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CSO Agreement and Motor Velilde Security Agreement

cs: Ohio Auto Loan Services, Inc. Effective Date: Agreement 0:
Address: 8439 READING ROAD
CWJaNNATI, OH 45215 08/06fl0l6 02:12 PM
(513) 761-0035 1
Colialend Information:

Maker FORD
CtsliiiIdonaadoCE .Customer; Year: 2002
Name: Name: None
Address: WIt
CU4CR4NAfl OH 45246 N/A Llccnsd


In this CSO Agreement and Motor Vehicle cuuty,.grement (“Agreement”), “CSO”, “we”, “us” and “Cu?’ means the Credit
Services Organization
identified above. “Custome?’, “you” and “yoil? me4 the Customer and Co.Customer or Buyer and Co-Buyer identified above,
jointly and severally If
more than one. “Lander” means the thfrd-pafly,Iender hat makes a loan that CSO arranges for Customer in accordance with this CSO
AgreemenL “Note”
means the Federal Truth-Tn-Lending Disclosures and Promlssory’Noce that CSO obtains for Customer with the third-party
lender, This CSO Agreement,
including the arbiriadon provisions and all ntgr provisions in this document, or incorporated herein by reference,
is binding upon and Inures to the benefit
‘T each parry and each parry’s respective representatives, employees, officers, directors, attorneys, affiliated companies, lenders, predecessors, successors,
and assigns, as well as any masketing. servicing, and collection npresentanves,and agents. CSO Is licensed as a credit services
organization under the Ohio
Credit Services Organization Act. CSO is
4 a lender or an agent ala lender. CSO cannot promise that the lender will extend credit to Customer
The Lander Independently makes all credit decisions regarding whether Lender will make a loan. CSO’s credit services and
any loan CSO obtains
for Customer may not be at the best or lowest ratns. Customer may shop clsewb&e ran credit services and extensions
of credit
Description of CSO Services. For good and valuable consideration set forth below, CSO agrees to use CSO’s best efforts
to: (1) obtain a loan for
Customer from a lender with an interest rate not to exceed 25% per annum; (2) assist Customer in preparing and completing
the information and documents
that a lender requims Customer to submit in order to obtain the loan; and (3) provIde a guaranty (the “Guaranty”) to
assist Customer in obtaining a loan,
(collectively “Credit Services”). The Credit Services are complete upon Issuance of the Guaranty and Customer’s
receipt of the loan proceeds. The
estimated period for performing these Credit Services Is one day. Since CSO began providing Credit Services
in Ohio, CSO has fully and completely
peffonned the services CSO agreed to perform for 100% of customers,
Cost or eso Services. Customer agrees to pay CSO alec (the KCSO Fee’) in the amount
of 2589.00
CSO Fee unless CSO Zr able to obtain the loan for Customer. Customer must pay the CSO $any Customer will not owe orbs charged a

pan of the loan from the Under. The CSO Fee is earned on the day Customer receives amounts ,due the CSO end may finance the CSO lee as
and accepts the thlrd.pany loan and receives the finds from the
loan. However, CSO would refund a portion of the CS0 Fee based upon the number of installments
remaining in the test of the loan if the loan Is paid in
Ml or refinanced prior to its maturity dale. There are no payments required to be made by Customer
to another person for the Credit Services.
The CSO Fee isa service fee and Is not interest For purposes of the Federal Tmth’in-Lending
Finance Charge calculation disclosed with the loan in Note that Customer may execute Act, however, the CSO Fee is required to be included in the
with the Lender, Customer agrees that although the CSO Fee is
disclosed as part of the Finance Charge for purposes of compliance with the Federal
Truth-in-Lending Act, the CSO Fee Is not interest under Ohio law.
Customer agrees to pay CSO any amounts CSO pays under the Guaranty. Customer agrees
advanced by 1_ender to Customer. that the CSO Fee can be paid to C5O from the loan proceeds

Terms and Conditions of Payment You have requested that CSO assist you in arranging
in either a loan in the amount of S Mn no The loan will be payable
(x) J,j,,, installments of’S 217.60 and with 1 installment of’S 217.51

with interest charged by Lender at 24.95% per annum, the Amount Financed is 65000 or C) in 1 installment of S N/A
interest in the amount of $ 677.71 $ the Finance Charge is 33266.71 which consists of

and the total CSO Pee of $ 2589.00 the
, Mnual Percentage Rate is 399.44 %, and the Total of
Payments Is $ 3,916.71
Guaranty. Customer agrees that Customer has applied with CSO as an applicant
liar a Guaranty to ensure Customer’s payment of the loan. Customer
requests that CSO provide a Guaranty in favor of Lender in an amount not to exceed principal,
charges on the loan that CSO arranges for.Customeçijf Lander requests paymeRtund interest, delinquency charges, and aft other accrued fees and
to tmmediately pay CSO any amounts paid by er the Guaranty, and CSO pays under the Guaranty, Customer agnes
CkQ pursuant to the. GUaranty. lf,.Customer timely exercises Customer’s right an cancel this CSO
Agreement, CSO’s Guaranty shall be automatF lave no further effect
CSO Authority. Customer authorizes,
during rasonable hours at home or work to remind Customer of their obligations
under the CSO Agreemen (2) excbange n about Customer with the Lender until any amounts due under the CSO Agreement
are paid In Ml; (3) communicate wil Including êalling Customer, conununicating with Customer In writing or via email, or
communl,9nng with Customer’s -
identified in Customer’s application.
Security Interest To sedure payi,nt and
interest in Cust&icr’s “free and d&f’ motorp “s obligations to CSO pursuant to the Guaranty, Customer grants CSO a security
the Note and CS9 Agreement ha* been satis bered certificate of title (which shall be held by the CSO until all obligations under
accassor4js, attachments, accesslcfls, replacements and additions to Customer’s vehicle,
whether addedav or later, together with all in
who may cause’mage to the vehicle or hUm d refunds of insurance premiums, Ilany, and all sums that nny be due from third parues
,whtber &e to judgment, settlement or other process (°Collnieral”). This security interest
provides addiiona1 protection to CSO in theevent mer does.not rdpay a loan that CSO has guaranteed, but it is not one of the defined Credit Services
that CSO pravies to Customer under this Agreepent ‘CSO
may’, at Ifs option, perfect its security interest in the Collateral by recording its II on the
Customer In itia&:__________
Continuation of CSO Agreement — Page 2

certificate of title to the Collateral. CSO’s security interest will not affect any nonpurthase money household goods (as defined in 16 CP.R. Pan 444), or
other consumer goods that Customer may acquire more than ten days afler Customer gives value unless such consumer goods art installed in cc affixed to
the vehicle, Except for the security Interest in CSO’s favor Customer represents that there ale no others liens, interests or encumbrances regarding the
Collateral. GO would be the lienholder on the vehicle with the tight to repossess and dispose of the vehicle in accordance with applicable law if Customer
does not pay orpcrftrnj on time under the CSO Agreement

Notice regarding Collateral protection Insurance. Physical damage insurance is required. Customer must keep the Collateral insured against
damage or loss in the amount of the Guaranty or other amount CSO reasonably specifies. Customer must keep this insurance until Customer has
satisfied Customer’s obligations t CSO under this Agreement Customer may obLain property insurance from anyone Customer wants or provide proof
of insurance Customer already ha Theinsurer must be authori red to do business In Ohio or, to the extent permitted bylaw, be an eligible susplus lines
Customer’s representations and wananties. Customer represents and warrants that Customer has the tight to enter Into this Agreement, and is at lean
18 years of age. Customer represents and wanants that the Collateral is not stolen, has no liens or encumbrances against It, that Customer will not attempt
to transfer any Interest in the Collateral until all oblidons under this Agreement have been paid in liii!, and that the Collateral will not be moved from
Customer’s state of residence. Customer further warrts that until such time all amounts due hereunder are fully repaid, Customer will not attempt to seek
a duplicate title Co Collateral.
Notices. Customer agrees separately to j3rovtde CSO notice of any bankruptcy, probate, lawsuit, arbItratIon, or other legal proceeding
affecting Customer’s property. My notice that CSO is required to provide under this Agreement or applicable law will be declared reasonable if sent
to Customer at the address set forth above via regular man. It is Customers duty to keep the listed address current and provide CSO with written notice
of any change in address,
CSO’s rights in the event of default Upon the occurrence of any event of default (the earlier of either of the following: (A) CSO having to pay on the
Guaranty, (B) when Lender declares a default on the Note, or (C) U any representadoos made by Customer prove to be false or fraudulent), GO may at
CSO’s option, and without notice or demand, do any one or more of the following: (a) proceed to collect any unpaid balance paid to Lender under the
Guaranty; (b) foreclose upon CSO’s lien or security interest, including repossession and liquidation of any Colintérni securing tL Agreement according to
law; Cc) exercise all other tights, powers and remedies given by law; and Cd) recover from Customer all charges, costs, fees and expenses, including all
collection costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees Incurred or paid by CSO in exemising any tight, power or remedy provided by this Agreement or by law,
Notices and waivers. Except for notices provided in this Agreement, Customer and others responsible to the extent permitted by law, waive
demand, notice of noapayment, notice of Intention to accelerate, notice of acceleration, presentment, and notice or dishonor. To the extent
permitted by law, Customer and others responsible also agree: CSO may waive or delay enforcing CSO’s rights without losIng them; CSO Is not
required to file suit or arbitrate, show diligence in collection against Customer or others responsible, or go against any of the Collateral; CSO may
release or modify any person’s liability without changing the liability of others; CSO may substitute, exchange or release the Collateral; and CSO
may sue or arbitrate with one or more persons without Jolaing Dr suing others.
Assignment CSO may transfer or assign any of CSO’s tights, titles, and interests under this CSO Agreement at GO’s sole discretion. Customer may not
wangler Customer’s tights under this Agreement without CSO’a prior written consent

