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CA.P.F EXAM-2016 1146614 C-ABNG-O-ICK GENERAL STUDIES, ESSAY AND COMPREHENSION Time Allowed : Three Hours ‘Maximum Marks : 200 INSTRUCTIONS Please read each of the following instructions carefully before attempting questions. All the SIX questions are to be attempted. Question No. 1 is printed both in Hindi and in English. Answer to this shall be written either in Hindi or English, conforming to the medium indicated in the Attendance list against the name of the candidate, The same shall also be indicated by the candidate on the cover of the answer book in the space provided. Other questions are printed in English only and should be attempted in English only. The number of marke carried by a part/question is indicated against it The question un précis shalt be attempted only on the précis sheets provided separately, which shall be securely attached to the answer book, without any mention of roll no. All parts of a question shall be attempted together in the answer book. Attempts of parts/questions shall be counted in sequential order. Unless struck off, attempt of a part/question shall be counted even if attempted partly. Any page or portion of the page left blank in the answer book must be clearly struck off. ears srgaer ear Bact Berets we sree Bs fae gs Oe ores C-ABNG-Q-ICK 1 [Contd] 1 Write essays on any four of the following in about 300 words each : (4x20=80) (a) The onus of maintaining healthy relations with ‘Nepal is on India (b) Farmers’ suicides in India : A sign of impending disaster (© India needs to redefine the relations between the Centre and the States, (@ Is development possible at the cost of environment ? (©) Revamping our banking system is the need of the hour ® Urbanisation of India is nothing but blind Westernisation frafetas 8 feet ere aT 300 weal (He) # fete fafa - (4x20=80) (&) Fore 8 aes feet ara cat Hh ested aes a (3) ora 4 fear anenecmt : ard} ero eat aT aie (1) are at eg we Usa & oreeh fedi At Greater we Ht sara & (a) ar arareeor A stra we Premra wera 8 2 (8) wart ae aren ar section aaa Ft gare (3) are retro ore oferta & afeter Fe tt ref C-ABNG-Q-ICK 2 [Contd] a 4, ‘Write arguments for and against each of the following statements : (2x20=40) (a) India needs to focus on imparting quality education instead of merely increasing its Gross Enrolment Ratio. (>) The trend of nuclear families will make old age homes in India increase in number. Write reports on the following in about 200 words each : (2x10=20) (a) Receding glaciers (6) Ban on alcohol in Bihar Attempt a précis of the given passage in one-third of its length. Do not suggest a title, Write, as far as possible, in your own words. Write the précis on the separate sheets provided and fasten them to the answer book. (15) ‘There is no better illustration of human folly than the narrative of Sheikh Chilli. Who in India is (C-ABNG-Q-ICK 3 [Contd] not aware of the story of this incorrigible fool who chose to ignore the sane advice of a passer-by of not cutting the same branch on which he himself was sitting. Obviously fools fail to learn from others’ experiences and pay a heavy price in the process. ‘They have use neither for their own intelligence nor for that of others. They live in their own world, while apparently they may be in the middle of a group of people. Fools by nature are enemies of thinking, both reflective and prospective. They never doubt their intelligence, are cocksure of their sense of judgement. They think they are benefactors of society and are anguished that the world fails to recognise their talent. All fools possess a degree of impatience in their desire to make the world re se their worth, wishing to improve its lot by setting a personal example before it. They are sure that the folks around them lack an innate sense of discretion and require to learn from them. C-ABNG-Q-ICK 4 [Contd.) Fools have been immortalized by literature across the world. Like Sheikh Chilli's account in India, the legend of Don Quixote, the fictional Spanish knight, is equally famous in the West. He is known for thriving in a make-believe world where he is the lone saviour of humanity. The good thing is that these self-proclaimed samaritans often inhabit the world of imagination, limiting their capacity to cause damage to the real world and producing in the process hilarious effects through their irrationality. But there are instances when such fools have come to occupy the centre stage of history. Their actions then had disastrous effects on our welfare, as well as on our existence. We all know how people likke Hitler brought the world to the brink of destruction through their disastrous leadership. The condition of the world continues to be precarious and its future insecure due to foolish scientists who have handed over