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If you have taken a look at the “Libido Boosting Supple- A note from Joe about the 
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(your Anabolic Running workouts prevent the same cause). your diet should be your best source of zinc. accord- ing to a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. and other good dietary sources like raw milk. chemicals sap the soil of nutrients like zinc which must be ab- Consume Plenty Of Zinc sorbed by plants in order to be transferred to you. Protein- rich foods like meats and fish. It can be difficult to ob- tain enough dietary zinc if you're a vegetarian. stick to a dosage listed zinc leads to a significant decrease in testosterone. while zinc under the recommended adult upper limit. and yogurt or kefir made from raw milk are great zinc sources. largely because today’s farming methods use plenty of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Taking too much supplementation increases it (2). you may further deplete the nutrients in your terone production.(1) cally cooking in the oven. Zinc is shown to also protect zinc can interfere with your body's ability to absorb other min- men from exercised-induced depletion in testosterone levels erals and may cause nausea as a side effect. research has shown restricted dietary sources of If you decide to use a zinc supplement.(3) It's estimated up to 45 percent of adults over the age of 60 have lower than encouraged zinc intake.
 Similarly. For most food. raw cheese. These toxic 4 . which many people tend to do. And even when die- tary supplements are still added in. and also for meat-eaters as well. beans. cooking will been shown to cause a significant improvement in t-levels in drastically reduce its levels of nutrients like zinc … specifi- as little as 6 weeks.(4) Truth is. an estimated 20-25 per- cent of older adults still had inadequate zinc intakes. Supplementing your diet with zinc has food by the way you prepare it. Zinc is a mineral which plays a very important role in testos- In many cases.

a steroid hormone. mackerel and eel contain plenty of vitamin D. sun exposure is the BEST way to optimize your vitamin D levels. milk. listed on any supplement bottle. is essential for the healthy development of sperm. To get your levels into the healthy range. maybe due to a skin cancer history or regulates the level of calcium in blood. This is mostly due to people not spending enough time in the sun to initiate this important process of vitamin D pro.Also the best source of vitamin D. Vitamin D Levels Vitamin D. D these days. 5 . Fish . but this is definitely an easy way to get this T-booster involved in your everyday. tuna. salmon. Vitamin D Fortified Foods .Foods like breakfast cere- There are also dietary options high in vitamin D. In one former study.A food of choice and with a fair source of vitamin D. Again. and also helps maintain semen qual- ity and sperm quantity. yoghurt and juices are being fortified with vitamin look at the list to the right. this vitamin will also help with absorbing calcium. you know).(5) Vitamin D deficiency is has reached astronomic levels in the United States and many other regions around the world. Vitamin D also increases testoster- one. Be sure to get these fishy meals in 3-5 times per week. then you can supplement with vita. Fatty fishes like duction (it’s not just plants that need sun. Liver . Dairy . If sun expo. which is show to boost libido. Take a als. Therefore. min D drops or pills.Vitamin D along with parathyroid hormone (PTH) sure is not an option. Check the packaging. intake of other skin sensitivities. this is to be taken at the recommended dosage as Especially in livers of chicken and beef. overweight men who supplemented vitamin D had a signifi- cant increase in testosterone levels after one year.

a clear correlation was recommended dosages of vitamins you need to meet the rec- found between vitamin A levels and serum testosterone (7). 6 .  Therefore.Continuing on with our vitamin D boosting foods. You can also include some of the foods to the right to get some additional Vitamin A into your dietary routine. fish). vitamin A in the testes. it’s smart to in- clude eggs in your diet to help your body get adequate amounts of this vitamin. mushrooms are also able to produce vitamin D when in the sun. Take Your Vitamin A Seriously As mentioned with our previous micronutrient. All mushrooms con- tain some amount of vitamin D in them. In prepubertal teens. With that said you will want a quality multi-vitamin. dairy products. Studies have shown that when there’s no active min A (eggs. $10 bottle. ommended dietary intake.Like you and me. These tend to have all the Also in a study of 155 male twins. vitamin A + iron supplementation is as effective in starting puberty as hormone replacement ther. One-Day vitamins won’t do the trick and neither will the gummi bear vitamins either. T levels drop very quickly and estro- gen levels (the hormone you don’t want more of) increases Be sure to fit these vitamin A filled foods into your daily nu- (6). a few of Vitamin A is stored in the testicles (and few other glands of these foods are loaded with vitamin D as they are with Vita- the body). trition regimen. So through them on top of your steak or sizzle them in a two-egg omelet for dou- ble the protein. Also. The apy. eggs are a good source of vitamin D. you always have the option of purchas- ing a multi-vitamin at the store. Just one egg yolk is packed with 40 IU of vitamin D.Eggs . Mushrooms .