Compliance with laws, No part of this Agreement, nor any charge or receipt by GO, Is supposed to permit CSO to impose interest or other amounts in
excess of lawful amounts, if an excess occurs, CSO will apply It as a credit or otherwise refund it and the rate or amount involved will automatically be
reduced to the maximum lawful rate or amount To the extent permitted by law, for purposes of determining (250’s compliance with law, CSO may
calculate charges by amortizing, prorating, allocating and spreading.

Credit Information. Customer agrees to provide GO new or updated information If any information contained in Customer’s Application changes.
Customer acknowledges and agrees that (250 may rely on Customer’s Application for any credit services.
Communications, By signing this CSO Agreement, Customer authorizes (250 to send Customer commercial electronic mail messages at the email
address listed In Customer’s Application.
General. (a) If more than one Customer executes this Agreement, each Customer will be jointly and severally liable; (b) time is of the essence of this
Agreement4 (o) Customer shall bear the entire risk of loss or damage to the Collateral while it is in Customer’s possession and agree to indemail’ and hold
(250 harmless from any and all claims for property damages or personal injtujes arisiog from the operation of the Collateral, Including but not lindted to,
all judgments, attorney’s fees, court costs an&any in,rd expenses; and (d)this Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the panles and no
other agreements, representations or warranties othejan those stNei)erein shall be binding unless reduced in siidng and signed by both panics.
Registered Agent CS0’s registered agegn Ohio’ ‘Corpo6u System, 1300 East 9h
Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44114.
Principal Place of Business. CSO’s principal place of 8601 Dunwoody ace. Ste. 406, AtlanLa, GA 30350.
Governing Law; Enforceability. This Agreement sbll be consmued, pld and governed by the internal laws of the State of Ohm. The
unenforceabllity or invalidity of any portion of this Agreem9t shall not tender unenforceable or Invalid the remaining portions hereof.
Guidelines For Responsible Borrowing. Please remEmber
Only borrow the amount you need. 4
Only b&row what you can comfoilAbly repay.”.j
* f the loan Is refinanced, in addition to any reguitd
principal payments, pay down as much principal as possible prior to refinancing.

- Customer lnhriaJ_,,,_.,.

__ _________

Continuation of CSO Agreemdnt -- Page 3

Use good judgment Shop around for the best financial solutions.
Warning. These Credit Services and any loans are not intended to meet long-term financial needs. They should only be used to
immediate shod-term cash needs. Repeated or frequent use can create serious financial hardships. Customer should evaluate meet
the costs and
benefits of nfl alternatives before entering into a CSO Agreement or a Note. Other forum of short-term credit services or loans that may
be less
expensive Include credit services from another credit service organization, a loan from another lender, institution or from family
or friends, a
credit card cash advance, an account with overdraft protection, or a salary advance.
Right to cancel. Customer has the right to cancel gUs Agreement at any tint before midnight of the third business day after the date of
this contract This
tight is father explained in the attached notice of cancellation kmi&
This Agreement Includes, and lucorpo-ates by reference, the Arbitration Provision and Class Action Waiver
set forth In the CSO Disclosure
Statement, and the Privacy Poflcy received separately.


Customer Co-Customer (‘ -hg
CSb(by flFA1thcdzed Rep enjative)
Date of Exacution: n/4 4,1304. Date of Execution:______________

Authorization to Deliver Adverdsementa or Telemarketing Messages Using
Dale of Execution:
/ Li) I I

Text Messages, B-Malls & Other Electronic Communications
You hereby authorize us to deliver or cause to be delivered to
you adyenisements or lelemarketing messages using an automatic telephone dialing
system or an sulfide) or prerecorded voice. You hereby (tuber authorize
us to deliver these messages via c-mails, text messages and other electronic
communications to the telephone number and e-mail listed below. To
receive such communications you must provide a valid c-mail address, telephone
number or other contact Infonnation for an applicable communicati
ons device. You should be aware that your winless provider or other
communications esther may charge you applicable text messaging mica
for each text message or other electronic communication that is Sent tO you or
received by you. You represent to us that you are the owner or an authorized
user of the wireless or other communications device for which you have
provided an e-mail address, a telephone number or other contact information.
You understand that receipt of this loan is not conditioned upon your
consent to this authorization.

-Your e-mail

-Your mobile phone number:

[jur Signature:

‘I OH CSO Agmt 0121164oc

Continuation of CSO Agreement --Page 4

Attachments to CSO Agpment
£Customer may detach and use these forms to Cancel)


Notice of Cancdllatloa
You may cancel this contract, without any penalty or obugaffon, within three business days after the date the contract is sigocd.
To cancel this contract, mail or deliver a signed dated copy or this cancellation notice, or other written notice, to:
Cfl’ICUVNA11, OH 45215 not later than midnight 08110(2016
I hereby cancel this transaction. I

(Date) (CSO customer siguahwc)

Transaction Number:

Notice of Cancellation
You may cancel this contract, without any penalty or obligation, within three business days after the date the contract is slued.
To cancel this contract, mall or deliver a signed dated copy of this cancellation notice, or other written notice, to:
CINCINNATI. OH 45215 not Later than mIdnight 08/10(2016
I hereby cancel this transaction.

(Date) (CSO customer signature)






1. The loan that we have arranged on your behalf is an installment loan. It is repaid by making a
series of approximately equal payments.* The Annual Percentage Rate on this loan is
399 .44_ %.

2. Mthough the loan is snctwed as an installment loan, we encourage you to pay more than your
scheduled payment op each installment so that you pay-off your loan more quickly.
3. All interest due must be paid before any payment will be credited toward the reduction

4. Your automobile has been pledged as security for the loan as well as for your agreement
with us. if the loan is not repaid in full, Including the finance charge, you are subject to
losing your automobile.

5. Please note, this is a higher cost loan. You should go to another source if you have
ability to barrow at less than the Aitnual Percentage Rate shown above.

I have read the above “REMINDER TO CUSTOMER” and I understand its contents. I undi
that if! do not pay the amount due on each installment that I am placing continued owner
my automobile at fisk.

DATE: 08/0612016

DATE: 08/0612016


* Check your loan agreement and your CO agreement the exact amount ofyour paythents and other
terms & conditions.
,1flMINDER TO BORR0WEF(oH CSo Arncrtizcd frstalhtcnt Loan Prothcts)..0121 16.doc
• (NCP) Title Loaji Table of Contents
• All Documents are-tb be attaoHtd to the file in this order
Each Ins eh4ld beth1tlale’ to ctnflrm content

• .
(Bottom Right Side)

c, 1ouce:to•coIgpor..
Qi applicable) . ••

. ..
• . . .

NOP Federal Tmth-ln-Leodlng Disclosures1 Promissory Note and Sewrfty Agreement
Pg. 1 thru S (Slim1 th top copy paid when account Is paid in full or refinanced)
NbPSicurityAgrement . .
Pg. 1 tim 2 (Staç the top copy ppld when account Is paid In full or refinanced)
NCP Phvaoy Notice

NCP Notice of Cancellation

NOP Consent to Text Message -

.‘ MOP Finance Credit Information
• NOP Consent to electronIc Communication
• NOP Application for CertificEte of 11IIoJ
NCP Power of Attorney

if customer requests a copy of NCP Loan Documonts after account is paid, log into NOP
and provide copies off NCP Web Site.

