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February 2, 2018
Carolyn Jones
Dear Mr. Berding:
Ericka Copeland-Dansby
On Wednesday, the Cincinnati Public School District Board of Education met at a
regularly scheduled business meeting and heard from several members of the public about
Melanie Bates a possible FCC-CPS partnership. On behalf of the Board, and at the Board’s direction, I
write to request further information about FCC’s plans and intentions with respect to a
Eve Bolton partnership with CPS.

Ryan Messer The Board is requesting that FC Cincinnati present to the Board of Education, in a public
meeting, about FCC’s intentions with respect to a partnership with CPS. Please advise
Mike Moroski
when FCC would be prepared to make such a presentation.

As you know, the correspondence you sent to CPS last week has generated attention,
Lannis Timmons
speculation, and some concerns from CPS stakeholders. Families from Robert A. Taft
Information Technology High School and Hays-Porter School are seeking information
about how a possible stadium in the West End could affect their neighborhood. The six
CPS high schools that compete in athletic events at Stargel Stadium have questions about
whether their home field could be impacted. And taxpayers throughout the CPS
community have questions about whether FC Cincinnati is committed to making CPS
whole if FCC seeks a real estate tax abatement in connection with a new stadium.
Laura Mitchell
Superintendent As part of our efforts to sustain a dialogue with the West End community, the Board will
schedule a meeting within the next two weeks at Taft IT High School to continue to hear
513-363-0074 from the public about the impact of a potential stadium in the West End.

Jennifer M. Wagner The Board has made clear its intention to engage its stakeholders in public meetings, and
in an open and transparent manner. Strong community partnerships and strategic
513-363-0425 alignments are essential to the success of the district and our entire school community in
the West End. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


Carolyn Jones, President

Cincinnati Board of Education

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