTIMENT BV 40 reduces the Compressive strength (MPa)
cement content by about 10 % without 0,5% PLASTIMENT BV 40
affecting the mechanical strength. 320-kg CPJ-CEM II/A 32,5

It is used as ready-mixed concrete for

making concrete of the required strength
350-kg CPJ-CEM II/A 32,5
3) Improved workability
PLASTIMENT BV 40 improves the (with a constant workability:
workability with a constant water content 10 6 cm on Abrams’ cone)
while promoting an increase in long-
term strength of about 10 %.
Age (days)
This is why it is used to make tall slender
1 3 7 28
parts with a great number of reinforcing
bars, and in the case of pumped concrete.

4) Increased application time

PLASTIMENT BV 40 increases the setting time of concrete when added in a great
proportion. As the temperature is an important factor, it would be advisable to make tests.
As an indication:
• At 20°C the setting is slowed by about 3 to 4 hours with a 0,6 % admixture content.
• At 5°C the same proportion slows the setting by about 8 hours.
PLASTIMENT BV 40 is compatible with air-entraining agents SIKA AER and SIKA AEA 15.
This combination:
• Improves the resistance to freezing - thawing cycles
• Makes continued casting possible (extruded concrete, road concrete)
• Improves the strength of all concretes located in tidal range areas.

Ph and Ch (and mechanical) characteristics

• Aqueous solution
• Density: 1,185 +/- 0,015
• pH: 4,5 +/- 1
• Chloride ion content: < 0,1 %
• Na2O content equiv.: < 2,0 %
• Dry extract: 39 +/- 2,5 %

Normalised indications
End-of-setting time in compliance with EN 480.2

CPA - CEM I 52,5 CPA - CEM I 52,5

Le Teil Gargenville
20°C 5°C 20°C 5°C
PLASTIMENT BV 40 0,5% 11 h 00 15 h 00 10 h 00 22 h 00
PLASTIMENT BV 40 1,25% 24 h 00 26 h 00 20 h 00 33 h 00

• 30-l small barrel
• 250-kg drum
• 1000-l non-returnable container
• In bulk


Storage and shelf-life

PLASTIMENT BV 40 freezes at about -5°C.
In case of long and intense freezing, check to see that it has not been destabilised.
The product stored in an unopened packaging has a three-year shelf-life.

The precise dosage of PLASTIMENT BV 40 depends on site conditions and the effect

Recommended operating range

From 0,3 to 1 % of cement by weight (i.e. 0,42 litre / 100 kg of cement).

As retarding admixture
From 0,5 % of cement by weight (i.e. 0,25 to 0,85 litre / 100 kg of cement).
Its exact content is determined at the site after a few tests have been made as it depends
on the nature of concrete components, qualities required (compacity, plasticity) and climatic
Do not exceed 1 % (0,85 litre / 100 kg of cement) without making a preliminary test owing
to the possibility of a considerable set retardation.

In-lab tests
• Characteristics on fresh concrete, mechanical strength at 7 and 28 days, permeability,
capillarity: CEMEREX - test report No. 363. 1.014 of 11.02.72
• Mechanical strength at 7, 28, 90 and 365 days: EMPA ZURICH - test report No. 59239/32
of 10.02.69
• Compliance with ASTM C 494, A type: TESWELL laboratories (USA) - test No. IZ-15 of

Directions for use

Add PLASTIMENT BV 40 to the mixing water.

Important considerations
Non-hazardous handling.
In case of contact with the skin, a simple washing will be sufficient.
Consult data sheet on Minitel 3613, code SIKASECUR or on Internet (free

Article No.
1) A high-efficiency water-reducing plasticiser of the PLASTIMENT BV 40 type or equivalent will be added
to concretes exposed to high stresses and of which the compacity must be very high. The product will
be used according to the manufacturer’s indications.
2) A retarding plasticiser of the PLASTIMENT BV 40 type or equivalent will be added to the concrete pumped
during mixing. The product will be used according to the manufacturer’s indications.

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