Fa5tEa the NCP Federal Thth4n.Lendihâ bWélasuiâ hb1ssory Note and Security Agreement NCP
Security Agwemmt NCP P4vacy Noilce, NC? Notice of Cancellation, Consent to Text M%sage, NCP
Finance Credit Info rmathi, Cma to Eccuonlo Cçnurnmtcdon, NOP Application for Catificate of
• This, Nower oftttmey t&the folder using file fasteners.


Date: 08/06/2016 Loan
CSO: Ohio Auto Loan Services, Inc. Applicant:..,
CmcnINAV, OH 45215 CINCINNATI, OH 45246
(513) 761-0035
DeTmiUons; in this disclosure statement, “Applicant” means the individual(s) signing this disdonire and the terms “you” and
“your” mean the Applicant (Including any “Co-Applicant”). “CSO” means the CSO referenced above, which Is credit
services organization under the Ohio Credit Services Organization Act and the tents “we”, “us” and “our” mean the C$O
listed above. ‘tender” means any third-party lender from whom CSO may obtain a loan for Applicant. These terms also
include each party and each patty’s respective heirs, personal representatives, successors, and assigns, as applicable. “CSO
Agreement” means the agreement that Applicant would enter Into with CSO if Applicant Is approved by CSO for credit
services and Applicant decides to enter into the CSO Agreement The CSO Agreement would Include, and Incorporate by
reference, the Arbitration Agreement and Class Action Waiver contained herein and separately provided Privacy Policy.
“Note” means the Federal Truth-hi-Lending Disclosures and Promissory Note that Applicant may enter Into with a Lender
unaffiliated with CSO that may make a loan to Applicant that CSO assists Applicant In obtaining.
Description of CSO Services: For good and valuable consideration set forth below, CSO agrees to use CSO’5 best efforts
(1) obtain a loan with a lender at an Interest rate not to exceed 25% per annum; (2) assIst Applicant In preparing and
completing the Information and documents that the Lender requires Applicant to submit In order to obtain the
loan; and (3)
provide a Guaranty (the “Guaranty”) to assist Applicant In obtaining the loan, (collectively “Credit Services”). These
Services generally will be perfonned in one day, Performance on the Guaranty is a contractual matter between CSO and the
Lender and Is not part of the Credit Services (250 provides to Applicant The Credit Services are complete upon providing
Guaranty to the Lender and Applicant’s receipt of the loan proceeds.
CSO is not a lender; As set forth above, one of CSO’s obligations would be to help Applicant obtain a lean from Lender.

ostof £80 Services: Applicant would agree to pay CSO a fee (the “(250 Fee”) In the amount of$ 259.0O ..
will not owe or be charged a CSQ Fee unless CSO Lv able to obtain the loan for Applicant. Applicant must pay
the CSU any
amounts due the CSO and may finance the CSO fee as part of the loan from the Lender. CSO’s CSO Eec is earned oihe
Applicant receives and accepts the third-party loan and receives the funds from the loan. However,
CS0 would
portion of the C5O Fee based upon the number of installments remaining In the term of the loan if the
loan Is paid in
refinanced prior to Its maturity data

as wou e at an Interest rate not to exceed 25% per annum, but by the Lender disclosing

CSO’s CSO fee as pad or the Finance tharge In the Note with Applicant, the loan’s Annual Percentage Rate would
be higher.
Applicant agrees that although the CSO Fee Is disclosed as part of the Finance Charge for purposes
of compliance with the
Federal math-in-Lending Act, the CS0 Fee Is nat interest under Ohio law. Applicant would agree In
the CSO Agreement to
pay CSO any amounts CSO pays under the Guaranty. Applicant will agree that the CSO Fee can be paid
to CSO from the
loan proceeds advanced by Lender to Appilcant
Guaranty and Security Interest in Motor Vehicles: lb secure payment and performance of the Guaranty, Applicant would
grant CSO a security interest in Applicant’s “free and dear” motor vehicle, via the unencumbered certificate of title (which
shall be held by the CSO until all obligations under th& Note and CSO Agreement have been satisfied),
any proceeds,
accessories, attachments, accessions, replacethihts and adjitlons to Applicant’s vehicle, whether added now or later, together
with all Insurance proceeds and reffmdsotinsurance.prènilums, if any, and all sums that may be due
from third parties who
may cause damage to the vehicle or from any bsuf6 whether due to judgment, settlement or other process (“Collateral”
£50 may, at its option, perfect its security Interest in the Collateral by recording Its lien on the certificate
of title to the
Collateral. However, CSO’s security interest would not affect any non-purchase money household goods
(as defined In 16
C.ER. Part 444), or other cofisnrnegoods that Applicant may acquire more than ten days after Applicant
gives value unless
such consumer goodiare Installed Iior affixed to the vehicle. Except for the security Interest In £8O’s
favor, Applicant would
represent that therein no others %ens, interests or encumbrances regarding the Collateral.
£50 would be the lienholder on
the vehicle with! the right to repossess and hispose of the vehicle in accordance with applicable
law If Applicant does not pay or
perform on dine under tjie CSO Agreement This security interest would provide additional protection
to CSO in the event
Applicant does nbt repay iloan that CSO has guaranteed, but It is not one of the defined Credit Services
that CSO would
provide to Applicát under the CSO Agreement

Page 1 of S Customer initials: —

Disclosure Statement
Applicant’s Rights to Make a Claim against CSO’s Surety Bond: CSO has filed a surety bond In the amount of $50,000 In
favor of persons who have been injured by any violation of the Credit Services Organization Act, and In favor of the State of
Ohio for the benefit of such persons. A person making a claim against the surety band for a violation by CSO of the Credit
Services Organization Act may file suit against us and the surety. The Surety’s liability is limited to aanal damages and not
for any punitive damages under Section 4712.1O(A)(2) of the Credit Services Organization Act, but the Surety’s aggregate
ilabmty to all persons damaged by our violation of the Credit Services Organization Act may not exceed the amount or the
surety bond. The name and address of our surety is:

Surety Bond Information
fiLl Insurance Company
9025 North Lindbergh Drive
Peoria, IL 61615

Required by Ohio law:
“Credit Reporting Practices
Rights or Consumers Under Ohio and Federal Law:
Under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, you have all of the following legal rights:
You have a right to obtain a copy of your credit report from a consumer reporting agency. You urny be charged a
reasonable fee. However, there Is no fee if you have been turned down within the preceding sixty days for credit,
employment, Insurance, or a rental dwelling because of Information In your credit report The consumer reporting
agency must provide someone to help you interpret the iofonnallon in your credit file.
You have a right to dispute Inaccurate information by contacting the consumer reporting agency directly. However,
neither you nor any credit services organization has the right to have accurate, current, and verifiable information
removed 1mm your consumer reporting agency report The consumer reporting agency must remove accurate,
negative information from your report only if It is more than seven years old. Bankruptcy Information can be
reported for ten years. Accurate Information cannot be permanently removed from the files of a consumer reporting
agency. Credit reporting agencies are required to follow reasonable procedures to ensure that creditors report
information accurately. However, mistakes may occur.
You may, on your own, notify a consumer reporting agency in writing that you dispute the accuracy of information In
your credit We. The consumer reporting agency then must reinvestigate and modify or remove lnaccura
infonnalion. The consumer reporting agency must not charge any fee for this service. Any pertinent Information
copies of all documents you have concerning an error should be given to the consumer reporting agency.
if reinvestigation does not resolve the dispute to your satisfaction, you may send a brief statement to the consumer
reporting agency to keep in your We, explaining why you HUnk the record is Inaccurate. The consumer reporting
agency must Include your statement about disputed infunnaffon In any reports it Issues about you.
Under Ohio law, you have a right to sue a credit services organization that violates the Ohio Credit Services
Organization Act This law prohibits deceptive practices by credit services organizations and gives you a right to
cancel your contract for any reason within three business days from the date you signed it.”
A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act: The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
promotes the accuracy, fairness, and privacy of Information In (lie files of consumer reporting agencies. There are
many types of consumer reporting agencies, including credit bureaus and specialty agencies (such as agencies that sell
infonnalion about check writing histories, medical records, and rental history records). Here Is a summary of your
major rights under the FCRA. For more Infonnatlon, including infonnotion about additional rights, go to
wwwstc.eov/credit or write to: Consumer Response Center, Room 130-A, Federal Trade CommIssion, 600
Pennsylvania Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20580.
• You must be told if mforniatlutmflr’.i .t
your We has been used against you. Anyone who uses a credit report or
another type of consumer report to dei,y6r application for credit, insurance, or employment or to take

another adverse action against you must tell you, and must give you the name, address, and phone

number of the agency that provided the information.
I _‘
• You hayJe right to luio* what is In your We. You may request and obtain all the Information about you
In the ifies of a consumer reporqng agency (your “file disclosure”). You will be required to provide proper
Id/ntiflcationwhlth may lnclud your Social Security number. in many cases, the disclosure will be free
avaljableior a mInimum charge. You are entitled to a free file disclosure if:
o a enon has taken adhne action against you in the past 60 days because of Informadiffi in your credit

Page 2 of 5 Customer
Disclosure Statement
o you are the victim of Identify theft and place a fraud alert In your file;
o your file contains Inaccurate Information as a result of fraud;
o you non public assistance;
o you are unemployed but expect to apply for employment wIthin 60 days.

