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AFPSLAI for the first time by the Alliance for Non-stock Savings and Loan institutions or ANSLI

(formerly Confederation of Non-stock Savings and Loan Associations or CONSLA) for its
outstanding performance in asset management, debt utilization and stability, profitability and
growth, and loan efficiency for the year 2015. And we intend to build on this strength as we gear
towards attaining leadership in the financial services industry.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our initiative to strengthen corporate social responsibility has been taken to a new level with the
inclusion of social impact as part of our strategic thrust for 2016-2022. This only manifests our
sincerest desire to incorporate social responsibility in our core function as we bring a difference
not only in the lives of our members and their families but also as to the communities that they
serve. And I am proud to note that our past CSR initiatives have lived up to this commitment
through our advocacies on education, health , entrepreneurship and corporate giving.

For the year 2015, we continue to give back to our members through the following:
CORPORATE GIVING comprised of donations in kind to partner institutions in the total amount
of P13.08M, with the following as major donations:

 3 units Toyota Innova (BFP & Office of the Chief of Staff, AFP), 2 units Toyota HI-Ace (
converted as ambulance for Camp Capinpin &PNP General Hospital) , and 1 unit Toyota
 4 sets Infusion System to Veterans Memorial Medical Center; 1 unit Shockwave Therapy,
1 unit slip lamp bio-microscope to PNP General Hospital
 Office computers and printers to Pension Gratuity Management Center (PGMC)

OUTREACH PROGRAM where we carried out medical missions in different branch offices to
concretize our advocacy on health and wellness.

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM provides an opportunity for the intellectually capable dependents

of regular members in need of financial assistance to pursue baccalaureate and vocational courses.
For the school year 2015-2016, thirty one (31) students were added to the rolls of AFPSLAI
scholars. Since the program started, AFPLSAI has already produced 187 graduates.
ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM is our way of recognizing the productive endeavors of
AFPSLAI members that reflect the entrepreneurial qualities we advocate as an institution. Our
advocacy of empowering our members towards financial freedom finds realization in this program.

ALMS PROGRAM where a total of P46.15M in the form of death assistance was provided to the
survivors deceased AFPSLAI members.

With the current business environment, we are all faced with the challenge of choosing the business
model most appropriate to adopt and implement. Competition has become an imminent threat as
this could weaken the fundamental strength we have built over time. While I strongly believe in
our resilience to bounce back. I also see the urgency of synergizing our efforts across the
organization and build a stronger foundation for AFPSLAI to stand on. This is because while we
are mandated to work on compliance issues, we are also faced with the enormous challenge of
building our resilience as an organization to be able to meet the demands of a competitive and
unpredictable market condition.

Thus we have lined up priority projects we intend to carry out to achieve our strategic objectives
by 2022:

 Enhanced market research and product development

 Rationalized capital structure
 Implement IT Strategic Plan ( ATM, internet banking, SMS/Mobile, etc)
 Implement and Enterprise-wide Risk Management System (IT, Compliance, Customer
 Review and improve Performance Management and incentive Scheme
 Work Attitude and Values Enhancement (WAVE) Program
 Business Reengineering and Reorganization Project

We have better growth prospects for the next four years or so as we expect loans to pick up with
the staggered implementation of the salary increase of government employees. While this can keep
us on track with our growth targets, what can truly sustain us is the right execution, the right
business decisions and a service culture that will differentiate us from the rest of our competitors.
I would like to extend the limelight to my co-employees in AFPSLAI as well as the Board of
Trustees who have painstakingly worked in bringing AFPSLAI to where it currently stands – an
organization with a strong asset base and sustained profitability to be proud of.
I also extend my gratitude to our dear members whose continued support has made possible the
realization of our strategic objectives. In return, we commit to persevere more as we pursue
initiatives that will uplift the well-being of our members, their families and the community.