7 . Why B Vitamins Are Crucial Magnesium Vitamin B complex (which consists of 8 different water. 10 mg/kg of tion and overall energy levels. In one study. plays a key role in testosterone produc. in men. Add at least one of these foods in your meals throughout the day for max magnesium intake. Magnesium intake has had a direct effect on serum testos- soluble vitamins). including testosterone. 24% (9). terone levels in many studies. one levels (8).” Below are some of the best food sources for magnesium. In another large review study the researchers concluded: Get yourself some of the foods below fixed with B Vitamins: “there is evidence that magnesium exerts a positive influ- ence on anabolic hormonal status. Deficiency with B vitamins magnesium was able to increase free testosterone levels by results in increased estrogen levels and lowered testoster.

Making the case. Annika Sned- man. those using conjugated linoleic acid lost 400% more fat than the placebo group over the course of 12 weeks—and this was all done without any change in diet and without the implementation of a regular exercise program. this supplement alone can in- duce greater T-levels without an increase in physiqcal activ- ity (although not recommended). 8 .Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) One of the most powerful supplements you can use for maxi- mizing testosterone levels is CLA (conjugated Linoleic Acid) According to one study. In a double-blind. CLA supplementation provided greater increase in testosterone levels than resistance train- ing workout. Our suggestion is to combine this CLA supplement with your Anabolic Running workouts to raise male-sex hormone levels and also burn additional fat (CLA also acts as a power- ful fat burning supplement). Not bad if you’re looking for the fat-loss / testosterone boost- ing double-whammy. placebo-controlled human study con- ducted by renowned Swedish researcher Dr.

. as you probably already know come EPA each day as well as being a pharmaceutical grade prod- from fish. which is an essential help for keeping testosterone the quality your body needs for greater testosterone levels. ever.(12) Fish oil contains six times more omega-3s than omega- Find a fish-oil supplement that meets the requirements 6’s. Up to 80% or more of the Omega-3 fatty acids con- When inflammation increases. Yet I understand.Fish Oil (Or Omega-3 Fatty Acids) With that being said. some people don’t have a “taste” for fish. and that helps your body to produce more testosterone. And that’s okay. you want to seek out fish oil that is around 2. as with the multivitamin. having no positive that come from nuts or oils? impact on your health…(11). So why fish oil? Why nut other omegas absorbed by your body’s cells. 9 .. tained in traditional fish oil supplements will go un- cult to maintain. you can always go the fishy route and eat 3-5 servings of fatty fish throughout the week. you’re cranking up your body’s fatty acid ratio.000 mg of DHA/ Omega-3 fatty acids. testosterone levels are diffi. levels optimal. Now. which means that when you consume fish oil. The $15 fish-oil market won’t come close to giving you the body. You can always supplement with fish oil as an easy and con- venient way to not miss out on getting the essential omega- 3s you need. again. Omega 3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation in uct. LH is the hormone responsible for the production of testosterone inside our hu- man leydig cells. Fish oil has also been shown to increase the production of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in animals.