• In addition, nfl consumers are entitled to one free disclosure every 12 months upon request from each
nationwide credit bureau and from nationwide specialty consumer reporting agencies. See for additional Information.

• You have the right to ask for a credit score. Credit scores are numerical summaries of your credit
worthiness based on Information from credit bureaus. You may request a credit score from consumer
reporting agencies that create scores or distribute scores used in resMentlal real property l9ans, but you
will have to pay for It. In some mortgage transactions, you will receive credit score Intonuation for free
from the mortgage lender.
• You have the right to dispute lncomglete or Inaccurate information. If you Identify Information In your file
that Is incomplete or Inrieèurate, and report It to the consumer reporting agency, the agency must
Investigate unless your dispute is frivolous. See wwwstc.govlcredlt for an explanation of dispute

• Consumer reporting agencies must correct or delete Inaccurate, incomplete, or unveriflable information.
Inaccurate, Incomplete or unveriflable information must be removed or corrected, usually withIn 30 days.
However, a consumer reporting agency may continue to report information It has verified as accurate.

• Consumer reporting agencies may not report outdated negative infonnation. In most cases, a consumer
reporting agency may not report negathe Information that is more than seven years old, or bankruptcies
that are more than 10 years old.
• Access to your file is limited. A consumer reporting agency may provide Information about you only to
people with a valid need usually to consider an application with a creditor, insurer, employer, landlord,

or other business. The ECRA specifies those with a vaild need for access.
• You must give your consent for reports to be provided to employers. A consumer reporting agency may not
give out information about you to your employer, or a potential employer, without your written consent
given to the employer. Written consent generally is not required in the trucking Industry. For more
information, go to wwwstc.eoWcredlt
• You may limit “prescreened” offers of credit and insurance you get based on iufonnation In your credit
report Unsolicited “prescreened” offers for credit and insurance must include a toll-fret phone number
you can call IC you choose to remove your name and address from the lists these offers are based on. You
may opt-out with the nationwide credit bureaus at 1-888-5-OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688).

• You may seek damages from violators, if a consumer reporting agency, or, In some cases, a user of
consumer reports or a furnisher of infomiafion to a consumer reporting agency violates the FCRA, you
may be able to sue In state or federal court

• Identity theft victims and active duty military personnel have additional rights. For more information, visit
AvaflabWty of credit counseling: there are other ways and sources for applicant to obtain credit services. Applicant
has a right to consider these other ways and sonrces.,.Nonprofit credit counseling services may be available Lu
applicant’s community. 4ppllcant, may refer to applicant’s local telephone directory under
“credit & debt
counseling” for listings and sdisrq,j_s. 1

This Arbitration Pmvislon describes whea and how a Claim (as defined below) may be arbitrated. Arbitration a method of
is msolving disputes in
front of one or mart neutral pessonC ving a trial in court in front of ajudge andkrjtuy. IL can be a quicker and simpler way to resolve

not reject tth Atplbation is arbitiated, neither you nor we win have the dgbt to: (I) haven court or a jury decide the
ClaIm; (2) engage in ig (discovery) to the same extent as in court; (3) participate In a class action, private attorney


Page3ofS Curwiner Initials: —r
Disclosure Statement
general or other representative action In court or in arbitration: or (4) jol a or consolidate a Claim with claims of any other person, The
right to appeal is mote limited In arbitration than in court and other rights In court may be unavailable or limited in arbitration.

(a) !cc°’ DeTh it/vast As solely used in the Arbitration Provision, the tenns “we,” “us” and TMoui” mean (1) the CSO (listed on the top of the first
page of this Agreement), its parent companies, wholly or majority-owned subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, assigns and any of their employees,
officers and directors, and (ii) any third party providing any goods and services in connection with the origination, servicing or collection of this
AgreemeoL “You means Customer (including any Co-Customer) listed on the top of the first page of this Agrccmcnt
(6) Your Rleht to Re/err: If you don’t want this Arbitration Provision to apply, you may reject It by mailin us a 3vrltten rejection notice
which contains all of the following: II) the date of this Agreement and a description of the Motor Vehldç (II) the names, addresses and
phone numbers or each of the Cuslomen for this Agreement; and (Ill) a statement that all of the Customers reject the Arbitration Provision
of this Agreement The rejection notice must be sent by cedifled mali, return receipt requested, to Ohio Auto Loan Services, Inc. at
Box 500785 Atlanta, GeorgIa, 31150, Ann: Arbitration Rejection Notice. A rejection notice is only effective If It is signed by all Customers
and Co-Customers and if we receive It within thirty (30) days after the date of this Agreement If you reject this Arbitration Provision,
will not affect any other provision of this Agreement or the status of your Agreement If you don’t reject this Arbitration Provision,
it will
be effective as of the date of the Agreement if you reject this Arbitratiou Provision, that will not constitute a rejection of any prior
arbitration provision between you and us. Even if you previously rejected an arbitration provision between yon and us, you will be bound
this Arbitration Provision unless you reject it
(c) Federal Arbitration Act: The parties avee and aeloiowledge that this Arbitration Provision and this Agreement evidence a transaction involving
interstate commerce and, therefore, a federal statute, the Federal Arbitration Act (flUe 9 of the United States Code) (“FAA”), shall govern
interpretation and enforcement of this Arbitration Provision and proceedings pursuant thereto. To the extent state law is applicable under
and is not
preempted by the FAA, the law of the state applicable under the paragraph of this Agreement titled “Governing Law” shall apply.
Cd) What Ooir,trAre Covered: “Claim” means any claim, dispute or controversy between you and us, whether preexisting, present or figure,
any way arises from or relates to this Agreement or the Mawr Vehicle securing this AgrcemcnL “Claim” has the broadest possible that in
meaning, and
includes initial claims, counterclaims. cross-claims end third-party claims, (eden], state, local and administrative claims and claims
which arose
before the effective dare of this Arbitration ProvIsion. It includes disputes based upon contract, tort, consumer rights, fraud and other Intentional
torts, constitution, statute, regulation, ordinance, common law and equity and claims for monetary damages and injunctive or deciantozy
However, “Calm” does not include: (I) any dispute or controversy about the validity, enforceability, coverage or scope of diJs Arbinafion
or any pan thereof (Including, without limitation, the Class Action Waiver set forth below and/or this sentence); all such disputes or controversies
for a court and not an arbitrator to decide. But any dispute or controversy that concerns the validity or enforceabWty of the Agreement
as a whole is
for the arbitrator, not a court, to decide; (ii) the exercising of any aellhelp or non-judicial remedies by you or us. for example,
our right to enforce
our security interest and to obtain possession of the Collateral by using self-help; (iii) any individual action in court by one
party that is limited to
preventing the other party from using a self-help remedy and that does not Involve a request for damages or monetary relief
of any kind; (iv) any
individual action brought by you or us in small claims court, or your State’s equivalent court. However, if that small claim
dton is transferred,
removed or appealed to a dit(erenc court, you or we then have the right to choose arbitration. Moreover, this Arbitration
Provision will not apply to
any Claims that are the subject of a class action filed in court that is pending as of the effective date of this Arbitration
Provision in ihicbu are
alleged to be a member of the putative class for as long as such class action is pending.
(a) Electiny ArMsin rlo,r: Ste nine on Arbitration Proceeding: Ether you or we may elect to arbitrate a Claim by giving the otherparty
of the intent to arbitrate the Claim or by filing a motion to compel arbitration of the Claim. This notice may be given writtet1ce
been filed concerning the Claim or with respect to other Claims brought later in the lawsuit, and it may be given by papers filed or after a lawimt has
in the lawsuit Each
of the arbitration administrators listed below has specific rules for starting an arbitration proceeding. Regardless of who
arbitration was elected, the party asserting the Claim (i.e., the party seeking money damages or other relief elected arbitad%or how r,,,
from a court or an arbidaror) JQ’
responsible for starting the arbitration proceeding. Thus, if you assert a Claim against us in court. and we elect to
arbitrate that Claim by filing a
motion to compel arbitration which is granted by the court, you will be responsible for starting the arbitration proceeding.
(I) Choodny the Administrator: The arbitration administrator will be: American Arbitration Association (“AAA”),
York, NY 10019, l-800-77S-7879; or JAMS. 620 EIght Avenue, 34a Floor, New York, NY 10018,1633 Broadway, 10°’ Floor, New, 1-800-352-
5267. You may contact these organizations directly If you have any questions about the way they conduct athitradons
or want to obtain a copy of
their rules and fomis (which axe also available on theft websites). However. if the AAA and JAMS are unable
or unwilling to save as administrator, “
the parties may agree upon another administrator or, if they mc unable to agree, a court shall selcct the administrato
r or arbitrator. No company may —
serve as administrator, without the consent of all parties, if it adopts or has in place any formal or informal
policy that is inconsistent with and
purports to override the terms of the Class Action Waiver in this Arbitration Provision.
(g) The Arbitmwr A single arbitrator will be appointed by the administrator and must ben practicing attorney with
ten or more years of experience
(Ii) Class Action Walper Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, ir either you or we elect
to arbitrate Claim, neither you
nor we will have the right (a) to parddpate In a class action, private attorney general action or other representativ a
e action in court or in
arbitration, either as a class representative or class member; or (,f to join or consolidate Claims with daism
Claims brought by or against one Customer (or Co-Customer) ipay not be joined or consolidated of any other persons (thus,
In the arbitration with Claims brought by
or against any other Customer who obtalned4dliferent CSO arnment). No arbitrator shall
have authority to conduct nay arbitration in
violation of this provision or to Issue any relief tffà’t app4 to any person or entity other than
you and/or us individually. (Provided,
however, that the Class Action Waiver does not apply..sdiny lawsuit or adudnistrative proceeding
filed against us by a state or federal
government agency even when sn ageQcfl1eehlng relief on behalf of a class of borrowers including you.
This means that we will not
have the right to compel arbitration of any dm brought by such an agency). The panics acknowledge that
the Class Action Waiver is
nmtedal and essential to the arjtiftation of anj”d,sputes between them and is non-severable from this
Arbitration Provision. If the Class
Action Waiver Is limited, vol1d or found unenforceable, then this Arbitration Provision (except
for this sentence) shall be null and void
with respeit s’ such proce&4lng, subject to the right to appeal the llmlt.adon or invalidation of the Class
aclmowledge and agree that un’er no &cumstc4s will a class action be arbitrated. Action Waiver. The parties
(I) Location QMTbifrOffbn Ai,j’Arbfuatlon heahngAhat you attend must take place
at a location reasonably convenient to your residence.
U) Cost ofArbitratio,’v At your written requ,ps(we will pay oil filing, heating and/or other fees charged by the administrator and arbitrator to you
for Claim(s) asieded by you in an
indivlduai?rbitndon after you have paid an amount equivalent to the fee, if any, for filing such Claim(s) in state