the destructive secrets of nuclear power to vicious politicians. There goes a saying that it is no use crying C-ABNG-Q-ICK 5 [Contd,} 5 over spilt milk. Now what we need to become vigilant about is the danger posed by fools to our survival. Academic curricula across the world need to educate learners about the negative potential of fools to challenge the safety and security of planet earth. (402 words) Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow : (6x4=20) " It is an obvious trait of black incomes that they cannot be declared to the fiscal authority for fear of large penalties. As under-declarations multiply, the tax base shrinks and price controls begin to blunt-the edge of fiscal policy. One instrument of control gets into the way of the other and makes it ineffective. Tax evasion is large not necessarily because the rate of tax is high, as businessmen often proclaim, but because the income on which tax is to be paid, and the activity from which income is received, cannot be declared. It C-ABNG-Q-ICK 6 [Contd] follows that even if taxes were halved, so long as the income is black, taxes will be evaded. However, to the extent taxation fails to catch undeclared incomes emanating from controls, it becomes a bad instrument for balancing aggregate demand and supply and for controlling inflation, In an euthusiastic alvempl lo make taxation do the balancing trick, tax rates on honest tax-payers become penal. This leads to a second round of tax evasion, this time because tax rates are intolerably high. More and more tax-payers at the margin avoid tax payment, become dishonest and in the course of time get used to dishonesty. While black money does so much damage to public policy, it also dries up the sources of real growth in the private sector of the economy. The capital market, the main vehicle of growth, consequently dries up, and capital formation both in the public and private sectors suffers a serious decline. C-ABNG-O-ICK z [Conta] @ How is the circulation of black money detrimental for private entrepreneurs ? (i) Why isn’t reduction of taxes useful for sprucing up taxes ? How do honest tax-payers suffer on account of tax evaders ? (iv) How does black income impact a nation’s economy ? (v) ‘Large scale evasion of taxes takes place due to exorbitant taxes.’ Argue for or against the statement on the basis of your reading of the passage. C-ABNG-Q-ICK 8 [Conta] 6. (A) Rewrite the sentences as directed C-ABNG- @ @ Gi Gv) w) wi) (wii) ACK No no gains. (Fill in the blank to complete the proverb) None of these books in circulation today. (Pil in Whe Dlawk with appropriate form of be’) Such rumours are commonly heard these days. (Change to active form) He says, “I'm not coming to the function.” (Convert into indirect statement) None other but Raj has done this mischief. (Correct the sentence) Neither she nor her husband was present for the ceremony. (Change into interrogative sentence) ‘They come to the park regularly. (Change to past tense to project it as a routine past activity) 9 [Contd] (10oxt=10) @) (viii) They know you, i (Supply the question tag) (ix) We fashioned these artefacts out of waste material. (Change into passive form) jemy’ means one’s old enemy/worst (Strike out the wrong option) Give the plural form of the following words and make sentences using the plural form: _(6x2=10) @)—alumans (i) antenna Gil) synopsis (iv) stratum (v) fungus C-ABNG-O-ICK 10 [Contd] (©) Correct the following sentences, without making any unnecessary changes : (xt=5) (i) Several defence aircrafts have crashed recently. (i) She had come here but did not meet me for reasons best known to her. Gii) He is one of the most promising pupil of my class. Gv) Cadets must get all items of clothes ironed befoie packing them for the excursion. (v) Uneasy lies the head who wears the crown. C-ABNG-Q-ICK " C-ABNG-O-ICK arnra sree, Fare ott aeirgnt wae. ae rfc a: 200 Areata fre wren sigan wi, aval db acne da a aERh, carreras Te FL woh we meat ar ao aa aiftard 21 wer vicar 1 feed sik att ata F oar @ | sar TH TT at RP rere sith H fear carer are 1 iemitat at fated a AT cae Pos Fares ear area, ae rer BP a FAO SOTERA AA HE aE 8 1 veteran yftereor & arene ea HF Pere eave eH Se TT BT FET AT TRE | ore wer Birk ati F wt & otk ser sists F 8 Kerra sibtart a eden wea /sre % vr srftraren ses TH aA RE TEE | arrechea & wer aor se arate weber % fore ya BI a ETE Parsi ees TR TC HMA VAT ART | TR TTT ATTA ae often % earey weer awe SE | sere RT a Ther Tae TEP evar wes we wer & aot ent & ae, aR Glew are here at alee | mel /ser HT a see segs PA ATE | oe FR He ET Tar B, a aI TH BH Te HE se aT TOT | ah are gfe aig yer ar eT GaTeht ws een TAT &, zh ER whe a HET: Bre aa oTTaRIe eb | ‘Note: English version of the Instructions is printed on the front cover of this question paper. C-ABNG-Q-ICK 12