• Stop drinking or storing water in plastic containers Have you ever asked the question. ing or exercising stead of what can I DO to increase my testosterone levels. One study even shows these same chemicals can even con- flict with the onset puberty in growing boys (13). minerals. for example. BPA is the plastic found on your water bottles and plastic food containers. When drinking out of a water bottle. and how we can fix them for a Put these all together and your manhood will be winning more manly you. use glass plates or male-hormones. And the more you refill. • Get a good water filter for your tap water at home Both questions play an important role in rescuing your • When eating meals or storing meals.All the previous mentioned vitamins. and supple. So let’s flip the coin over and look at some glass containers instead of plastic of the everyday items you may be using that could be lower- ing your testosterone levels. 10 . you’re adding a testosterone decreasing substance into your body. So as you continue to drink. So what’s the best thing you can do to kick the BPA out of ments are powerful testosterone producers. Yet there’s your life? Here’s some options: more pieces to the T-boosting puzzle. And that’s the age when testosterone levels begin to really skyrocket! Imagine your response if you are over 30 and on the biologi- cal testosterone decline already. the more leakage. what am I doing right • Drink out of a BPA FREE or glass water bottle when travel- NOW that could be decreasing my testosterone levels? In. the BPA chemi- cals leak into your water. the war against BPA The Dreaded BPA You want to avoid BPA at all costs.

Another option (not as effective as option #1 but it’s better than nothing). Look for some of the labels below when purchasing your insist on grass-fed hormone-free meat and dairy. Organic fruits and veggies are going to keep out the hidden pesticides that are holding your male-hormones back. and dairy indus- tries. The fat of the meat is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. hormone-free. and organic items: and dairy products may cost you a dollar extra but are well worth the investment in your manhood. Earlier in this manual we spoke about omega-3 fatty acids and the ability to dramatically in- crease testosterone production. Some advice. And Hormones In Meat
 wash them good too. Sounds like a win-win to me. Option 1 is go organic. to wash your fruits and vegetables before eating them. There’s also more great news about adopting a grass-fed hormone-free meat approach. pork. Hormones are heavily used in the beef. These meats grass-fed. If you're a meat and potatoes guy. be in better shape. when you eat meat or eat/drink dairy products. Not only do you prevent your testosterone from dropping. is 11 . You may not be able to remove all the Pesticides On Fruits & Veggies pesticide but a little bit can go a long way if you haven’t been cleaning your fruits and vegetables up until now. but you get to enjoy a fatty steak packed with T-boosting omega 3s. you may have found Add in these two dietary testosterone rescue tactics and you’ll one of the culprits depleting your testosterone levels. Onto the fruits and veggies.

I personally Not all personal care items are bad. and are also used as stabilizers and in many personal care items. propyl-. etc) are preservatives used most cosmetics. They have direct effect in lowering testicular testosterone production and don’t do the best job at 12 . and toothpaste.   Triclosan and Triclocarban . Increased urinary phthlate traces have been strongly connected with decreased testoster- one in men (15).(usually listed as methyl-.commonly used to make plastics more flexible (back to the BPA discussion). I receive zero commission just fyi. butyl-. everyday personal care items. personal-lubricants. off. However. Phthalates . etc.both are antibacterial agents found in common antibacterial soaps. to protect men and women from the harmful chemicals of shaving gels. recommend them to any guy who wants to keep estrogenic There can be an insane amount of estrogen mimics and anti. ethyl-. Sounds like a lose-lose situation for us guys. Use coupon code “MORET” (as in more testosterone) for 15% Parabens . the big companies out there. lotions. about their products and believe in the brand they’ve created sun lotions. Watch Out For 
 fighting bacteria either. and can have a Here Is the Website To Gaia Body Works weak affinity to estrogen receptors in the body (14). many of them spoke with the CEO of the company about his products and I are when testosterone levels are thrown into the discussion. Personal Care Items The solution? Check out the Gaia Body Works. I am just passionate heptyl-. They are considered to be xenoestrogens. They have everything you androgenic endocrine system disrupting chemicals in your need. shampoos. such as. moisturizers. hand sanitizers. hormones OUT of their body.