Page 4 of S Customer in itiabw—

Disclosure Statement
or federal court (whichever is less) in thejudicial district in which you reside. (If you have already paid a filing fee for asserting the Claim(s) In court,
you will nor be required to pay that amount again). in addition, the administrator may have a procedure whereby you can seek a waiver of fees
charged to you by the adeilniwator and arbitrator. We wilt always pay any fees or expenses that we are required to pay by law or the administrator’s
rules or that we are required to pay for this Arbitration Provision to be enforced. We will not ask you to pay or reimburse us for any fees we pay the
(Ii) Y’°’ 143w the Athinvior wi((Apply: The arbitrator will not be bound by judicial rules of procedure and evidence that would apply in a court, nor
by stale or local laws that relate to arbitration proceedings. The arbitrator will apply the same stemles of limitation and privileges that a court would
apply if the matter were pending in court (A “statute of limitations” is the time period allowed by law for initiating a lawsuit or other court action).
In determining liability or awarding damages or other relief, the arbitrator will follow the applicable substantive law, consistent with the FAA, that
would apply if the matter had been brought in court The arbitrator may award any damages or other relief or remedies that would apply under
applicable law to an individual action brought in court, including, without limitation, punitive damages (which shall be governed by the
Constitutional standards employed by the courts) and injunctive, equitable and declaratory relief (but only in favor of the individual party seeking
relief and only to the extent necessary to provide relief warranted by that party’s individual claim). The arbitrator wifl have the authority to award
fees and costs of attorneys, witnesses and experts to the extent permitted by the Agreement, the administrator’s rules or applicable law. However,
with respect to Claim(s) asserted by you in an individual arbitration, we will pay your teasonabte attorney, witness and expert fees and costs if and to
the extent you prevail, if applicable law requires us tp or if we must bear such fees and costs in order for this Arbitration Provision to be enforced.
0) Right ib D&coery: lit addition to the pastes’ lights to obtain discovery pursuant to the arbitration titles of the administrator, either party may
submit a written request to the arbitrator th expand the scope of discovery normally allowable under the arbitration rules of the administrator. The
arbitrator shall have discretion to grant or deny thaequest.
(m) Athisrotign Result mid Right ofAppenl: Ar the timely request of either party, the arbitrator shall write a brief explanation of the grounds for the
decision. Judgment upon th award given by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction. The arbitrator’s decision Is final and
binding, except for any tight of appeal provided by the FM. However, in an arbitration administered by JAMS, if the amount of the Claim exceeds
$50,000, any party can, within 14 days after the entry of the award by the arbitrator, appeal the award to a three-arbitrator panel administered by
JAMS. The panel shall reconsider anew any aspect of the initial award requested by the appealing party. The decision of the panel shall be by
majority vote. The appeal will be conducted pursuant to or modeled after the JAMS Optional Appeal Procedure, available as
httpllwwjamsadrxom/rulcs-opdonai.appeal.pmcedure. Reference in this Arbitration Provision to “the arbitrator” shall mean the panel if an
appeal of the arbitrator’s decision has been taken. The costs of such an appeal will be borne in accordance with subparagraph U) above, captioned
“Costs of Arbitration.” Any final decision of the appeal panel is subject to judicial review only as provided under the FAA
(a) Seyembilitv and Sun’ival: If any part of this Arbitration Provision, other than the Class Action Waiver, Is deemed or found to be unenforceable
for any reason, the remainder shall be enforceable. This Arbitration Provision shall survive the repayment of all amounts owed under this
Agreement, any legal proceeding, or any use of a self-help remedy by us to collect a &bt owed by you to us, and any bankruptcy by you, to the
extent consistent with applicable bankruptcy law.
(o) Conflicts: Arbitration of a Claim must comply with this Arbitration Provision. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of this
Arbitration Provision, on the one hand, and any applicable rules of the AAA or JAMS or other administrator used or any other terms of this
Agreement, on the other hand, the provisions of this Arbitration Provision shall control. This Arbitration Provision supersedes any other arbitration
provision between the parties that may otherwise be applicable.
(p) Notice and Cure; Special Pwmwnr: Prior to initiating a Claim, you may send us a written Dispute Claim Notice. In order for a Dispute Claim
Notice to be valid and effective, it must: (a) state your name, address and Agreement numberi 4b) be signed by you; (c) describe the
basis of your
Claim and the amount you would accept to resolve the Claim; (d) state that you are exercising your tights under the “Notice and Cure”
paragraph of
the Arbitration Provision: and (e) be sent to us by certified mall, return receipt requested, at Ohio Auto Loan Services; Inc., P.O. Box
500755 Atlanta,
Georgia, 31150, Atm: Dispute Claim Notice. This is the only method by which you can submit a Dispute Claim Notice. You
must give us a
reasonable opportunity, not less than 30 days, to resolve the Claim. if, and only if, (i) you submit a Dispute Claim Notice accordance
in with this
paragraph on your own behalf (and not on behalf of any other party); (II) you cooperate with us by promptly providing the Information
we reasonably
requesfl (iii) we refuse to provide you with the relief you request before an arbitrator is appointed; and (lv) the matter
then proceeds to arbitration and
the arbItrator subsequently detennines that you were entitled to such relief (or greater relief), you will be entitled to a minimum award of at
$7,500 (not including any arbitration fees and attorneys’ fees end costs to which you will also be entitled). We encourage least
you to address all Claims
you have In a single Dispute Claim Notice and/or a single arbitration. Accordingly, this $7,500 ntinhnum award
Claims you have asserted or could have asserted in the arbitration, and multiple awards of $7,500 an not contemplated is a sthgfr award that applies to all

Applicant SO (by its Authorlzeä Repraenta&,’e)

:uflon: oil
a Date ofExecution:

r -


Page 5 of 5
iii 11111111111I15947066--O
II[ III I[1111 11111111111
111 Iii 11111111 Ii?


Loan # Dtite: 08,06)2016
Borrower; Lender:
NC? Finance Ohio. LLC
205 Sugar Cump Circle DepL. CLA
CINCiNNATi, OH 35246 Dnyion.OH 45409
I (S55) 380-402!
In the following Federal Truth-ln-Lcndini& Disclosures, Pronusory Notc and Security Atrecment (the NoIe”).
“Bunuwer,”! zaid 1uu’ itrer Lu ilie Uurnnver witci It:t, siuned this Hole. ‘Lender.” “you and “yuu( refer to NCP
Rnancc Ohio. LLC Ler,dcr”). WCSO_ iSent to Ohio Auto Loan Scrvi:c,i, Inc.. n crvdit services oranizatiun rcgistettd
undcrOhin law. Lender i. a iicens& lender under the Ohio Mortgage Lnan Act. O.R.C. 1321.5! —1321.60.
thn or Veil I ci c
Make: FORD Model: EXPLORER Year: 2002
VIN: Ucctmc’ — Colon Other


The dollar amount ibe mc amount of cctdit
The cost of my credit as a credit will cost me. provided Co me or on mY The amount I will have
yearly raft. ihaif. -. paid after! have made oil
. - payments is scheduled.

399.44% S326.7i 5650.00 $3916.71

(Puyment Schedulet S.
Number of Payments Amount of P;LyInenLs When Payments nrc Due
• I? 5217.60 Monthly beginnin09mw20l6
I 5217.51 OZIOW2DlS
Prepoyment Penalty: If I pay ott early. I will not hove lt pay a penalty
Security: This Note i ccured by the motor vehicle identified above.
Late Fee: If any payment is in delliult fore period of 10 days or more, a law fee may be imposed in an
amount equal to the greater of SI 5 or 5% or the schuilukd instollniuti.

See the remainder cif rids dot’nnrenrfnr ad hi? i,tgl injhnntaian al,uiit nrJllJ’€fl7iWW default. Le,ukr
x rhht iv acceleniw
niaiuflzytjlhe obligatimi niuf prepa nn’nr rqismtv and penalties.
Itemization of Amount flnuAcud:
Amount given directly to mc: -‘

Plus: Amount credited to my account with you: 5650(X)
Jy Amount credited to my account with a thini-party (CSO):
Plus: Amount credited to my account with a ihitd.pany:
Plus: Amount nUCSO Fee paid to CSO an my behalt’(prepaid finance charge): $0.00
EIus: Credit Investigation Fee (prupaid finance charge) 52589.00
gjc: Principal Amount Soul)
Less: Prepuid Finance Chaise (Amount of CSO Fee :pid Credit Invesügalion Fee) 53119 lit)
,Egiwla: Amount Financed 525K9.t)0


11111! (liii!1111111111111111111111! II 111111111

Principal Amount: $3239.00 Loan Dale: OB/06/2016
Pronfise to Pay. I promise to pay you, or to your order, at Lender’s address shown above or such other place as you notify
me in
writIng. the Principal Amount. plus interest at the rate of 24,YSc4 per year until paid in laO. I also agree to pay all other charges
provided under this Now. I agree to nm)e scheduled payments to you by one ci the following methods: (a) using thini
a pony billing
system that provides payment :0 you by the due date ci’ such payment; (b) via atttomaled clearing house debit entiy (“ACH”)
to my
bank ttaaunt: (c) via orders payable on demand from raw batik account: or (dl by mailing to you a cheek to be received by you
by the
due date at 205 Sugar Camp Circle, Dept. CLA. Dayton. Ohio 45409.
Iiitertsl. Interest will accrue on a daily basis on the unpaid Principal Amount for the number of days mitstanding based on a
365 day
year. The interest tate and other charges under this Note will never exceed the highest rote or cinirge allowed by Ohio law for this
If the amount collected is found to exceed’the highest rule or charge allowed. Lender will retbnd an antoont necessary to comply with
law. Interest shall continue to accrue on past due amounts as permitted by Ohio tow.
Apptloitian of Payments. Each payment I make under fins Note will be applied lint to any fees or other
charues I owe to Lender.
then to aeerued inlert. and tinally to principal,
Prepayment. I may prepay any amount owed under this Note in whole or in part at any time.
Lute Fee. I acknowledge and agree that failure to pay an nmount due under this Note within 10 days after the payment Due Date may
result in the imposition ala late charge in an amount equal to the greater ot’SI 5 or 5”k of the scheduled installment.
Credit Investlgutlun Fee. I agree to pay a ewdit iIIve.qiion ice in the unanunl set forth in the Itemization of Amount Financed,
Cheek Collection Charge. I agree to pay a Chuck Collection Charge ci 520 pius any amount passed
on front other inancial
institutions for a chak. negotiable order of withdrawal. sham dm11 or other negotiable instntmcnt returned or dishonored for
Right of Oftset. You or any holder or thi% Note shall have the rieht to offset. against the obligatiun to pay amounts to nic.
outstanding amounts I then owe to yea or the holder of this Note.
CSO. I acknowledge that you have approved Ohio Autu Loan Services. Lnc. as an approved credit services organization
for submitting
nay loan application to you and [or psoviding to you a guaranty on my behalf. Neither CSO, nor any of its
aftihiates is ownedy.
operated by or affiliated with you.
Separate Payment of Thlrd.Party Fees. I acknowledge I separately contracted with CSO to provide
me crtdit services, which
include hctpiag tue obtain a loan and providing a guaranty to you cci my behuti. and I agreed to pay CSO
a lee for those services. I
andcrstand that you a’ making this loan under Ohio law at a rate oh’ interest not greater than 25.0%
per year and thai the fee paid to
csO ror :umnging this loan (though required to be treated us finance charge for purposes of federal law
discloniresi is For a separntc
service and is not interest for pmposes of Chin taw. I understand Intl the CSO Fee disclosed
in the Itemization olAmount Financed
will be deducted 1mm the loan procixds delivered tomcat closing and disbursed dirccdy to the CSO on
my behalf and that none of that
le will be paid to you.
Collateral. To secure prompt payment and performance of my obligations under this Note, grant
I to you as CollateraV’ a security
interest in, and pledge and assignment of as applicable, the Motor Vehicle and wry proceeds. accessories. ut:uchments.
replacements nod additions to the Motor Vehicle, whether added no” or later. I agree to lanvani to Lender
all insurance proceeds and
refunds oi insurance pretulunu, if any. and WI 5mm that may be due front thin] parties who may cause
damkge to the Motor Vehicle or
from any Insurer. whether due tn judgment. settlement or pater pmcesv. However. the Cotlutewl
dncs not include any non-purnhnse
money household goods ( delined in HI 9F.R. Part 444). or other consumer goods that I may acquire more than
ten days after giving
value unless such consumer goods are instylied in or affixed to 11w Motor Vehicle. Until all amoonts
due under this Note am paid in
full. L agree (a) not to move the Motor ‘Øhicle from my address shown on the hint page of this Note to new
a permanent place of
ganging without notifying you in âdyanc; (bI not to transfer any interest in the CohiMeral except for the
gramitte of a security interest
in the motor vehicle to the CSO; Ic) not to attempt to obtain a duplicate title to the Motor Vehicle.
und (d) that I will maintaits. at my
esperue. cornpreiit3rsive and u,fli.siutt insurance on the Motor Vehicle so long as this Agreement remains in force.
Lender has the right
to repossess and dtspose of the Collateral in accordance with applicable law if Ida not promptly
pay and pelrna my obligations utider
this Now. In connection with grunting Lender a security interest in the Collateral I may be asked
to agree to the terms of a sep:tnte
security agreement
CoOwner Obligations. As a condition co Lender making this Loan to me, any co-owner of the Motor
Vehicle must also agree to the
terms of a separate security agreement.
£ I _L -Page 2 cr6