following the traditional 6 meals a day. dramatically (16). Not only will this change boost your hormone levels but has the potential to improve other ar- eas in your life as well. 13 . If this is a tough one for you then write down a few things that are more This technique follows a “fasting” like formula (actually there important than alcohol. then Anabolic Eating is the shake-up goals. Drinking is a sure way to Medicine At The University Of Virginia Uncovered A Unique take your testosterone levels down. write them down and carry the you need to ramp up your testosterone and growth hormone list in your wallet or on your refrigerator. Stop Drinking Increase Your Testosterone Levels By 180% By Anabolic Eating In every solution I find for men who want to increase their testosterone levels. I always look for a “best of both worlds” Brand New Research From The Department Of Internal scenario. Not a negative slope on your hormone enhancing progress. personal career tons of restrictions. the physical rela. right? hey. Eating Tactic Proven To Increase The Anabolic “Fountain Of Youth” Hormone In Men By 2000% In Only 24 Hours while Even just having a few drinks throughout the week will have also increasing testosterone levels by a whopping 180%. This one. So any time you go production. And bad. low-fat diet. in for a drink you’ll be reminded of your goals and what is most important to you. there is none. are 3 different formulas you can choose from) to help keep those male sex hormones high and in-charge. it’s not doing much for your physique either. If you’ve been This could be the physique goals you have. Whatever it may be. with tionship you desire for you and your wife.

Refer back to the previous pages to see how these estro- genic products and chemicals can be replaced easily in your everyday routine. common personal care items. If you already have a copy of Anabolic Eating then chances But let’s get our ducks in a row here. If not. you can still drastically improve your testosterone levels by Action Step #2: Kick Out The Estrogenic Stuff following steps 1-3. taking a look at the research and see if it is for you. and alco- hol. should be consuming daily to increase your male hormone levels. I suggest (see next page for supplement list if you choose). and vegetables. Action Step #3: Add In Additional Supplementation This may included CLA and Fish Oil as listed in the previous pages for additional testosterone production and fat burning from the CLA 14 . dairy. these included BPA plastic containers and wa- ter bottles. Testosterone Rescue Plan Of Action Action Step #4: Begin Anabolic Eating All the information packed together in this manual is fantas- tic and will help you ramp up your T-levels starting today. shall we? Here’s your are you have experienced the effectiveness of the program in plan of action moving forward: as little as a few days. You’ve seen the list of powerful vitamins and minerals you Simply add in these 3 actions steps to enhance your results. As a refresher. fruits. This can come in the form of food or supplements If you have not grabbed a copy of Anabolic Eating. You DO NOT need to “start” from the top of these action steps and put your Anabolic Eating sched- Action Step #1: Dietary Switch ule on hold. chemically layered and injected meats.

which you have already have access All the best. you now have a chance to rescue Omega 3 Fish Oil: Omega Krill 5X your testosterone levels from the barrage of attacks we face everyday. with this guide. your t-levels are at risk for day-to-day damage. Only Anabolic Running customers have exclusive entry to Joe LoGalbo the Testosterone Rescue Kit 15 . Testosterone Booster & Fat Burner (CLA): BellyTrim XP However.. As you can see there’s plenty of “holes” your testosterone levels could be falling through. Recommended Personal Care: You’re well on your way to bringing your testosterone back Assorted skincare free of estrogens: Gaia Body Works to life and experiencing the muscle building.. if you have any questions or need any assistance please email me personally at joe@spartanbuddy. Whether it’s the Multivitamin: Vitamin Code For Men nutrients you are lacking or the items you are using every- day. congratulations on tak- Recommended Workout: ing back your testosterone! Anabolic Running . fat burning. I’m pumped to have you here and again. (MORET as in more testosterone) Again. li- bido and energy boosting effects of having more of this pow- Use Promo Code “MORET” for 15% Off erful hormone. I want to commend you for picking up this free copy of the Testosterone Rescue Kit and putting it to good use! Recommended Eating Program: Eating Solution Built For Men: Anabolic Eating Again. Recommended Supplements: Wrapping up.

org/doi/abs/10. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. www. Office of Dietary Supplements. (13) (16) (8) (11) Lawson LD. 1981 Aug.ncbi. Epub 2010 Dec 10 (6) http://www. (14) https://www.1210/endo-32-1-97 (9) https://www.ncbi.nih.nlm.nih.nih. 2011 Mar. (12) SourceOne Global Partners: VESIsorb Delivery System. Zinc
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