iiii Ill (I IiIllIllIE1111111111PhillIItIIIlIIllhi

Gunrunty. lit fail to pay or to perform a; agreed in this Nate, you may call on CSO’s guaranty without notice in mc undlor exercise
your rights and remedies under this Note. W I FAIL TO TIMELY PAY UNDER THIS NOTE, I MAY LOSE TEE MOTOR
Borrower’s Representations and Warranties. I represent and wan-ant Lu you that (i) all statement,. made in my most recent loan
application remain true, complete and correct as of today, (ii) ii’ applicable, my bank account is open nnd in my name, and (iii) ill
pmvide an ACH Authorimtion. I will not ciosi my bank account and I will maintain sufficient funds in my bank account while any part
of the Principal Amount is ouLtanding and (iii) I own die Motor Vchiclc fite and clear of nny liens and encumbrances other than its
stated above. I Anther reprent and wasnnt to you that (a) I am nat in voluntary or involuntary bankmptey and am not anticipating
filing abankntptey proceeding or any lype and (b) I AM NOT a regubr or reserve member of the Army. Navy. Mnrinc Corpi. Air
Farce or Coast Guard serving on active duty under a call or onkr that does not specify a period of 30 days or fewer, or a dependent of
such member. I uttdentu,d that you vill bemaking this luau stikily in reliance on the truth of these representations.
RscLtclon. I may rescind future payment obligations under ibis Note, ijithout cost or finance charges. no later than I I:iY pin.. Ohio
time, on the third business day immediately following the date on which this Note was entered into. To rescind this toan, I must inform
Lender in writing (which may be In the font Notice of Cancellation provided to me) that I wont to cancel this Note. In the event that
Lender timely receivc my notice of rescission and I have not yet received the loan proceeds, both your and my obligations under this
Note will be rescinded. If lie Lender timely receives my notice of rescission after I have received the loan proceeds. Lender will debit
my bank account for the proceeds of the loan delivered to me or I will return the proceeds of the loan to the Lender by not depositing
the cltixk and returning the check to the Lender or by paying the amount received by mu to the Lender through an authorized bill
payment service. Ii Lender does not receive repayment of the principal amount of the loan, then this Note will remain in full force and
Default; Lender’s Rlgltts After Default. 111(u) fail to niake any payntent when due, make any statement or representation about
ntysel[. my employmtmt or my flnancial condition which is fake, or (c) rail to keep some oUter premise or agreement I have n,ade Lu
you iii this Note,! will be in default under this Note. Additionally. I acknowledge and agree that if CSO. regardless of reason. revokes
or cancels its euamrarny or otherwise ceases to guaranty payment of this Note. I will be in detbult under this Note. Upon default, you
may declare the entire unpaid balance of thk Note. including all accrued unpaid interest and any charges immcd:ateiy due. I
acknowledge and agree y6u rniiy take possession of my Motor Vehicle, require me to deliver the Motor Vehicle to you. and sell the
Motor Vehicle in a private or public sale., To the extent permittad by luw. I will pay all casts and disbursements in connectioWwi3h
any suit In collect a loan or any lawful netlvtty to realIze on a security Interest after default. lnc1udIn rcaonublc attorney fees incuntd
by Lender as a result of the suit or activity and to which Lender becomes untitled by law.
Correspondence with Lender. All correspondence concerning this Note must be directed to Lender at the following address and
telephone number: Attention: Customer Service, 205 Sugar Camp Circle, Dept. CLA. Dayton. Ohio 45409. t(855) 3S0402 I.
Cancelled Note. When I have paid this Note in fill on or prior to the date dime, I may access a copy of my mote masked as paid under
the “Customer Login” tab on Leaden website at httpi/ncpfinanee.cnm.
Reporting ta Credit Bureaus. Lender tihty report Inforniation concerning my accottnt and/or my transactions with Lender to credit
banatus. Late payntents. titissed paytitents ar other defltutts uti my uccuuttt tttuy be reflected in my credit report
Credit Reports. I authnriic Lender In make or have made imy credit, employment or other investigative inguiric.s Lender deems
appropriase Ic review or collect anlounai I owe on this Note. Lender may also obtain foltow.up credit reports on rim for any lavfijl
purpose as long as ony amount of Uds Note is ouLstanding.
Governing Lw. This Note kgovcrnedby the laws aithe State olOhio.spccifically the Ohio Mortgage Loan Act (OR.C.
§ 1321.51
1321.6(1). except that the Vaivcr of Jury Trial and Aibitr.jtion Agreement attachd hereto as Schedule A shall be governed by the
Federal Arbitration Act.
Important loftirmittion .duttt Pruceduçls fur OpenIng ma New Account. To help the government fight the funding of terradsm and
money laundcdng activities, Lendet obt4ts. verifies, and record. information that identifies each person who opens an nccuunt. This
means that when I open an account widr5’ou. you will ask for my name, address, date of birth. and other infnrmation that will allow you
to identify tue. You fllso may ask to see my driver’s license or other identifying documents.
Seveniblhlty. It na/provision of this Note, Including any provIsion ot’ the waIver of Jury Trial and Aibiwation Agrocmcnr sd forth in
Schedule A below, is held invalid or unenforceable, such provision will be considered changed to the extent necessary to comply with
law, and the validity or enforceilky of any other provision will not be affected; provided, however, that if a class action litigation or a
class-wide arbltrwion is pennined for any mason wlth•rrspect to any dispute. either party may require that the mtim dispute be heard
by ajvdgc. sitting without ajumy, under applicable court rules and procedures.
Suecezurs and Assigns. This Ntr is blbding upon piy heirs and personal representatives in probate and upon anyone to whom I
assign my assea or who succeeds me in unnther way,

- Page 3 oF 6

‘.9 ,


enentl Prai.kiuns. You may delay or kirgo enfoninE arty of your rithis withot losicw them. I wtLve pxsntnwnt. dcntsnd for
paymcn pmieg. and notice of dishonor.
Execution and Delivery; Other Provisions: Either by sIgnIng below, or clccimnically checking “I have read and accept the lerms or
rho “Note” I acknowledge that (read and was given a completed Copy of this Note and the bndc?s privacy policy prior 10 ugrccing to
the tents of this Note. I also aeknowlcge thin) undersitind and agree to the terms of itis Note, including the Waiver of Jury
Trial and Arbitration Agreement attached hereto as SsLuuitA. 1 further acknowledge th1t IhisjNoteJtpnNenIs the trnal
a2recment bctwcen the Lender and me. and there arc no othcrural or written agreements between the parties.




9q65383 Page4oL.


Arbitration is a way of settling differences between parties by a person or penons chosen or ugrced to by those panics.
Pani in arbitration waive their right to file a lawsuit. By ivaiving this right, the parties do not have a judge orjury hear their case.
Instead, the panics have their dispute heard by a neutral thin] party or ponies (each mi nrbltntorj. There are some basic differences
between arbitration and a court orjury trial. In nrbitmdon. a party’s ability to discover facts 11am the other side Is more limited than it
vouid be in a court or jury tritil. but each party La the dispute has an opportunity to present evidence to the arbitrator. Arbitration
proceedings are private and ks fonnal than trials. Alter hearing the parties’ dispute. the arbitrator gives hi or her decision about the
case. This decision is final and binds the parties. Alter the decision. the winning party may go to court in
htvc this decision enforced.
A court rarely overturns an arbitrator’s decision.
I. Deflnidon iii “Dispute”. The word “dlsputc should be given the broadest meaning. A dispute includes all claims
that relate in any ‘kay to the Note, including this Arbitration Agitemeni, mid anything arising front the Note, this Arbitration
Agreement or myloan application. “ ispuLe” also includes clainis based upon a breach of a statute, regulation or contract. fraud, or
outer interitiottal torts. In slitirt if I have any claim against NCP Finance Oltia, LLC or any related third parties (collectively. “NCR”),
by signing this Note (including this Arbitration Agreement), I ugtce to resolve those claims through individual arbitration.
2. Small Claims Court. There is one exception La this wIt on arbitration. Ill want to sue NCP in small claims court. i
may. I understand that small claims courts have different rules than most courts or athitradons. NCR also as the right to sue mc in
small claims court.
3. Class Action Waiver. By signing this Note (including this Arbitration Agreement). I ulso agree to give up n.y right
to sen’e as a class representative for, or participate as a member of. a class action, whether in court or in urbitration, A class action
involves a group of people or parties (cullcd a “class”) who kel their claims are vezy similar. Because their problems may be similar.
ibis group typically wants the sante relief for each manber of the group (or “class’). For a class action to form, there typically needs to
be a group of people too large to identify easily. A class representative typically represents the interests of the group. BUT, ill sign
this by signing this Nate (including this Arbitration Agreement). I give up my right to serve as a class reprcseatativç or to parlicipath’ta
a member of a class. So. if fever have a dispute with NCr. I agree to have it resolved in arbitration.. I alsoFagree titat this arbitnttion
witl Involve only NCP and me. and it will nor Involve other people or panics and me against NC?. Should I win my individual
arbitration against NC)’, NC)’ ugrces to pay eitlter the damages awarded to nie or $4,000, whichever amount is gruater.
4. Jury Trial Waiver. By signing this Note (including this Arbitration Agreement) and agreeing to arbitrate any ,‘

dispute between Nd’ and me. t am giving up my right to have a trial by jury and I hereby waive my right to have a trial by jury to
rojolve any dispute between NC)’ and mc.
5. Governing Law; Binding Effect. This Arbitration Agreement is ittade pursuant to a transaction involving intenlute
commerte and shalt be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act. This Arbitration Agreetnent is binding upon and bCflUfitS
me and my
heirs, successors, raid assigns. This Arbitration Agreement continues to be effective even after my financial and other obligations
NCP under the Note have been paid or discharged through bankruptcy. This Arbitration Agroament also will
survive any rescission.
cennitutlun, nrnendment. payment. expiration or perfomiance of any transaction bctwccn Lender and mc. If
the provisions of this
Arbitration Agreetneat regarding class actions am found to be unenforcimble for any masun. then tLune of
the provisiuns of this
Arbitration Agreement regarding arbitration will apply. In such an event, however, the waiver of the right to a
jury trial, set forth in
Section 4 of this Arbitration Agreement, will continue to apply. Ill hnvc any questions about this Arhiwatinti Agreement.
I can call
NC)’ at H55-3SO-402 I. .J - $
Sante baje qistlutis ubfuL ltdw nrbltntUon isorks:
1 ) r
A. ‘If I n4nt to go to,Øftnitlnn agnlpIt NC)’, what do I do?’ I should send NCR, 2115 Sugar Camp Circle. Dept.
CLA, Dpytun, OH 4540c)writtence by curtifi’innil that I want w arbitrate my dispute. I then must contact the American
— -

AxbitraliSn AssociationJi.8DO-778-779) (httpi/www adrnrr) to stan my case. NC? will have 20 thys to respond to my complaint
alter it receives the;ertified mailing. NC)’ and I may also agree In select a local arbitrator who is an attorney. retired judge. or
athinrorregkteyl and in good standing with an arbitration a.ssociafion and arbitrate pursuant in such arbitrator’s rules.
B, “iftiw do I pay for arblntlun?” If I choose to arbitrate, NCr will pay the arbitration lees, Including
the tiling.
administrative, hearing and arbitrator’s ftcs. However, NC)’ will not pay my attorneys’ fees and expenses or any witness
foes, lbr
which I will be responsible. H6w,er, an arbitrator &an award me my wiomeys’ fees if they are recoverable.
C. “W’httt rules d4ve fallow?” Tb American Arbitration Association has its own rules. NC)’ end t will fotlow those
at arbitrwion IN long as they nwtot different ththiaychlng n the Note (including this Arbitration Agreement). The American

653S) PageS oft
11111111 15947068——ONOTES-—7
11(111IIIIII liii Ii Pil 11111111111 lIlhlIP

Arbitmtion Association will not upply rules fwm the Federal Rules of Civil Piucedure or Evidence. The rules of the American
Arbhmtion Association ax available on Its wcbsitc, w’v.ndrnrg.
0. “Where will arbflrallon occur?” 11w hewing will occur in my county of rcsidcnce or within 30 miles of (he
county where I signed the Note. r NC? and I cannot arce on the bcutiun, the othitrutnr will detennine the loctition.
& “What If I don’t mini to arbitrate?” As noted above. I ALWAYS have the righi to ic NC? in smell claims
F. “May! (nlk to a lawyer hvfore signing hits?” Yes. I may talk in an unomey before signing this Nule (including
this Athitmiion Anrnmenl). I acknowledge that I ulve up important rights whcn I sign this Note (including this Arbitradon
Agreement). I further acknowledge that my signing this Note (including this Arbitration Agreement) indicates to NCP that I
undeniand that I an) giving up these dghLs. 1

C. “What If 1 sign thIs, then change my mind?” Ill let NC? know within 3D calendar days after) sign this Note
(including this Arbitration Agrocrnent). I may withdrjw from this Arbitration Agitement. Accordingly. iii signed the Note on January
1.1 would have to lt NCP know by Jwiuuxy 31. that I doWI want to be bound by this Arbitration Agnemenl I can do this by sending
notice to NC? at the notice address listed In Section A above a lctta that (ndudc,i my name. addmss. social sccudty number, and the
date cube Note. In the tatter. I will tell NC? that I want to withdraw from this Arbitration Apmemcni

i 4


1111111 IIJ[ 111111111101111111! IIi[Iliii Ill

I Lender: NCP Finance Ohio, LLC Co-Owner: I
205 Sugar Camp Circle, Dept. CLA Address:
Dayton, Ohio 45409 ‘äWCINNATJ, OH 45246


Description of Vehicle Customeri P
- Account Th
l’ems. In this Security Agreement, the vord “Customer” means the üitbmerih Co-Owner listed above, if any.
The word “Lender.” means NCP Finance Ohio, LLC, whose mailing address is 205 Sugar Camp Circle, Dept. CLA,
Dayton. Ohio 45409. The undersigned are named as owners on the certificate of title to the Vehicle described above
(“Vehicle”). The -Vehicle serves as collateral securing any obligation of Customer Lo Lender, including, without
Limitation, the Fedeal Truth-In-Lending Disclosures and Promissory Note Customer entered into in favor of Lender on
08/06/2016 (coLlectively “Loan Agreement”).

consent and Grant of Security Interest to Lidc. As required under the Loan Agreement, the Customer releases
possession of the registered title evidencing ownership in (he Vehicle, if a paper title exits and hereby grants to
Lender as collateral, a security interest in, and pledge and assignment of as applicable. t (he ehic?e and any proceeds,
accessories, attachments, accessions, replacements and additions to the Vehicle, whether added now or later. Customer
agrees to forward to Lender all insurance proceeds and refunds of insurance premiums, if any, and all sums that may be
due from third ponies who may cause damage to the Vehicle or from any insurer, whether due to judgment, settlement
or other process.
Encumbrances and Notices. Customer confirms and represents that there are no others liens, interests or
encumbrances regarding the Vehicle except for the granting of a security interest in the Vehicle to the CSO that
arranged the loan evidenced by the Loan Agreement. Customer agrees separately to provide Lender, at 205 Sugar —,
Camp Circle, Dept. CLA, Dayton, Ohio 45409. notice of any bankwptey. probate, lawsuit, arbitration, or other legal
proceeding affecting the Vehicle.

Default. Ressesion. and Dispsnj. If Customer chooses to forgo timeLy paying Lender, then Customer will be in
“default.” If Customer defaults, then Lender or its designee has the right to repossess and dispose of the Vehicle in
accordance with applicable law. Customer acknowledges that Customer’s failure to timely pay Lender can result
In loss of the Vehicle for Customer and for Co-Owner.

Redemplinji. Customer agrees that if Customer does not redeem the Vehicle following any repossession, or enter
written arrangements to resolve a defaulçthen Lender may dispose of the vehicle as permitted by applicable law.

No Modification. No mØdificadon this, Securi4’ Agreement shall be effective unless expressly agreed to by
Customer and Lender. \ ,.J?
SeverabilIty. If any proyision of this Security Agreement is determined to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision
shall be rctimed if15?ajeablc so as to achicve its intended purpose(s) and shall not in any way affect die remaining
provisions of t’his,curity Agreement.

Governing Law and Aimnt. Ohio law4dtems this Security Agreement, except the Federal Arbitration Act
governs the Arbitration Agreerlien; consented% in connection with the Loan Agreement, which also governs this
Security Agreement. Lender m iassior tiiznyfer any of Lender’s rights hereunder.



.4.-- -- n


j NOTICE: Customer’s failure to timely pay Lender can result in loss of the Vehicle
Notices and Waivers. Customer agrees that Lender may waive or delay enforcing its riglns
without losing them:
Lender is not required to file suit or nthftrate, show diligence in collection against Customer or others responsible.
or go
against the Vehicle; Lender may release or modify any persons liability without changing the
liability of others; and
Lender may substitute, exchange or release the Vehicle.

Ether by signing below, or elecLronically checking “I have read and accept the terms of the Security Agreement”,
agree to the terms of this Agreement.



I —